Estranged by Ethan M. Aldridge


Edmund and the Childe were swapped at birth. Now Edmund lives in secret as a changeling in the World Above, with fae powers that make him different from everyone else—even his unwitting parents and older sister, Alexis. The Childe lives among the fae in the World Below, where being human makes him an oddity at the royal palace, and where his only friend is a wax golem named Whick.But when the cruel sorceress Hawthorne takes the throne, the Chil...

Details Estranged

Release DateAug 7th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Comics, Adventure, Fiction

Reviews Estranged

  • Mar
    I really, really enjoyed this! The artwork is beautiful, and the story was captivating. Full review to come.
  • Cori Reed
    4.5 Stars!LOVED this! Totally gave me Amulet vibes.
  • laureneliza
    this is extremely my shitfay stufffound familiesmagica dragoneveryone has cool hair
  • Alex
    My rating is based off of the advance read copy that I won from Goodreads. This graphic novel is a lot of fun. It is well drawn and interesting. I was a little disappointed by the ARC because it wasn't in color which made reading it feel kind of like I was reading a rough draft. The reason that I gave it four stars instead of five is that the ending is a little too pat. It is a children's novel so that might not be something that bothers the inte...
  • Michelle
    What would it be like to know you don't belong?  I mean, truly don't belong.  To know that you are a human amongst fay, or fay amongst humans?  To know that your family is not the one decided by birth, but rather by the whims of others?Edmund knows that he doesn't belong with his parents and sister Alexis.  It's more than preteen angst-he isn't human.  He's able to start fires with his mind and change his appearance to look human.  But Edmu...
  • Ally
    This book was given to me by HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.I feel that I might be a bit biased considering I am a big fan of Ethan's art work. I actually own a few prints by him and hope to continue to grow my collection. This being said, I have had his book on pre-order since the day it was available and I was super excited when the ARC arrived on my door step.The ARC is in black and white, ...
  • Bridgett Brown
    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.This is a story about 2 boys. 1 is Fae and the other is a human.The sorceress Hawthorne takes his parents away and takes over the World Below, so the Childe must find the changeling who replaced him in the human world. When the Childe finds Edmund, he also finds out about the life he's missing, the life with his real parents.The Childe joins Edmund and travels to the World Below. Together they have to save ...
  • High Plains Library District
    As one who doesn’t read graphic novels very frequently, I rather enjoyed Estranged by Ethan Aldrige. Both the detailed artwork and the wonderful dialogue made this novel very easy to read alongside young children.Aldridge takes common folk lore and brings it into a modern world. What happens to the children switched by the fae or faeries? In this tale, both the changeling and the human child have grows up in world which doesn’t understand the...
  • ashley (saidthestory)
    This was a super cute, fast-paced, well illustrated graphic. I loved the art & the idea! I did feel the world could have been developed more, but that would have required the graphic to be a series, so I grasp why it wasn’t. However, I definitely felt i wanted more - which can only be a good sign. All in all - super adorable graphic with wonderful art.
  • Emmers
    Very cute and I loved the fae and goblin designs, made me think of Labyrinth. c:
  • Veronica
    Listen, I loved this graphic novel. The art is STUNNING and the story was wonderfully done. Highly, highly recommend.
  • Virginia
    I want 5000 more of these immediately
  • Yvonne Olson
    I've always liked the tales of Changelings.The illustrations in this are beautiful.I have nothing else to say.
  • Laura Henry
    I’m in love with this story and I need more. This is such a beautiful tale with beautiful art. This is a story for anyone who has always felt out of place and dreamed of being brave.
  • Christine Hwang
    With a riveting story line and vivid graphic artistic style, Estranged is about two changelings who are forced to meet when an evil sorceress threatens to destroy the fairy world.
  • Katie
    The illustrations are beautiful!! A graphic novel is really the best way to display all of the amazing talent Ethan has. The story itself is on the simpler side - a really good fit for young readers. For more adult readers, it does feel like it has the potential for more depth. Would definitely recommend for young readers to get them interested in graphic novels and for anyone older than that who would like a quick and charming read.
  • Cindy
    "THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A ROMANCE AND A TRAGEDY IS HOW IT ENDS, DON'T YOU THINK?"This was a buddy read. Thanks, Alex!! Estranged was more of a 4.5 for me. The world building was spot on. A lot of creativity went into this graphic novel, not only with the artwork but with the story and characters as well. I really liked Whick. Even though they were fashioned out of wax they were more than just an animated object. They often acted in a selfles...
  • Meg (PopReadsBox)
    Firstly, I loved the artwork in this graphic novel. Absolutely stunning! You have to see for yourself the amazing creativity of this author to create this story and then draw all the artwork to go along with the vision. I can't wait to see the full color edition! This story is about two boys, one knows the reason why he doesn't belong and the other suspects he is different. They go on a journey which turns both worlds upside down and creates new ...
  • Scott Robins
    A solid, self contained fantasy story about changelings, fairies, an underground kingdom and an evil sorceress. The strength in this is the integration of ideas and concepts found in LGBTQ stories like coming out and chosen families. Hoping that Aldridge moves to more overt queer representation in later books.
  • Hilary Scroggie
    I think this is going to be a thing.
  • Sabrina
    Fantastic graphic novel involving faes and changelings. This graphic novels also features a diverse set of characters
  • Madalin
    “Family is more than just the people you were born to... Everyone leaves their original home sooner or later, they find themselves alone. They begin their own story and must fill it with new people. In the end, what else is a family than people who share a common story?” Thank you to the folks at Epic Reads for this arc of Estranged!I’m going to premise this by saying I am not an avid reader of graphic novels. In fact, I’ve probably only ...
  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC provided by publisher at ALA MidwinterIn the World Below, Childe is a status symbol for his royal parents, an oddity because he is human rather than Fae. Edmund, with whom he changed places, lives in the human world but has trouble connecting to it. When the two meet and figure out their past histories, both of their lives make more sense. Unfortunately, Edmund's parents have been transformed into rats by the evil Hawthorne, which has forced ...
  • Diana
    Edit: Okay. Ding-dong, there is going to be a sequel. I’m so glad! Haha, I didn’t look before I wrote this review.I enjoyed this and I hope there might be a sequel to get more character development and world building. The story was fun if a bit trope-y. The art is very sketch-like but conveys the story. I like the atmosphere and idea. As I read it I imagined what it would be like as a live-action movie and I think it’d be great. When the bo...
  • Lexie Lucas
    I just finished this book this morning, my ARC that I won from the goodreads giveaway is actually in black and white, but it doesn't detract from the expressive art style. I particulary liked how Edmund, the changeling, was drawn. The details such as the feathery scales of the fay were very cool. I can't wait to see the colorized version (other than the few page preview that was included in my ARC) The characters are well designed and distinct. T...
  • Kay
    Fantasy. Fay. Family."We don't choose the families to which we are born, my Prince, only the ones we create. We can love both as best we can." -NannyI love Estranged for its beautiful (watercolor?) illustrations, elements of Fantasy, and expression of familial love. Semi-spoilers about the characters, and why I loved them. No plot spoilers. (view spoiler)[Alexis is such a strong, protective, and loving older sister. It doesn't matter that she and...
  • Bethany
    When the sorceress Hawthorne removes his parents and takes over the World Below, the Childe must find the changeling who replaced him in the human world. He is the only one who can defeat Hawthorne. When the Childe finds Edmund, he also discovers the kind of life he's been missing out on with his real parents.With no choice but to join the Childe, Edmund travels to the World Below. Together, they're the only ones who can save the throne, but they...
  • Amanda
    The art and the style of this really reminded me of Ben Hatke's work; if you liked this then you really should check out Hatke's Mighty Jack series and Zita the Spacegirl series and well, just ALL of his books because they are so BRILLIANT.All righty then, back to Estranged, creepy and cool and very good at the whole changeling mythology! I've never seen it done in a children's graphic novel before, and while I did guess that (view spoiler)[the b...
  • JustAButterfly
    Impressive and has good art? Yes! Interesting world? Maybe, with some more development. Cool ideas? Certainly. Any real innovations or amazing characters? ...Nope.I feel like this was just a little too fast-paced to be great. Some time to slow down and take in the world would've helped a lot. There isn't much pay-off for the ending, either, and a more active role for the villain would've been great too, since her design is great. Overall, I feel ...
  • Kristen
    Most of the graphic novels I read come from student recommendations--but this one went in my TBR pile the minute I got it. I ADORE stories about the High Fay and their world, and the Changeling myth has always intrigued me (I particularly loved Holly Black's The Darkest Part of the Forest). Estranged follows Edmund and his human Changeling counterpart as they try to save the Fay kingdom from an evil queen. There are some great supporting characte...