The Witch Boy (The Witch Boy #1) by Molly Ostertag

The Witch Boy (The Witch Boy #1)

In thirteen-year-old Aster's family, all the girls are raised to be witches, while boys grow up to be shapeshifters. Anyone who dares cross those lines is exiled. Unfortunately for Aster, he still hasn't shifted . . . and he's still fascinated by witchery, no matter how forbidden it might be.When a mysterious danger threatens the other boys, Aster knows he can help -- as a witch. It will take the encouragement of a new friend, the non-magical and...

Details The Witch Boy (The Witch Boy #1)

TitleThe Witch Boy (The Witch Boy #1)
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Comics, Young Adult

Reviews The Witch Boy (The Witch Boy #1)

  • Adam Silvera
    I've been wanting to read this MG graphic novel since I saw the book deal announcement and I'm so happy I got to read it on my flight today. The basic premise is that a boy wants to learn spells and other magic but witchery is reserved for girls and boys are expected to become shapeshifting demon hunters. I was OBSESSED with witches as a kid/teen (still am as an adult) and this would've really spoken to me. Overall, THE WITCH BOY is a super fast ...
  • Lola
    This works very well as a standalone. I don’t feel as if there are unanswered questions or elements missing. Still, I wish to read more books about Aster and his magical community. The characters are strong. They all play a certain role in the story. It’s when you can’t imagine a book without its different characters that you realize they’ve left an impression on you and are worthy of being in the story. Aster is so relatable. In his worl...
  • Raeleen Lemay
    This was fantastic! Magic + diverse characters + beautiful art = my kind of graphic novel
  • Korrina (OwlCrate)
    Such a cute little graphic novel that challenges gender constructs in a unique way. Plus it's just a fun spooky magical story! My only complaint was that I wish it was a bit longer and more fleshed out. But I really enjoyed reading it.
  • Erica
    This book has killed me and I am dead, typing out reviews from beyond the grave because I know how to live the best afterlife.Originally, this piqued my interest because of the title and cover. Witches? Yes, please. Boy witches? Interesting! Cute kid + monster shadow? I'm in!And if you like reading on the surface, that's exactly what this story is about - witches and shapeshifters, fitting in (or not), family, friendship, and terrible monsters.If...
  • Calista
    Oh sweet Billy Elliot! How could I not love this book about witches, breaking gender stereotypes and magic? Pure Pleasure to read. Such a great read. In this world, women are witches and do magic while men are shapeshifters and they protect. Aster is a lovely boy who keeps trying to overhear the secret women's teaching. He is drawn to it and not to the shapeshifting side. He keeps being pushed to connect with shapeshifting and he tries and tries ...
  • Vitor Martins
    (Esse sou eu lendo quadrinhos para tentar bater a meta de leitura de 2017 hehe)The Witch Boy é uma história mágica sobre uma família de mulheres bruxas e homens metamorfos. Aster é um menino que quer aprender bruxaria mas ninguém na família quer ensiná-lo porque ele não deveria ser tão interessado em "coisas de menina". O roteiro é bem simples e tudo acontece dentro do esperado mas é muito bonito ver o arco de desenvolvimento do Asper...
  • Skye Kilaen
    Fairly straightforward but heartfelt tale about the toxicity of rigid gender roles, with lovely art because Molly Knox Ostertag is amazing. It's the story of Aster, a boy growing up in a society where women do magic and men shapeshift, and that's that. Except it isn't, because Aster does magic and doesn't shapeshift. What I particularly appreciated: (a) Aster's confidence-building friendship with a girl outside his community who also doesn't foll...
  • Tatiana
    I had wanted to read this after seeing so much excitement. To me, this book is about gender essentialism and the way it harms the people you're trying to force it on. I liked the art, and was glad to see lots of brown skinned (though I think they're black people) in the book. It's a MG graphic novel, which I didn't know going in. So if you're into that demographic, check this out.
  • Sara
    A delightful coming of age tale about the son of magic users who's grown up in a world where women do magic and men shape shift. Neither must ever meddle in the other's affairs but of course our hero, Aster knows its his destiny to be a witch like his mother and sister. When the boys in his family begin to disappear its clear that something dark and powerful is preying upon them and Aster, with the help of his new human friend Charlie, is the onl...
  • Davey
    (The bookstore where I work received an ARC of this today from Scholastic and, as it was a particularly slow day, I read it all in one go while standing behind the cash register.)I loved it. I loved the world right away--in fact, I wished it were longer (or perhaps the beginning of a series) just because the magic was so interesting. I really dug the artwork, too, of course. It felt very organic. But also magical. And I liked the character design...
  • mo
    4 to 4.5 stars. A gentle but exciting exploration of gender stereotypes and belonging, all wrapped up in the trappings of magic, shapeshifters, and burgeoning friendship. Lovely art is the icing on the cake.
  • Misty
    This was sweet and beautifully drawn, and it may hit the sweet spot for a lot of young readers, but it left something to be desired. Everything felt a little shallow and not fully fleshed out, and there's no real "twist" -- even though I think one was slightly intended -- as it couldn't be more obvious what's going on. And it has a nice message, which it presents without the least bit of subtlety. I think its strengths are in the relationships, w...
  • Jackson Bird
    This was everything I’ve ever wanted in a story. Big magical family living in a giant house in the woods. Kids who don’t conform to gender roles. Realistic, loveable characters. Tons of diversity. I’m so happy there’s a second installment coming, but how will I wait until October??
  • Krista Regester
    This was great - I would describe it as a mixture of Lumberjanes and Nimona.
  • Katiria
    I absolutely and thoroughly loved and enjoyed The Witch Boy! I don't remember where I came across seeing this graphic novel at. I don't know if I saw it on a book blog or I saw it on a booktube channel all I know when I first lay eyes on it piqued my interest and when I read the synopsis I was sold and very intrigued on checking this book out from the library. And when I finally got my hands on it from the library I was so glad and happy that I c...
  • Rachael Hobson
    Actual rating: 3.5 stars This is a really lovely story. It's a morality story with a magical twist. Let people be who they truly are! This is a middle grade novel, which is probably why the story moved as fast as it did. I personally wish there was more detail in regards to both the build up and climax of the story.
  • Madison
    This one is a miss for me. I love Molly Ostertag's work generally and I very much want to see her succeed in everything she does, but I found this book seriously lacking. The worldbuilding is thin at best, and the whole "boys like fighing and girls like gardening" schtick is ridiculously heavy-handed. I know she set up that dynamic in order to dismantle it, but the needlessly and tiresomely over-gendered characters don't make her point so much as...
  • Jae
    OH MY LITTLE GENDER NONCONFORMING HEART. audible gasp from me when I realized the truth a few pages ahead of aster. the resolution was a little too snappy for my taste but the denouement was ace. keep an eye out for a cameo by a couple other magical cartoon favorites.
  • Rachel
    In Aster’s family, boys are to learn the power of shapeshifting, while girls are to develop their skills in witchcraft. This is how it has always been, and it is how they think it is meant to be. The young Aster though, feels in his heart that shapeshifting isn’t meant for him, and he already knows that he is fairly adept at the teachings of the witches. From the bits and pieces of secret knowledge he gleans, he is able to do very helpful thi...
  • Jane
    Okay, this was fricken amazing in so many ways. To start with, the art is so gorgeous. I wish this was the chosen style for the illustrated editions of Harry Potter or that if they make an animated film or show, they contact Molly Ostertag. Like, 150% I need this.The world-building is richly depicted, while still nailing a cozy and small-town vibe. Each character (and there are a lot) is original and multi-dimensional. Especially with current eve...
  • Jasmine Skye
    Recommended for readers who love well-done magic systems, complicated family dynamics, and discussions of gender politics.I would recommend this to any pre-teen who's questioning their gender, or who has a friend who is, or anyone interested in a different perspective of what it means to enforce gender roles. This is fantasy and it's a fun adventure, but at the core its message is about learning to love yourself regardless of what everyone might ...
  • Mehsi
    Witches, shapeshifters, friendship, and a need for a chance (and change).I have been looking forward to this book for some time, I love Molly Ostertag's work, so I was very delighted to see a new book by her. And about witches/magic! About friendship! About finding who you are and where you belongI liked Aster from the start. He was an interesting character, and I loved that he didn't let anyone deter him from learning magic. He just kept on tryi...
  • Mangrii
    La historia nos presenta a la familia de Aster, donde todas las chicas son educadas para ser brujas mientras que los chicos para convertirse en cambiaformas. Los roles no pueden intercambiarse, y quién se atreve a desafiar los límites, será exiliado. Aster es un chico, y esta fascinado por la magia. En su interior sabe que tiene talento para ello, y se dedica a espiar a las brujas. Aprender a escondidas. Además, aun no ha conseguido la anhela...
  • Sinead
    This was simply fabulous. Magic, shapeshifting? Inter racial relationships? Diverse characters? Same sex parents? Yes please.My 10 year old sister says this is her favorite book and I had to read it and I did and how glad am I that this is the type of book that she loves? She is experiencing so much variety between people and relationships and understanding the importance of being yourself - even if being yourself means standing out and learning ...
  • I.
    One of my favorite graphic novels by one of my favorite authors, an awesome and beautiful story about toxic masculinity, gender roles, and of course, lots and lots of magic.
  • Tyler Kroon
    A heartfelt, beautifully positive metaphor for the LGBT community, under the guise of witches, shapeshifters, and magic. I was enthralled by the story and can’t wait to read more of Ostertag’s work!
  • Nay Keppler
    So original, and so stinkin' cute! Perfect for fans of Nimona.