The True Queen (The Impostor Queen, #3) by Sarah Fine

The True Queen (The Impostor Queen, #3)

Now that Ansa knows she is the destined queen of Kupari, she is desperate to find a permanent home for her people, the Kriegere, in the Kupari lands. But as the small band of warriors crosses into the foreign territory, Ansa loses her fragile grip on her newly-acquired—and violent—fire and ice magic and puts everyone, including her love Thyra, in danger.Inside the walls of Kupari, Elli maintains the facade that she is the magical queen, with ...

Details The True Queen (The Impostor Queen, #3)

TitleThe True Queen (The Impostor Queen, #3)
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherMargaret K. McElderry Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Lgbt

Reviews The True Queen (The Impostor Queen, #3)

  • Justine
    3.5 stars A super dramatic finish to the series, with some expected outcomes, both happy and sad.Overall I still think the first book, The Impostor Queen, is probably my favourite of the three, but as a whole the series is quite good.
  • alice (arctic books)
    You can find this review and others at arctic booksI read the first novel in this trilogy, THE IMPOSTOR QUEEN, last year, and I absolutely adored it. Continuing into the second and third books, I am again incredibly impressed by Sarah Fine’s storytelling skills and unbeatable imagination when it comes to magic, fantasy, and political intrigue.THE TRUE QUEEN brings both the characters Elli and Ansa together in this action-packed finale. I loved ...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*The True Queen is the third and final installment in author Sarah Fine's The Imposter Queen trilogy. The True Queen tells the story of both Elli and Ansa simultaneously, unlike the first two books, switching point of views seamlessly and alternating from one to the other in current time. If you haven't read the first two books, then I will be careful not to spoil anything that happ...
  • Austin
    The True Queen by Sarah Fine is the final book of three total books in The Impostor Queen series, and it truly leaves no stone unturned. The True Queen is the most brutal and most relentless of the series by far, continuing upon previous tradition with The Cursed Queen (book 2), and its unforgiving and determined warpath by the Krigere horde against those who live comfortably in the surrounding city-states. The True Queen tells the story of both ...
  • K.
    I've enjoyed this series from the start and was looking forward to the last book. I'm desperate for more f/f stories, especially in genre fiction. But WHOAH there was a massive disappointment that came out of nowhere and completely ruined my view of the series: (view spoiler)[Partway through this book, one of the girls in the f/f ship DIES. FOR GOOD. Are you kidding me?! I am so sick of the Bury Your Gays trope. Can't a queer person pick up a boo...
  • Jessie
    3.5 starsCan’t believe I finished this in one day. Phew. What a journey. I’m so glad that I got to reunite with Elli after not seeing her for a book. I feel like she’s such a strong character, though I liked her better in the Imposter Queen, mostly because she sometimes acted like a brat here, always to Raimo, who was nothing but supportive and kind and didn’t deserve that treatment. But I’m so glad I got to see her again, she makes the...
  • Daphne
    There was a bit of time between me reading the first two books in this series and me reading this one, but I fell right back into the story with minimal confusion. I think that really says something about how the author manages to make a world that feels complex but not confusing, as it was easy to follow everything that was going on. I'm happy Elli's story and Ansa's story came together in this book, as the build up to that point has been great ...
  • Regina
    It's not cool to kill a (wonderful) lesbian character in a book series that is somewhat praised for its LGBT+ representation.Otherwise, the plot and conclusion aren't very exciting either, and the writing is still rather dull and plain. I'd recommend readers to be content with the first two books to spare yourself the pain.
  • Michelle
    Appropriate for: age 14+I was so excited to see how the extremely different queens would come together and I wasn't disappointed. It was action packed but also talked about the importance of self sacrifice. No swear words (yay!)SLIGHT SPOILER:Too much kidnappingANOTHER SPOILER:Love isn't fair
  • Take Me Away To A Great Read
    This was a book I had been waiting for. I was sadly disappointed! When I invest in 3 books I do not want to end up crying throughout the book and feel hollow by the end. I just felt that this book left me with nothing to be joyful about for the characters I invested in. I am not a person who needs all happiness, I love a tragedy but not all heartbreak and my soul feeling empty by the end. The writing was beautiful and I got what was being portray...
  • Lindsay
    Now that Ansa knows she is the destined queen of Kupari, she is desperate to find a permanent home for her people, the Kriegere, in the Kupari lands. But as the small band of warriors crosses into the foreign territory, Ansa loses her fragile grip on her newly-acquired—and violent—fire and ice magic and puts everyone, including her love Thyra, in danger. Inside the walls of Kupari, Elli maintains the facade that she is the magical queen, with...
  • ZD
    I'm really glad I read this series. It definitely had some problems (sorry to say, I'm not a fan of first person or present tense so both in the same book was not great for me), but it also surprised me, subverted my expectations, and made me truly feel for Elli and Ansa and what they went through. I loved the unique premise, even if the world could have been fleshed out a bit more in my opinion. Right now, I'm actually ready for a sequel series ...
  • Audrey Laurey
    YAY, what a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the Impostor Queen series! The prophecy of the most powerful Valtia (Queen) has come true. However, it is shared between two, Elli who has been groomed to rule the Kupari kingdom her entire life, and Ansa, a fierce Krigere warrior. (Did they remind anyone else of Sansa and Arya?)Both of them share an unwavering loyalty to their people. They also have a shared enemy – a manipulative, bloodthirst...
  • Dax Murray
    So when I first read "The Imposter Queen" I was like "what if the Valtia out there and Elli end up together!?!?" That was my OTP at the end of "The Imposter Queen." Obviously "The Cursed Queen" came out and they were both neatly parired off with relationships I both liked a lot going into "The True Queen." At about 25% (view spoiler)[Thyra dies, and I was like "ok great, bury your gays" (hide spoiler)] but I was like but what if (view spoiler)[ O...
  • Ximena
    3.5/5Tengo que admitir que me fue muy difícil terminar este libro. ¿La razon? La misma que el libro 2: Ansa.Me gustó mucho la historia desde el primer libro, en verdad que sí. Pero desde que Ansa hace aparición la historia y este libro se hacen cansados y desesperantes. Esta vez, al menos, se van turnando ella y Elli los capitulos, esto lo vuelve mucho más soportable, pero mi opinion respecto a ella no cambia mucho.Hubiera deseado que se ce...
  • Jenni Frencham
    I really loved the first two books in this series, and although I enjoyed this one, I didn't like it as much as the previous two. This might be due to the fact that I was reading it on a day when I was staying home sick, but also this is the first book in the series with multiple narrators, and it was difficult for me to keep the two story lines straight as the narrative voices were very similar. I also felt like the ending of this story dragged ...
  • Madeline O'Rourke
    3.5I'm so very conflicted about The True Queen. On the one hand, it delivers in all the ways I wanted: there are significant character deaths, the politics are great. Yet it still fell quite flat and is left my least favourite of the trilogy.On a positive note: Fine is a good writer and did a great job of bringing the first two novels together in this finale. Less positively, it took me a solid 150 pages to get into it; having the first series of...
  • Reina
    Was the ending a tad disappointing? Maybe for my standard. Honestly expected them to die regardless of the princess and her to be the one to inherit all of the magic. Then you have a balanced and controlled queen as one person. But I do have to say I don’t hate the ending, it was a present with a bow on top. The great parts about this book? It doesn’t rely on the romance factor, I mean it does but that’s not what it is all about and it does...
  • Grendaycita Segovia
    3,5.Me gusto pero no quede conforme con ese final. Fue entretenida y Ellie fue la mejor en toda la historia (el único personaje que Maduro bastante) y la otra prota sonsa (Ansa) te dan unas ganas de ahorcarla en todo momento.El problema aquí fue que vas con grandes expectativas por los dos libros anteriores y esperas que este sea mejor, ahí aparece la insatisfacción.Pocos personajes, romance y batalla final, poco desarrolladas, rayando en abu...
  • Abigail
    I read this book because I enjoyed the first one, thought the second was OK, and at that point figured I was invested enough to find out how things turned out. However, I wasn't invested enough to reread the first two, which meant that I had very little memory of the many, many secondary characters, which might have reduced the impact a bit. Also, things turned out almost exactly as anticipated, with a couple twists in the middle. The pacing was ...
  • Jami Leigh
    It took me longer than it otherwise would to get around to finishing this, because my life since November has been one upheaval after another. And I can't begrude any of it, because I am objective enough to know when the universe is helping me to grow. It doesn't mean I LIKE it, mind. But I recognize when it's happening and trust that what life is showing me will lead to better things. I'm a firm believer that there's a meaning to it all, and not...
  • Jordon
    I loved the first book in this series. But I hated the second book. I thought the third book would be okay because Ellie's in it, but the second book had completely lost me. I wasn't invested in the characters anymore, I didn't really care. I also hated that Oskar and Ellie kept referring to each other as 'My love' etc, it was too much to be honest.I really thought this book would redeem the last book, but it was already too late. I read it just ...
  • Cynthia (Bingeing On Books)
    What an absolutely outstanding finale to this series! I can't even think of any criticisms. The book switched from Elli's POV to Ansa's. These were two very different and yet similar women who didn't know whether they were supposed to be enemies or friends. There was so much action in this book and so many tears. I won't give away any spoilers, but not everyone makes it out of this one. It was devastating, but still, I thought the ending was just...
  • Jessica H
    I had trouble getting into this book. I think the first book was the best in this series. Perhaps if I read them back to back I would have been more invested in them but with the lag as each was released my interested waned. I still liked Elli''s POV the best throughout the series. I think the chapters could have been shorter especially in the beginning and the pacing would have been better. I finished it, and it was ok but it took me a lot longe...
  • April
    I felt that this relied a little too much on splashy deaths to make it work, honestly. I won't go into it any deeper than that, and I did end up liking Ansa a little more by the end of this book, but the way it was split between two radically different POVs and ideologies for the most part made it very difficult to really get into.Elli remains my favourite character in all of this.
  • Jan farnworth
    This series has been an emotional roller coaster and it all finally came together when ansa and elli meet.  Their some emotional death scences in this final story.  Just when you think you know who all the bad guys are you get thrown for another loop.  The political maneuvers are intense in this story.  In the end they both do what ever is best for the land.  It a wonderful story.
  • Darla Cornelison
    I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to this book because I didn't really like the second one. But, I had to finish the series. I'm glad I did. It turned out to be good. There's lots of twists and lots of good and bad, but it was a fitting outcome. Give it a try.
  • Malaysha Hardy
    In all honesty this was almost a 5 star read & maybe one day will be once I get over my feelings about a certain character.There was so much I loved about this book especially after not loving book two as much as book one. I just prefer Elli to Ansa in every way.