You Say It First (Happily Inc, #1) by Susan Mallery

You Say It First (Happily Inc, #1)

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fool's Gold romances invites you to visit Happily Inc., a wedding destination founded on a fairy tale Sculptor Nick Mitchell grew up in a family of artists and learned from his volatile father that passion only leads to pain. As he waits on a new commission, he takes a day job as a humble carpenter at a theme wedding venue. The job has its perks—mainly the venue's captivating owner, Pallas Saunder...

Details You Say It First (Happily Inc, #1)

TitleYou Say It First (Happily Inc, #1)
Release DateAug 22nd, 2017
PublisherHQN Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews You Say It First (Happily Inc, #1)

  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Step aside Fool's Gold - here comes Happily Inc!!This is a brand new sweet romance series that's a bit of a Fool's Gold spin-off.We already met Nick's family in FG and now he and his two artist brothers moved to Happily Inc to get away from their dad.Nick is waiting for a call from Dubai - he's in the running to build a huge piece for a hotel lobby over there. That would take him away from home for two years.But for now he's here. And he's workin...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Welcome to Happily Inc. where Susan Mallory will bring you into the lives and hearts of the wedding capital of the world. Nick and Pallas story was sweet, romantic, humorous and sexy. I couldn’t ask for a more complete read with You Say It First.I adored both Nick and Pallas. Nick was kind, considerate, talented and so supportive of a woman that he just met. Pallas has her moments that she didn’t shine but that just made her more down-to-eart...
  • Stacee
    I had read and enjoyed some of the books from a previous series, so I required this one on a whim. It was a delightful surprise to find it featured characters from that series. I liked Pallas and Nick well enough. They're both good, supportive people and I think that might be the best thing I can say about them. I didn't quite get their chemistry and while the conversation was decent, it lacked banter. Thankfully, there are loads and loads of oth...
  • Cheri
    I know there are several bad reviews for this new series, but I enjoyed it. Was dragging threw it at the midway but then got pretty entertaining. I plan on starting to read the 2nd one as well
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    RATING: 4 STARS(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS)(Review Not on Blog)Listened to on AudioThe name of the heroine, Pallas, kept throwing me off as I listened to the audio but otherwise I really enjoyed this novel. Please note this the first book in the Happily Inc series, but is a spin-off of Fool's Gold. I find that after reading all the psychological gritty suspense and nonfiction I need a breather. I like small town romances as I need the s...
  • ☆☆Hannah☆☆
    I enjoyed this book for the most part. I felt bad for the MC her mother was horrible. Thankfully we find out why and they work on that. My only complaint was that this was a romance book but yet they didn't really focus on that much. It spent most of the time on her wedding business. Other than that this was a good book and I would definitely recommend it to others.
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Publisher via NetGalley and InkSlingerPR***Susan Mallery books are like sitting down with a good friend and hanging out. No matter the setting, or the characters, or the plot, you know you are going to enjoy the book and be glad that you read it.So, when I got ahold of this one, I dove right in.Nick and Pallas are wonderful together, and so perfect. A woman who is afraid she is not good enough to be worthy of love, and one ...
  • Sarah
    4 StarsChallenges:♥ What To Read in 2018: Task 20: Favorite author - you may either re-read an old favorite or continue on with one you haven't read yet. ♥ RRRC: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Quarterly Challenge:#33. Tourmaline : Read a book with at least three colors on the cover or a sports story.
  • Morgan
    So, Mallery's new series is kind of a spin-off from the Fool's Gold series and located elsewhere with three out of the five Mitchell brothers in the desert area that's famous for weddings. I never read the Fool's Gold series and I don't intend to. I tried reading one book and easily got sidetracked. But after reading the well thought out reviews on every book, it's safe to say the author uses the same romance formula that Harlequin loves so much....
  • Ann Lorz
    Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: https://romancingthereaders.blogspot....I can't seem to remember a time when I wasn't reading Susan Mallery. She's one of the few authors that I can honestly say that after 20 years plus, I'm still reading her. I'm just glad that I can say after all this time of reading Mallery I still enjoy her books like I'm reading her for the first time! When Mallery decided to end for now her Fool's Gold series (for n...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewThis is my first ever Susan Mallery read - yes, I can hear your gasps of shock! Heck, B has been trying to get me to read her for years!Welcome to the town of Happily Inc and it's motley crew of residents! There is a lot of background and introductions in this first book in this series, but it is well worth it!There are a LOT of weddings in this book, however I loved that they are not the run of the mill I Dos. An...
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    RATING: 3/5 STARSThis is my first Susan Mallery book and I have to say that it won’t be last. I was intimidated by the sheer number of books she has written in the past. And I didn’t know what type of writing style she has but now that I have finished You Say it First, I know that her writing is an easy to dive into type of style that makes readers enjoy the story more.Pallas Saunders, our heroine, has lived well, an interesting life. Left be...
  • Peggy Jaeger
    I read the Happily, Inc books out of order, but when I did, I knew I just had to go back and read about how Pallas and Nick came together.And boy, I wasn't disappointed.Pallas owns Weddings in a box and has the most hateful mother I've ever read. truly. The woman is a class A bitch and all that goes along with it, and Pallas is at her wit's end trying to be the good daughter and live up to all mommy's expectations and demands.Nick knows a little ...
  • Taryn
    I was worried that this new series would be to much like Mallery's Fool's Gold books, especially since we revisit some characters from that series, but was pleasantly surprised. There was no cause for worry, Happily Inc. is a wedding town filled with people, animals, and a heart all its own. It was delightfully warm and amusing leaving me wanting to know more about the town and its citizens. I was captivated from the beginning to end; one minute ...
  • Melissa Borsey
    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I was so very excited to be chosen to read this first in a new series because I was a big fan of the Fools Gold series and was beyond thrilled to have some of those characters show up in this book! I loved the concept of Wedding in a Box, very fun and creative. I loved Pallas and Nick and can't wait for the next book in this series as it is destined to be a great hit...
  • Lucinda
    Finally picked up a book by Susan Mallery to satisfy my curiosity. Formulaic, with an explicit scene, which is probably why she sells so well. The writing is okay, but nothing special. I'm sure Susan Mallery fans will love it. It's a spinoff from her famous series.
  • Monique V
    So at first this book was fun then as it progressed, it got boring and a little annoying. I don't know why I just lost interest.
  • Mackenzie
    Song for summary: I Want To Know What Love Is by ForeignerI absolutely loved this book! The characters are entertaining, talented, and witty; while the plot has a perfect combination of humour, romance, and weddings. This is the perfect read for anyone looking for a nice, quick romantic comedy. I look forward to reading the following books in this series!
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    3.5 starsYou say it first is the first book in a new series by Susan Mallery. It follows Pallas the owner of weddings in a box and Nick a famous sculptor. Besides the two of them, we also meet a horde of other characters who will hopefully get one day their own books. Like for example Drew and Silver. I want to see Drew making up for hurting Silver. Overall I liked almost all of the secondary characters we met in this book. Only Libby was a sour ...
  • Aly
    Two protagonists who hold themselves back emotionally, both influenced by their parent. She's a wedding planer who tried all her life to reach her mother's unattainable expectations and he's an artist who think that passion can be dangerous and all too consuming. He answer her ad for a part-time carpenter position but she'll make him do something else before she'll hire him to restore two sets of wooden panels at her workplace. Not that I had dou...
  • Cheryl
    This book was a nice start to this new series. I liked Pallas. Yet, she was more reserved in the beginning but by the end of the story, she had really opened up. Whereas, I was a fan of Nick's instantly. Although, it probably helped that he was willing to go with the flow even if that meant dressing like a Roman soldier complete with a fake tan and toga. Pallas business, Weddings in a Box was fun. The crazy ideas that her clients came up with wer...
  • The_Book_Queen
    3 1/2 Stars! First, I do think the romance took a backseat and was just overall underwhelming.HOWEVER, I wasn't terribly upset by this because I truly enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, it was cute, and I really found the wedding planning interesting and totally wanted to see how they pulled off the two custom weddings at the end (everything sounded pretty cool!). I'll be back for book 2, and probably for more from Mallery, when I just need ...
  • Christa
    You Say It First is a fun and entertaining book that is the first in a new series by Susan Mallery. It features Pallas Saunders, who has inherited a wedding business called Weddings in a Box. Pallas does theme weddings, and soon hires successful artist Nick Mitchell to do some carpentry. Neither Nick nor Pallas will place trust in a real relationship, but they are willing to see where their attraction takes the in the right now.This was a really ...
  • Susan
    Terrific start to the new series. Happily Inc. is a small town on the edge of the desert in Southern California. Just as Fool's Gold is known for its festivals, Happily Inc. is a mecca for destination weddings. (I loved the explanation of how that happened.) Nick and his brothers, Ronan and Mathias, are recent transplants from their hometown of Fool's Gold. They were introduced in Thrill Me and Best of My Love, including the family drama that cau...
  • Marlene
    Originally published at Reading RealityIf I were being mean, I’d say this story is set in a little town that was supported by a very big lie. But I had an absolutely marvelous time in Happily Inc., so instead I’ll say that the town was boosted by an absolutely fantastic public relations ploy.Pallas Saunders is the proud and still surprised owner of Weddings in a Box, a little company that does theme weddings in the wedding destination town of...
  • Eva Hechenberger
    Es sind mir bereits einige der Bücher der Autorin bekannt und habe mich so auf den Auftakt der neuen Reihe sehr gefreut. Dieses Mal entführt uns die Autorin in einer Kleinstadt mit dem Namen Happily Inc. am Rande der kalifornischen Wüste. Hier stehen Hochzeiten auf dem Tagesplan, denn es gibt eine Legende um die Kleinstadt. In diesem Auftakt sind nun Pallas und Nick die beiden Hauptprotagonisten. Pallas hat eine Hochzeitsagentur geerbt und Nic...
  • Elley Murray
    OK first and foremost - what the heck kind of name is Pallas? There's a little blurb in there explaining it, but I don't buy it. Her name was distracting for me through the entire book. Also, I think the town name is stupid and don't understand the relevance of the title. There, that's most of the bad stuff I have to say done with, now let's get to the good stuff!This is the first in a series about the people in a small town called Happily Inc, w...
  • Gaele
    Take 3 brothers from the Fool’s Gold series and relocate them to a little town known as a wedding destination and watch the sparks fly! Pallas Saunders runs Weddings in a Box, a wedding planning service that specializes in out of the box, outrageously fun weddings. She loves her work, her shop and even the town, and with her cadre of girlfriends Carol, Violet, Natalie, Silver, and Wynn. Fortunately for Pallas, they are always in her corner and ...
  • Evelyn
    Originally reviewed for It’s always exciting to begin a new series, and You Say It First is a great start to the Happily Inc. series by Susan Mallery. With a few details to also tie it to the Fool’s Gold series, Susan Mallery’s loyal readers should feel right at home. Pallas Saunders (a name I admit I had a hard time warming up to) inherited a wedding business, Weddings in a Box, from her former boss. She had alwa...
  • Booknerd_1107
    Originally posted on*thank you to the author and publisher for providing an arc**4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐Welcome to Happy Inc. where your dream wedding is waiting to happen. And the persons who will help with that dream is Pallas.Pallas has inherited Weddings In A Box from Gerald the pervious owner and trying everything to make the business stay afloat and keep Gerald's business alive. But some days it feels like she ca...