The Prophecy (Titan, #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Prophecy (Titan, #4)

History is on repeat…Seth never thought he’d have a future. But now he’s on the brink of having it all with Josie: A tomorrow. A family. A forever. And all that's standing between him and that forever is the Titans. If he helps Josie entomb them -- without killing them, a nearly impossible task for him -- everything he could ever want will be in reach. But he soon realizes that as a god, every little choice he makes can reshape the world fo...

Details The Prophecy (Titan, #4)

TitleThe Prophecy (Titan, #4)
Release DateMar 20th, 2018
GenreFantasy, New Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Mythology

Reviews The Prophecy (Titan, #4)

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    LIVE AMAZON : - STARSWhat a journey, I loved this one so much!It has everything I wanted and even more!The Prophecy is an incredible mix of action, a little bit drama, a little bit suspense , funny moments, amazing secondary characters and a beautiful romance!I'm going to miss Seth and Josie so much!They were perfect for each other!Seth will be always my favorite character, he is j...
  • Siobhan Davis
    SO AMAZING but I'm heartbroken. I NEED MORE. What an amazing end to an incredible series. It felt like I was waiting for this book forever but it was definitely worth the wait. I tried so hard to savor it but it sucked me in instantly and I struggled to put it down. I bawled like a baby at the 80% mark. Like serious ugly crying, which was ridiculous because I trust JLA and I knew she wouldn't let me down. The end was so perfect and I cried again,...
  • Roobie
    ⭐4 stars⭐ A bloody path was chosen.The Great War fought by the few has come to pass,and in the end,the sun has fallen,and the moon will reign until the new sun rises. I finally get it.And I'm a tiny bit broken right now. ⭐️4 stars⭐️ A bloody path was chosen.The Great War fought by the few has come to pass,and in the end,the sun has fallen,and the moon will reign until the new sun rises. I finally get it.And I'm a tiny bit broken ...
  • Maria Naydenova
    5 Oh my poor heart STARS Gods! I'm a mess... I don’t even know where to start reviewing this book. My heart is still beating like it’s going to come out of my chest and I still have tears in my eyes. I expected an epic story and memorable ending to this series, and I certainly got that, but boy, I was so not prepared for what hit me. I wanted to jump straight in and finish this book in one sitting, eager to see what this story would offer, bu...
  • Fanny
    " Te amo ahora ... Te amare siempre. " The Prophecy es el cuarto y ultimo * llora en un rincon * libro de la saga Titan escrita por la autora Jennifer L. Armentrout y continua teniendo a Seth y Josie como protagonistas. Esta serie recuerdo que la comence practicamente por mi curiosidad ( y amor ) por Seth, ya que aunque habia disfrutado leyendo la saga Covenant, no se convirtio en una de mis favoritas, en cambio estas novelas si que estan dentro...
  • Susie DelMa
    OMG, dieses Ende hat mich gekillt 🤓
  • Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥
    ***Spoilers for the previous books in this series*** The Prophecy was a stunning conclusion to the Titan Series! It was action packed, emotionally gutting and completely addicting! This is going down as one of my favorite series ever ! Here are some of the reasons why I fell so crazy hard for The Titan Series......✮ Characters that captured my heart So damn lucky. Another three words that kept replaying over and over. The thing about luck, th...
  • Ramona
    I like authors that are diverse, that enjoy writing various genres and rock at it. Jennifer L Armentrout is one of them, because she manages to write just about anything and make you love everything about it. Whether is Romance, Paranormal Love or Dark, she is awesome and I admire her tremendously for her talent and capability."The Titans" series it's "The Covenant" series spin off and fans know about this awesome universe that Jennifer created. ...
  • Leah City of Words and Pages
    Ein schöner Abschluss der Reihe, welcher aber auch Opfer mit sich bringt 😔.Die letzten 150-100 Seiten waren tatsächlich am spannendsten, denn vorher hat sich das Ganze für den Showdown (oder auch gleich mehrere davon) vorbereitet. Seth mochte ich in der Dämonentochter-Reihe immer lieber als Aiden und das wird sich auch nicht ändern 🤭.
  • Alexandra
    I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Review can be found on *Milky Way of Books*After almost two weeks of trying to gather my emotions over the ending of this book, I am finally able to write the review.Josie, Seth, and co still haven't found a way to entomb the Titans and at the same time, vast destructions are razing the world. Pures are getting angry and many halfs are also in danger. Yet the Gods give no answer to the questio...
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Rating: 4.75/5When I re-entered the titan’s world I had a lot of expectations…and I can say that the prophecy and Jennifer L. Armentrout met every single one of them. Action? Check Romance? Check Cocky Seth? Check Heartbreak? Check (because this is not a JLA book if you don’t feel like your heart is ripped out of your chest a couple of times while reading it).The prophecy is (unfortunately) the last book in the series. If you haven’t read...
  • Marianna
    ***2.75***I'm soooooo disappointed. I have to come clean: from the beginning I wasn't the biggest Seth fan but I love this universe so very much and I just have to read everything in it. Having said that, I was still disappointed. The series started out good enough; I remeber being thrilled with Seth and Josie and Seth's development. But from the third book I started losing interest. I don't know what happened or who's to blame, but I didn't real...
  • Misha
    I must admit that I dragged my feet a bit on starting this one. As excited as I was to jump back into this world, it was bittersweet knowing a favorite series was coming to an end. I've read every book Jennifer L. Armentrout has published, and to this day the Convenant series is my all-time favorite of hers. Naturally I was overjoyed when she announced the release of a spin-off series. It feels like I've known Seth for such a long time now, and i...
  • Natalia
    I loved this series and book. I love all Jennifer L Armentrout’s books, but this series definitely pleasantly surprised me.This was the conclusion of the series and I’m sad that I’m not going to visit this world again. Hope she writs a novella or something else set there.This book was intense, so many things happened. Sometimes it felt as if the author was playing with my emotions. I got really attached to all of the characters and I didn...
  • Widacintya
    O my God!! there are fourth book?!! Cant wait to read it!!Even tough I love character of Alexandria Andros more. But this sequel bring me to knew the other side of Seth, God I love him!! He is complicated, Playful, Arrogant, Selfish, Protective, and sweet !! I love how Josie bring the best in him, while the old him could burn the entire world just for fun!! and her character is perfectly fit with him!! same like Aiden if can say.. I just love how...
  • AJ
    “The end of the old is here, and the beginning of the new has been ushered in.4.5 stars!Wow, Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to finish off a series, and she’s done a great job with this book. Seth and Josie’s story comes to its exciting, heartwrenching and satisfying conclusion in a read that had me glued to my kindle and my heart pounding. I laughed and cried, and OMG did I swoon, and I loved it!Picking up where the last book left off, we...
  • Debra Elsner
    The conclusion to the Titan series, which was the spin off to the Covenant series left me both in tears of sadness and tears of joy. Seth, Josie and the newer sons and daughters of Gods that have the challenge of entombing the Titans, whose sole enjoyment in their release is the misery of humans and the takeover of Mt. Olympus. Personally, Seth and Josie are ecstatic about the news of their unborn child; the first offspring of a God and a demi-Go...
  • Manon
    I was provided an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.I don’t even know where to start.The first book I’ve read in this world was four years ago and I can’t believe this is now all over. I started falling in love with some of these characters four years ago, it feels like a lifetime ago.I’ve even read some books in this series a couple times now…I always love finding these characters again and this was no exception, I lau...
  • Alex
    I definetely loved it. JLA is one of the best when it comes to YA fantasy.But I'm going to re-read everything from book 1 because 3 years is a long time and a lot of books in between... So I need to rekindle the emotions I remember having when I read the first books and then I'll leave a review to explain why this series and Seth & Josie are pure awesome!
  • ☽ TheBibliotheque
    This was glorious and a total tear jerker.I think this is probably my FAVOURITE paranormal NA series. I can't believe I have to say goodbye to these characters. I am 2 seconds away from rereading the 4 books again.
  • Bella Carstairs
    5 estrellas para un final de saga maravilloso.Empecé la saga Titan no muy segura de si me podría enganchar a su protagonista, Seth. Si habéis leído la saga Covenant entenderéis por qué tenía mis reservas. Sin embargo, al poco de empezar el primer libro, me fui enamorando de Seth y, poquito a poco, ha conseguido hacerse un hueco en mi corazoncito.La saga Titan, compuesta por 4 libros, ha tenido sus altibajos (creo que como todas las sagas),...
  • Gabriela Tate ♡
    Empecé a leer esta saga de covenant cuando tenía 17 años. Y cuando acabo mi corazón estuvo tan roto. Luego salió Titan y me rehuse a leerlo hasta que estuvieran todos los libros. Obviamente eso no funcionó así que cuando salió el primero lo devoré en horas y cuando salió el segundo igual. Pero me tomé una pausa para los dos siguientes. Ahora finalmente los leí a ambos libros a mis 22 años y siento... Que una etapa de mi vida que come...
  • Sinead
    My Sethie and Josie's story has come to an end. And the growth these characters went through between these four books (including the Covenant series for Seth), led them to the glorious happy ending they more than deserve. Reading this, all I wanted to do was go back to The Return and start this love story all over again. Their love was so pure and intimate and really important for them to grow and develop. I was crying my eyes out by the end, tea...
  • Mimi
    I'm torn between 2 and 3 stars. The first 60% of this were so tedious and nothing really happened, but then everything went down in approximately four chapters and I don't know. While I'm ecstatic about how the story ended, I wished there would have been more tension, more resolution, simply more. Nevertheless, I am trash for this series, so I'm sad that it has come to an end.
  • Mandy
    4.5 'This is the end' Stars!*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*THE PROPHECY is the much anticipated final book in the Titan Series from Jennifer L. Armentrout. Picking up two days after where the last book left off, Seth and Josie are still dealing with the aftermath of the events that took place in THE STRUGGLE. From finding a way to entomb the Titans once and for all to trying to maintain peace between the recent ...
  • Kim
    Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads. Ok y'all, it's been nearly a month since I finished reading The Prophecy and I'm still not entirely sure I can write a review for it. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. It was total perfection. It destroyed me in the best possible way. Actual tears were cried. And while I do think the ending was perfect, I'm still not ready to give up Seth, Josie and the rest of the gang. Not even close to it. So, I...
  • Dominika
  • Amy
    “What I feel for you increases every waking moment and sometimes that scares the hell out of me, but I love you. Yesterday. Today. A thousand tomorrows from now, I will be in love with you.”“Sentinels weren’t suicidal. They were just dangerously brave.”I can not believe it’s over!!! When I first began this journey many years ago and met Seth in the Covenant Series, never in a million years did I think I would love his character as muc...
  • ♡Julalicious Book Paradise♡
    Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseRating: 4.5/5If you haven't read The Return, The Power or The Struggle, you better stop reading this now or you might get some spoilers from the previous books.This series ends in a way only Jennifer L. Armentrout can end them; half of me crying and half of me happy ;)More seriously, we embark one last time in Seth and Josie's journey and it will make you go through all kind of feels throughout it.Entom...