Invisible Emmie by Terri Libenson

Invisible Emmie

Debut graphic novel that tells the story of two totally different girls—quiet, shy, artistic Emmiepopular, outgoing, athletic Katie—and how their lives unexpectedly intersect one day, when an embarrassing note falls into the wrong hands.

Details Invisible Emmie

TitleInvisible Emmie
Release DateMay 2nd, 2017
PublisherBalzer + Bray
Number of pages192 pages
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels Comics, Contemporary

Reviews Invisible Emmie

  • Ashlee Null
    2.5-3I was struggling with the popular character because she was so flat and then the twist ending made me feel eh about her all together. I liked the idea but not sure about the execution. I need to sit on this for a bit. May edit the review later.
  • Davianna
    Didn't see the end coming but I've never been able to lol. I feel like this book is more accurate to us shy folks and maybe those of us with a little (a lot) bit of social anxiety. I remember elementary school (before homeschool) was a hard time for me and I'd read to avoid talking to people, of course all the teachers loved me because I was quiet too. I wish I had this book when I was in school, I finished this in public of all places and nearly...
  • Dreaday
    I really liked this one quite a bit-- possibly because I am quiet, shy, awkward, and like to read, much like the main character. She's easy to identify with, and her parents' hilarious antics, their quirks mentioned in brief asides, seem like sweet, lovable characters. But that aside, the illustrations are great (especially the unnecessary labeling of things happening in the background), the jokes land (even/especially the callbacks), and the twi...
  • Sarah
    Quiet students rejoice, this one's for you! At first, the two stories at the same time seemed odd, but I liked how they came together at the end. This is a good choice for older students who haven't developed reading stamina for long novels, because there is a good mix of text and graphics.
  • Scott Robins
    A solid addition to the growing catalogue of graphic novel and graphic novel hybrids. The plot is a bit familiar but the details about Emmie and her family are quirky and a lot of fun. The twist ending, which came as a surprise to me was what bumped this up to a 4-star book. Another great book to give kids waiting for new Raina Telgemeier books.
  • Ms. Yingling
    Emmie is not comfortable in middle school-- she has curly hair, is a late bloomer, and is artistic. She tries to stay under everyone's radar. In alternating chapters, we also meet Kate, who is fabulous, has everyone as a friend, and is everything Emmie is not. Emmie does have one friend, Brianna, but even that relationship is rocky. Her parents are busy, school makes her anxious, and the boy on whom she has a crush, Tyler, asks out Kate! Just whe...
  • Mehsi
    I was really looking forward to this book, and I was so happy when my pre-order got delivered yesterday!Thankfully, I have a mostly free day today, so I could read it. It was really good, but it was also confusing. I had a suspicion about Katie, but after a while I wasn't sure if my suspicion was right. I was definitely interested in this girl, and I was hoping for her to become friends with Emmie. (view spoiler)[And then it turns out she was jus...
  • Brittany
    I didn't identify with this as much as I would have liked, but only because I am definitely not shy and quiet and our main character is very much an introvert. For those kids that DO see themselves in Emmie, I think they will rejoice to finally have a book that validates their daily lives. The hybrid-graphic-novel format gave the book a little extra quirk and the twist at the end was a much-needed surprise. This will be an easy recommendation for...
  • Corrie
    My students will love this one, mainly because of the format. It would be a good mentor text writing example to show how format and voice can help a character come to life (at least for Emmie). It reminded me a bit of Sherman Alexie's Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, but for a younger audience. Katie's character felt forced, flat and in-your-face compared to Emmie's. The ending explains why, but I think it would be a stronger read wit...
  • Steph
    This just didn't do it for me. I didn't like the layout that the shy character was written in, and I didn't like the bossy character herself. I did like the alternating points of view, but overall just didn't really enjoy this one the way that I enjoy books in its same genre (Smile/Sisters, Popularity Papers, etc.)
  • Molly
    I liked this graphic novel, because it didn't just focus on one person, it focused on two. At first the two characters lives were separate, but than because of a note they combined. Emmie and Katie were completely different, and then at the end, their lives completely switched!
  • Karen Arendt
    I enjoyed how the text format varied from graphic novel when Katie narrated to straight text with doodles when Emmie narrated. The juxtaposition of places was fun to see unfold. The emotions were honest and believable.
  • Julie
    Adorable story, relatable characters, and absolutely heartwarming. The illustrations really brought the story to life, and the twist at the end was an extremely pleasant surprise! Great middle grade read for all ages!!
  • Mrs. Porter
    For those who felt marginalized in middle school - meet Emmie. Interesting sub-text about those who are popular.
  • Janet
    Great middle school (or even younger or older) graphic novel about fitting in, shyness, and feeling alone in school.
  • Josh Newhouse
    I called the twist but more important I really liked it. It's a quick read and I may have to read it again to see if it works... but it's a definite buy for school!
  • Tina Christopher
    very cute, loved the two different art styles and the way the story was told, the end came a little out of the left field and diminished the overall enjoyment slightly, but overall a strong read for fans of Raina Telegemeier
  • Cecelia
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. At 24 years old, I may be slightly embarrassed to say there was a part in this book where I almost cried, solely because Emmie reminds me so much of myself (both now and at 13). This was the book I needed to read in 6th grade at the start of middle school. I loved Emmie's snippy commentary, the close-to-home details in the illustrations, and the cast of characters. I was a little put-off by Katie's "too perfect" cha...
  • Kathleen
    I received a free review copy of this book.I was expecting a Wimpy Kid feel, but this had a much gentler vibe! Some chapters are entirely comics, and the rest are illustrated every few lines. The story felt real, upsetting and funny in turns, with an unexpected twist. Surprisingly delightful. I loved it!This book lived up to its promise ALMOST completely - I did laugh, and cry, but I DIDN'T get hit with a volleyball! Looking forward to more title...