The Midnights by Sarah Nicole Smetana

The Midnights

Susannah Hayes has never been in the spotlight, but she dreams of following her father, a former rock star, onto the stage. As senior year begins, she’s more interested in composing impressive chord progressions than college essays, certain that if she writes the perfect song, her father might finally look up from the past long enough to see her. But when he dies unexpectedly her dreams—and her reality—shatter.While Susannah struggles with ...

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TitleThe Midnights
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Music

Reviews The Midnights

  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    “You have to shake your notions of good and bad, and create outside of judgement. Follow the instinct, not he convention.” I wanted to love this so much and I just didn’t and that makes me really sad. I was looking for this moving story of grief and family and Susannah finding herself, but this book made me feel absolutely nothing. I didn’t connect to it at all - not the characters, not the relationships, not the plot. Nothing. I can’t...
  • Derek Milman
    * REVIEW OF ARC I RECEIVED *The Midnights is a lush, poetic, coming-of-age tale set in present-day CA. Sarah Nicole Smetana is too clever a writer to present your typical palm-tree-shadowed California love story, with sea-blue swimming pools, and empty In-N-Out wrappers scattered across the leather seats of convertibles. Instead, the west coast is painted in tangerine, volcanic shades; a sleeping beast that might awake at any second. Fires, quake...
  • Rachel Solomon
    THE MIDNIGHTS is one of the most exquisite YA novels I've ever read, with an evocative, dreamy setting that is truly a character in itself. I've never read a Southern California so raw and alive and unapologetic. Sarah Nicole Smetana's prose should be savored like the darkest dark chocolate. So many lines burrowed into my heart and stuck in my throat. I loved and ached for Susannah, grieving the sudden loss of the musician father who didn't have ...
  • Amber Smith
    A stunning, beautifully-written debut, THE MIDNIGHTS explores the complex nature of loss, grief, secrets, and family, as we follow one girl on a poignant journey of self-discovery.*I received an advance copy*
  • Just Reading Everything
    Smetana's gorgeous writing and heartfelt storytelling soar in THE MIDNIGHTS. The novel follows Susannah, a seventeen-year old who has music thriving in her bones, who's uprooted from her LA home and moved to Orange County with her mother after experiencing a monumental loss. The passages about grief and striving to find answers are heartbreakingly realistic and thoughtful, and Smentana's masterful plot is effortlessly captivating. It's the kind o...
  • Lauren
    I've been dying to read The Midnights ever since I saw Rachel Lynn Solomon, author of the AMAZING You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone, raving about it on Goodreads. I figured if she'd loved it I'd probably love it as well, and as it turns out, I was one hundred percent correct (thankfully!). The Midnights is not just good but great. Combing lyrical writing, a drool-worthy setting, and a thoughtful coming-of-age, The Midnights is a standout YA debut, per...
  • Sam Kozbial
    Rating: 3.5 StarsI am always up for a good grief and loss book, and The Midnights absolutely fit the bill. It was filled with the pain we associate with losing a loved one, and the ways one may go about trying to fill the hole left in their heart.•Pro: Smetana beautifully depicted the emotional pain experienced by the characters in this book. The grief and suffering was utterly palpable. •Con: I know it's realistic for some people to spin a l...
  • Amber
    IThank you to Booksparks for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. really loved reading this book. I was completely in the mood for some YA fiction, and this was a perfect fit. I mean, not only was it set at that slightly awkward, slightly angsty end-of-high-school age, but it was also laced with music. And by “laced” I mean “completely submerged in music”. And I loved it!I’m finding myself wanting...
  • Shea
    If the title isn't enough to grab you, the premise will!!! LOVE!
  • Heather Ezell
    Visceral and heart breaking, THE MIDNIGHTS explores grief and artistry and the secrets that make up a family, a friendship, an identity in both sharp and subdued layers. The voice is absolutely evocative of Janet Fitch, both in terms of the prose overall but also in the way Sarah captures the raw natures of LA and Orange County. The description does not lie: you can *feel* the scintillating landscape that Susannah navigates -- both the external a...
  • Brenda Rufener
    Friendship, family, music, and romance. All layered in a way that will touch your heart and make you feel. Really feel! Also, I appreciated the OC setting. Haven't read many books, although I'm sure they exist, that capture this California atmosphere. Smetana's light stroke paints a vivid picture with all senses evoked. THE MIDNIGHTS is a must-read for 2018! Can't wait to see this book on the shelves.
  • Bethany
    The Midnights is a moving story about family, grief, music, and finding yourself. Set in Southern Califonia, there is a strong sense of place. The Los Angeles area is captured beautifully, and not as a glitzy Hollywood stereotype, but rather in a richly nuanced way that could only come from someone who has lived there. Nature is almost personified at times in the Santa Ana winds, earthquakes, and wildfires. As someone who lived for many years in ...
  • WordyInRed
    So many of my writing friends were raving about Smetana's The Midnights on Twitter, so when I saw a copy available for review, I jumped at the chance to get a sneak peek. I wasn't disappointed. Smetana writes beautifully and evocatively. She captured that delicate age where you realize your parents aren't who you thought--or hoped--they were, grief, and relationships both platonic and romantic. I savored and enjoyed every word. Her main character...
  • Vicky Skinner
    A heartbreaking and real story with unique pacing and a cast of characters that all have distinct voices. This was a lovely book. It made me want to go out and learn how to play the guitar. Beautiful!
  • Jena
    “Even as time passed, as my fingertips hardened into calluses, as I slipped into those awkward early teenage years, my father’s studio remained the sole place where I felt the most extraordinary, and most alive.”Susannah Hayes wants to follow in her musician father’s footsteps more than anything. She writes song lyrics in her spare time and spends countless late night hours with her father in his studio. They live and breathe music the wa...
  • Dana Mele
    Sarah Nicole Smetana's debut The Midnights is a delightful must-read for fans of YA contemp, romance, coming of age stories, & girls who rock. Extra nostalgia points if, like me, you spent (or spend) a decent amount of time in rock clubs, tuning guitars, scribbling lyrics and set lists on scraps of paper, and trying to figure out the difference between a good kisser and a good liar.
  • Liz Overberg
    Susannah Hayes loves every moment that her dad allows her into his world--his garage studio where he writes music, drinks, and dreams of recreating his youth, sometimes not emerging from the studio (or even talking to Susannah) for days at a time. She knows her dad can be irresponsible. She knows her mom struggles to support their family while her dad behaves erratically. But he gave Susannah music, and she clings to the connection that she feels...
  • Gmr
    This is a story about midnights...that mysterious time between morning and night that often gets wiled away as we slumber between the sheets. That's the norm for most, but what if it wasn't? What if during that magical in-between, where you have one foot in nighttime and one foot in morning, you were spending time with those you love, making memories to cherish, and impressions you'll need to hold on to all too soon? What if you were not only abl...
  • Michelle
    Susannah and her father have a bond through music. Her entire existence is connected to music. Her parents actually met at her dad’s concert, his biggest hit was about her mother and Susannah knows her dad quit the band when her mom got pregnant.Susannah loves music too. She loves nights spent writing and playing music with her dad. They have a connection that Susannah just doesn’t have with her mom.Her dad definitely isn’t a perfect person...
  • Trista
    I was definitely expecting to lose myself in this book when I first started it and there were many times I did find myself getting completely absorbed into the story. There were also times where I was taken out of it and it took a while to lose myself again. There were a lot of different themes and different bonds, and I really liked seeing how the author explored each one and how she used them within each other. There was the family bond, the bo...
  • Vicki (MyArmchairAdventures)
    hank you @booksparks sending me The Midnights and having me be a part of the pop up blog tour! Susannah Hayes’s father is a former rock star and the best way she can communicate with him is through music. Her life abruptly changes at the beginning of senior year when he unexpectedly dies and she is forced to move to another town and a new high school. Set in LA the author uses Southern California weather to showcase the non-glossy side of lala-...
  • Angie
    The Midnights is a lovely YA contemporary debut novel. Susannah tells the story from present day, looking back at the past year of her life, so the story is told with a wistful feel that I really liked. I loved the complexity and development of Susannah's relationship with her mother. I liked the depiction of friendship - the uncertainties, the things we only realize or understand in hindsight, the mistakes we make, the way they can change. I lov...
  • Julie
    This book was about the different kinds of relationships with a father and daughter, friendships with girl friends and even those one's romance ones. She loses her dad , and they move in with her Grandma that she didn't even know about. She finds a way to make music and finally come to peace with things in her life. She does find some romance with one boy , and another boy seems to have a crush on her too. Overall a great story that has music and...
  • Caryn Lix
    This is so much fun. Susannah is a vivid, compelling character. She lives and breathes on the page. The whole setting comes to life and makes you feel like you're right there in California! The idea of reinventing yourself speaks to everyone, especially teens. All in all, this is a fantastic read. Definitely check it out!
  • Jenny
    “The Midnights” is a beautifully written coming of age story. I had a difficult time relating to the character and a difficult time understanding a lot of the plot surrounding the music business. Having now read the book, I feel the title is perfect.
  • Diana
    Dreamy, interior, and bursting at the seams with rock'n'roll, this debut is great for fans of slice-of-life stories, settings so vivid they become characters, and budding musicians.
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from Edelweiss. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)While I really loved Susannah's character, I was deeply intrigued by the characters of her family. This book is definitely focused on Susannah's journey and discovery-process, but at the same time, she finds out new sides to her own family. It's almost like in this book she not only discovers who she wants to be, but also re-discov...