The Wanted (Elvis Cole, #17; Joe Pike, #6) by Robert Crais

The Wanted (Elvis Cole, #17; Joe Pike, #6)

It seemed like a simple case before the bodies starting piling up. Investigator Elvis Cole and his partner, Joe Pike, take on the deadliest case of their lives, in the new masterpiece of suspense from the #1 New York Times bestselling author When single mother Devon Connor hires private investigator Elvis Cole, it's because her troubled teenage son Tyson is flashing cash and she's afraid he's dealing drugs. But the truth is devastatingly differen...

Details The Wanted (Elvis Cole, #17; Joe Pike, #6)

TitleThe Wanted (Elvis Cole, #17; Joe Pike, #6)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Suspense

Reviews The Wanted (Elvis Cole, #17; Joe Pike, #6)

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: "...these kids leave prints and DNA everywhere."The world slowed when I heard him. I said, " Kids.""They're kids. Three morons."I said it again, just to be sure."Kids.""Teenagers, young adults, whatever. A female and two males. I'm not saying they're little children."I stared out the window. Wilcox described big nasty mothers and multiple burglaries. "How many burglaries are we talking about?""Seventeen, eighteen, something like that. Th...
  • Maureen Carden
    It's been too long since the last Elvis Cole and Joe Pike book came out. For red blooded ‘murican(sic) women it's been way too long since the last Joe Pike was published. Just sayin'. This book went far too quickly considering how much I enjoy the smart-ass Elvis Cole and the ummm, strong, silent, stoic, and intriguing Joe Pike. Oh, I'm sorry; I got carried away there for a moment. Elvis Cole is a L.A private detective, hailing from LA. Joe Pik...
  • Cindy Burnett
    I am a huge fan of Elvis Cole, but The Wanted fell flat for me. I generally love reading about both Elvis and Joe Pike, but I could barely stomach reading about the two ridiculous bad guys – they were way too over the top for me. I also didn’t feel that Tyson Connor was very believable which made the mystery not very believable as well. I realize that mystery series with numerous books such as this one are bound to have an installment or two ...
  • Monnie
    Private eye Elvis Cole and his partner, Joe Pike, make a great team - reminiscent of the late Robert B. Parker's Spenser and Hawk. Together, they can take on the world. But when they bump up against a trio of teens who specialize in upscale burglaries, they may have met their match.For much of the first half of this book, Elvis takes solo center stage. He's hired by Devon Connor, whose son Tyson has been deviating wildly from his usual sweet self...
  • Tucker
    What a treat it is to have Elvis Cole and Joe Pike back! When teenager Tyson Connor’s mother Devon calls Elvis, she is afraid her son is selling drugs because he’s suddenly flush with cash and wearing expensive clothes. Initially, Elvis suspects the same thing, but a little more investigation reveals that Tyson is involved in high-end burglaries with two other teenagers. And they’ve stolen a laptop that the owner is desperate to get back - ...
  • Heidi
    Many many years ago I stumbled across the first book featuring the funny and enigmatic Elvis Cole, and it was love at first book! I have been a huge fan of the series since, and they are the type of comfort books I turn to when I feel a bit book-jaded. Crais always delivers a solid mystery, and Elvis’ quick wit and dry humour put a permanent grin on my face whilst reading. And of course the books would not be complete without the silent, loyal ...
  • Truman32
    The Elvis Cole detective books are perhaps the most progressive series in the mystery genre today. This is a startling fact when you consider Robert Crais’s The Wanted is the 17th go round with this private investigator and his stoic partner Joe Pike. What makes these books so pioneering is the optimistic and sunny disposition of the lead detective, Elvis Cole. That’s right, we are given a lead character who is in no way haunted, tormented, a...
  • Joe Slavinsky
    We all waited forEVER for this book, which was supposed to be out more than a year ago. The problem, is that Crais' stuff is SO good, that I finished the book within 24 hours. Elvis Cole, and Joe Pike are icons, in modern-day crime fiction. The stories are so well-written, with such a frenetic pace, that you can't help but try to read them in one sitting. Now, the wait starts all over again. Aargh!!
  • Nat K
    3.5★s for me.I have to admit that I’ve never previously read a Robert Crais book. No particular reason. I think that from being such a creature of habit, I tend to stick with Authors that I already know and love. But thanks to NetGalley, I’ve now had my reading tastes shift to now include such interesting characters as Elvis Cole and Joe Pike on my reading menu. I was truly surprised after finishing this to see that this is book No. 17 in t...
  • Judy Lesley
    I enjoyed this addition to the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike collection. This one felt a little different because the problems involved three young adults with a total lack of caring for the consequences of the crimes they were committing. Their view of what was fun was painfully innocent. Tyson Connor's mother was worried because his behavior had changed so much recently. When she searched his room she found a watch with a price listed in the stratosp...
  • Hobart
    ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 (rounded up)This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- A single mom has worries about the way that her teen-aged son is behaving -- and when you add in flashy clothes, a Rolex, and more money in his pocket than most book bloggers have in their checking account. So, she hires Elvis to figure out what the bad news is.It takes The World's Fastest Detective just a couple of hours to figure out what Tyson has been up ...
  • Mandy White
    This book hooked me in...This is book 17 in the Elvis Cole series but the first that I have read. It read fine as a stand alone story but there wasn't too much insight into the characters. Elvis is hired to look into how a teenager at high school has suddenly come into large amounts of cadh and expensive clothes. This begins a rollercoaster of a mission to get to the bottom of it. I would like to read more by the author, it was fast paced and I e...
  • Bent Hansen
    For some reason, I have not read a whole lot of Robert Crais' books, which is actually a little odd as I have really liked most the ones that I did read. The same goes for this one with Elvis Cole as the main protagonist and Joe Pike only playing a minor supporting role. Crais sets a great pace for the story and switches perspective throughout the book which gives the reader a broader picture and adds to the dynamics of the plot. Elvis Cole comes...
  • Robin
    Once you start reading this, it'll be hard to stop. I ended up finishing it at 3am, and then I was so sad it was over. One more fantastic ride in a series that I love.
  • Sandy
    Thank God I finished when I did....I have no fingernails left. Review to follow.
  • Kathi Defranc
    I have been reading the Pike/Elvis saga for years, and continue to enjoy the relationship between the two and the problems they get themselves involved in! Just a fun book to read, with bumbling bad guys, off the wall teenage burglars, and interesting police officers with a little bit of romance indicated between Elvis and an officer. Cole is hired by a teenagers mom after she notes changes in him, with expensive clothes and gadgets. He takes the...
  • Joyce
    4 and 1 / 2 starsDevon Connor is a single mom who is very worried about what her son Tyson might doing. She calls PI Elvis Cole because she is worried that he has gotten involved in selling drugs. Her proof is all the expensive things he has about the house, including a very expensive Rolex – and several thousand dollars tucked here and there. It doesn’t take Elvis very long to find out that the kid is one of three young people who are burgla...
  • 3 no 7
    “The Wanted” by Robert Crais is number seventeen in his “Elvis Cole” series. Even though Elvis and Joe continue from previous books, new readers can jump right into this book without any problem. Devon Connor hires private investigator Elvis Cole to find out how her “troubled” son is getting so much cash and expensive clothes. She fears drug trafficking, but the truth is much worse. The investigation drags everyone, Cole, Pike, the mo...
  • Donna
    4.5 stars because I like this series with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike so much!Private detective Elvis Cole accepts a job from Devon Connor. Her son Tyson has started wearing Rolex watches, designer clothes and flashing loads of cash and she's afraid he is selling drugs. Wrong felony. He's breaking into the homes of rich people and stealing jewelry, cash, and electronics with his two friends. Elvis figures this out within three hours. He gets a call b...
  • Jennifer (JC-S)
    ‘Harvey and Stemms were making progress, but they couldn’t just blow into the club and flash the picture. The photograph of Unknown Male Subject Number One was dangerous.’Devon Connor is a single mother, concerned when her teenaged son Tyson suddenly seems to have a lot of money. She’s concerned that he may be dealing drugs, so she contacts private investigator Elvis Cole to see if he can find out what Tyson is up to. Elvis quickly discov...
  • Sharon Jarvis
    It wasn’t until I finished reading The Wanted by Robert Crais that I realised that this was one of many in a series featuring private detective Elvis Cole and his silent side kick Joe Pike. So not having read one of them before certainly doesn’t make it difficult to follow, so quite easily can be read separately. This is a positive as it is sometimes difficult to read a book in a series when there is an assumption that you have prior knowledg...
  • Ed
    Disappointing book #17 in an otherwise entertaining crime fiction series. I thought it read like a 1970's "Made for TV" movie with the pace, prose and complexity of last year's calendar. Where have you gone Elvis and Joe Pike!
  • Kevin Beck
    Elvis has not left the buildingAnother excellent adventure with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. Good people are helped and bad guy butt is kicked. Very good with Elvis's typical humor.
  • Beverly
    Worth the long wait. Elvis displays fatherly feelings in the case of the teen burglars who steal something that bad, bad guys need to recover. These prove to be formidable opponents for Elvis and Joe Pike as they attempt to protect the teens while chasing the villains. Gripping.
  • Rita
    I do love going on adventures with Elvis and Joe.
  • Roxanne Meek
    Elvis Cole is by far my fav fictional character. Truth be told, I’m a little bit in love with him💜 Joe Pike is a close second. I’ve been waiting patiently for this one, Robert Crais’s next Cole/ Pike adventure, and The Wanted didn’t disappoint. Loved it, and them!!
  • Carol Jean
    Very enjoyable. I was extremely happy this time to have the narrative pov shared by a criminal rather than by a dog.
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    Robert Crais-pleased to meet you.Signed your new biggest fan!!!
  • The Real Book Spy
    See this review and more at Concerned about her son, single mother Devon Connor hires Private Investigator Elvis Cole to look into things, which turn out to be much worse than she ever imagined in Robert Crais’ new novel, The Wanted. At first, the case sounds fairly simple. A mother is worried about her teenage son, and Cole is brought in to provide some answers. But during their first meeting to discuss the investigation...
  • The Cats Mother
    I received this free as an ARC from Netgalley, my first ever, which was exciting as Robert Crais is one of my favourite authors and I’ve always envied the people who get to read the latest in a series some time before publication. There was no pressure to review it, but I review everything I read anyway.It has been a while since the last proper Elvis Cole book, as while Joe Pike does appear here, he features much less prominently than in the la...