Death in Advertising (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #1) by Laura Bradford

Death in Advertising (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #1)

When Tobi Tobias decided to open her own ad agency, having to moonlight in a pet shop wasn’t part of her vision . . . of course, neither was murder.   Sometimes when opportunity knocks, the door you open leads to a closet. That’s certainly the case for Tobi, whose weekends spent cleaning cages in her best friend’s pet shop may soon be over. She’s just landed her first big break—Zander Closet Company needs a catchy campaign slogan ASAP,...

Details Death in Advertising (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #1)

TitleDeath in Advertising (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #1)
Release DateFeb 7th, 2017
PublisherLyrical Underground
Number of pages206 pages
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Death in Advertising (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #1)

  • Lisa Kelley
    A new series by author Laura Bradford! Seven. Best. Words. Ever!I started reading DEATH IN ADVERTISING with an excited expectation. I was looking for what I have seen in every book I’ve read by Laura Bradford, clever mystery, likable characters I can connect with, and a story that would make me hate reading the last word of the last page. Well, Ms. Bradford delivered all of the aforementioned, and much, much more!My first bit of happiness with ...
  • Kim Davis
    It’s always an exciting moment when I find out that a brand new series is releasing from an author I already admire! Such is the case with DEATH IN ADVERTISING, the Tobi Tobias Mystery series by Laura Bradford. The tongue in cheek humor pulled me in from the very first page while the antics of the quirky characters had me chuckling, anxious to see what they were going to do next. I was in awe of the creativity the author exhibited in portraying...
  • Dawn Frazier
    Fantastic book! Everything about it is great, it is one of the best books I have read so far this year, and I cannot wait until the next one!
    Dollycas’s ThoughtsIt is always exciting to start a new series. This one introduces us to Tobi Tobias, an ad executive just starting her own firm. She also works part time at a pet store to help pay the bills until she gets more clients. She never intended to steal clients from her old firm, but when they come to her she is not going to turn them away. Zander Closet Company is in a pickle, they need a catchy slogan A.S.A.P. and she delivers a f...
  • Mark Baker
    Tobi Tobias is trying to make a go of owning her own advertising agency, but the lack of clients is making it very hard. Things are so hard, she’s working in a friend’s pet store to earn some money. Things appear to be turning around when she is hired to do a campaign for the Zander Closet Company. But her winning slogan turns into a nightmare when a dead body is found in one of their closets. Can Tobi find the killer in order to save her bus...
  • Karen
    What a treat to read Laura Bradford's new first in series, February 7th's release called Death in Advertising. Laura is a wonderful author, and this is a great series idea. I loved the quirky main character Tobi Tobias. She is a coco puff cereal loving, Mcdonald's eating, slightly down on her luck completely relate able character. Creative, kind, and learning to make her way on her own in business. She is not only relate-able she is inspiring. Gr...
  • Betty
    A new author for me and I found a chic - light book with a tinge of mystery. I am not a fan of the first person format. At times I almost didn't finish. The addition of the African gray parrots is a nice addition and very well done. I felt Tobi Tobias was self-center and not very likable. The quirky characters did not work for me. There were very few clues given for the mystery making the end hard to understand. Tobi has struck out on her own as ...
  • Barbara Tobey
    This book appealed to me for several reasons. I worked for many years at an advertising agency. I have an African Grey Parrot and there are two in this story. There is a little romance, some interesting characters and a murder mystery. I am so happy to see this is the first in a series. I look forward to reading more of Tobi's adventures. Great name, too! The publisher provided a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review.
  • Fred
    Death In Advertising is the first book in the Tobi Tobias Mystery series. Another delightful series from Laura Bradford.Tobi Tobias, having had enough of being overworked and underpaid and not really appreciated at Beckler and Stanley Ad Agency has formed her own agency. She is about to give up on her venture when Andrew and Gary Zander. They own Zander Closet Company, a manufacturer of closet organization systems. They are visiting Tobia’s as ...
  • Debbie
    Ms. Bradford has done it again with her new Tobi Tobias series. I loved it, Tobi is not Ms. Bradford's usual character, she is quirky, snorts, a klutz at times and loves Cocoa Puffs, she is outright fun and lovable, someone I could sit and have some laughs with. The secondary characters are just as fun, with Joanna who seems to read her mind, Carter who is always happy, Mary Fran strong likable and raising her teenage son who I loved, not your us...
  • Kelly
    **I voluntarily reviewed this ARC**Oh my gosh I loved this book! Tobi is awesome, her friends are hilariously quirky, and I never thought I'd laugh that much at a parrot (snort, snort). The mystery was great, too, although the ending did feel a little anticlimactic. I can't wait until the next book comes out!
  • Karen
    I really enjoyed this first in a new series! Interesting characters and a whodunit that was well written and kept me guessing. I look forward to reading the next in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Juli
    Tobi Tobias is worried. Her fledgling ad agency is not doing well, the bills are piling up and she's just received a 14-day notice to pay her overdue rent or be evicted from her apartment. Just when things look darkest, a new client comes to her office. Zander Closet Company needs a new ad campaign and a great slogan to make their company stand out from the competition. Tobi comes up with a great idea, but just as the campaign gets off the ground...
  • Jenna
    Setting: Metropolitan St. LouisCharactersTobi Tobias: Sharp, savvy, and sometimes sarcastic narrator. Tobi is an advertising executive whose business has been strugglingAndrew and Gary Zander: Brothers and business owners. Clients of TobiMary Fran: Tobi's neighbor, friend, and owner of the pet shop where Tobi works on weekends. Mother of Sam.Plot: Things are looking bleak for Tobi and her business. Out of the blue, a new client walks in and Tobi ...
  • Brenda
    Death in Advertising is the first installment in the Tobi Tobias Mystery series featuring Tobi Tobias owner of the Tobias Ad Agency and part time pet shop worker. Tobi has left her job at Beckler and Stanley Ad Agency and is branching out with her own business, but with few clients and mounting bills she subsidizes her income by working part time at the To Know Them Is To Love Them pet store.When brothers Andrew and Gary Zander come to Tobi for h...
  • Lisa Morin
    I voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided to me by the publisher and NetGalley.I absolutely loved this first in a new series by Laura Bradford.Tobi Tobias is a cleverly written character who is likable right from the beginning.Deciding to venture out and open her own ad agency is a risky decision for Tobi. Having her own business is wonderful, but she still needs to work at the pet shop. She is thrilled to get her first client, Zander Close...
  • Patty Allen
    Death in Advertising by Laura Bradford is the first book in the Tobi Tobias mystery series, and an excellent start. I can not wait for the next book to come out. Tobi is trying to save her advertising business when she lands a client, and things are looking up. Until a dead body shows up. I found this book to be a quick read, with a well developed plot and characters. There are a lot of twists and turns that kept me reading. There is a wonderful ...
  • Jeanie
    While the advertising business can be cutthroat, I never thought that it can be murder…literally. The first novel in Laura Bradford’s “A Tobi Tobias Mystery” series, ‘Death in Advertising’ is a fabulous, delightful, and intriguing first-in-series for cozy mystery lovers who enjoy servings of a lovable protagonist, humor, pets, and romance.Tobi Tobias has her own advertising agency, but she had hoped for at least a couple accounts to m...
  • Nicole
    Death in Advertising is the 1st book in the Tobi Tobias mystery series by Laura Bradford. If you have enjoyed her previous series then you won't be disappointed by this one!Tobi is down on her luck in the world of advertising. She just need one big account to get her name out there. When the Zander brothers ask her to help advertise their business, Tobi thinks she's struck gold! Little does she know there are others out there want to leave her ad...
  • Sunshine
    The very beginning of this novel threw me for a tiny loop. It opened with a conversation between Tobi and her assistant/receptionist JoAnn. The way they were speaking in the initial set-up I thought maybe Tobi was a magician or an advertiser for a magician. Then I realized it was simply playful banner. Feeling a bit foolish, I read on to learn that Tobi is a jingle and marketing person who comes up with advertising least she is try...
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    I really enjoy Laura Bradford’s brand of humor, mystery, characters, and romance – and this first book in her newest series is a great example of all four.Tobi Tobias is a witty, relatable heroine who endears you from the first faces she makes at herself in the mirror to the copious bowls of Cocoa Puffs she consumes over the course of the novel to her enthusiasm for Bruce Springsteen’s music. However, she can’t win for trying, it seems ...
  • Leith Devine
    My thanks to NetGalley for providing an advance manuscript of this book. I enjoyed Death in Advertising. It's the first book in a new series about Toby Tobias, who is the owner of a new advertising agency. She's struggling to make ends meet and is competing with her former agency, She finally gets a new client and comes up with a witty slogan for the Zander closet company that she hopes will bring in even more new clients, until a murder takes pl...
  • RO G'ma
    Death in Advertising is the debut book in Laura Bradford’s Tobi Tobias Mystery series. This is a fast-paced whodunit with a great storyline, well-developed and engaging characters, lots of humor, and a touch of romance. This is a fast paced story that held my attention the through the entire book and kept me guessing whodunit until the final reveal. This is the first book I’ve read written by Ms. Bradford and I love her witty writing style an...
  • Susan
    Fun new seriesTobi Tobias comes up with a great slogan for her one and only ad agency client. Only to have her clients customer found dead In order to get her reputation back Tobi takes it upon herself to find the murderer. She's smart fun and caring and the plot kept me guessing. Linking forward to the next book in this series
  • Cathy Cole
    Laura Bradford's new series set in St. Louis comes out of the gate strong. Animal lovers are going to enjoy the pet shop angle, and lovers of wit and words are going to enjoy the ad slogans Tobi comes up with. Fans of good mysteries are going to be tickled pink, too. The mystery in Death in Advertising is a good one-- I didn't have it figured out, but once the killer was revealed, I could see the trail of breadcrumbs that had been left for everyo...
  • Tina
    Death in AdvertisingBy Laura BradfordTobi Tobias is a perky funny young lady who is trying to make it on her own in the advertising world after having enough of bosses who were too big for their pants. She is just waiting on that one big break that will get her what she needs…to pay her bills and her one employee! In walks Andrew Zander of Zander Closet Company. They need a slogan, a good one that can catch the eyes of hundreds of people. She c...
  • Peggy R
    It is always exciting to see when one of your favorite authors has a new series debuting and Laura Bradford is no exception. Death in Advertising is a great start to what I think will be a fun new series for this author. It is filled with great characters, a good solid mystery, witty dialogue and everything you have come to expect from Laura Bradford. She really delivered with this first book in the Tobi Tobias Mystery Series. Tobi, the protagoni...
  • Jeanie Jackson
    I loved Death in Advertising! Outstanding and warm characters highlighted this wonderful cozy mystery. From the first laughs to the final sigh, Laura Bradford had me in the palm of her hand. I felt for Tobi’s struggles and cheered for her triumphs and wanted to hug her, her friends and her grandfather throughout the books. While there was one clue that I wanted badly for her to catch, I think the circumstances made it perfectly reasonable for h...
  • Erika
    Advertising - a unique profession for an amateur sleuth! Tobi runs her own ad agency, but also works part time in a pet shop to make ends meet. When she finally lands a client and comes up with a perfect slogan, a murder threatens the reputation of both her new client and her agency. Determined to save face, Tobi starts poking around, figuring that if she can figure out who the killer is, she'll throw attention away from herself and her client, Z...
  • Ann
    What a fun new cozy series. Tobi Tobias quit her job and opened her own advertising agency. She works part time at a pet store to help pay the bills. The Zander brothers own a closet, shelving company and are on the verge of losing their business. When she comes up with a great advertising campaign for them it's marred by finding a dead body in their closet. If she can't help find the killer quickly they will all be unemployed. A great first book...