Ogre Enchanted (Ella Enchanted, #0.5) by Gail Carson Levine

Ogre Enchanted (Ella Enchanted, #0.5)

In this prequel to Ella Enchanted, which can stand on its own, young healer Evie is transformed into an ogre by the meddling fairy Lucinda. She’ll turn back only if someone proposes and she accepts!Returning to the land and many of the characters from her beloved Newbery Honor–winning Ella Enchanted, Gail Carson Levine has written a delightful tale about a clever and endearing heroine who is determined to defy expectations.Evie is happiest wh...

Details Ogre Enchanted (Ella Enchanted, #0.5)

TitleOgre Enchanted (Ella Enchanted, #0.5)
Release DateOct 16th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fairy Tales, Young Adult, Retellings, Fairy Tale Retellings, Fiction, Romance, Juvenile

Reviews Ogre Enchanted (Ella Enchanted, #0.5)

  • Zazu
    This one is hard to judge because I am so attached to Ella Enchanted that I kept constantly comparing it and trying to figure out who Evie was in relation to Ella. Which may be slightly unfair, but then again, there's no way GCL didn't think that's what we were all going to do! We grew up with Ella! We love her! (And if anyone dares mention the movie, I will gut you faster than an ogre.)We DO get some more backstory on Ella's fam, but, without sp...
  • Clephiro (The Book Coven)
    Evie is a healer. She and her best friend Wormy live in Jenn. They are happy there until the day that Wormy proposes to Evie. Evie, having not thought much of marriage yet, turns him down. Unfortunately, Lucinda, the most irresponsible fairy godmother ever, was watching. Lucinda turns Evie into an ogre with just two months to find someone to marry her in order for her to be changed back. Evie sets out on a quest to see about finding someone to lo...
  • Jen
    This was a tough read. I loved Ella Enchanted, and loved the world that Gail Carson Levine has created, but this one had some problematic messages, that I felt would deter me from handing to a child. This book felt older than the 8-12 age range as well, as it is about a teen being forced to marry, or else remain an ogre forever (she rejected a proposal and is being punished by the fairy, Lucinda). The main character goes through the book thinking...
  • Elley Murray
    First of all, HOW IS THERE NOT MORE HYPE OUT THERE ABOUT THIS?! Gail Carson Levine does it again. This is another amazing installment in the world of Ella Enchanted, Fairest, and Ever. Lucinda is at it again with her "gifts," and they're just as terrible as ever. This book takes place before the events of Ella Enchanted, and you might even recognize some of the characters (like Ella's mother and fairy godmother!) This is such a fun fantasy with s...
  • Stephanie Neuerburg
    This companion novel to 1997's classic ELLA ENCHANTED is more a prequel than a sequel, but I'll try not to say much more than that in order not to give away any of the truly DELIGHTFUL tie-ins to the original novel. Evie is a charming, hardworking, sensible heroine with a huge heart - her adventure to break Lucinda's curse recalls Ella's, with its own originality. I love Levine's feminist takes on classic fairytales because she allows space for a...
  • Madison
    Ogre Enchanted is as enchanting and humorous as its predecessor Ella Enchanted, and will delight old fans and new readers alike. Ogre Enchanted is a modern-day fairytale, with a strong and independent lead character, and threads of friendship and romance. Simple and unique, this twist on a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast will delight (and possibly disgust) young readers.Evie, though only fifteen, is a gifted healer. Her passions are herbs...
  • McKenna
    I was not a fan of this particular book and skimmed the last half to finish. I think Levine struggled to capture the magic of Ella Enchanted in this new novel set in the same world, even with some of the same characters. However, in an effort to connect the two books, I feel like she muddied some of the characters backstories with unrealistic plot twists (and they are unrealistic and goofy even considering this is a magical land lol) just to name...
  • Kales
    This was a cute book -- I listened to it on a whim and I actually enjoyed it. I found myself wanting to get to the ending because I didn't know who she was going to pick. The more I think about it, the more I don't think I've actually read ELLA ENCHANTED. If I did, it was a long time ago and I remember literally nothing...pretty much nothing.That said, I went into this pretty blind which I am assuming most people didn't. So I was not an ELLA ENCH...
  • Meghan
    Levine's take on Beauty and the Beast. It is an adorable middle grade book that wraps into Ella Enchanted wonderfully. When I figured out the characters from Ella Enchanted, I actually gasped out loud. It definitely changes the perspective of the book, and I'm not sure how I feel about that? It's cute and a quick read. A great companion for Ella of Frell, though I do have some questions? There is a story line I'm not quite sure I understand why i...
  • Sami
    When a hapless (and familiar) fairy turns stubborn healer Evie into an ogre until she accepts a marriage proposal, Evie sets out on a quest to fix her condition. Ever the healer, she quickly meets an odd assortment of characters with various ailments, including a sly merchant named Sir Peter, a band of bloodthirsty ogres, and the future king of Kyrria. Evie will have to outsmart her own ogre nature and open her heart to new possibilities, especia...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusMy daughters were huge Levine fans, and it's hard to believe that Ella Enchanted came out in 1997, and the sequel, Fairest, in 2006. I just checked the circulation records for Fairest, and it has only been checked out twice in the 12 years I've had it, so I think I'll pass on this book, sadly.
  • Rae Mayo
    A perfect prequel to Ella Enchanted, and an amazing story about not judging by appearances (or smells!) and instead looking at actions. Loved seeing the back story for who Ella’s parents were and how they came together, and it’s always great to return to Kyrria.
  • Breanna
    Thank you to @kidlitexchange #partner for the opportunity to read and review Ogre Enchanted prior to its publication in October. I think that if you loved Ella Enchanted growing up (like I did) this is a really enjoyable read. I LOVED getting to learn more about Ella's parents and how they ended up like they did. However, it's also pretty problematic. The plot is about a fifteen year old who is proposed to by her childhood best friend. She reject...
  • Samantha Brody
    This is a hard one to judge, because I have such fond feelings for ELLA ENCHANTED? Overall, I think I was just more disappointed than happy with this story, if only because I felt that so many storylines were incomplete. The ogre/dragon plot line was dropped, I didn’t fully buy Evie’s ultimate love for Wormy (if only as they spent so little time together in novel?), and the ending felt slightly anticlimactic, as breaking off the engagement fe...
  • Lissa Hawley
    4.5 starsElla Enchanted is one of my favorite children's/mid grade books ever, so I was dying to read this prequel and was not disappointed.
  • Kelsey!
    Review based on an ARC from Edelweiss Plus.Obviously this one is going to be hard to review, given my love for Ella Enchanted-- but I tried to keep my thoughts objective and focus on this one as a standalone.Things I liked:- World building. We learn so much more about Kyrria and the different beings.- Side characters. Wormy! (Although it was admittedly a little hard for me to normalize a character called "Wormy" at first.)- Appearances from famil...
  • Amber Brown
    Such nostalgia! ELLA ENCHANTED was one of my favorite books as a kid, and it definitely kicked off my adoration of fractured fairy tales, so I was ecstatic to hear about OGRE ENCHANTED. When young healer Evie refuses her best friend's marriage proposal, that ever-foolish fairy Lucinda turns her into a hideous (and very hungry) ogre. She sets out to find someone who will propose again despite her...well, ogre-ish appearance. Along the way, she mee...
  • Lisa Dawn
    Long before the bumbling fairy godfather Mortimer bestowed troublesome magical gifts on his changes in the Entwined Tales series, Gail Carson Levine graced us with the incompetent fairy godmother Lucinda in her captivating "Cinderella" adaptation, Ella Enchanted. Today, she is writing as much as ever. Last week, she released a companion novel to Ella Enchanted called Ogre Enchanted, which explores some of Lucinda's previous magical follies. The s...
  • Juny
    This book kind of disappointed me because of my expectations. I mean it's set in Ella Enchanted's world so of course it was interesting and good but just didn't enthrall me like Ella Enchanted did :( But what book can?SPOILERSI fan girled out whenever they mentioned a character from Ella Enchanted. I really liked that Lady Elenor was in this and we kind of got to know her and sort of compare her to Ella. At the same time getting to know Sir Peter...
  • Katie Hamstead
    I was so excited to win this advanced reader! It will take pride of place next to my first edition Ella Enchanted on my bookshelf. Because it is an advanced reader, I wanted to get on it asap, so bumped it to the top of my TBR pile. Plus, Ella is so beloved and a book that has inspired me since I was twelve, I couldn't let it wait.All up, it was a fun and light read. I prefer books that way. It has the same tone and feel as Ella, which is great s...
  • Tara Tsai
    This book really brought me back. Ella Enchanted was (and will remain) one of my all-time favorite books. Gail Carson Levine wrote another great story set in the same wonderful world of Kyrria, this time with a focus on Ogres. Since this was one of the least explored creatures in her other Kyrria books, I found myself excited and interested to learn more about their magic and how they worked. One of my favorite things about this book was seeing s...
  • Rebecca Lyman
    I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. I read Ella Enchanted when I was younger and loved it, and I also loved the movie they made out of it starring Anne Hathaway. So this book appealed to my inner nostalgia and I really wanted to read it!There was a lot that I liked about this book - the story line was definitely different and pretty interesting. Evie as a character was a bit emotionally disconnected,...
  • Valerie
    This review is based on an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.I love Ella Enchanted. I love Gail Carson Levine’s entire bibliography. If you haven’t seen it, I’ve written an essay on the impact Ella Enchanted has made on my life. So when I got the chance to read Ogre Enchanted before it officially comes out, I was psyched. This book can stand alone, but it’s also a prequel featuring characters from the generation before Ella.Th...
  • Lydia
    I was SO excited to get my hands on this, as I LOVE Ella Enchanted (& still re-read it at least once a year). Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE GCL's writing style, I found it very difficult to love Evie. I felt that her obsession with healing sometimes, for me anyway, had her lacking a lot of depth. I did see her growth and I appreciated that she wanted to wait for marriage. I just personally wanted to resonate with a character while I read or at least ...
  • Jan farnworth
    This one was not one of my favorite middle grades that i read, i tend to gravitate towards the ones that have more plot to them.  This one has a very simple story line and it does not seem that a lot happens, we have a girl who proposed to, turned into a ogre until she gets someone to fall in love,  she very hungry and trys to find out about being an ogre, and she falling love a lot.   No details are spared, from Evie’s constant hunger, ea...
  • Aoife
    I never thought thought I'd be back in the world of Frell, but here it is, and it's every bit as magic as it was in Ella. Evie is just as fascinating a character, Lucinda still as annoying, and I loved slowly figuring out the connections between this story and Ella - although this one stands completely alone, so you can read it without knowing anything about Ella. A fantastic read, and I hope to return to Frell again another time.Receiving an ARC...