Snotgirl, Vol. 1 by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Snotgirl, Vol. 1

Who is Lottie Person?Is she a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a perfect life or a gross, allergy-ridden mess? Enter a world of snot, blood, and tears in this first collection from New York Times Best Seller Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Seconds) and dazzling newcomer Leslie Hung!Collecting: Snotgirl 1-5

Details Snotgirl, Vol. 1

TitleSnotgirl, Vol. 1
Release DateFeb 21st, 2017
PublisherImage Comics
Number of pages144 pages
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Snotgirl, Vol. 1

  • HFK
    I read the first volume of Snotgirl as single issues, the extra material may vary from the full volume that collects the issues 1 to 5.Snotgirl is my biggest disappointment so far in 2017, a comic that I have been drooling over to read since all the five first issues were published last year. I was so looking forward to colorful, fun girly-time, but got something entirely different.I really do adore the colorful, manga-like art that is spread all...
  • Donovan
    That was not fun. You know those movies about really douchey vapid teenagers? I could be wrong, but I think O'Malley is trying to satirize those and to no avail, because it isn't funny, it's just douchey and vapid. Los Angeles. Text speak. Fashion blogging. Cliques. This comic is going to be terribly dated in about five years. And seriously, if allergies are the worst thing Snotgirl has to worry about, that's about the least interesting character...
  • Sam Quixote
    Lottie Person is a twentysomething LA fashion blogger who looks beautiful and perfectly put-together on the surface but in secret her allergies turn her into a snotty mess. When she meets a new friend, something terrible happens on their night out sending Lottie into a mental and emotional spiral! I really love Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comics so it’s disappointing that his first Image book is pants. Boy howdy does this series need a story! Bare...
  • Stacy Fetters
    This doesn't seem like the typical things you get from O'Malley. We have all read and fell in love with Scott Pilgrim. We expect a certain level of awesomeness from him. Reading this synopsis of SnotGirl, you get the feeling that maybe he's changing his game up a bit. And then the shocking twist hits you. Hottie Snottie Lottie is a fashion blogger with a real allergy problem. When she's outside, fresh air, pet dander, flowers, her nose runs like ...
  • Chihoe Ho
    Lottie Person has a secret. Well, she has plenty of secrets. But her biggest one is that she's a snottie behind the glamourous social persona she puts on. "Snotgirl" is superficial, facetious, one-dimensional, and honestly unfocused and unlikeable - adjectives with negative connotations but used in the best possible way.If you give it enough time, it will actually stick to you like the pesky booger you were trying to pick at but eventually can't ...
  • Cat (cat-thecatlady)
    this was strange, but I liked it. it's a bit all over the place, and it tries to do a lot of things all at the same time but it's still interesting to read. o'malley's unlikable characters and hung's art made it for me.full review here:
  • Anthony
    Scott Pilgrim is one of my favourites and I liked Seconds, so I gave Bryan Lee O'Malleys new ongoing from Image a shot. He's not on art (already a slight disappointment) though, but that doesn't stop him from making lots of references to popular culture.Snotgirl is about a fashion blogger who has really bad allergies. The good thing about this book is that it's plot is easier to summize compared to some other Image books. The main problem that I ...
  • Joey Comeau
    This is a difficult book to describe. The main character is a likeable unlikable fashion blogger whose allergies drive her to a new medicine that really messes with her head, and which turns a sharp attractive culture book into a messy unreliably narrated murder mystery?Strange and compelling! This book is gorgeous and very weird. I enjoyed it.
  • Brendan Nicholls
    Great finale and a massive cliffhanger for the next volume. I quite liked the characters and the overall arc but the comic was never consistent with quality. The tone was all over the place and support characters are strictly that, support only. When the lead character is this unlikable you need someone to have some redeeming qualities.
  • Merritt K
    Visually it's amazing -- beautiful character designs, outfits, and settings. And it's a pretty charming narrative too, about glamor, superficiality, and fame -- with signature O'Malley supernatural workings in the mix. Really interested to see how it plays out!
  • Nikki
    3.5 starsDON'T judge a comic book by its cover. I had a hard time rating Snotgirl, wavering between 3.5 and 4 stars. I reeeeeeally liked it. I did. It's more than meets the eye with its kooky, irreverant humour and subtle darkness. And what I really appreciated was how it's basically Shakespeare's AS YOU LIKE IT in an updated form. But I know this isn't a comic for everyone. Behind the social media- and fashionista-fueled lampooning, there isn't ...
  • Julie
    Eh. I expected more. It was kind of boring for the most part. Lottie was rude and her allergies are weird and not fully explained. Everything was super confusing. I'm assuming there's some sort of mystery that has to do with Lottie's meds, but I'm not entirely sure. Overall super confusing, but I liked the art style. I'll pick up the next volume cause I want to see where it's going to go from the cliffhanger it ended on. Hopefully it'll get bette...
  • Mehsi
    I am sorry, but what? I have been meaning to read this comic for some time, and finally all 5 issues are out. But now after reading I wish I hadn't. It is not the art, the art is just perfection, I really love the style, how the characters are drawn, how everything is drawn. It is so vibrant, fun, and it really pops out. I love how Snottie, um, Lottie is drawn. I definitely am happy to see so many different body types presented. Not only super th...
  • Austin Gullett
    I read the first issue in singles, but I waited for the trade to read the rest. So, this is a project that Bryan Lee O'Malley of Scott Pilgrim fame is writing, so I was sort of expecting the same sort of cutesy, absurb, endearing stuff. This appears to be the same for Snotgirl up until the last few pages of the first issue, when it becomes apparent that this will actually develop into a psychological thriller. Like, by the end of the last issue i...
  • Laura D
    Nice artwork and character designs. The pacing could have been a lot better, I had no idea how much time had passed between events. None of the characters are likeable so far. Overall, it had enough to make me want to read the next volume.
  • Cecilia
    There are several things I liked with Snotgirl. The artwork (that are really colorful and kind of clean-messy-manga like), the concept (with an fashion blogger with green hair (love that hair!)) and how the main character is mean. What confused me what the storyline, because it jumped back and forth a lot. One page Lottie (the maincharacter) is normal, hanging with friends, and on the next she sees a girl lying "dead" bleeding on a bathroom floor...
  • Jenni
    the art/coloring in this are both mesmerizing and excellent, and perhaps compensatory for the fact that Lottie is unlikable as well as unreliable, marked by dialed up vapidity and anxiety. I like to give at least a second volume a chance before I write a series off so Snotgirl has a shot at redemption for me based on the aesthetic quality alone.
  • Rachel L
    This was a very unexpected treat. I saw this book at work, however wasn't planning to read it until I saw it at the library. While hesitant to pick up a graphic novel about a girl with a peculiar allergy problem, I am glad that I did.Snotgirl is set in LA and stars fashion blogger, Lottie Person. Amongst a colourful and humorous cast of characters, the story turns dark when one of her friends mysteriously dies and reappears. If you are looking fo...
  • Sarah
    That... kind of sucked. It was all over the place plot-wise, the characters had no depth (yes, I understand it was supposed to be a satire but it was poorly done), and it quite confusing at times because of how often it jumped back and forth. I really expected more from this - especially from Bryan Lee O'Malley. The art was amazing, though (the saving grace).
  • Melike
    açıkçası pek beğenmedim çünkü kurguyu anlamadım??havada kalan karakterler vardı. çizimler çok güzeldi tho
  • Rowan Bradley
    I honestly dont know what just happened in this
  • Katie
  • Meg
    4.5I loved this. It was so cute and gorgeous. It was also super confusing because Lottie is an unreliable narrator so i'm DYING to find out what's really happening.
  • alex
    I'M ALREADY SO INCREDIBLY INTO THIS COMIC AND IT APPEALS TO ME IN A WAY I CAN'T BELIEVEleslie hung is a huge inspiration for me artistically and this whole comic was unsurprisingly beautiful. the fashion was amazing. like seriously, i want all of lottie's clothes. the writing was really great too, it was funny and interesting and while i can see this not appealing to certain people it was so ME. i love lottie. she's such an interesting character ...
  • Alex
    I feel like it's good start and I'm interested to see where this goes. It is a little confusing after about Issue 2, but It starts to make sense towards the end of the volume.I will be continuing on and hoping that the story develops a bit more in the later issues
  • David Schwan
    I saw this reviewed somewhere (might have been boingboing). Fun read. The primary character is a 27 year old fashion blogger who has given nicknames to all her friends. One former intern of hers gives her the nickname snotgirl because of her allergies. Hovering in the background is the handsome policy detective. This volume introduces the characters. I assume the story going forward has some legs.
  • Jenefer R
    Bring on Volume 2 because that ending left me hanging!
  • Chad Harmon
    The main character is a vapid fashion blogger who hates her friends. And there's a lot to hate there. Everyone in this book is completely unlikable. There's very little plot here. Just Snotgirl going to parties and buying coffee. Leslie Hung's art was the only bright spot.Received an advance copy from Image and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.
  • Alexis U
    I love Bryan Lee OMalley's sense of humor and Leslie Hung's art is absolutely beautiful. This series gets more interesting and strange with every issue. Lottie is such a weird, shallow, clueless, but still relatable character (kind of like a more chic lady Scott Pilgrim). I can't wait for this summer so I can read more of this.