Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

Pillow Thoughts

Pillow Thoughts is a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreak, love and raw emotions. It is divided into sections to read when you feel you need them most. Make a cup of tea and let yourself feel.

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TitlePillow Thoughts
Release DateOct 5th, 2016

Reviews Pillow Thoughts

  • Claudia Ramírez
    Algunos textos me llegaron, pero este poemario no fue para mí.
  • Sarah
    Dear Life, you are exhausting at times. You throw more tantrums than I have ever known possible. You slow down, you speed up, you take time and give time. Sometimes there is sunshine and other times there are storms. So I try to break it up a little, take risks, love a lot and find comfort in trying new things. But you are never the same Life, always changing, always keeping me guessing. So I will live you Life, to my absolute potential.
  • Beatrice ~ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
    Thank you Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Sadly, I didn't enjoy this poetry collection as much as I wanted to. They're like rundown sentences, often times cheesy and it lacks substance especially on the first half of this collection. I like some pieces on the second half but it's forgettable and it didn't leave a huge impact on me.
  • Emma
    This was a nice poetry collection. It’s really short and quick to read and it is divided into sections that are introduced by some really nice illustrations of jellyfish. I liked reading about the themes dealt in this little book and I also quite enjoyed the writing style of the author. Overall it was a pleasant read.
  • Shealea
    Truth be told, I can probably go on and on about how mediocre and embarrassing this literary monstrosity is because God knows I never thought I’d ever find a poetry book that I would end up loathing more than the collections written by Lang Leav. However, there are much more important things for me to accomplish than to waste so many words on a book that shouldn’t even warrant any positive attention. To summarize everything, Pillow Thoughts i...
  • Daniella
    I DNF'ed after like 50 pages of not highlighting or underlining a single poem. That's really unlike me, I'm usually easily pleased with poetry but this really was lackluster.
  • Hiba Arrame
    It's almost 4am and I've just finished reading the most beautiful poems ever, the most beautiful and meaningful, so beautiful that they made me cry, yes, I was moved and sort of got out of the numbness that was starting to drag me in.. I loved it, absolutely loved it.
  • Thomas
    I absolutely loved everything in this book, one of my ultime favorite poetry books!If you havent read it yet, please do! You will not be disappointed, plus it is a fast read (but stays in your head haha!)
  • Hirdesh
    5 Shining Stars.Review soon.
  • Calista
    There were some poems in this collections that did touch me deeply. Some things rang true. Overall, I did find this to be a bit lackluster. It did not ring out in me and resonate the same way as other recent poetry collections.I think Courtney does have talent and she has put together a beautiful collection. I love the Jellyfish theme throughout this. As I said, there were several that rang like a pure bell calling me to a higher truth. That didn...
  • Yousra Serry
    I hate modern poetry but I don't know why this one felt so honest. I feel like I just had a long talk with the author and a part of it, although so simple, touched somewhere deep inside me that I teared up.This book is split into many parts to read each of them depending on what you're feeling or what you're going through in life at the moment. If you're missing someone, if you're lonely, if you're in love.. and they're all so honest and raw.Also...
  • Kate ♡
    Actual Rating: 4.8ishThis was sooo good. Loved it!Really hits you in the feels.
  • Pam (The Girl Who Cried Books)
    Few relatable pieces especially the ones talking about long distance relationships, but aside from that, nothing really REALLY special.
  • Jacqui
    this. book. is. absolutely. amazing. I've really been reading a lot of poetry this week, and I mean a lot. Pillow Thoughts is probably my favorite I have read so far. I love how it is split into sections of what the poems are about. I honestly can't describe how much I enjoyed reading this. All the styles on every poem are so different, and even the shorter ones with only a few words manage to show an intense amount of emotion. I can 100% see mys...
  • lucie
    It’s okay to close some doors, hell, it’s even okay to lock them. This book was more like a collection of inspiration comments for an instagram or facebook post, not a (modern) poetry.
  • Paige (Enchantology)
    3.5 stars
  • Sebastian
    Honestly, some of the worst poetry I've read. boring, not memorable and so fucking mediocre and lacking substance that I don't understand how this got published.
  • Avis
    how very disappointing.if you've been following me or we're friends here on goodreads, you know that i read a good number of poetry collections. you also probably noticed that i'm pretty generous with giving these books one and two stars. you might think to yourself "well, if you hate poetry so much, why do you keep reading it?"the thing is, i love poetry. one of my favorite books is a poetry collection. i have found some wonderful books since i ...
  • Rissa
    Thank you so much to Andrew McMeel publishing via netgalley for sending me an ARc copy of Pillow thoughts by courtney peppernell. Pillow Thoughts will be released on August 29, 2017. Pillow thoughts was beautifully written, very descriptive and with any poetry collection hopefully certain poems speak to you. "I have been a little often on since the day I met you this is because I've never known what it was like it to be perfectly aligned"Pillow t...
  • Megan
    Such gorgeous poetry, Courtney has a way of articulating what I'm feeling in a way I never could. This collection is broken up into different emotions so to speak, and I look forward to going back to different sections when I need them.
  • Kat
    I skimmed a ton of poems. Both because they were bad and because I've read a variation of it before. Many made me cringe too. Some were good but I was mostly disappointed. I avoided the last 10-20 pages.
  • joana
    I am highkey emotional with this.
  • Bruna
    I'm in love with this book !!!
  • Scarlett
    Тhis is gorgeous. It made me cry, it made me think, it made me feel better.It's a shame I can't share all of my favorite quotes, but here is one.You can be in love at 3am or 5pm,and sometimes it is with someone elseand other times it is with the way the sky lookson a Saturday afternoon.....You need love, and love needs you.You are the sun and the moon and every starand you deserve someone who will cross the universe for you.....Life can be chaot...
  • Lin
    I discovered this book by chance and now I want to read every book that Courtney has ever published.You could taste the overflowing emotions, the pain, the happiness, the longing and love. I really did enjoy reading it, and getting to know the person that wrote those poems, exposing herself out for everyone to judge and see. The fact that the author shared so intimate thoughts about people she was in love with and the pain she has gone through an...
  • mondena
    Wenn ich mir Gedichte dieser Art durchlese, gibt mir das immer extrem viel und ich hinterfrage eine Menge was einige Dinge betrifft und das ist auch der Grund warum ich solche Bücher so gerne mag.Viele der Gedichte habe ich mir markiert, weil ich sie mir mit Sicherheit nochmal durchlesen werde, weil sie mir so gut gefallen haben. Das "if you are missing someone" Kapitel fand ich persönlich ein bisschen eintönig, weil es sich komplett auf long ...
  • Nikka
    The writing is simple yet raw and honest. It touches the heart and feeds the soul without having to use complicated and deep ways to make you feel something. Readers can easily connect with the words since what the poems convey is very relatable. It's a feel-good book, and the fact that it's divided into sections/moods is quite convenient when I feel like I need to feel something. I can flip to a section and get the fix I need.
  • Sylwia
    I read this book in two days but I know for a fact that if not for work, I could have finished it in a few hours. It is a collection of poetry and short stories about heartbreak, love and raw emotions - three themes that in my opinion are relatable to every individual.
  • Nicole
  • Elena