We Are the Change We Seek by E.J. Dionne Jr.

We Are the Change We Seek

A collection of Barack Obama's greatest speeches selected and introduced by columnist E.J. Dionne and MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid.We Are the Change We Seek is a collection of Barack Obama's 26 greatest addresses: beginning with his 2002 speech opposing the Iraq War and closing with his final speech before the United Nations in September 2016. As president, Obama's words had the power to move the country, and often the world, as few presidents before ...

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TitleWe Are the Change We Seek
Release DateJan 10th, 2017
PublisherBloomsbury USA
GenreNonfiction, Politics, History, Biography

Reviews We Are the Change We Seek

  • Jennifer
    I want this on Audible.
  • Joshua
    Barack Obama was the first President I ever voted for. Part of it was because he was black, but beneath that was his rhetoric. Whatever is said about former President Obama the man was a gifted orator and rhetorician, and lying at the heart of every one of his speeches there is one fundamental message: hope.The speeches collected in this book represent Obama's the best of Obama's ability as an orator, and each speech is introduced with a brief ex...
  • Michael Munns
    It seems like an eternity ago when we had a president worth quoting.
  • Vowelor Books
    We Are The Change We Seek is a collection of 26 greatest speeches of Barack Obama. The book has been written by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Joy-Ann Reid. We Are The Change We Seek consists of Barack Obama’s best speeches; starting from the 2002 speech against the Iraq War and ending with Obama’s last speech at the United Nations in September 2016.The book We Are The Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama was released on 10 Jan 2017. This book b...
  • Nicki Lamirault
    During this time in politics and with the troubles plaguing our government and our nation, it was inspiring to read this book. I know that I will read it again, especially when I'm my most pessimistic feelings. Obama is forever the optimist and he has taught all of us a lesson in believing you can reach for the stars and in acknowledging what a blessing it is even if you only reach the moon. He did great things and suffered disappointments and he...
  • Lisa
    This collection of President Barack Obama's speeches during his campaign and presidency had me wishing he were still the President. I like his politics, but even those who don't must admire his articulate, moving writing and delivery of his ideas in these speeches, as well as his great style and wisdom. The speeches are in chronological order, so this book is also wonderful trip through recent history, good and bad. Each speech is preceded by a h...
  • Andrea Engle
    This collection of 25 speeches by former President Barack Obama testifies to his magnificent eloquence ... cogently reasoned and pertinent to each occasion, these speeches highlight his wisdom and tolerance ... if only our technology were such that each written document could be accompanied by its videotape ... to end with Obama's mantra: "God bless you. And God bless the United States of America."
  • Jessica
    This was my Presidents Day 2017 read. I purchased because it had both inaugural addresses as well as his farewell address. I was pleased to find it also contained his speech about Sandy Hook and his comments about how Trayvon Martin "could have been my son." Highly recommended.
  • Linda
    It was so nice to have the positive up lifting experience. Rather you were an Obama backer, or not, I think you would find this a boost to your spirits
  • Stewart
    This was a really enjoyable and dynamic read. Although it likely appeals more to those who share President Obama's political ideology, it is definitely worthwhile for anyone interested in governance, rhetoric, and 21st century politics.Overall, the editors have done a good job selecting speeches from a variety of fields and policy fields, but put a definite emphasis on race and religion, recurring themes during Obama's presidency. Conversely, the...
  • Jeremiah
    I needed this book to serve as an antidote to the current political climate. Obama is one of the few adult males who I respect and look up to as a role model - who inspires me. This book - a collection of his speeches - represents him and his message well. Read it if you need a reminder of what America (and American leadership) can and should be.
  • Kristen
    This is a really good selection of who Obama was as a President, who he is as a person, commentary on our society and what (in his eyes) needs to be done. It's been heartbreaking to read some of the speeches again because of the subject matter (Newtown, for example, had me in tears again) but it's been ultimately very uplifting. He really has hope for the future and a strong belief that most people are innately good. I'm glad I decided to read it...
  • Ed Grimmer
    Well selected collection of his speeches. Excellent portrayal of his tenets for social order, the role of the individual with rights and responsibilities for political order and the betterment of life, for all. Freedom to pursue the individual’s dreams, balanced with the responsibilities to community. All is premised upon respect for the dignity in all others that we seek others to recognize in ourselves, and which we hold as our own dignity
  • Courtney
    It's hard and sad and frustrating to read this in our current political climate
  • Mary Sanchez
    A collection of twenty six speeches by Barrack Obama up to September 2017. It was good reading the entire speeches especially since we only got the highlights from the news.
  • Roberta
    This book was my husband's present for Christmas and I can't imagine a better and more timely gift. Much has been written on President Obama's oratory style, but I needed to go back to the source to get some oxygen in these dark times.And what an inspirational collection of speeches I was offered! I really believe President Obama is the greatest orator of our times. The resonance, the depth and the musicality of his speeches are unique and the po...
  • Sophie
    I am hopeful. Despite the current state of American politics and the impact it is having on the World. Because there is just something about Obama's Speeches and We Are the Change We Seek that can't help but make one feel hopeful knowing that there is still this kind of leadership and progress, and beliefs in the World. I literally savoured every single speech in this book. I have needed every single word of Obama to deal with our current times. ...
  • Athena lene ro
    The time we live in today requires optimism, we could focus on the terrors of war, we could think of the damage that we human beings have brought about to the environment, we could think of the class of the privilege and their wealth gained at the expense of the middle and low income class. But we need to think, we need to look beyond this because change requires the people to rise up. Power is in the hands of its citizens, we cannot afford to be...
  • chippyvale
    I'd long been an admirer of former President Barack Obama; I jumped at the opportunity to read this when I found a copy at the library. There are several lessons that we can draw on and the book has several inspirational quotes as well. I would give this compilation of his speeches ten stars if I could!
  • Misty
    Look, sure, Obama was not a perfect president, but I am still so sad that we went from our first black president to our first orange one. I have a lot of thoughts but am far too tired of being outraged all the time to actually explain in detail. I did enjoy this a lot, though.
  • Katie Schwipps
    Such an inspiring collection of words from one of our countries greatest presidents. Looking back on these speeches with the benefit of hindsight it is easy to see how Obama was able to inspire a whole generation of young Americans to pick up the mantel of political activism.
  • Mohamadou Awalou
    An interesting book for all leaders, those who want to practice public speaking and those who want to build a career in politics.
  • Colleen
    I needed this. Everything will be ok.
  • Bridget
    He was such an eloquent president and it was a treat to read his articulate remarks and see the continuity of his message from pre-presidency to his farewell speech. I miss him.
  • hater114
  • Luis Ruben Maldonado Political consultant. Wine and coffee addict. Love
    Average book.