Smitten Kitchen Every Day by Deb Perelman

Smitten Kitchen Every Day

Deb Perelman, award-winning blogger and New York Times best-selling author of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, understands that a happy discovery in the kitchen has the ability to completely change the course of your day. Whether we’re cooking for ourselves, for a date night in, for a Sunday supper with friends, or for family on a busy weeknight, we all want recipes that are unfussy to make with triumphant results. Deb thinks that cooking should b...

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TitleSmitten Kitchen Every Day
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  • Julie Ehlers
    I'm a devoted fan of the Smitten Kitchen cooking blog. Every recipe I've tried from the site has been a success (if I do say so myself), and many of them are now in my permanent repertoire. But I wasn't as fond of the first Smitten Kitchen cookbook (imaginatively titled The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook). I see I gave it four stars here on Goodreads, but I'm pretty sure that was due to a combination of the book's physical beauty (Deb Perelman is also ...
  • farmwifetwo
    Gave up about half way through. Been a number of years since I followed her blog but saw this book was out and got it from the library. I find her recipes to be complicated, and not practical both in the time required, the materials to assemble and their general ease to make. Not just to actually make the recipes but also to read them. One day, Mom and I plan to make her black bread... one day.
  • Laura McLoughlin
    So I've only had this cookbook for about 3 days and I've only made one of the recipes (Wild Mushroom Shepherd's Pie) but it was super delicious! Really just about everything in here looks amazing and I can't wait to try some more recipes!
  • Gretchen Alice
    Classic Smitten Kitchen. I read through all of Deb's recipe intros and as always, they were warm and funny and insightful. I'm gonna start cooking my way through this weekend, starting with the blueberry muffins.
  • Ashley
    Not really any recipes that appealed to me & definitely none that could be useful as an add on to my day to day meals. Just too over the top for my tastes.
  • Miss Clark
    Lovely photographs accompany each recipe - which is strictly essential for me as a very visual person - along with a brief description of how Perelman came to try it, recreate it, or some other personal note. Usually these anecdotes and cook's notes are easily skipped over, but I found her stories charming and funny. She acknowledges that life happens and the fancy recipe you set out to make sometimes has to change or your family situation shifts...
  • Jeanie Phillips
    This cookbook is a winner for sure. I enjoy Perelman's anecdotes about cooking and eating, and her photography is killer. But for a cookbook to get my approval, the recipes have to be solid. We have cooked and enjoyed many from this book already, and will return again and again to these:-kale caesar salad- delish! (my son could have eaten the whole bowl himself)-red lentil soup - the addition of curry leaves made this dal like soup perfect-grille...
  • Manisha
    PROS: - pictures of every recipe- for the same reason i've loved her blog for the last 8 years i've been a reader - i feel like i'm reading recipes written by a friend, i love the narration in her recipe intros- pictures of every recipe!!!!- lots of cool vegetarian mains - would make probably 90% of what's in the book (i'm not that into butternut squash or sweet breakfast foods womp womp) - PICTURES OF EVERY RECIPE!!!!CONS: - after making a coupl...
  • Penny Ramirez
    Oh yeah. I was leaning toward buying this one without looking at it first, because Smitten Kitchen, but then once I started drooling over the photos and descriptions I knew it had to be part of my collection. Then, to my amazement, I discovered that I'd made one of these recipes (chocolate pecan slab pie) for Christmas! So yeah - adding it to a cart right now.... Thanks, Deb!
  • Sarah
    I think this is a great book; I marked several recipes to try in the weeks to come, including a mouthwatering artichoke parmesan galette, a carrot miso dressing I hope is like the one I loved in Seattle, and a potato-asparagus salad with gribiche. I don't know that I will seek to buy a copy just yet, but I anticipate borrowing the library copy more than once.
  • erika
    i'm a big fan of the blog, although i find some of the recipes to be unnecessarily complicated. but i've cooked two meals from this and they were fairly quick, easy, & tasty, and the photography is also beautiful.
  • Michelle
    Um, awesome. With simple, but nicely elevated meals, I can cook to please all the fussy folks in my life, but still have the flavor I crave. And I just tried out three recipes this week. All winners. As usual. Thanks, Deb.
  • Erin
    oh so awesome, easy, and inspiring. I love Smitten Kitchen!
  • Sara
    I love her blog, but I can't imagine making these recipes for "every day."
  • Tracy
    Love her recipes and am signed up for her email newsletter. She is one of my top go to chefs.
  • Clwseattle
    I checked out Smitten Kitchen Every Day from our wonderful King County Library System. I confess I have never read (watched??) The Smitten Kitchen, but my dear sister is a fan so I expected to love this book. I did not. I feel Smitten Kitchen Every Day is just too pretentious by half. I absolutely believe she makes these recipes for her lovely family, but there are a grand total of three that caught my interest. The cover claims "triumphant & unf...
  • Diana
    A beautiful book with some delicious looking recipes. Just...if I'm being honest...though it was subtitled "unfussy new favourites", I personally need a cookbook that's a little more simple/unfussy.
  • Danielle
    I got this from the library twice, and now it's time to send it back and buy my own copy. I was disappointed by Perelman's first cookbook despite absolutely loving her Smitten Kitchen blog, but this cookbook was a much better fit for both my own and my family's eating habits. We're vegetarian, so I can't comment on the Meat Mains section, but we made quite a few recipes from the Vegetable Mains section that were all very good. I've also made a co...
  • Quetzal
    I won a print copy of this book from a Goodreads GiveawayThis cook book is awesome, my mother loved it too :D We cooked today two recipes, very easy to follow and also the ingredients easy to find.One of the things that I really it about the book is that in the beggining of each recipe Deb shared a little of her family and a bit of story for that recipe.
  • Amy
    Majority of recipes are delicious and worth the effort to make, though I’m not sure they’re truly “every day” meals. I have one young child and it was a challenge to prep some of these dishes around his nap/eating/play schedule.
  • Ray
    I loved her first cookbook, and now I have picked several recipes to try in this new cookbook, though most are of the unhealthy variety I would have to say. But sometimes special occasions demand throwing caution to the wind! A fun cookbook to read and look at, for sure!
  • Liz Delf
    I love Deb Perelman's voice and writing, and this was a lovely cookbook to read--each recipe intro is funny and warm, and the photos are beautiful. When it comes right down to it, though, there's only a few recipes I really want to try.
  • Zivile
    Very simple but versatile dishes. Especially, the salads are amazing!
  • Maris
    Every recipe I've made from this cookbook has been stellar. The tomato soup and spaghetti pangrattato are my two favourites so far. 5/5
  • Nancy
    Some really good takeaway recipes here.
  • Becca
    Only a handful of recipes in this one excite me... I love her blog though and it’s still a beautiful cookbook - every recipe has a photo!
  • Trish
    This cookbook has lots of different recipes that look amazing. I like that there is a picture of every recipe!!
  • Samantha
    I want to make so many things!
  • Ilse O'Brien
    Highly recommend....made 3 recipes this weekend and all were terrific and will become regulars. Bookmarked about a dozen others to make soon.
  • Natasha Kotecki
    So far, a few pretty solid recipes, especially the Streetcar Style Chicken, which is, hands down, a new house favorite!