A Criminal Defense (Philadelphia Legal #1) by William L. Myers Jr.

A Criminal Defense (Philadelphia Legal #1)

Losing the trial of his life could mean losing everything.When a young reporter is found dead and a prominent Philadelphia businessman is accused of her murder, Mick McFarland finds himself involved in the case of his life. The defendant, David Hanson, was Mick’s close friend in law school, and the victim, a TV news reporter, had reached out to Mick for legal help only hours before her death.Mick’s played both sides of Philadelphia’s courtr...

Details A Criminal Defense (Philadelphia Legal #1)

TitleA Criminal Defense (Philadelphia Legal #1)
Release DateApr 1st, 2017
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Legal Thriller, Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Crime, Novels, Drama, Did Not Finish

Reviews A Criminal Defense (Philadelphia Legal #1)

  • Tulay
    Great legal thriller.This unpublished book was free with Kindle First March selection. So very glad I picked this book. Legal mystery/thrill lovers should read this book.All the characters with their actions explained to us who and what they are. Other than little girl Gabrielle and Tommy, they all are disgusting.Michael McFarland has small legal practice, his very rich friend since law school is accused of murder. Trial and investigations keeps ...
  • Matt
    Exploring the world of William L. Myers, Jr., I had hoped to be dazzled by his skills and dedication to the genre. Legal thrillers are a dime a dozen, but well-crafted ones are much harder to come by. Mick McFarland is a gritty Philadelphia lawyer trying to make the world a better place, one case at a time. However, he is in private practice, so his clients must also have the money to pay for his expert legal advice. While handling some meat and ...
  • Nazanin
    2 StarsThis story is about a defense attorney (Mick) who his recent client is his college friend (David). David is accused for killing a reporter. Two detectives found him at the crime scene while he was sterilized the place and tried to run away from them and he insisted on he's not the killer. I read the first 32% but I couldn’t concentrate on it. The multiple open cases were too much for me (and also too many names). So I skipped and skimmed...
  • Selene
    3.75 starsThis book featured a slow burning legal drama based in Philadelphia about a lawyer juggling multiple open cases, an unsteady marriage, unstable family ties, and a financially shaky legal firm. Michael "Mick" McFarland was the protagonist whose POV provided the central vision for this story.The beginning was a bit dull with all of the background information being laid out, but this story gradually became more interesting as the story unf...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Review to follow but LOVED this. I'm on the lookout for good legal thrillers I mean REALLY good ones and this hit the spot.
  • Jill
    Fantastic! I was really blown away by this book. There are so many surprises and plot twists- I was kept guessing until the very end. I love clever lawyering and tense courtroom drama-I really enjoyed the courtroom scenes. The real surprise for me, though, was the characters and the drama/conflict between them. Legal thrillers these days are too often filled with thin, almost cliche'd characters. The characters in this book, including the protago...
  • Leslie
    This is a legal procedural set in Philadelphia. As a Philly local I love books set in Philly. Love them. And the first 50% of this book had me absolutely charmed. It was an excellent mystery and Philly was well featured. when the twist in the tale came I was stunned. Stunned. STUNNED. And then annoyed.So 4 stars rather than 5. I still plan on reading the next book by the author.
  • Terri Lynn
    I enjoyed the writing itself but took off 3 points for the plot, storyline, and the way it ended. The plot and storyline had the feel of a bad soap opera. Yes, I understand wanting to add twists and surprises but this was absurd. I mean, having our "hero" lawyer Mick, his troubled brother Tommy, the prosecuting attorney, Mick's wife, the defendant David Hanson, and David's wife Marcie all cheating and being cheated on and involved in the murder o...
  • Angelica
    Every once in a while I enjoy a good book about the law. This was an engrossing story of criminal defense but I hated the ending. There were no good guys and justice was not served. Maybe I'm naive, but at least in fiction, I want to like at least one person, and there was no one.
  • Stephanie
    I got this through Kindle First and I guess I'll never learn that free books are terrible books. I chose it because it had the best reviews of them all... what are y'all smoking??Also this author didn't seem to know that Thatcher Gray (Grey) is a well known soap opera character from Grey's Anatomy.
  • Jean Poulos
    This is a new author for me. The book was recently published on April 1, 2017. The author is a practicing attorney.A young female reporter is found dead and a prominent Philadelphia businessman is accused of the murder. Our protagonist is Mick McFarland. He finds himself in a quandary. David Hanson, the defendant, is a close friend and law school buddy. The T. V. news reporter had call Mick to seek help only hours before her death. Mick had been ...
  • Amy
    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.com4.5/5I’m always slightly hesitant before I read a legal thriller, will it be full of legal jargon that bores me to tears? Will it be bland and dry with more long speeches by blabbing lawyers than actual thrills? None of that happened here, in fact it was quite the opposite. I was highly engrossed in this story and had a hard time putting it down. This isn’t a straightforward legal drama, th...
  • Terynce
    Twists and turns a plenty, but it doesn't make for a good story. No drama, no anticipation, Grisham it ain't. Hey, let's make a convoluted plot, that no one will see coming because it doesn't make any sense, and have the bad guys get away with everything. No reckoning, no justice, no punishment for the guilty. If that was the intended overall message I suppose the book succeeded, but I can't help but think it was just happenstance. (view spoiler)...
  • Cathie
    So I'm wavering between 3 and 4 stars and have decided to go with 4. There were parts of this book that were excellent, there were parts of this book that were not, but they always led to new questions of "what's he up to now" and "who is on that tape". I thought I new; I did not. (view spoiler)[In the end the one person I was sure was on that tape was not and they were the one that had actually done the deed. I guessed the right person but not t...
  • Amanda Jane
    Review to come
  • Judy Collins
    A fantastic new legal thriller and love Peter Berkrot! Highly recommend the audio. Review to follow.
  • Ms.pegasus
    What would you look for if you needed a defense attorney? Experience? Graduate of a prestigious law school? Referral from a professional peer? What about motivations — an unknowable unknown? In this unusual legal procedural, Mick McFarland can point with confidence to his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, his highly successful stint in the D.A.'s office, and his pro bono work evidencing his idealism in the justice system. It was t...
  • Kelsea
    As a nearly-exclusive reader of the fantasy genre, I don't typically pick up books like A Criminal Defense. However, looking through the March 2017 Kindle First choices, I noted that the fantasy/sci-fi option this month was a YA dystopian sci-fi. Honestly, I just couldn't bear to read another YA dystopian, so I decided to branch out and go for the "legal thriller" instead. All of this is to say that I'm not typically a reader of thrillers, legal ...
  • Kristin
    This was really hard to get though. I generally am able to sit and read a book for a few hours and finish within a day or two, but I kept finding that I had to put this one down and take a break from it. This took me over a month to read. None of the characters had any redeeming qualities. They all acted reprehensible and awful. The story dragged forever until the plot twist at the very end. That didn't redeem the book either. It made very little...
  • Suze
    A CRIMINAL DEFENSEThis is an exceptional book, nothing is as it seems. The author did an amazing job of putting an elaborate puzzle together, very complex story-very good book.
  • Kathi Defranc
    Wow...A Legal Thriller with a BANG! A great story of a lawyer,his family and a murder that is much more than meets the eye! A courtroom tale with characters so diverse that it is hard to find any to like. Just when you think you understand a plot, there is a twist that changes everything. A nice job of writing by author William L. Myers, even the ending is totally unexpected. Anyone who likes legal thrillers should grab this book immediately!
  • Chris Steeden
    I really enjoyed this book. At first I thought it was going to be a run of the mill Grisham with a moral lawyer who sticks up for the vulnerable and powerless against the wealthy and powerful. It does start by following that path or so it seems.Mick McFarland is the lawyer and the setting is Philadelphia which made a change from the normal New York, LA or London settings. I referenced Google Maps a few times to see the different locations I had n...
  • Debbie Oxier
    Fantastic!This is the best legal thriller I've read in a long time. A couple of times I thought I had something figured out then the author would throw in another twist and I'd be back where I started. And the ending blew me away! I sat there stunned for several seconds as I absorbed what I'd just read. The author did an excellent job of mixing things up to keep you guessing. When Mick McFarland gets a phone call from good friend David Hanson say...
  • Beverly E. McWhirk
    Is there a greater descriptor than MAGNIFICENT?I'm a sucker for reading newbie authors; however, most of their efforts are pretty mediocre. William L. Myers, Jr. is the incredibly outstanding exception! His first published novel, A Criminal Defense, is excellent beyond words. The cast of characters is diverse, well-crafted, likable/hated and certainly can be surprising. The story is extremely well-plotted, well-paced and is one of THE BEST myster...
  • Delaney Diamond
    Although I enjoyed this story, I did skim some of the courtroom scene in the second half of the book. But the storyline kept me glued to the pages, trying to figure out who the murderer was. First of all, the victim was not a nice person, and neither was the defendant. But few of the supporting characters had any redeeming qualities, either, quite frankly. This was one of those stories where you can’t figure out who did it, and even when you th...
  • Harold Kasselman
    I am usually leery of legal thrillers because of my career as a lawyer. This novel, while not perfect, is an outstanding and riveting legal suspense read. Certainly there are moments that strain credulity and testimony that would be objectionable, but on the whole it is a great courtroom story. This is a unique story with Machiavellian twists and turns from many characters. It also contains a fascinating subplot concerning the psychologically dam...
  • Kelli
    Solid suspense, twisting around until the very end. enjoyed!
  • K Grant
    Kept my interest as all the twists and turns start coming together. Unexpected, of not unbelievable, ending. Recommended.
  • Ruth Jacobs Bogart
    One of the best mysteries I have read . Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille is my favorite, but now these are tied for first. A Criminal Defense was a thriller. In almost each chapter some shock to the plot was revealed. if you want a book that moves fast and keeps you glued to the pages, read it.
  • Nenette
    Being a lawyer is one of the most despised profession by my grandmother. With a legal thriller plot like this one, I always go back in time and remember her dissuading my cousin from going into law school: "lawyers are liars; they spin things just to win a case."Very well written, it was a guessing game for me through the end. Anybody could've raised their hand in response to the question "whodunnit?" But a lot of cover ups happened. Still, the b...