Whichwood by Tahereh Mafi


A new adventure about a girl who is fated to wash the bodies of the dead in this companion to Furthermore.Our story begins on a frosty night…Laylee can barely remember the happier times before her beloved mother died. Before her father, driven by grief, lost his wits (and his way). Before she was left as the sole remaining mordeshoor in the village of Whichwood, destined to spend her days washing the bodies of the dead and preparing their souls...

Details Whichwood

Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherDutton Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult

Reviews Whichwood

  • Whitney Atkinson
    3.5 starsReview to come when I get off work. (but a teaser: Furthermore was better.)5/4/2017LOOK AT THAT PRELIMINARY COVER ART!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I'm basically going to beg Penguin to get me any advanced copy that exists because I am DYING for this. I need more Tahereh in my life. I need this. Persian MC? YES PLS. The dark counterpart to Furthermore? YES PLS. UGGHHH I just want this so bad. I have a feeling it's gonna be a slam dunk bc of underlyin...
  • Jessi ♡
    maybe it was not naiveté, but suffering, that inspired kindness. maybe, she thought, it was pain that inspired compassiontahereh mafi has a way of making me relate to any character, no matter how fantastical or ridiculous or far fetched from reality their situation is. i can always bring back what she's saying into my own life. it's so important that books like these are being written for kids today.
  • Julie Zantopoulos
    This is probably closer to a 3.5 read for me but I'm rounding up because the message seemed incredibly fitting for today's climate. That said, this is still pitched in the unfinished ARC copy that I have as a middle grade, 5th grade, 10+ book and while I respect young readers I think this is incredibly graphic for a young reader. There were parts that I got squeamish reading and found deeply disturbing. I didn't ever love Laylee and while I liked...
  • Alexa
    4.5 stars. What a delight to read! I thoroughly enjoyed Mafi's latest middle grade. The magic, the tale, the characters - it all came together beautifully to become the whimsical, wonderful content between these pages.
  • Sabrina
    Checkout more of my reviews on my blog!! https://omgbooksandmorebooks.blogspot...Just like Furthermore, Whichwood is magical with lyrical writing that ensnares readers from beginning to end. Along with the lyrical writing, I loved the Persian fantasy elements interwoven throughout the novel. It's hard to find Persian fantasy elements done so well and I cherish this book dearly. Laylee, along with Alice and Oliver from Furthermore, go on a magical...
  • Bookevin
    4.5 starsCurrently writing my review for the Whichwood Malaysian Blog Tour!Initial thoughts:Took me a while to finish this due to life but I have a feeling that if I had the time, I would have finished Whichwood in a matter of hours because I loved the idea of the Persian fantasy inspiration to the story and a strong tale of friendship that was included in the book.I am constantly amazed by how Tahereh Mafi writes because the writing in Whichwood...
  • Audrey
    Als er een schrijfster is die me altijd weer moed, kracht en onoverwinnelijke liefde kan toestoppen, is het wel Tahereh Mafi. Dit boek was helemaal anders dan ik had verwacht, maar het was pure perfectie en naar mijn mening nog beter dan Furthermore. Die mini-5 sterretjes zouden er dus eigenlijk duizenden moeten zijn. Wat prachtig Tahereh, dank je wel. Je bent toch steeds de beste. Dit zijn mijn eerste ongelofelijke gevoelens, maar een volle rece...
  • Julie
    I haven't read a book by Mafi in YEARS and I'd definitely forgotten how gorgeous her prose is. The world was beautiful, the characters were wonderful, the content possibly could've gotten this book pushed into YA, but the voice and whimsy kept it firmly middle grade. From a technical standpoint, I loved it. From a personal standpoint, I never had a connection? I was engrossed when I started reading and desperate to know what was going to happen, ...
  • Jen
    I loved this book. Perfect to read to my daughter when she gets a tiny bit older. This is a middle grade book so my rating system is different than my usual rating. Beautiful story about friendship with some darker elements and a strong and interesting female character.
  • Jordan (pagetravels)
    SOOOO IN LOVE. Tahereh's writing really is an art, and the way she crafts settings and characters is unbelievably beautiful. Whichwood, just like Furthermore, was vivid and colorful and an absolutely incredible tale <3.
  • Jenna
    WOW! I really enjoyed this! Such an interesting book!