The Actor's Life by Jenna Fischer

The Actor's Life

Jenna Fischer’s Hollywood journey began at the age of 22 when she moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of St. Louis. With a theater degree in hand, she was certain everything would fall easily into place. Never mind that she didn’t know a single person in the entertainment industry. She was determined, she was confident, she was ready to work hard. So, what could go wrong?Uh, basically everything. It would be eight long years before she lan...

Details The Actor's Life

TitleThe Actor's Life
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherBenBella Books
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews The Actor's Life

  • Miatta
    This book is basically an actors textbook. Please, please, please know this. It was perfect for me cause, hey, I'm an actor. Jenna has been giving out amazing information like this for years, via blog posts and podcasts, and I have been waiting for her to publish it. But if you aren't an actor and/or have no interest in being an actor and/or have no interest in the art/business/mechanics of's not gonna be for you. This is not about th...
  • Valerity *
    This is written by Jenna Fischer who played on the hit show "Office" for years. I was hooked on that show for a long time which gave me an interest in reading her book. It's written mainly as a guide for those who are bitten by the acting bug and really as a way to help them with tips and ideas on how to get started and keep going in a career in acting. It seems like it would really be helpful for someone with that seriously in mind for their lif...
  • Holly
    This is a great book. Fischer's tone is consistently informative, humorous, and down to earth. The book offers encouragement, warnings against scams, advice about specific websites and agencies to use, and a large grain of salt - she constantly references friends of hers who have still not hit it big despite being incredibly talented performers.Strongly suggested. Although it is written mostly for actors, I think it's worth reading as a very diso...
  • John Lamb
    Being an actor is not something I ever wanted to pursue, so I am not the intended audience for this book, but I still loved learning about the behind-the-scenes details of trying to make a profession out of acting.
  • Mary Clare
    Full review!Jenna Fischer recounts her years as a struggling actor and relays the lessons, big and small, that she learned along the way.This is definitely not your typical celebrity book. Fischer had a purpose when she sat down to write this book: to use her experience to help other people find their way as working actors. She wanted to give advice on both the logistical and emotional parts of the process of becoming an actor. I would definitely...
  • Jaime Soria
    This book. Are you reading this and you are one of my actors friends? BUY THIS BOOK NOW. I've read loads of actor-help books over the years. Los Angeles "survival" guides, actor biograpies, autobiographies, memoirs, etc., and not one of the authors ever opened up this much about their professional experiences, and related so accurately what it's like being a new arrival in L.A. - not knowing anyone, doing extra work to be on set and try to get in...
  • Christopher Lawson
    In grade school I got my start when I played Toto in The Wizard of OzIn THE ACTOR’S LIFE, author Jenna Fischer gives some tough, but kindly advice to the aspiring actor. She admits it was a really tough road for her, and required a lot of persistence, as well as luck. The journey is a “long and difficult one that requires a lot of hard work. . . Without a little luck on your side, you can be the most talented actor in the world and not achiev...
  • Sam Gor
    If you're a fan of the office and you actually like Pam, you'll dig this.The process is great.The advice is just honest and heartfelt. This is just really genuine and just a joy ride through her career.I love how it just flows really well and each chapter is just full of advice. Her voice is great here and if you like Pam it helps cause you would want to know how she got the role and it just doesn't simply focus on that and you actually get to kn...
  • Melissa Edeburn
    As the parent of an actor attending his junior year of a university theatre program, I have questions. So many questions... Actually “had”, as Jenna just answered nearly all of them over the past two days. Jenna covered much of what Joe can anticipate after graduation. I just ordered the paper version of the book which will be waiting for him on his nightstand when he arrives home next week for winter break. Bonus: I know he’ll open it beca...
  • Jessica McAllister
    3.5 Well this book was not marketed towards me, as I have never wanted to be an actor, nonetheless it was an interesting read. Jenna Fisher is such a likable person and this was easy to read and highly entertaining at times. I liked having a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of an actor. This is definitely more of a how to then a memoir but my favorite parts were the little anadotes she made throughout about her own encounters. If you ...
  • Lauren
    Even though this book was written for those pursuing or thinking of pursuing an acting career, I still found it fascinating as a non-actor. Jenna gives fairly detailed advice on headshots, auditions, how to get representation, how to act on set, and how to deal with rejection. She sprinkles her advice with her own experiences, which is fun to hear about. It’s an interesting process to read about and I found parallels in her council (especially ...
  • Alex Rikerd
    The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide is a book that anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in acting should read. It is most beneficial to those who want to be on the television/film side of things, but nonetheless, I believe any actor can learn something from Fischer’s words. Jenna Fischer tells us her story of struggle, hardship, doubt, and success in such a beautiful way. She wants the reader to know that they are not alone and that i...
  • Danette V
    I really enjoyed Jenna’s story; my understanding of her as an author was influenced by my familiarity of her in the role of Pam, so there was a sense of a trusted friend or kindred soul offering her wisdom and guidance. It was a very positive and supportive style and while I am not in the acting life (I selected the title because I viewed it as part autobiography, part interesting as a view into the entertainment industry) I must confess, she h...
  • Tiffany
    While this book is clearly not for me, I did think it was entertaining and seemed to have a lot of valuable information and encouragement for those who seek to become actors. I found Jenna Fischer's delivery insightful and often humorous. While I said I do not want to be an actor, and this book really isn't for me, there is a lot of valuable information that anyone seeking a career that is competitive, creative, and requires years of paying your ...
  • Jen
    This was a fun read. I would have loved reading this in high school or early college when the dream of being an actor was real and I was in drama school. Since I'm not an aspiring actor anymore, it was really fun to learn more about Jenna. I've been a fan of hers since the Myspace blog she used to write while filming The Office. If you know any aspiring actors this would be a great gift... since they probably can't afford a book. ;)
  • Connie
    Jenna Fischer has written a witty, helpful book full of great advice for young aspiring actors. The book is enjoyable even if you aren't an actor, and just want to get an insight to what it's like behind the scenes. I was a big fan of Jenna on the Office; she's a talented, intuitive actress, so any aspiring actor would be lucky to have guidance from her, and I recommend this to anyone interested in film or tv.
  • Elise
    I have two friends who want to be actors, this book helped give me an insight into their industry and the dedication it takes to make it. I love Jenna Fischer from the Office and the behind the scenes sections were terrific. Despite not being in the entertainment industry, I found the book inspiring :) highly recommend for anyone looking to be an actor or who is struggling and needs a few extra words of encouragement.
  • Kelli
    I in no way, shape, or form want to be an actor and I still found this book endlessly fascinating. To see the "behind the scenes" of what it takes to be an actor; the headshot, agents, auditions, classes, being an extra, it was all very interesting to me. If you want to be an actor or have an interest in the entertainment industry, you will like this one. It's also a quick read, which never hurts.
  • Susan
    I have never had an desire to be an actor but I love Jenna Fischer so I thought I would read this book anyway. I am so glad I did. I loved it! Even the parts with advice for actors. She’s so funny and entertaining and I love the BTS info about Hollywood. Also, being an actor sounds like my worst nightmare. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
  • Jessi
    This was a nice cross between biography and honest advice from an actor who succeeded in Hollywood. Jenna Fischer outlines her eight-year journey to becoming an overnight sensation. She also gives concrete and (at least from my incredibly un-knowledgeable point of view) good advice on how to be an actor and what you can realistically expect when you move to LA to become a Big Star.
  • Krista Lackey
    this was really good! Jenna offers very helpful information to those who wish to pursue an acting career. she really opens up about how hard it is for actors. it's very interesting. I even learned they had a union and why its useful for actors to have unions. I love Pam from The Office so when I saw she had written a book I wanted to read it. it was well worth it!
  • Hannah Petosa
    I might be biased because of my extreme love for Jenna Fischer, but this book is something I recommend for everyone who is creative, passionate and has big dreams. You do not have to be an aspiring actor to read this book. This story made me laugh, cry and appreciate the Hollywood journey that much more.
  • Diana
    I have no interest in being an actor, literally zero but I still found this interesting and fascinating. I wouldn't have read it if it was written by (almost) anyone else but I really enjoyed Jenna on The Office. I especially appreciated the behind the scenes stories about that but also just in general about what the business can be like. It was more applicable to non-acting life than I would have expected. Glad I read it.
  • Natalie Rosario
    This book is an absolute MUST for any aspiring or even currently working actor. Jenna is so detailed and honest, her struggles become real to the reader. Her story is incredibly relatable and the advice she gives is solid gold. Even if you’re not an actor, it’s a spectacular read to understand our daily lives and the brush strokes to the painting.
  • Laura
    Jenna Fischer is so adorable and funny. PLUS it's probably a really useful guide for actors who are just starting out or just got their first speaking role. She's gives concrete advice (like to bring a variety of undergarments to set) and does it charmingly.
  • CL
    I have never ever wanted to be an actor, and never will, but that didn't stop me enjoying this book.Although it is touted as a "Guide" it is heavily autobiographical with the subtle self-deprecating humour that you would expect from someone who played Pam.
  • Laurie
    I enjoyed this detailed, honest memoir about "making it" as a working actor. It takes grit and patience and dedication. I know several "theater kids" (including my son), and this was a really interesting book to read to see the future through their eyes.Jenna Fischer is best known as Pam in "The Office," and in this book she goes behind the scenes to show her struggle -- it was over eight years before she had her big break. She talks in detail ab...
  • Jennifer
    I am not an actor nor do ever plan on becoming one, but I enjoyed this book for all the behind-the-scenes info about how to be a working actor.
  • Kristina
    I've taken classes with several different coaches and I thought a lot of the advice she gives in this book was similar to things I've heard a million times in class.