Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman

Bachelor Nation

The first definitive, unauthorized, behind-the-scenes cultural history of the Bachelor franchise, America's favorite guilty pleasureFor fifteen years and thirty-five seasons, the Bachelor franchise has been a mainstay in American TV viewers' lives. Since it premiered in 2002, the show's popularity and relevance has only grown--more than eight million viewers tuned in to see the conclusion of the most recent season of The Bachelor.The iconic reali...

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TitleBachelor Nation
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Culture, Pop Culture, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

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  • Renee (
    My secret is out....I'm a Bachelor Fan! Of course, my immediate family and a few friends know I love The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows but it's not something I regularly admit to watching. I know I'm not alone since I've been seeing comments for this book pop up on Goodreads from others who start off by saying The Bachelor is their guilty pleasure show. And a secret. Well, Amy Kaufman has now put our #BachelorNation obsession into coherent word...
  • Vanessa (splitreads)
    This was a fun ride, mostly because Kaufman is a good narrator. She is authoritative/journalistic at times (aka getting us some dirt and behind-the-scenes info, teaching us some Bachelor history, walking us through what it is like to be on this show). And... she is a total fan at other times. I definitely flew through this on audio and enjoyed every minute. I am Bachelor trash, but whatever, Kaufman gets me.
  • Tara - Running 'n' Reading
    If you're reading this post, chances are high that you are a fan of The Bachelor franchise; "fan" may be an exaggeration, but this includes those of you who watch episodes and clips, here and there, so that you can snark on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and their corresponding potential loves, with your friends. 'We don’t want to see them getting married. We just want to see them getting proposed to, because the idea of someone wanti...
  • Sarah Elizabeth
    This was an interesting sociological examination of The Bachelor franchise. The author clearly did her research over several years, and was intimately familiar with each season and iteration of the show. There were interviews with contestants from various seasons, references to their books, conversations with previous production crew, and access to behind the scenes documents and procedures. The psychology and sociology behind The Bachelor franch...
  • Lindsey
    As a journalist I can tell how much work Amy must have put into this book while still doing her day job for the LA Times. I won’t give away any of the details you learn about The Bachelor on here, but I will say they are kind of insane. While the book definitely changed my views of how I will watch going forward, she does a fantastic job of making you still want to watch it after you finish, if that makes sense. It’s also nice to know that ev...
  • Ashley
    I guess I set my expectations too high for this book, because my only thought when I finished reading it was “is that it?”For a book that’s supposed to be about what happens behind the scenes of The Bachelor, it revealed surprisingly little. This could be because I regularly read recaps and blog posts by former contestants, from which Kaufman seems to have drawn much of her material. The only interviews she scored for the book were with con...
  • Jen
    3.5/5 - Rounded up, because it's a book about The Bachelor, duh. Overall, this was a quick, interesting read even if it didn't really reveal as many salacious secrets as I had hoped. I enjoyed the history behind the franchise (erect nipples on The Dating Game what?! Mall Masters - yes!) as well as the celebrity takes on why they love The Bachelor in between chapters (where were Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs?). It felt like Kaufman wrote this book ...
  • Lauren
    I downloaded this to my Kindle last night, finished the book this morning and returned the book for a refund once I had. Yes, I enjoy watching the Bachelor and it’s various spin offs, and I read some of the internet critique post-show but I’m definitely not rabid about it. But I still found I knew most of what Kaufman revealed in her book, and got better inside information from reading former contestants blogs, like Sharleen Joynt. The analys...
  • Madelynp
    I went to an airport bookstore because (1) I have a book-buying problem and (2) I really wanted to pick up a copy of "The Red Atlas," a newish book of non-fiction about Russian cartographers mapping the world during the Cold War. When I got to the airport bookstore, I was horrified to learn that the apparent idiots running RDU were shutting down the bookstore (perhaps to put yet another Starbucks in?) and thus, the bookstore had not received any ...
  • TJL
    DNF ~71% (I'm not factoring the pages of references/notes in the book, so it was 270 pages for me)We're done.For clarification, I do not watch the Bachelor/ette, I have never watched the Bachelor/ette, I never plan on watching the Bachelor/ette. So don't think this is coming from some die-hard fan, because I swear you could not pay me to give less of a fuck about this show than I already do.This book was mildly irritating and blatantly biased tow...
  • Karen Germain
    Thank you to Penguin Group Dutton for providing me with an advance copy of Amy Kaufman's book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure, in exchange for an honest review.PLOT- Amy Kaufman provides an unauthorized look at The Bachelor franchise.LIKE- I was a reluctant fan of The Bachelor,  including all of its many spin-offs. I became a fan of the show, when I was a caretaker for my aunt, who was obsessed. Now, y...
  • Amanda James (ajandherbooks)
    A free digital galley of Bachelor Nation was provided to me by Dutton Books through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Have you ever wanted a peak behind the curtain of The Bachelor? See how those fantasy dates are created? How the contestants are chosen and how those In-The-Moment (ITM) interviews are made? Amy Kaufman wrote a book encompassing all of that and much more. You come for the secrets and ...
  • Natalie
    Background: I have a love/hate relationship with the Bachelor/ette franchise, and have run hot and cold on the show over the years. I remember watching the first season with my mom and sister when I was in high school, and have taken a couple of breaks since then, but most recently started back up again with JoJo's season in 2016. I let my sister drag me to an open casting call in San Diego in 2011 (when my sister was hoping the next Bachelor wou...
  • Tara
    I unabashedly love the (very problematic) Bachelor franchise and the massive pop culture ecosystem that’s become built up around it. I watch the show and its spinoffs. I read recaps and listen to podcasts. I follow former contestants on social media. So of course I was going to read this book. This was an easy read with a few interesting tidbits — the specific details about the reality show landscape that birthed the Bachelor, the rise of Mik...
  • Rebecca Lyman
    I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.So I ended up requesting this book because of the subject matter. I've honestly never watched the Bachelor show or any of the other shows in the franchise but I've always kind of had an interest in the show. I recently watched a show on Facebook, RelationShipped, that is a similar premise to The Bachelor shows and I loved the RelationShipped show, so when I saw this...
  • Emily Hutson
    As a member of Bachelor Nation (it kind of hurt to say that out loud) I found this book to be thoroughly enjoyable. Bachelor fan/LA Times writer, Amy Kauffman, interviews multiple contestants, Bachelors, producers and celebrities throughout this book. Of course, I loved every minute and finished it within 30 hours of it being delivered to my house. She starts with an in depth look at the producer and creator of the show, Mike Fleiss, and how the ...
  • Jordan
    Arie's season of The Bachelor has come to a tumultuous end. And this book couldn't have been released at a better time! What do you do when the reality show you've invested hours and hours in ends for the season? Read about all the dirt from the show.This unauthorized book is a juicy, behind-the-scenes tell-all. ABC didn't want Amy Kaufman to write this book, but I'm glad she did. Right away she lets readers know she used to be a journalist who c...
  • Emily
    Okay, guys. I bought this book with low hopes. I figured it would be a cheap guessing game where the author just kind of guessed at what she thought possibly happens behind the scenes at the ABC juggernaut The Bachelor (and all subsequent shows).NOPE.She interviewed contestants, got into the history of the shows, and spoke with psychologists, anthropologists, and media gurus. AND IT WAS FASCINATING. Why do people watch The Bachelor ? What about f...
  • Heather
    I was lucky to get an advanced copy of a tell-all that doesn’t come out until March of this year. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette used to be my guilty pleasure, but I’d been watching since Trista and Ryan’s season, so I got a little bored with the concept. Kaufman perked me right up again talking about what happens behind the scenes. Last night I watched with a new perception of what goes on with this reality show.Every girl on The Bachel...
  • Cathy Branciforte
    Watching The Bachelor has been my guilty pleasure since the show started......if you are not a fan of the show, do not read this book. However, I thought this was one of the better books on the show. The author interviewed many of the show’s former participants and cast members and they have all shared names, places, and many details that I have never read before. There is also a chapter about the history of reality dating shows, which was fun ...
  • Carrie
    All of the chaos in the Bachelor world right now really motivated to read this book (and I've also been known to read the books written by former contestants). I listened to the audio version of this book in less then 24 hours. Once I started hearing the dirt I just didn't want to stop. A lot of it I already mostly knew. This show is basically a shit show, but I can't deny i LOVE watching it. I feel like the girl who knows how shitty her boyfrien...
  • Jess
    UGH. I needed a week off after having finished Murakami's monster (and amazing) IQ84, so this seemed like the perfect book. It does not provide anything you could not get reading Us Weekly or E or whatever. I listened to the audiobook and her reading is AWFUL. The whole thing is narrated in a valley girl voice. Every female character/contestant is read in an exaggerated valley girl voice. Every guy is narrated in some stereotypical bro voice. It ...
  • Alex
    Sorry to say so, but this book was a disappointment. As a moderate-grade fan of the show (I have missed numerous seasons) I thought there would be some dish here that I hadn't heard before. Sadly, her source material is pretty dry. I think the only thing I learned is that Jason Ritter is engaged to Melanie Lynskey (they're both fans of the show, to) and that series creator Mike Fleiss is Heidi's second cousin. The rest of it has appeared elsewher...
  • Caitlin Robertson
    3.5/5 - I liked the inside information about the franchise, and the interviews with contestants. However, I knew a lot of it from interviews and podcasts already. Also, I think there was a lot of unnecessary information (e.g. the chapter on the history of dating shows, and the long section about going to bachelor events). At times, I found the book hard to read as it was written a lot like a newspaper/news article (a lot of “X said”), which w...
  • Danni
    I've only been watching The Bachelor / Bachelorette since Ben Higgin's season, so I'm fairly new to Bachelor Nation. I love that this book explores all aspects of the show, taking you from the show's creation to production, casting, behind-the-scenes filming, then to what happens to the contestants after the show. Lots of good info for a Bachelor enthusiast, presented in a quick and easy-to-read book. In between chapters there's a short two-page ...
  • Dana Salinger
    As soon as I heard about this book I downloaded it onto my Kindle and put aside the other book I was reading, as any Bachelor obsessed person would do. I flew through this book! Loved all of the insider knowledge of how things are really done on the Bachelor. I really liked the author's voice. It was a fun and quick read! I will admit that I skimmed through the parts that delved into the histories of some of the producers of the show. I wasn't pa...
  • Kristin Scruggs
    I read this book in, like, 3 days and I've never watched a single episode of The Bachelor. But this book is thoughtful, thorough and well-written. Plus, who doesn't want an inside peek into how stuff works? I hope the author writes more books about stuff I thought I didn't care about so I can tear through those too!
  • Jackie
    This was a big disappointment. It had very little Bachelor insight. You can get more from the TV show Unreal and the Reality Steve website. This was basically a history of dating shows with opinions on The Bachelor shows by C-D list celebrities. I kept waiting for the juicy bits and they never came.
  • Margaret
    Kaufman expresses amazement that she made it to 75,000 words. I'm amazed, too. If you'd rather not sort through the details that made it to Vulture and Page 6, there's some pretty sweet backstage dish here, but all the historical context will be old news for anyone old enough to remember why Jenny McCarthy and Chris Hardwick have careers in show business (Singled Out, yo!).
  • Elizabeth
    This book is funny, smart, and captivating. An in-depth look at The Bachelor franchise and it’s impact on the lives of contestants, producers, fans, and pop culture, Amy Kaufman leaves no stone unturned. I could not put this book down.