The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library, #4) by Genevieve Cogman

The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library, #4)

A covert missionA royal demandAnd a race against timeThe fourth title in Genevieve Cogman's witty and wonderful The Invisible Library series, The Lost Plot is an action-packed literary adventure.In a 1930s-esque New York, Prohibition is in force, fedoras, flapper dresses and tommy guns are in fashion, and intrigue is afoot. Intrepid Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves caught in the middle of a dragon vs dragon contest. It seems a young libra...

Details The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library, #4)

TitleThe Lost Plot (The Invisible Library, #4)
Release DateDec 14th, 2017
PublisherPan Macmillan
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Reviews The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library, #4)

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    After the last books thrilling plot was I eagerly awaiting the next book in this series. The Lost Plot takes librarians Irene and Kai to an alternative world set in 1930s America with gangsters (and dragons). They have to save the life of a librarian who has been caught up in a fight between two dragons. And, Irene and Kai most try to fix this situation since librarians have to stay outside conflicts like this.Now, this book was absolutely alrigh...
  • Melindam
    ".....And if X gives Qing Song the book that lets him get Minister Zhao’s position, then Librarians become tools for hire. They become servants. And they become generally known as allies of the dragons, which means they’re automatically enemies of the Fae. Not to mention that if we support one dragon family or faction, then we make enemies of the others. The Library survives in the middle. We are not on anyone’s side. If X exists and has do...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum that the Invisible Library series has become firmly established, the storylines are just getting better and better. Thematically, The Lost Plot is more mysterious and adventurous, drawing heavily from Dragon vs. Fae politics, and there are also strong attempts to involve as many world-building elements as possible. That said though, I do feel this installment takes a st...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I had such a good time reading this book! This is the fourth book in The Invisible Library series and while it tells its own story, I do think that this series is best if read in order. One thing that I love about this series is that each installment can be completely unique and the types of worlds that they visit really has no limits. This was a very strong story that was incredibly ...
  • Jenna
    Update: 3.5 stars. Still really good, but it feels slightly different from the other books in the series. Though I loved the progression in Irene and Kai's relationship!I'm so excited for this! There's now a cover for it, and the title has been revealed!The summary is intriguing:"Their fourth adventure takes our intrepid pair of Librarians to a 1930s-esque Chicago. Prohibition is in force, fedoras, flapper dresses and tommyguns are in fashion, an...
  • decafJess
    I love these books.This is a rare situation where each book in the series is better than the last. What begins as a straightforward action adventure story becomes more of a mystery that is not easily solved. Dragon politics has taken a nasty turn, and evidence points to the involvement of a librarian, violating their neutrality pledge. Irene and Kai must find this rogue librarian and try to restore balance, but must do so without the institutiona...
  • Wanda
    I admit I am very much a fan of Irene Winters and the Invisible Library series. So much so that I will actually be purchasing a copy of this, book 4, to become part of my Nursing Home Collection (all those books that will make the transition with me to said nursing home when the time do come). I read too damn fast—The Lost Plot went by much too quickly. It is action-packed, putting Irene in many tight spots, between gangsters, plotting dragons,...
  • Jacob Overmark
    Just as were getting used to books gone missing, it is happening to Librarians as well … And, “who re you gonna call …? Irene!”After an installment # three which showed a wee bit weak in the storyline, Genevieve Cogman (and Irene) is doing a worthy come-back. Lots of action, intrigue and fight-to-the-end-for-honor takes place in Chicago and New York during prohibition at a pace only fit for well-shaped dragons.When we previously came to b...
  • Amber
    Anybody who loves books simply must love Irene Winters and the Library. In this fourth installment of The Invisible Library, Irene once again finds herself tangled in a mess. The setting? 1920s America. The players? Two dragons who are keen to steal a book and win a place of honor in their court. What follows can only be madness and mayhem, as well as all the delights followers of Cogman’s series have come to expect in these books.I would like ...
  • ☕ Kimberly
    Vampires, fae, and dragons all give Irene fits in The Lost Plot. Two dragons are tasked with a quest. The one who completes it gains favor with the Queen, and the one who does not faces a disgrace that will require sacrifice to atone.  When a new Librarian finds himself tangled up in their quest to retrieve a book, Irene and her young dragon apprentice Kai must travel to an alternate 1920s New York to save him and protect the Libraries neutral...
  • Austine (NovelKnight)
    This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I wasn't really sure where The Lost Plot would take this series. After finishing The Burning Page last year, I felt like the series had all but wrapped up (I think it was only supposed to be a trilogy at first?).There was a bit of a disconnect with this fourth book. Part of this may be fro...
  • M.
    Recevied a free copy in exchange for an honest review.The Lost Plot is, without a doubt, my favorite book in The Invisible Library series. Coming back from a mission to retrieve a book, Irene is stopped by a mysterious stranger who introduces herself as Jin Zhi, a dragon who serves the Queen of the Southern Lands. Jin Zhi and another dragon, Qing Song, are currently engaged in a sort of contest for the position of Minister, which has been recentl...
  • Lauren
    *minor spoilers*3.75 stars this was the fourth instalment of The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman and whilst I did really enjoy this book (it was witty and all very prim and proper), I didn't love it (like I did the first two). I think the main reason for this was because there were quite a few characters who I love which didn't feature in this book at all :( For example: the Sherlock Holmes-like Peregrine Vale, the charming...
  • Mark Harrison
    Best book of the series and first five star award. Irene and Kai are sent to a world where gangsters and Prohibition remain to battle Dragon politics, dire wolves, kidnapping and the integrity of The Library. Just a first rate, steam punk adventure fest.
  • Mary Catelli
    Book 4 of the Invisible Library series. Spoilers aheadIrene tries to get a book in a fair book exchange, and finds herself in a lair of vampires. Extricating herself, she meets up with a dragon who tries to make a deal. And notes this was carefully timed to ensure that Kai would not be with her.When Kai returns early, he can tell her some things, but exposes her to danger because now the other dragon knows. Consequences touch on Irene's mysteriou...
  • Jennifer
    3.5 bumped up to 4 - The Invisible Library novels might be the fluffiest of brain candy, but they're undeniably fun, fast reads and I enjoyed myself thoroughly on this last adventure.Alberich is dead (probably), but that hasn't meant the end of Irene's troubles. The high ranking dragon official Minister Zhao has unexpectedly and suspiciously died, and the two candidates competing to replace him have been set a final task: to bring back a rare ver...
  • S.E. Anderson
    Best Book YET!A few months ago, I finished what I had assumed to be the last book in the Invisible Library... Until they announced not one, but two new books to follow! Naturally, I was over the moon. I could not wait for The Lost Plot to be released, and let me tell you, it did not let me down!Right off the bat, Irene is thrust once again into a no-win situation. Forced to play sides between two competing dragons, she needs to find a compromis...
  • Hedwig
    Another wonderful installment in this series! Prohibition America, mob bosses, dragons, politics and ever-elusive books all combine to make another rollicking adventure for Irene & Kai. 😄
  • Gemma F
    A fantastic, fast paced and action-packed story! I’ve so much to say about this book and my emotions are all over the place right now. ☺I was completely lost in the pages of the story. I think this is definitely my favourite installment of the Invisible Library series. The setting was exciting being set in a 1930s America. It's wonderful to read what Genevieve has come up with having visited several other cities in the previous installments. ...
  • Beth The Vampire
    *ACTUAL RATING 3.5 STARS*I’ve had to have a long think about this one.This series has had highs and lows, with The Masked City a massive disappointment after the joys of the first book in the series, and then returning with a vengeance with The Burning Page. The settings of these books is what makes them, and in a Library where you can enter any number of alternate worlds, the possibilities are endless. The setting for The Lost Plot is 1920s Am...
  • Tara (Spinatale Reviews)
    The Invisible Library series is one of my go-to series whenever I'm looking for a fun, engaging, and highly entertaining read. The Lost Plot is a wonderful addition to this series, it contains the same spirit that drew me to the first three while still remaining fresh and unique. I loved the character development in this installment. Additionally, as the larger mysteries in this universe are slowly unspooled, I'm increasingly intrigued as to what...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Science Fiction, Time Travel*Rating* 4.0*Thoughts*The Lost Plot, by author Genevieve Cogman, is the fourth installment in The Invisible Library series. Protagonist Irene Winters is a Librarian-in-Residence who works for the secretive Invisible Library. Her "home" world is that of an alternative London which is features a Detective known as Peregrine Vale. The Invisible Library's most important job is to maintain the bala...
  • Lisa Robbins
    The fourth installment in the Invisible Library series was everything I love about the series! Irene was genius thinking on her feet when she got into predicament after predicament. There was action, adventure, danger, and lots of dragons. I love the dynamic between Irene and Kai. I missed Vale, but there were a lot of interesting new characters to keep me occupied. When I finished the last page I closed my Kindle, hugged it to my chest, and sigh...
  • ❀⊱Rory⊰❀
    4.5 Stars.I think this might be my favorite book of the series so far.When Irene and Kai find themselves in the middle of dragon political intrigue that threatens the neutrality of The Library, they must travel to an alternate world where it's 1930's America complete with gangsters and speakeasys. Already under threat from conniving dragons, now Irene must deal with over zealous police who think she's a British gangster and local gangsters who wa...
  • Vincent Archer
    After this book, I'm reminded of an old title: "Never deal with a Dragon". After the various Fae-heavy books and Librarian Nemesis, it's the turn of Dragon politics to enter the fray. And, of course, our heroine has to solve this, with the minimum of fallout. For this, she heads out to a Prohibition-era version of NYC, with mobsters, femme fatale assassins, and dragons competing for... a book.Where else would you have a book as the McGuffin?As al...
  • Jenn
    It seems like this is the end, but could someone possibly reassure me that there will be further adventures in this series? I don't want to let Irene, Kai and company go just yet.
  • Elizabeth McCoy
    All evidence points to this being a great book. [/in-joke]
  • Tracy Rowan
    I've been enjoying this series, so when The Housemate told me that it had come from the library, I was thrilled.  Alas, though this installment is good, I found that it lacked the excitement of the first three, though I'm still not quite sure why.The story involves a rare book, of course, and several factions who want to find it. When the neutrality of The Library seems about to be compromised, Irene and Kai are sent to investigate and, if possi...