Tin Man by Sarah Winman

Tin Man

The unforgettable and emotionally devastating new novel from Sarah Winman, author of the international bestseller WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT and the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller A YEAR OF MARVELLOUS WAYS.This is almost a love story.Ellis and Michael are twelve when they first become friends, and for a long time it is just the two of them, cycling the streets of Oxford, teaching themselves how to swim, discovering poetry, and dodging the fists of ov...

Details Tin Man

TitleTin Man
Release DateJul 27th, 2017
PublisherTinder Press
Number of pages208 pages
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Glbt, Literary Fiction

Reviews Tin Man

  • Simon
    I didn't think a perfect book could exist, I was wrong. As Michael says within 'It was beautiful and, occasionally, it hurt.' Get ready for me to go on and on and on about Sarah Winman's incredible third novel Tin Man, it's stunning. One of the most beautiful portraits of love, friendship and understanding. Don't be surprised if it's my book of the year as it's probably going to be one of my favourite books ever.
  • Linda Hill
    Ellis lives a solitary life, but it is a life peppered with memories of the past.I’ve been staring at a blank screen and wondering what I can say about Sarah Winman’s Tin Man that will be adequate enough to convey what a beautiful read it is.Sarah Winman has a unique style. Direct speech is presented without punctuation so that the reader hears it naturally at the same time as the characters. The appeal to the senses is so strong that the wri...
  • Jaclyn Crupi
    An achingly beautiful book about three people who love each other. It's about first love and small kindnesses. It's about how destructive toxic masculinity can be. And it's about love is love is love is love is love. Winman does a masterful job managing the elusive structure and slips of time.
  • Angela
    This one made a deep emotional impact on me – it's the only book I can honestly say made me teary eyed – twice! On reading the first few pages, I thought it felt very much like Kate Atkinson's Behind The Scenes At The Museum, another book which made a big impact. It also had similar emotional overtones of A Man Called Ove.The prologue introduces Dora and Leonard Judd, parents of Ellis, while Dora is still pregnant with Ellis. It is only a sho...
  • Maya Panika
    A short book, just 195 pages, about two teenagers growing up together in working class Oxford, around the Cowley car plant, from the seventies until the nineties; a story of love and loss and grief - These are the bare bones of it; it’s hard to say more without spoiling. The story is told from two viewpoints, that of Ellis, a father-rejected, mother-fixated, deeply lonely boy, his closest friend Michael, who tells his side of the story in his d...
  • Latkins
    I've not read any other books by Sarah Winman, but I've heard a lot about her, so I thought I'd try this one. Set in Oxford, it's a short, sweet novel about love and friendship which also explores death, grief, sexuality and art. It's a book of two halves - the first considers the life of Ellis, in 1996 when he is 46 years old, as he continues to work at a local car factory and looks back over some of the events in his life. The structure is not ...
  • Jackie Law
    “And I wonder what the sound of a heart breaking might be. And I think it might be quiet, unperceptively so, and not dramatic at all. Like the sound of an exhausted swallow falling gently to earth.”Tin Man, by Sarah Winman, is a hauntingly, achingly beautiful story of friendship and love. It opens with a night out at a community hall in 1950 when young mother-to-be, Dora Judd, wins a painting of sunflowers in a raffle, her first ever act of d...
  • Janet Emson
    Tin Man opens with Dora winning a painting in a raffle. That painting ignites something in her. Moving forward in time the narrative moves to Ellis, Dora’s son. The reader is led on a journey of loss and love and discovers how some people complement each other, much like the colours in the painting.It’s been a while since I read a book in a day but Tin Man broke that run. It was a book I picked up whenever I had the opportunity, one I was soo...
  • Leilah Skelton
    There’s something about first love, isn’t there? she said. It’s untouchable to those who played no part in it. But it’s the measure of all that follows.Be still my hammered, malleable heart. What a mighty little book this is! Sarah Winman’s third novel is an absolute work of art. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers burst through the threads of this story, and as a reading experience, Tin Man feels paralleled with art’s intentions. It alters perce...
  • Zarina
    A beautiful little tome about friendship, love and mortality. There is something lovely about such a short read that allows you to merely dip in and out of someone else's life for such a brief moment, and yet I do wish this novel had delved more into the aftermath of its current ending as there were some questions left unanswered. Other than that it was wonderful; beautifully written, thought provoking and raw, it is a story that celebrates first...
  • Alana Eising
    I found this book slow to start, but after that I was pulled in. Love, beauty, and 'a celebration of the transcendent power of the colour yellow.' What a lovely, heartbreaking slice of two lives--Ellis and Michael, proof of 'the simple belief that men and boys were capable of beautiful things.'
  • Trish
    I'd read somewhere to bring the tissues for this one and, ignoring that advice, I spent most of my time reading this one with blurred vision. I found it so deeply affecting for such a short novel. A novel I could easily revisit. Beautiful. Heartbreaking.
  • Ruth Brookes
    Simply beautiful!
  • Sarah
    A beautiful little novel.
  • Rosie Evans
    A beautiful portrait of love, loss, friendship and compassion.Reaching out across decades, from a working-class upbringing in Oxford, to separate lives in London, France and America, Tin Man allows us a glimpse into the hidden emotional worlds of outwardly stoical souls. Ellis’ mother’s cherished copy of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is a narrative thread woven throughout the novel; breathing compassion, optimism and defiant happiness into Sarah Wi...