Girl Logic by Iliza Shlesinger

Girl Logic

From breakout stand-up comedian Iliza Shlesinger comes a subversively funny collection of essays and observations on a confident woman's approach to friendship, singlehood, and relationships."Girl Logic" is Iliza's term for the way women obsess over details and situations that men don't necessarily even notice. She describes is as a characteristically female way of thinking that appears to be contradictory and circuitous but is actually a complic...

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TitleGirl Logic
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherHachette Books
GenreNonfiction, Humor, Audiobook, Biography

Reviews Girl Logic

  • fortuna.spinning
    There are so many things I didn’t like about this starting with the title and cover. I’d pick it apart, but I don’t want to waste my time. If this had been a straight up memoir, it would’ve been so much better.
  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    I received a copy of Girl Logic from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I’m no stranger to Iliza Shlesinger and have enjoyed her brand of humor in the past. When I saw Girl Logic, complete with an introduction by Mayim Bialik, on Netgalley I was excited to read it. Girl Logic is amusing and entertaining. Shlesinger writes about understanding and embracing everything there is about being a woman, even the contradictions. Sometimes, her t...
  • Igrowastreesgrow
    A wonderful book with a lot of life lessons, wisdom, and hilarity. Would recommend 1000%.
  • 🦊 Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk
    “The truth is that women are supposed to be everything to everyone. And guess what? That’s impossible. We’re expected to be continually kind to our fellow women, caring toward children, respectful of the elderly, supportive of our coworkers-while simultaneously making every dude around us super horny. Oh and we should always stand up for ourselves, while also being likable.” This book is about empowering women, being confident and believi...
  • Nicole
    I really wanted to love this look. I mean, I bought four copies of it and distributed it to family/friends for Christmas as I was convinced I would love it. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I found that it rambles on quite a lot about things that don’t really matter in life (how to text people who you don’t think like you Etc). Again, I wish I loved it as I adore Iliza as a stand upComedian. Ah well, each to their own. Hopefully I am a one off. I a...
  • Alison
    This is not the super funny memoir of how she got started like most comedians do. This is more like her take on why women think through all the options before getting dressed and how that can help us (and sometimes hurt us). There are some funny stories from her real life and some background on how she got to where she is now. She comes across as very smart and savvy and like she is trying to help us understand the truth of how the world works an...
  • Bess McCulloch
    100% honesty - I downloaded this on Audible, which is usually where I buy books that I want to read, but don't want to physically own, books that I'm embarrassed I want to read, or books that I know I might hate but don't want to pay full price to find out.But I wish I had a hard, physical copy of this forever because DAMN is it inspiring. Everything she put into "Confirmed Kills" that threw even her most adoring fans a little off, was poured int...
  • Holly
    I loved this book! Not a page went by where I didn't laugh! I am still laughing over the section "When and How to Dump a Man via Text." I'm totally going to use the fried shrimp tactic. I recommend this book for any woman who needs a kick in her self esteem and any woman stuck out in the dating world. It could also be beneficial to some of you guys out there who might need a hand understanding us females. Iliza's confidence is infectious. Great r...
  • Brandy
    This is for ladies in their 20s or maybe 30s. It's a lot about dating. It's not laugh out loud funny, but has a few funny parts. The audio was good as she's a comedian and can perform it well. This isn't life changing - it's part memoir, part observation, and it reminds me a bit of Bossy Pants. I think I would have enjoyed this more if I were in the target age group and related to what the bulk of the book was about. But, alas, I'm in my 40s, hap...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    I oscillated between “omg! I’m not the only one who thinks that/does that” and “holy crap, this is THE BEST feminism book” and “omg this is offensive”
  • Abu Hayat Khan
    finally, I realized why a man finds it so difficult to understand women. nothing can explain it better than these lines (from the book):------------“GL can go a little haywire when forced to reconcile the sheer volume of expectations society places on women. See, being a woman is hard…The truth is that women are supposed to be everything to everyone. And guess what?That’s impossible.We’re expected to be continually kind to our fellow wome...
  • Ran
    I've occasioned upon Iliza Schlesinger's Netflix specials every now and then. I've found that her humor doesn't always jive with mine but I still finish the specials and in this case, the book. I appreciate her recent turn towards feminism (even if much of it is sweeping generalizations - to be fair, lots of humor is generalizations). I think it is important to experience other people's lives through their work, even if you do not necessarily con...
  • Laura
    I loved the sound of Shlesinger's part memoir, part humorous take on life. With a funny collection of essays and observations on women's approach to many aspects of life, I thought this would be a light-hearted read that I could nod along to. 'Girl Logic' refers to the logic that us women have, where we obsess over tiny details in every situation, mostly about things that men might not necessarily notice. Now I can look over the fact that Shlesin...
  • Ray Campbell
    The quick version is that this is a very funny book - read it. The long version: Shlesinger starts out by establishing a cliche self help paradigm and then goes off. This isn't her stand-up routine in book format. It is truly a series of essays around how women help and sometimes hurt themselves with their inner girl and her uniquely female logic. As the book goes on, Shlesinger increasingly illustrates her points with autobiographical sketches a...
  • Samantha
    Iliza Shlesinger pretty much nails "Girl Logic", a term she uses to explain the complicated way a woman's mind works. I enjoyed her use of real-life examples throughout the book to make the story down-to-earth and relatable. The writing itself isn't particularly well-organized and at times reads like a maundering and chaotic trip through a woman's brain - though possibly this was an intentional demonstration of the underlying concept. Overall, fu...
  • Sarah
    Enjoyed this one. I wasn't familiar with Iliza before listening to her book, heard the interview on "It's been a minute" with Sam Sanders and liked what I heard, so picked up the audiobook. Overall, really connected with most of her message. I love the message that GL is a tool and powerful - and one that all women should use. I did have a hard time with her chapter focused on dating. To me, I didn't like that a lot of this chapter seemed to put ...
  • Mehrsa
    She's funny and the book is good. I'm probably not the ideal audience for this (i.e. way too old), but I love reading books by awesome female comics and this is among the better ones. It's not really about girl logic, but a memoir, which is fine with me. I especially found it interesting at the end where she talks about some of the specific difficulties of being a woman in comedy. It was a fun, easy, light read
  • Aims
    A bit more “light-hearted” than I would have expected (I think I’ve been ruined by the awesomeness of Amy Schumer’s “Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo”), but still a hysterical, almost-self help read about the perils of what it’s like to be a woman with the ever-present girl logic. Definitely relatable, and if you’re a woman and you can’t find yourself somewhere within the pages of this book, you’re obviously living in denial.
  • Maria
    Oh my gosh!!!! This book is so so so well written. It’s open, funny, and vulnerable all at once and it’s like having a friend give you a pep talk about the reality of what life is like and how to make it through this crazy world. I seriously read this book in like a day - I couldn’t put it down
  • Vilma Jorge
    Fun as hell, easy to read and hilarious observations on women and our way of processing life, even though I don’t agree with everything Iliza says in this book I truly believe that her insight is on point and that us, as woman, need to learn how to make our thought process work in our favor instead of against us.
  • Min
    I love Iliza as a stand-up comic, but would not re-read this.
  • Khadidja Megaache
    I couldn't relate to some topics but still found Girl Logic a very insightful, enjoyable book. I highly recommend it.
  • Sahiba
    This book is so damn awesome! I will probably read it again before the year is out
  • Jessie Hausmann
    I like the message of this book more than I enjoyed actually reading it. It gets a bit repetitive in the middle, but her last few chapters really hit it out of the park.
  • Alicia Perez
    Hilarious and educational! Iliza talked about things I thought that I only related to, but she proved me wrong!
  • Maggie Rixey
    Quick read, very funny! loved the way she talked about her 30s.
  • Rya Marrelli
    I bought the physical book of this, but when Iliza posted that she narrated her own audiobook, I KNEW I needed to listen to it on audio!5/5 this made me laugh out loud, made me feel things, and made me feel so much less alone. All my lady friends, if you ever feel crazy, read or listen to this!!
  • Nick ⍣
    I’m advocating for half stars cause this was like a 2.5 because it was okay and made me laugh but I wouldn’t say I loved it or would I really recommend it I guess.
  • Jennifer
    I was expecting this to be funnier to be honest. It was a more down to earth, serious look at the comedian than I anticipated. I suppose it would have helped to read the flap before buying it, but I saw Iliza's name and bought it without a thought. Since the book wasn't quite what I was expecting, I kept putting it down and going for other titles that intrigued me more, so it took longer to finish than it would have if I were as engrossed as I ha...
  • Dora Okeyo
    This book sounds like the perfect girls night out! You have the weird friend, the hot one who gets attention, the voice of reason, the cray cray one and finally the one who let's it all out. The one who you always love but a tiny bone in you knows that if you are playing russian roulette you'd never call her because the girl speaks truth!Borrowed blurb: "Girl Logic" is Iliza's term for the way women obsess over details and situations that men don...