Stillhet i støyens tid. Gleden ved å stenge verden ute by Erling Kagge

Stillhet i støyens tid. Gleden ved å stenge verden ute

Behind a cacophony of traffic noise, iPhone alerts and our ever-spinning thoughts, an elusive notion - silence - lies in wait. But what really is silence? Where can it be found? And why is it more important now than ever?Erling Kagge, the Norwegian adventurer and polymath, once spent 50 days walking solo in Antarctica with a broken radio. In this meditative, charming and surprisingly powerful book, he explores the power of silence and the importa...

Details Stillhet i støyens tid. Gleden ved å stenge verden ute

TitleStillhet i støyens tid. Gleden ved å stenge verden ute
Release DateJun 8th, 2018
PublisherKagge Forlag AS
GenreNonfiction, Philosophy, Writing, Essays, Psychology, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography

Reviews Stillhet i støyens tid. Gleden ved å stenge verden ute

  • Diane S ☔
    I usually have a book of short stories or essays that I read at bedtime. These are the only books I read in bed. The title was perfect, called to me, as I too value my silent time, not only value it but need it to keep my mental equilibrium steady. I don't even own a cell phone. I found this book informative, soothing but alarming as well. The statistics show that the amount of time we are able to concentrate is decreasing, rather drastically in ...
  • Megan Johnson
    Have you ever read a book that resonated with you more so than usual because you read it at the right time in your life? For me, this was that book. At the time of reading it, I've been laid up for 6 weeks after ankle surgery which has given me more than enough time to think about what sort of direction I want for 2018. As someone that's always enjoyed time alone but makes a living from the internet, finding silence within noise is something that...
  • Fiona
    I found this book deeply unsatisfying. Whatever it's about, it's not really about silence. Erling Kagge is a well known explorer and traveller. My expectations, based on the book's summary, was that he would be writing about his experiences of silence journeying to the North or South Poles, for example, and that he might reach some profound conclusions. But no!Full of quotes and examples from philosophers, other explorers and writers, it's as if ...
  • Marjorie
    Erling Kagge is quite an impressive man. He was the first person in the world to walk alone to the South Pole. He was also the first to surmount the "three poles" – North, South and the summit of Mount Everest. He’s the founder of a publishing house and a well-respected author. I was thrilled to read what he had to say about the value of silence in our noisy world.Kagge believes that there is power in silence. Silence is not a negative thing ...
  • Tiffany Reisz
    I tried a deep dive into silence while reading this book today and fell asleep in my reading chair. I may need to work on this. PS The book was lovely and meditative.
  • Trin
    This is a very silly book.Kagge is an explorer and entrepreneur whose worldview is close to 180 degrees away from my own. He seems earnest, but entirely humorless and enraptured by rich people problems. He also, in my mind, has never met an anecdote from which he can't draw the wrong conclusion.He starts the book with a story about his teenage daughters at dinner expressing a disdain for silence and wanting to "quickly pull their smartphones out ...
  • Crazy Book Eater
    2,5. This book was like a small collection of interesting quotes about silence and inspiration. I appreciate who the author is and what he did but I find this book pointless. 😓🙁
  • Gill
    'Silence' by Erling Kagge, translated by Betty L. Crook3 stars/ 6 out of 10The whole subject of solitude and silence is of great interest to me, and I have already read several books on this topic. I was interested in reading this new book by Erling Kagge, the Norwegian explorer and adventurer.The main body of this book consists of thirty-three sections, which look at various aspects of the 3 questions that Kagge raises: 'What is silence? Where i...
  • Elsa
    “O silêncio, em si, é rico. É algo de exclusivo e luxuoso. Uma chave para abrir novas maneiras de pensar”.Sendo eu alguém que aprecia e usufrui de imensos períodos de silêncio semanais, este livro não me poderia passar indiferente.Numa sociedade que cada vez mais sabe menos o valor que tem o silêncio, esta é uma obra curta e interessante, de um ponto de vista muito pessoal mas muito rico.Vale a pena sermos lembrados que o silêncio ...
  • Alexa
    This was an interesting read; I decided to read this book because it focuses on mindfulness and meditation. I’m currently really interested in learning about these two topics and this was a good book to get a feel of how one person interprets being mindful and inner peace...Full review:*A copy of this book was provided to me by Penguin Random House Canada*
  • Milkysilvermoon
    Der norwegische Bergsteiger und Extremwanderer Erling Kagge musste weit gehen, um sie zu erleben, die Stille. Auf seinen Expeditionen zu den beiden Polen und zum Mount Everest ist er fündig geworden. Doch auch in großen Städten wie New York und Oslo kann man sie finden, sagt er. Kagge ist überzeugt, dass die Stille überall ist und wir sie auch in uns selbst finden können. Doch was ist sie überhaupt? Und warum ist sie so wichtig?„Stille ...
  • Emanuel
    Nos últimos anos naturalmente adoptei um estado de silêncio interior cada vez maior e permanente, estado este que me levou a alterar, como seria expectável, algumas coisas na minha vida. Uma delas foi há 3 anos estar completamente alienado de redes sociais (blogs, etc...), a (rede social) goodreads foi a única resistente devido às suas particularidades óbvias, pelo menos para alguns dos que andam por aqui e que assim também o entenderão....
  • Rita
    Muito interessante e que nos faz reflectir acerca do silêncio nas nossas vidas.
  • Kristina
    That's my favourite book I read this year!!!
  • Jennifer
    I couldn't help staring at the cover, taking a copy from the display and rearranging it so nobody would know I took a copy, and then replacing it. I couldn't decide whether or not this book was one to own, to hold at my bedside or one I could check out from the nearest library.I returned almost two weeks later. I sought seasonal cards to send to family members in a sudden realization of love and adoration. I wanted to tell my siblings how much I ...
  • Roseb612
    Ticho - zřejmě největší luxus v moderní společnosti. Vlastně ani nevím, kdy naposled jsem kolem sebe měla naprosté ticho - určitě ne od doby, co se narodily děti. A to bydlíme na pidivesnici, ve slepé ulici, kde o půlnoci zhasne veřejné osvětlení a zůstane jen to "hvězdné nebe nade mnou".Kagge si je této danosti naší civilizace vědom, takže Vás nebude přemlouvat, abyste vyrazili do Antakrtidy - ticho totiž dokáže...
  • Inese Kalinka
    Grāmatu lasot, daudzkārt pieķēru sevi pie domas, ka šis cilvēks (autors) nu gan mani spētu saprast. Ļoti sasaucas ar man pēdējā laikā piedzīvoto, justo, domāto. Būtībā autors vārdos ielicis to, ko es domāju, bet nespēju īsti un precīzi izteikt. Grāmata pie manis nonākusi īstajā laikā.
  • Miguel Vieira
    Vivemos realmente num período estranho e paradoxal. Somos os mais novos herdeiros do progresso. Na era do automatismo. Do frenesim informático. Da informação ao segundo. Do imediato. Vivemos com uma intensidade e a uma velocidade nunca vistas. Apesar disso, da proximidade, da facilidade de acesso a tudo, a vida não sabe necessariamente melhor. Permanentemente ligados ao mundo, tornámo-nos menos autónomos. Menos espontâneos. Menos disponí...
  • Eliška Vyhnánková
    Radost z ticha na první pohled vybočuje z typického obsahu nakladatelství Jan Melvil Publishing. Nenajdete v ní žádné odborné věci, pravděpodobně po jejím dočtení nebudete mít popsaný sešit poznámkami, nenabízí cesty ke změně či zlepšení. A to je právě ono. V tomhle případě je samotné čtení cestou. A krásnou meditací. Erling Kagge je neuvěřitelný frajer. Jako první zdolal sám jižní pól. Jako první dal ...
  • Cynthia Egbert
    There are many who will not agree with my five star rating, but this book was exactly what I needed to begin my new year and I will be sharing it widely. There is no way for me to share all of the quotes that I loved from Kagge's offering but I will share two that will give you a taste, one from Kagge himself, "Shutting out the world is not about turning your back on your surroundings, but rather the opposite: it is seeing the world a bit more cl...
  • David Ärlemalm
    Undertiteln, Glädjen i att stänga världen ute, är av en typ som förpliktigar. Men det visar sig inte vara några djupare insikter Kagge bjuder, utan små kåserier, banala tankar om att den ved du hugger också ger värmen från brasan, och annat som knappt krusar ytan. Ni fattar grejen, det är inte Sebald vi talar om här, utan en djupt självupptagen norrbagge som dessutom råkar varya framgångsrik förläggare och *host host* äventyrar...
  • Ali Edwards
    I enjoyed this super quick read. I picked it up after reading about it in the newspaper one weekend - I found his reflections interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Agris Fakingsons
    ..tā kā arī man tuvs ir miers un klusums, šī grāmata nāca kā saukta. tā nav sarežģīta, viss ir kā dzīvē, un bez pārlieku lielas poēzijas :)
  • Pawit Mahattanasing
  • Manel Haro
    Se ha escrito mucho sobre el silencio y en las referencias bibliográficas hay de todo: buena calidad, cosas que ni fu ni fa, y mucha tontería. Este libro es más bien del último grupo. Tengo la sensación que entre leer todo el libro y leer solamente las veinte primeras páginas no hay diferencia. En esencia hay dos o tres ideas muy básicas sobre las que da muchas vueltas. Tengo la sensación que el tema se le quedaba corto y empezó a añadi...
  • Christian, Kelanth, Scala
    Il silenzio, titolo originale "Stillhet i støyens tid. Gleden ved å stenge verden ute", è un libro del 2016 dell'esploratore Erling Kagge. L'autore norvegese è uno dei più grandi avventurieri del nostro tempo: è stata la prima persona al mondo a camminare da solo al Polo Sud. E' stato anche il primo a superare i "tre poli" - Nord , Sud e la vetta del Monte Everest.L'autore con questo libro vuole dirci che il silenzio parla, comunica, raccon...
  • David Sasaki
    I enjoyed the first half of the book so much I had to intentionally slow down my reading to let the appreciation of silence soak in. But then throughout the second half, its meaning and prose unraveled into seemingly arbitrary reflections on anything and everything. His work was done around page 70 and there was no reason to continue. Still, there is plenty I'll take away:Only when I understood that I had a primal need for silence was I able to b...
  • Julie K
    V době tak rušné jako dnes, se ticho stává prakticky luxusem. Lidé se za časem honí, že chvíli klidu nemají, proto se s tichem se vypořádat neumějí. Avšak kniha Vám prozradí, že i ticho může být radostí. To ticho tak jedinečné je velkým přínosem, kdy hluchý Beethoven ve svém tichu devátou symfonii složil, kdy básník tichem určitý okamžik zdůraznil, nebo když hudba po chvíli ticha začne hrát. Ten okamžik,...
  • Fiona
    So ein wunderbares kleines Buch. Am besten irgendwo alleine in der Natur oder einem stillen Raum lesen und einfach drin versinken. Ich habe es auch in der Bahn dabei gehabt aber da kam mir der Alltag und Lärm um mich herum gleich noch viel schlimmer vor, während ich über Ruhe und Stille las.Das Buch hat inklusive Anhang nur 140 Seiten, die Aufmachung ist aber sehr schön. Unter dem weißen Umschlag versteckt sich ein buntes Bild, eine sehr pas...