Sunset Lullaby (Christy & Todd: The Baby Years #3) by Robin Jones Gunn

Sunset Lullaby (Christy & Todd: The Baby Years #3)

Sunset Lullaby is Book #3 in the Christy & Todd:The Baby Years Series. These the much loved characters from the modern classic Christy Miller Series have come alive to millions of readers over the last two decades. Girls who grew up with Christy and followed her through Christy & Todd: The College Years are now flocking to Christy & Todd: The Married Years and continuing to read Christy & Todd:The Baby YearsIn Sunset Lullaby avid fans will share ...

Details Sunset Lullaby (Christy & Todd: The Baby Years #3)

TitleSunset Lullaby (Christy & Todd: The Baby Years #3)
Release DateNov 10th, 2017
PublisherRobins Nest Productions
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Christian Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Sunset Lullaby (Christy & Todd: The Baby Years #3)

  • Brenda Nepomuceno
    I’m sorry, but I just have to be blunt: this was the most pointless of all Christy books, A Whisper and A Wish included. Nothing happens - at least not to the main characters anyway. That said, I’ve waited for that ending for fourteen years, so... 🤷🏻♀ It also seems like a fitting way to finish the whole story, as much as I would love to read a Glenbrooke standalone about Tracy and a whole married years series about Katie and Eli. Mayb...
  • Lena Morrison
    The Negative first: The plot was not really packed and there were some typos and incorrect moments. (What I mean by that is that Christy had gotten rid of an item in another book, but it appeared somehow in this one.)I give this book 4 stars because it is a Christy Miller book, and that character is really dear to me. It's always fun to catch up with her and her friends. This story was well-written and encouraging to my spirit. I currently am at ...
  • Nicole
    It was bitter-sweet opening up this final entry in Christy Miller's story.I've been reading this series since I was fourteen, the same age as Christy herself in the first long ago. In a sense, I grew up alongside her, devouring each new book as I was immersed in her world. I loved spending time at Newport Beach with her each summer...But as I have gotten older, Christy and I have grown distant. These books will always hold a special pla...
  • Samantha Pantenburg
    I was ecstatic to delve into another novel by Robin Jones Gunn and visit with my favorite fiction friends, Christy and Todd. Sunset Lullaby did not disappoint. I have been visiting Christy Miller's world since I was 15 and I have journeyed through life at the same time she has and enjoyed the same seasons. Robin Jones Gunn does an amazing job pulling the reader in, finding the deepest parts of them, and filling their soul with the love of Jesus. ...
  • Melissa Castor
    The best book yet in the story of Christy Miller and Todd Spencer. I love all the Christy Miller books, Sierra Jensen books, Christy and Todd The College Years, Katie Weldon series, Christy and Todd The Married Years, and Christy and Todd The Baby Years. I could read these books over and over again and learn something new every time. In this book, you really see Christy become an adult and learn to take life as it comes. I would love to see more ...
  • Taryn Spearey
    A great conclusion to a amazing trilogy! Christy and Todd now have 2 children of their own, and Christy's brother, David, is wanting to propose to his girlfriend.Aunt Marti is still be her dictator self, and wants to control everything. Christy has tried for so many years to get her aunt to turn her life over to the Lord, and it's a challenge.Another challenge for Christy is being in charge of 2 young children while Todd goes off on a huge advent...
  • Michelle Castaneda
    In Sunset Lullaby, Robin Jones Gunn continues to tell the story of her beloved characters, Christy and Todd. Now parents of two very small children, balancing parenting, marriage, work, ministry, and friendships has become so complicated and taxing. But Christy and Todd step up to the challenges in ways so fitting with their characters. I love how Robin wrote this book so accurately conveying the struggles in these baby years and how she infuses ...
  • Natalie Barahona Bruzon
    The best thing about the Christy books is how consistent RJG is with personalities! It’s the best. I’ve been reading these books since I was a teen, and I do admit there are flaws in the writing. But whenever I pick up a Christy book, I know that it’s CHRISTY. For over 20 years, RJG has managed to both keep a character consistent while also growing and maturing her. My least favorite part is how non-dimensional Todd is. But I love her books...
  • Melissa
    Ohhhhhh, this book!!!! This series!!!! Christy and Todd and now babies Hana and Cole!!!! I never ever tire of reading about Christy and Todd’s life in Newport Beach. These characters hold a special special place in my heart. What’s better than meeting Christy when she was 14 and now catching up when she is 30?! Fiction doesn’t get any better than this.
  • Mandi
    Ever since my mom introduced me to these books when I was in eighth grade, they've been my very favorites and have made a lasting impact on me. I love how honest RJG is in her stories about different seasons in life, and yet trusting in God's overarching plan through it all. This book is possibly one of my favorites of all the Christy books, and the ending in particular made my heart soar.
  • Emily
    So, so perfect. If this is the last story about Christy, I couldn’t ask for a better conclusion. Loved every moment, loved seeing these friends again. I would love more books from Katie’s and Sierra’s perspectives!
  • Liz
    Another great story by Robin Jones Gunn. I am hoping that this isn't the last we hear of Christy and Todd. I love the characters and have enjoyed following their story. She paints a realistic portrait of life, whether it be as teenagers, young love, entering marriage, and then parenthood.
  • Rachel
    Perfect. It is a wonderful piece of work. I am a mother and even though it's fiction, I can relate to Christy. I hope there will be more stories, since I love Robin's books!
  • Victoria Nicole
    5 Word Reviews:Why would anyone want kids?
  • Keri
    I always enjoy a new Robin Jones Gunn book and this one was great. Loved the continuing story of Christy and Todd and my favorite was the part about Aunt Marti...made me cry.
  • Kathryn
    I love this book. Especially the ending. All I will say is FINALLY!! I hope that Robin keeps writing these heartwarming Christy stories for many years to come.
  • Nathália August
    Best end!The best of all Christy Miller’s books... You’ll have to read til the end because I don’t want to spoil it for you!
  • Diana
    Overall I liked the Baby Years series much more than the Married Years when it felt like a lot of tire spinning but not much action. There still isn't much going on but I appreciated reading about Christy's struggles as a mother to young kids and how that impacts her relationship with Todd. This book also felt really final but I still wouldn't be surprised if Robin keeps writing about them, I would/will read them all. ALSO there was a continuity ...
  • Kira O'donoghue
    Perfect as alwaysRobin does it again. Another book to fill our hearts with love, laughter, and tears. Christy and her stories are always my go to books.