The Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles, #5) by Kresley Cole

The Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles, #5)

New intrigues, adventures, and stunning revelations fill the penultimate installment of #1 New York Times best-selling author Kresley Cole’s electrifying Arcana Chronicles.In a world teetering on the edge . . .When Evie receives life-changing—and possibly game-changing—news, she has trouble believing it. Why doesn’t she feel any different? Is it possible someone she trusts might be lying?With enemies at every turn . . .Tensions seethe ins...

Details The Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles, #5)

TitleThe Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles, #5)
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherValkyrie Press
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews The Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles, #5)

  • Amber
    I need DEATHSHIP!! There Can Never. Be. Enough. Aric. (And more bookcase scenes would be nice *wink wink*).Ok, KC. I can see what you’re plotting on. And I don’t like it. Please just don’t go there. For the love of God, just let the poor, sweet, sexy man have his HEA! Hasn’t he suffered enough?? I’m ready for you, Dark Calling. Don't let me down. ________________Review 2/15 **possible mild spoilers below**Reverse perverse, ya'll! Well,...
  • Shelby Palmer
    Update: 2/13What the hell was that? Wtf. ———————————————————————————I swear Aric better be end game or I'll be so damn pissed.Hit the road Jack and don't you come back.
  • Rach
    TEAM JACK FOREVER!I don't care what others say, I will ALWAYS be team Jack. Forever and always. Evie chose HIM. SHe chose HIM. And in the end, it's about what Evie wants, not what readers want, because it's Kresley's character. If Kresley sees Evie and Aric having the last say, then....I'll just have to carve my heart out and somehow move on. BUT if Cole wants Evie and Jack to be endgame, then Y'ALL JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT OKAY?! Like yeah, thin...
  • Molly
    NEED THIS NOW... CAN'T WAIT TILL SPRING...DYING FOR DEATH..***Update***. 2/15: THIS CANT BE THE LAST BOOK?!** i I waited 18 months and still don’t get an ending!!!I’ve been counting down and patiently waiting...WHAT A LET DOWN THIS BOOK WAS!!!!I can’t even tell you how bad!!!Seriously- nothing happened in this book. We waited 18 months to find out what would happen-and then the SHITTIEST -MOST DISAPPOINTING -WORST ending of life!!I swear th...
  • hailey
    It's been a long time coming, I've shed some tears and angry talked to myself a little bit, but I'm finally done with the book. I have to say, though I felt like my heart had been thrown threw a blender and then glued back together again, I think there couldn't have been a better plot sequence to the book. I applaud Kresley for another fabulous book.(view spoiler)[ Neither ship sides really got what they wanted here hahaha (hide spoiler)]
  • Alexandra Harris
    Well sh!t. I told myself after the last book and the “fun” twist that I was done. But I’m a sucker for punishment and I read this one.The reason this is rated 2.5 stars is Jack and Aric... that’s it. I literally can’t compose myself enough to write this review. That was the most pitiful ending ever. And if rumors are true and this is the last book.... Lemme tell ya. I’m disappointed. I’m going to come back to this review in a few da...
  • Emilly The Book Scamp
    I don't even know what to say.This is the second to last book in the Arcana Chronicles - her penultimate book for the Arcana Chronicles. In The Dark Calling, this is the last we'll see of Aric, Evie, Jack, Matto, and the rest (probably, unless Cole has some Minor Arcana books planned, but I really don't think so).I have several theories lined up. Most revolve around the present cast just in Arcana Rising, so y'all need to read up before reading, ...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4.5 ★'s“That’s the thing about home, bébé.” It’ll always be there waiting for you.”After a year and (almost) half wait for this book, I thought maybe some of the fascination of the book would have rubbed off. I was happy to find out that wasn't the all. And any details that I thought would have been forgotten, fell right back into place like there was no wait at all. If those weren't clues as to how amazing this series is ...
  • Jacquelyn
    I know some people view it as predictable, but I do think that Jack is endgame and I'm really hoping they are right! Come on... can they at least get two books of being solidly together and as happy as can be permitted in the apocalypse? Please....? I'm so freaking excited for this one, and the wait for that finale is going to be PAINFUL!!!
  • Suzanne
    That was epic! The action just did not stop! Oh I love love love these characters and this storyline so much! I cannot wait for the next one, even though it will be the final book! I have to know what is going to happen! Every installment leaves me with more questions than I have going into a book. It is so crazy. I can’t write a good enough review without spoilers for this book so lets keep it at that this is one of my favorite books so far th...
  • Irene
    Long UNPOPULAR full of SPOILERS review incoming!!! You have been warned!First I will start by saying that the lowest rating I have ever given to ANY of Kresley's books is a 4star and this is literally when I have issues with the story. Dark calling got 1star from me today. I know-I am also beyond shocked.I decided to write the review as soon as I finished the book as everything is fresh in my head and this will hopefully capture how I feel now, w...
  • Rachelle Smith
    Just over here dying while waiting.... This had better end with Aric. What kind of human being turns her back on an epic love that has spanned centuries for some backwoods dude she has known for 20 minutes? You just don't do that. That doesn't even make sense. If this release gets pushed back any further I will probably have to write it myself, title it something different and release it to everyone else who also cannot wait any longer.UPDATE: 2/...
  • Karen
    Make way bitches!!!! My review coming through!*raising banner*JACK AND EVIE FOR EVER!!!Seriously, I cannot believe how un-loyal you guys are to the original couple!!! It started with Jack and Evie and it will end with Jack and Evie!!! Oh and know that I am holding up my middle fingers in BOTH HANDS for Aric and Evie fans!Okay, that out of the way let's go to the information presented so far.So, I do believe Kresley painted a clear picture of who ...
  • Kayla
    This book was everything and more. I cried like a little baby when two people sepretated that weren't my ship.This book was exciting and interesting and the whole idea of the tarrot cards is a really amazing idea.This book made me feel things that broke me inside, I can't wait until th next book to find out who Evie will choose. I am still TEAM DEATH.I also can't wait to find out how the game will end.
  • Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)
    I'm going to start this by saying that Simon Teen seriously messed up when they decided to stop publishing this series, I mean book 5 made the NYT Bestseller list for Pete's sake and Kresley is an amazing author. I think this series is way better than some of the other ones that Simon Teen keeps publishing and probably should've cancelled years ago (not mentioning names but I think y'all know who I'm talking about).It's been TWO LONG YEARS betwee...
  •  ■©atherine■
    WTF? I didn't know there was gonna be a fifth book! Imagine my surprise at that ending. ARICCCCC
  • Joana
    *** SPOILERS *** You know what? Fuck this book, what the hell. No, better yet, fuck this Evie girl and this fucking stupid “romance” that is the main cause of a good series turning to shit.I never, ever liked Evie, not even a bit, and it was because of her that I always had something to point out. But I was young, you know, I still had a little patience left, I could still overlook things, get fierce about ships and what would come next; but ...
  • Kat Valentine
    This book drived me crazy!!!! Im like evie I love both the sexy loveable Cajun hottie Jack and the sexy as sin aric!! All though I'm more a aric girl I have loved death from the beginning,he pulls me with the love he has for evie even after all she has done in the past to him he still just wants to love her and be loved by her in return. Theirs so many twist's and turns with new enemy's and new allies and finding out Jack is alive and just as int...
  • Jackie
    Let me start off this review by saying that this book was definitely hard for me to read. There were some parts of the book that could carry me towards the end. I was anticipating certain events to occur such as Evie's Red Witch or her encounter with the Richter, which Kresley delivered. But if you're reading this and wondering why I thought the rest of the book was vexing, I'll state it plainly: Evie's half-hearted love needs to end. Throughout ...
  • Cookie
    How many times are we going to ride this love triangle carousel? I’m sick and tired of Evie. I cannot fathom how this girl has any extraordinary quality that would make the two main men be so committed to her they run themselves ragged by the end of this book.I’m team Aric but at this point, I just need her to choose one and stop fucking the other guy, torturing them both. Honestly Evie is the worst female protagonist I’ve read in a long ti...
  • xxkitsunexx
    So was it worth all that wait HELLLLLL NOOOOO some time you forget what it was about the main character Evie you just couldn't get along with or enjoy her character given all the time it had taken for this book to come out then BAM right from page one it hits you why you didn't want to read it in the first place if we could take Evie out of this book and transplant a better honest trustworthy honourable and give her a back bone then i would conti...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Do you ever have that feeling while you're reading a book that you both love it and at the same time want to pull your hair out?  That's kind of what happened to me with this book.  Honestly, this series always has me doing that but I was anticipating a resolution in THE DARK CALLING because I was u...
  • Jasmine Marie
    I won't go into spoilers but I'm so emotional right now!! •I loved all of the surprises and plot points along the way. When Evie had to leave to the Ash, I loved the company she kept. I won't say who they were, but the crashing personalities and attitudes sure made it entertaining! And I giggled on more than one occasion because of their interactions.•We finally got to meet the Hanged Man-and that was intense.•The Emperor didn't play a huge...
  • Starrisa
    So the book has been out for ages and I'm only reviewing it NOW. Since we have to wait a gazillion years for the next book so I was hesitant to read it so "early" BUT I WAS LIKE WHATEVER and I picked it up. I didn't even reread the other books. Evie meets Joules and Kentarch and the One-who-never-dies --> They go on journey to find Circe and Kentarch's wife --> More journeying --> the Jubilees/Lorraine --> (view spoiler)[Lorraine is revealed as ...
  • Gemma
    This book made me see Evie for the whiney bitch she is, bring on the red witch! If I’d known it was going to be a jack love fest, I wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for this book. Now all I’m left with is frustration and disappointment. I honestly wish Jack had remained dead. This book was a filler book, no real plot development, other than some (evil) guy being ‘defeated’. Will only continue reading for Aric, and some of the other majo...