Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton

Dragon Teeth

Michael Crichton's recently discovered novel—an adventure set in the Wild West during the golden age of fossil hunting.The year is 1876. Warring Indian tribes still populate America’s western territories even as lawless gold-rush towns begin to mark the landscape. In much of the country it is still illegal to espouse evolution. Against this backdrop two monomaniacal paleontologists pillage the Wild West, hunting for dinosaur fossils, while su...

Details Dragon Teeth

TitleDragon Teeth
Release DateJun 1st, 2017
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Adventure, Westerns, Science Fiction

Reviews Dragon Teeth

  • Matthew
    Another posthumous offering from Crichton. I hope they keep finding them! This book was great! It is a western - pure and simple - gunfights, saloons, Indian war controversy, and even the appearance of some famous Western names. But, instead of gold nuggets, the treasure is dinosaur bones.It's something I think people really don't think about. One of the best sources of dinosaur bones is the American West, and their discovery began right in the m...
  • Henry Avila
    Nine years after the untimely demise of the bright Dr. Michael Crichton a good writer , more talented than many believed, his third posthumous novel Dragon Teeth, is published (he's been busier than numerous authors still technically alive) . If you're looking for an early version of Jurassic Park you will be disappointed, but this book has a feel to it that will keep you turning the page...Essentially the story of two ruthless pioneering paleont...
  • Bob Milne
    Unlike so many ghost-written novels that are 'polished' after an author's death, Dragon Teeth does feel like the completed manuscript it is purported to be. In fact, it reads very much like one of Michael Crichton's earlier historical novels - The Great Train Robbery, Eaters of the Dead, and even (to some extent) Congo. It is a leaner, simpler sort of story, more concerned with the facts of the past than the theories of the future.Readers with an...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
    Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton is a book of Crichton's I didn't like. I have read all of his and loved them all but this was so un-Crichton. It lacked the spark, the thrills, the adventure that kept me glued to the others. I was bored to tears and forced myself to finish it. I got this book from the library and noticed the total ratings on it was only 3 stars and wondered why, now I know.
  • Jan
    Not what I expected, but I don't think there is anything he has written that I wouldn't love. I was hoping this would have the feel and flavor of the Jurassic Park novel, which is one of my all time top 5 books that I have read. If you are hoping for the same thing, I can tell you unequivocally this is completely different. Are there dinosaurs? Yes, but none that have been cloned or a threat to mankind. In fact, this story takes place in the year...
  • Lyn
    Such is the draw and popularity of Michael Crichton that nine years after his death, his new releases are still going to be bestsellers. Truth be told, before I began reading I knew nothing about his 2017 posthumous publication, found from notes and put together lovingly by his wife and his literary estate. Also, to be honest, there are gaps and loose ends that a fan would not expect from the meticulously researched and well written books we have...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2017/06/15/...I’m a huge Michael Crichton fan, but admittedly I went into Dragon Teeth with reservations. After all, posthumously published works tend to make me a little wary, and the last two novels published after Crichton’s death have not exactly disabused me of this bias, reinforcing my belief that most “found manuscripts” are doomed to disappoint. So you can imagine my su...
  • Dee Arr
    What began as a measure designed to protect a young man’s pride soon turned into an adventure that William Johnson would not soon forget. Michael Crichton’s novel about the early days of paleontology in the United States is a mixture of whimsy, seriousness, humor, and just good old fun.The late Mr. Crichton’s manuscript was found in his files by his wife, and it is wonderful to read a “new” novel by a talented author. Though the charact...
  • Jason
    All new Crichton!New in the sense that the novel is new, but not so new in the sense that this novel takes place in the late 1800's.And the verdict: it sure is a snooze.Crichton has always been hit or miss for me. He's had his gems: Jurassic Park, State of Fear, even Airframe was all right. But with Dragon Teeth it really felt like Crichton was just phoning it in.This was a lazy, half-ass attempt at a novel. Now, I am not oblivious - I do know ...
  • Carlos
    This was such a fun book . it is the perfect book to take to the beach (specially during this hot summer), to read on the train or take on vacation. The plot is not very complex , but cowboys and dinosaurs are involved...it doesn't get any better than that . The main character goes through a tough journey and finds out that sometimes caring is an important trait for a man to have. The dinosaur bones and the rivalry between two of the characters h...
  • Sud666
    In 1803 Thomas Jefferson said it would take a thousand years for the West to be settled. By 1876 he was proven gravely wrong. This is Crichton's "lost manuscript" that was been published. It is one of his historical fiction novels (much like "Great Train Robbery" or "Eaters of the Dead"). In this case the year is 1876 and the topic twofold. The first is the competition between Drs. Marsh and Cope. Marsh was a Yale man and Cope a Univ of Penn man....
  • Marialyce
    So sorry to say that this book was just awful. It looked to be cobbled together in such a haphazard manner that it seemed a child wrote it. I am sorely disappointed in this as I have often so enjoyed Crichton's novels. That being said this book was suppose to be "found" many years after Mr Crichton's death. Makes one wonder! This is no Jurassic Park nor is it a prequel to that amazing book that entertained so many so very well.
  • Megalion
    A previously unpublished book. If you're expecting Jurassic Park, the prequel, you will not get it. This is a Wild West type of story. To be more precise, a historical fiction tale set in the Wild West of 1880s about the literally cutthroat competition between 2 key figures in the hunt for dinosaur bones. A rare step away from his normal speculative fiction back into the early days of dinosaur fossil hunting. What we now call palentology but with...
  • Leslie
    When I was a little girl I went to the NY World's Fair. There were two things I remembered; Belgian Waffles and dinosaurs. Not long after that I was taken to the Academy of Natural Sciences; in Philadelphia, when I saw my first fossils. At that time I didn't know that many of those fossils were collected by Edwin Drinker Cope. I didn't learn about the 'war' between Cope and Yale paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh until I introduced my son to di...
  • Mattia Ravasi
    Video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N4e6...My second favorite Michael C gives us one last gem in the form of a Western adventure set within the context of the 1800s Great Dinosaur Rush. At times you can feel this is the skeleton of what may have been a longer and more complex adventure, but that only means that the pace is even faster, and indeed there's enough thrills and tension in here (and guest stars!) to make it a total pleasure ...
  • Suzanne
    I love the subject of paleontology so wanted to read this as soon as I read the description. This was a quick read but it was interesting and has me now craving Jurassic Park and the Lost World again. Think I will be heading the library soon to get those!
  • Syl
    Ancient discoveriesAn epic rivalryAn adventure that made historySays the cover page.And all this is true. But somehow this book didn't have the same zing packed by Jurassic park or hid other works.Read more like a Westerner than a quest for dinosaur fossils. I am always enamoured by the scientific facts that adorn books such as this. This one sadly lacked in those , though I came to k ow a lot about the war between the native Indians and the pilg...
  • Eric Mikols
    Original review found at https://ericmikols.com/2017/05/23/boo...I read Dragon Teeth months ago because I got a Advance Readers Copy because I'm a librarian, but I'm talking about it now because I'm a bad blogger.So this is a western, using dinosaur bones as a means of getting me to read a genre I tend to avoid. In fact, this might only be third western I've ever read (the other two being Doc by Mary Doria Russell and Appaloosa by Robert B. Parke...
  • ~Bellegirl91~
    "Hunting for bones has a peculiar fascination, not unlike hunting for gold. One never knows what one will find, and the possibilities, the potential discoveries lying in wait, fuels the quest." (Passage from William Johnson's journal) ***PART OF THE AUTHOR'S NOTE FROM CRICHTON HIMSELF AND WHY HE WROTE THIS***"Readers unfamiliar with this period of American history may be interested to know that Professors Marsh and Cope were real people, their ri...
  • Faith
    The blurb for this book really tells all there is to know about it. There were a lot of info dumps about Indians, Custer and paleontology. I thought it was just ok.
  • Asghar Abbas
    I won't be reviewing this. Review to follow? No, not likely. Nothing is coming. Only Winter. And, that's a maybe. And maybe I have read too many Crichtons in my day, this book absolutely could not convince me that it was actually a MC book. Ever dubious of posthumous breaths, which is a poem of mine that all of you ought to read. If you can find it. Though I read the afterword Mrs.Crichton wrote, it was heartening. So on a good day, I can even be...
  • William Liggett
    This may not have been Crichton at his best, but it was good escape. I always like historical fiction based on real people. The early years of fossil hunting in the U.S. coincided with the end of the wild West when Native Americans were still fighting the cavalry. What a time to be a paleontologist. You had to figure out where to dig and, at the same time, how to survive in the hostile territory. It was a time when major new discoveries were made...
  • Mandy White
    It has been a very long time since I have read a Michael Crichton book. This book was fun! Rivals both in search of rare finds crossing the country and dealing with Indians. snakes and all sorts of things .Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Collins Australia for an advance copy of this book to read and review
  • Wynne McLaughlin
    This is an interesting review to write, as "Dragon Teeth' is based on the same historical events that served as the basis for my own novel, "The Bone Feud." As Crichton novels go--and I've read them all--it's not his best. According to the afterword by his wife, he began doing research for it in the mid-70s and wrote the novel well before Jurassic Park, but it was never published until now. As with my novel, Crichton took many historical libertie...
  • Brandon Forsyth
    Stagecoach chases, gunfights in the streets, life on the frontier, sex, danger, and even an extended cameo from Wyatt Earp - this newly discovered Crichton moves in a terrific way, and should more than satisfy the summer reading crowd. It reads more than a little breathless, with some strange combinations of perspective, but this is an adventure first and foremost. I had a hell of a time with it.
  • Monty desai
    Only Michael Crichton can write a wonderful, suspenseful, adventurous in most simple and lucid way..This is an amazing story by late Michael Crichton...His family members found copy of this book and published it...This book polishes the memory of his past historical fiction books like EATER OF THE DEAD, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, JURASSIC PARK AND CONGO...AS A HUGE MICHAEL CRICHTON FAN..I WOULD HOPE HIS FAMILY WOULD FIND ANOTHER COPY OF HIS ANOTHER...