The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

The Identicals

From New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand, a summertime story about identical twins who couldn't be any less alike.Nantucket is only two and a half hours away from Martha's Vineyard by ferry. But the two islands might as well be worlds apart for a set of identical twin sisters who have been at odds for years. Just because twins look exactly the same doesn't mean they're anything alike--and Tabitha and Harper Frost have spent their w...

Details The Identicals

TitleThe Identicals
Release DateJun 13th, 2017
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
Number of pages592 pages
GenreFiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Contemporary, Family, Novels, Chick Lit

Reviews The Identicals

  • Robin
    This is Hilderbrand's usual entertaining story of family dynamics filled with the tastes and scenery of Nantucket, but in this book she adds Martha's Vineyard to the mix. Despite finding the characters pretty much unlikable in the beginning (which almost turned me off from continuing but GoodReads reports were so positive I decided to keep reading), they redeemed themselves as the story progressed. There were no big surprises during the course of...
  • Jamie
    This was absolutely fantastic. Elin is back!!!! I only wish this could have been even longer (and it was pretty long!)
  • Toni
    The Frosts were the couple always found on Boston’s society pages rather than home with their twin girls Harper and Tabitha. Eleanor Roxie Frost came from Back Bay Society and was happy to snag her handsome, charming husband Billy, right off the dance floor and out of her cousin’s weak arms. Eleanor always got what she wanted, and her latest dress designs and new shop in Boston were making her more popular and wealthy. Her business was taking...
  • Sherry
    4.5 starsTwo islands (Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket), two sisters (identical twins Tabitha and Harper), and family drama. What more could you ask for in a "summer" book? A perfect beach read written so that I felt like I knew the characters and might just bump into them in the grocery store.
  • Ann
    I've read many Elin Hilderbrand books over the years but I have to admit this is my least favorite. The story is good, identical twins who were split by their parent's divorce. I didn't like any of the women characters but they did become a little more likable toward the end of the book. They all appear to be selfish and lack some character, especially the school girl bully. Each chapter was narrated by one of the twins, Harper or Tabitha, Tabith...
  • Eva • All Books Considered
    Review originally posted at All Books Considered: 4 STARS I've read every single story and book that Elin Hilderbrand has ever published. I've also re-read many of her books and I look forward to each one; she now has a winter series that she publishes in the late fall in addition to the book she writes every summer but, still, her books are the start of summer for me. That being said, her last few books have been hit or miss for me. A few I've ...
  • Stephanie
    Every year there are certain authors who are always on my beach reading list because their books have come to equate in my mind long vacations, cocktails by the pool, and lounging on a sandy beach. Elin Hilderbrand is one author whose books are always at the very top of that reading list! And I have to say that this year, she is at the top of her game with The Identicals. What a fantastic beach read—it’s fun, breezy, and the perfect escape!Th...
  • Kathleen Kelly
    When it comes to special bonds, there is nothing like that between sisters. There are times when you love her and don't know how you would live without her, but there are times when you want nothing to do with her and you feel like there isn't enough distance. But the bond is unshakable. You would go to the ends of the earth for her.Sisters can be maddening, but the love shared is unlike any other. Having grown up with four sisters (yes, four!) -...
  • Moe's Book Blog
    The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand is a women's fiction novel based on the lives of two identical twin sisters who haven't spoken to each another in over fourteen years but are forced to reconnect when the unthinkable happens. Years earlier, when the girls were seventeen, their parents made a decision that would change their lives forever and their relationship inextricably. This novel is told from the perspectives of the twins, Harper and Tabith...
  • Carol
    Good beach read. Kind of predictable, but enjoyable. Does the author have to repeat the first AND last names of the characters on every other page as though we might have forgotten? Some info was repeated, again thinking we may have forgotten from a chapter ago? Some info was certainly unneeded about characters mentioned but not central to the story-line that could have been left out instead of wondering why it was in there. On the whole enjoyabl...
  • Theresa Alan
    Identical twin sisters Tabitha and Harper and Tabitha’s sixteen-year-old daughter are the primary story tellers of this novel. None of them are particularly likeable at the beginning. Tabitha is upright and not good at expressing her feelings; Harper is laid back but doesn’t have a real career and is having an affair with a married man; and Ainsley is a spoiled brat. The changes in their circumstances transform all of them over the course of ...
  • Brittany
    This was a fantastic read--the perfect summer book! I think it may be my favorite yet from Elin Hilderbrand. The Identicals is told in alternating viewpoints from identical twin sisters Harper and Tabitha, as well as Tabitha's daughter, Ainsley. In true Parent Trap fashion, Harper and Tabitha grew up with separate parents on separate islands; Harper has lived with her father on Martha's Vineyard, and Tabitha lives with her fashion-designer mother...
  • Sarah
    Thank you NetGalley for an advanced reader copy of this book! I gave this one four stars because it's Elin and it's almost summer. You can feel summer coming off the pages of each book she writes. That being said, I wasn't overly fond of any of the characters in the book - Ainsley, Harper, or Tabitha. None of them had any qualities that made them particularly appealing. You sort of wanted to yell at them to pull themselves together. Harper, a gro...
  • Rebecca
    While I've never been to Nantucket (or Martha's Vineyard), it's a place I feel I know and one that feels like summer due to authors like Elin Hilderbrand who describe it so lovingly. The islands and what makes them special and unique was such a big part of this book, and how they compare and contrast played nicely next to the story of twins who have, through time and a series of wounds, grown not only apart, but to resent and distrust each other....
  • Ellen
    Another good summer beach read from Hildebrand, this novel alternates between the usual setting of Nantucket, with Martha's Vineyard. Tabitha and Harper are identical twins, separated when their parents divorced and decided Tabitha would stay with her uptight, snobby mother, Eleanor, while Harper stayed with her down to earth father, Billy. Completely different personalities, they stopped talking for years but are reunited at their father's death...
  • Mindy
    I give this book 4.5-5 stars. It was really good and I read it all in one sitting (which says a lot for an almost-600 page book)! Hilderbrand tends to write about families and their different dynamics and this story follows suit in a BIG way. She gives the perspectives of two twins that have grown separately and apart from each other. There were definitely parts that made you laugh and some that made you think "Hmmm." Great summer read! (I got th...
  • Kathleen Booker
    Amazing---- I felt like I was part of this family Ms Hilderbrand has done a wonderful job of pulling her readers in. Harper and Tabitha should never have been separated but their parents were only thinking of their selves and took too many years from them. So very glad they were able to reunite and Ainsley seems to be getting her life on the right track.
  • Cathy Branciforte
    Really enjoyed yet another Elin Hilderbrand novel. I don't know how she does it year after year, but I continue to be transported to Nantucket every May when her new books come out.Now my summer can begin! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun summer beach read. Thanks to Little, Brown Co and Netgalley for the digital review copy!
  • Tara
    I received this arc from Netgalley for an honest review. I look forward to Elin Hilderbrands new book every year and this did not disappoint. The characters were strong as was the storyline. The story did wrap up kind of quickly but it was still a good story. I liked the beginning when both islands were described and what one thought of the other.
  • Ang
    Pretty delightful. I'd say Hilderbrand is at the top of my beach reads list right now. Her books are breezy and fun, and full of interesting secondary characters. There's nothing serious or heavy about any of them, and this book just continues that trend. Fun, breezy and light as air.Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the digital ARC!
  • Jessica Howard
    My favorite Hilderbrand yet! Full review for Shelf Awareness.
  • Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder
    Gotta new island to learn about - read the full review on