Blood and Sand by C.V. Wyk

Blood and Sand

FORGED IN BATTLE...FROM THE DUST OF THE ARENA...A LEGEND WILL RISEThe action-packed tale of a 17-year-old warrior princess and a handsome gladiator who dared take on the Roman Republic―and gave rise to the legend of Spartacus...For teens who love strong female protagonists in their fantasy and historical fiction, Blood and Sand is a stirring, yet poignant tale of two slaves who dared take on an empire by talented debut author C. V. Wyk.Roma Vic...

Details Blood and Sand

TitleBlood and Sand
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
PublisherTor Teen
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy

Reviews Blood and Sand

  • Allison
    4.5sdjks;dasdnjaksd was waiting on this one for ages and was planning on doing a live-tweet of it but read it in one sitting instead. Oh well.After The Valiant let me down, I was looking forward to another lady gladiator novel and oh boy yes just as tragic as you can imagine.
  • Cori Reed
    This was a gem of a novel! I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a female Spartacus. Attia was a complete badass while not falling into the "I am too injured and hard to love anyone and anything" trope I so disdain. A badass girl! With feelings! Huzzah!Not only that, but Xanthus, the gladiator who so easily could have been written as domineering and awful, is kind, gentle, and doesn't try to make Attia anything she isn't. Again, huzzah!This book has...
  • Jaime Arkin
    I loved this book- I devoured the show Spartacus so when I read this summary that said 'what if Spartacus was a girl...' I knew I was going to need to read it immediately even though it's not out until 2018. GET THIS ON YOUR TBR NOW! The characters, the story, the writing... all perfection! Full review to come!UPDATED FULL REVIEW:This was probably my favorite read this year. I knew when I read the summary of this that I wasn’t going to be able ...
  • Kristen
    This was great! I love the setting and felt this was a quick read. The beginning was a touch slow but things really picked up. There was a romance and i liked it but i wished i felt a touch more. Overall, really well done, engaging book. The last third of the book was WOW and AHHHH. I cant wait for the sequel.
  • Damaris (GoodChoiceReading)
    Yesssss! Yes! *fist pumps* yes! What a kick ass book!!!! Guysssss pre-order this one now! Especially if you like brave, fearless female main characters! The romance? A++++! Xanthus never once tried to control or change Attia! The way things played out between the two was perfect in every way! Can you tell how excited I am over this book?!? I cannot wait to own the finished copy!!!!
  • Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews)
    Though this admittedly plays fast and loose with some dates/events/family trees and the characters can be broadly drawn I could not put it down. If you can ignore the changes (and I could, especially for a female Spartacus), Blood and Sand turns out to be very fun and super readable. I’d happily read a sequel.RTC.
  • Erin Arkin
    Blood and Sand by C.V. Wyk is going on record as one of my favorite books read in 2017. There is so much right with this story - as soon as I finished it I wanted to dive into the rest of Attia’s story, so someone needs to make sure that happens. This book has emotion, danger, action and a million other things that prompt me to recommend this and encourage everyone to read it.Attia was supposed to be a queen but when Thrace is invaded by Rome a...