True Feelings by Carolyn Mahaney

True Feelings

Emotions can be confusing. At times, we live at the mercy of our emotions, feeling helpless to understand them and powerless to control them. But the Bible brings clarity to this confusion, showing women that emotions are ultimately a gift from God. In this book, a mother-daughter team offers women a fresh perspective on their feelings straight from God's Word, helping them handle emotions in a way that honors God and others. Pointing women to go...

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TitleTrue Feelings
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
GenreChristian, Womens

Reviews True Feelings

  • Michelle Kidwell
    True FeelingsGod's Gracious and Glorious Purpose for Our Emotionsby Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole WhitacreCrossway Christian , Religion & SpiritualityPub Date 31 Oct 2017I am reviewing a copy of True Feelings Through Crossway and Netgalley:This book shows us that emotions can be confusing. The book points out too that at times feelings can be so unpleasant we would rather not have them and often Facebook can make it worse.This book points out that b...
  • Ashley Taylor
    This book, True Feelings, is reaching bookstore shelves at precisely the right moment. It is accessible and encouraging in its language. It is a fast read. And, most importantly, it is written in a season of our society when emotions are often given free reign on social media. Sometimes, what I hope to be a simple and quick scroll through my newsfeed leaves me reeling, as though I’ve been in the middle of a yelling match (in which I wasn’t pa...
  • Rachel
    I picked up this book because of the title. It is rare that I think I have read a book written purely on emotion or feelings so I was interested to see what the authors had to say. The book was written by a mother/daughter team and geared toward women. Many of the examples and scenarios in the book were therefore about women. Unlike many other books written to women this book did not feel as vulnerable, perhaps because of the style in which it wa...
  • SolidFood
    Often we look at our emotions and view them as bad. Yet emotions themselves are not bad, rather how we use them. Learning to recognize and control our emotions is a battle we all face. In this book, the authors provide some practical steps to better understand our emotions and learn to use them in a God-honoring way rather than in sinful patterns.Emotions "tell us what we believe and value. We should listen to what they are telling us and evaluat...
  • Mary Brickmeier
    This book was quite difficult for me to get through. If I was not reviewing it I more than likely would have just stopped reading it. It was very repetitive and I felt that the entire book could have been much shorter as much of te things that the authors discussed was well known things and most people do not want to read a hundred something page book on things that they are already knowledgeable about. It frustrated me that the entire book never...
  • Doreen
    I appreciate so many things about this book. It speaks honestly about our emotions and brings a biblical perspective on them. It is encouraging as well as convicting. It had a nice balance of insight and practical ideas to help us grow. It gave examples to show how applying the principles and ideas would work. I also liked the fact that the authors come from different emotional bents. One is more even-keeled while the other experiences more highs...
  • Kim
    More like 4.5 stars since I felt a few topics could've been fleshed out some more. Overall, a really encouraging and challenging read. "Emotions are not dangerous. We are in danger, though, if our emotions are not satisfied in Christ."I received a free copy of this book from Crossway in exchange for a fair and honest review.