Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers, #5) by Rachel Aaron

Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers, #5)

Dear Reader, There is no way to write a blurb for this final book without spoiling all of the others. Suffice it to say, mysteries resolve, dragons war, pigeons abound, and Julius must risk himself in ways he never dreamed possible as Bob’s grand plan finally comes to fruition. But the Great Seer of the Heartstrikers isn’t the only one whose schemes are nearing completion. The Nameless End is coming, and even the machinations of the world’s...

Details Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers, #5)

TitleLast Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers, #5)
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dragons, Magic, Audiobook

Reviews Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers, #5)

  • Petrik
    Heartstrikers is easily the most fun I’ve ever had in an urban fantasy series.And so this is the end of the series, for now. It’s by all means not a perfect series and I know I haven’t read a lot of urban fantasy for my opening statement to hold a lot of strength. However, the reason why I rarely read UF in the first place is that my experience with the genre—with the exception of Paternus by Dyrk Ashton—is more or less the same as my e...
  • Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~
    Actual Rating: 3.5 StarsSo here we are, finally at the end of this series. And what a spectacular ride is has been!It's bittersweet to be here because it's always wonderful to complete a series you love & finally see its resolution, but it's never fun to say goodbye to a cast of characters that have grown to feel like family.This is just such a cozy little tale & honestly I can't wait to reread the books in the future.However, this is unfortunate...
  • TS Chan
    The Heartstrikers series is a triumph of urban high fantasy that is positively overflowing with heart and magic. With a conclusion that is so satisfying that it leaves me basking in the afterglow of completing an amazing series, Heartstrikers have sunk its dragon claws into my heart and established itself as my favourite urban fantasy series.The series started with a fairly light touch as it introduces the reader to the world in which dragons wal...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    Last Dragon standing could be called What about Bob. This is the book where we find out what all of the Pigeon loving seer’s machinations were for and why Julian has been the lynchpin to so many of his plots.This was a solid conclusion to an overall really good series. We got the big fight against the Nameless End, a fitting conclusion to the animosity with Algonquin, some Marci and Julius alone time and so much more. A Dragon of a Different co...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    [2.5 stars] My thoughts on this final book (reluctant disappointment) are vastly different from my thoughts of the series as a whole (happy feelings). The series is such a unique blend of genres and ideas, with some of the most memorable characters you’ll ever come across. No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished (Book #3) is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. All that said, although I loved where the story ended, I had quite a few issues with ho...
  • Celeste
    Full review now posted!This was pretty close to perfect for me. I have a new series to add to my favorites shelf!I love fantasy; it’s my favorite genre by far. However, so much of the fantasy genre is plagued by darkness. While that often makes for a very good story, one of the reasons I read is to escape from the real world, and that level of darkness negates escapism for me. When real life is hard, I sometimes feel overburdened when I add a g...
  • Daniel
    Odlican zavrsetak za ovaj vrlo zabavan serijal. Ocekivano imamo dosta ozbiljnijih momenata, vecina misterija je odlicno objasnjena i moc prijateljstva i razumevanja pobedjuje na kraju. Sa te strane je sve ocekivano ali opet put koji likovi predju jeste neocekivan pa samim tim i interesantan.Sem toga sta reci, zabavni likovi sa puno humora u razgovorima, pricom koja drzi paznju i dobrim krajem.Svaka preporuka.
  • D.G.
    OMG! Bob's in the cover!!! And love the red jacket!!!ETA: The audio comes out on March 1st! PRE-ORDERED!!!
  • Kaitlin
    This series has been great! Truly epic throughout and I am so very happy with how it all finalised too. This is book #5 in the series, so of course I can't really say too much about what happens, but suffice to say the stakes are the highest they have ever been in this book, and there's a lot of trouble ahead for our main characters. This story once more follows Julius and the Merlin and the adventures they have trying to save the world and convi...
  • Molly Mortensen
    More like 3 1/2 stars. As satisfied as I was with the end of the final battle and the wrap up afterwards, I was bored through the first 75% of this book. Up until that wrap up, this book takes place in the few (3?) hours before the world is destroyed. Basically the whole book is the final battle. Through the actual excitement doesn't start until the halfway point, with the first HALF being filled with nothing but talk. (I understand that the talk...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum’s a good reason why there’s not an official summary for this fifth and final novel of the Heartstrikers series, and that the description you will find everywhere is a message to the reader from the author about how there’s no way to write a blurb for this book without spoiling all the others. That’s because it’s true. So much has happened over the course of ...
  • Ezinwanyi
    Enjoyment: ♥♥♥♥♥Narration by Vikas Adam: ♥♥♥♥♥Plot: ♥♥♥♥♥Writing: ♥♥♥♥♥What an amazing ending to such an awesome series. Narrator Vikas Adams really brought this Heartstrikers series by Rachel Aaron to life and solidified this series as one of the best Urban Fantasy series I’ve ever listened to. The range of voices from Julius to Svena to Justin etc, was brilliant and I was completely transfixed from book...
  • Miche
    I was so excited for this book. It had so much potential to be the best of the series, but it ended up being the weakest installment. The story presented here didn't have enough plot development for one book. It feels like book 5 was part of 4, but since 4 got too big for the genre, the text was split into two. I don't think that was the best tactic. With a more throughout edition process, these two books should have been condensed into one and i...
  • Mihir
    Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: I was extremely lucky to be able to read the conclusion to the Heartstrikers series in its manuscript form. I can't thank Rachel Aaron enough for her kindness and for being the awesome person that she is. The blurb of this book is going to be a difficult one as how do you compose one for a series ender. As you can see with the official blurb as well, the author has kept it as spoiler-free...
  • Al *the serial series skipper*
    I can't believe this series is over, I need some more!This series was beyound epic, it has everything amazing crammed into it. I don't even have words right now.So it starts from after the last book ended, Algonquin has given up and the Leviathan is about to destroy earth, everyone is scrabbling to do what they can , Julius is rallying forces, Marci is battling at the sea of magic, Black Reach is still around being dark and gloomy and Justin is b...
  • Maria Dimitrova
    Buddy read with the Co-Despot of BB&B.Like the previous two books it took me awhile to get into this one. For some reason (probably the wait between publications) I had trouble re-immersing myself into the world. Another problem was the narrator for the audiobook - somehow he sounded just wrong for all characters, even flat and identical at times. But after a few chapters as I reacquainted myself with Julius and company things got better and soon...
  • Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆
    Alright. Two month into the new year and I've read the most disappointing book thus far. It probably won't stay the alone disappoint (am reading Lake Silence atm) but this was still pretty bad. JFC, what a horrible book to finish this great series. And it pains me to give this 2 stars too. I finished this last night and was trying to think of a way to give this 3 stars, because I love the series but this was appallingly bad. Like, the author just...
  • Suz
    4+ stars.This is an excellent series and the ending was tidy and feel good. I was heartened to see there will be a spin off trilogy hitting next year, so it's not all we've seen of the Heartstriker world. I will be aboard that train!
  • Lukasz
    And so the journey ends. I love Heartstrikers series. It’s a gem. Huge scale and epic events are pictured in a clever way and shown through eyes of relatable characters. I like most dragons pictured in the book. Even Bethesda. Yes. Even her. Brohomir (aka Bob) is one of my favorite characters ever. He is a genius and he has a plan. He might win a game of chess with Lord Vetinari guys and no one does this. I always considered the series to be ab...
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    I know my other reviews have basically been Squee Squee Squee, but this time I feel so empty. So sad.It is over.It is OVER!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!My poor heart, my poor heart. No more Julius *sniff* No more Crazy Bob and his weird pigeon (thinking of Tesla, maybe they should marry) No more Chelsea and her Golden emperor. No more Fredrerick who I really started to like. You are awesome! *sobs* No more Justin who is j...
  • L.L.
    I finished this a while ago but haven't had the chance to get a review penned. A full review will be to come, but I shall say this is one of my favourite series ever. I love so many of the characters and the incredible world-building. It's so much fun!Full review to come!
  • Marianne
    Wonderful wrap-up, though I'm desperate to know more of Bob and his beloved consort. It would make for an awesome spinoff-series.Oh, and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm rooting for Sir Myron now. It can't eventually end with Julius outliving her. Seriously!Cliterary Genius Reading Challenge, March: Finish a series.
  • Jennifer
    I'm having a hard time not being so so so so excited about this book. Here's to hoping that it's all I'm dreaming of!This was a nice, enjoyable ending to this series. I liked the roundabout plot that led to the conclusion of this story. It wasn't easy and there were a couple of setbacks along the way, but the events made sense in the world of the DNZ. Julius and Marci were still a little too naively optimistic, but it didn't bother me much. I lik...
  • Kristen
    Oh Heartstrikers... you were amazing from start to finish. This was a really good ending for you while still leaving room for more.Bob is one of my favorite literary characters of all forevers now, very easily. Vikas Adam made Bob even more amazing than I think he would have been for me in print.A new addition to the favorite series list, for sure! 10/10 would listen to in its entirety again.
  • Cindy
    Loved it!What an amazing conclusion to Julius' story! The sacrifices made and the teamwork that came about was uplifting and exciting. I loved how even the oldest enemies worked together. I loved all of it.
  • Jenia
    This is a review for the fifth and final Heartstrikers book. If you're thinking of getting into the series, check out Tam's review of book #1, Nice Dragons Finish Last ! In this review there are  spoilers for books #1-4.Last Dragon Standing is a fun, fast-paced, and extremely satisfying conclusion to a fun, fast-paced series.The book picks up right where the last one left off: with most of the key players — dragon, human, and spirit — gat...
  • Karma♥Bites ^.~
    Read/finished (audio): 7 Sept 2018 (★★★★)RTC ??For now, VG ending & loved the Epilogue. Really wished that book had been longer (or better edited/paced) for proper wrap-up to series w/ so many primary characters—perhaps intentionally left certain things unresolved/unanswered (*cough*Chelsie!!*cough*) for future book?Absolutely rec series to UF fans who enjoy humour & snark, strong magical WB, and multi-para beings. Narrator Vikas Adam d...
  • Henriette
    The last book of the Heartstriker series, though Rachel Aaron reveals in the afterword that she is currently working on a new trilogy set in that world. And I cannot wait to read it.The conclusion to the series wraps up all lose ends and gives the reader a happy ending. There is also a good portion of humor based in the characters‘ quirkiness. Unlike its predecessor there weren’t unending battles on an epic scale involved. They won more throu...
  • Bridget
    Well, that deserves at least 4 stars. I found it an incredibly satisfying conclusion to the series. I was pretty excited (as evidenced by the fact that I cracked it open all of 3 minutes after it was released and should have been sleeping) but it certainly exceeded my expectations. I will do a better review if I feel like it later, but now I'm going to sleep.Also, I'm pretty excited to be the third reviewer who has actually read the book to post ...
  • Dragana
    A big showdown in the true spirit of this series. :)+ Non-stop action.+ Everything gets resolved.+ Being nice triumphs over brute force.+ Great quirky characters. + No one is good or bad. I like how Rachel Aaron shows us "the villains" perspective. I actually liked most of the bad guys too, although they were seriously misguided.+ Setting was awesome. I always like to see modern uses for magic. Rachel Aaron hints that there will be more novels se...