Dear Mrs Bird by A.J. Pearce

Dear Mrs Bird

London, 1940. Emmeline Lake is Doing Her Bit for the war effort, volunteering as a telephone operator with the Auxiliary Fire Services. When Emmy sees an advertisement for a job at the London Evening Chronicle, her dreams of becoming a Lady War Correspondent suddenly seem achievable. But the job turns out to be working as a typist for the fierce and renowned advice columnist, Henrietta Bird. Emmy is disappointed, but gamely bucks up and buckles d...

Details Dear Mrs Bird

TitleDear Mrs Bird
Release DateApr 5th, 2018
PublisherPicador Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, European Literature, British Literature, Adult Fiction, Adult, Literary Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Dear Mrs Bird

  • Fran
    Emmeline Lake takes the bus home from work carrying her handbag, gas mask, and an onion (for stew). She dreams of becoming a war correspondent or a journalist covering political intrigue. Discovering a newspaper ad for part-time work at The London Evening Chronicle, she believes the world is her oyster. Wrong! Part-time work will fit in with Emmy's job three nights a week as a volunteer telephone operator for the Auxiliary Fire Service. It is 194...
  • Tammy
    A fizzy, frothy little novel that takes place in London during WWII. That is, it’s frivolous until it isn’t. With bombings occurring nightly there is bound to be sadness and tears. The main character, Emmeline, is a shoe-in for Honeysuckle Weeks as Samantha Stewart in Foyle’s War. She has spunk to spare. Emmy lands a job and behaves in ways that are less than ethical despite her intention to be helpful. Filled with Britishisms of the 1940...
  • abby
    "I had taken entirely the wrong job."Emmy Lake *thinks* she's interviewing for a war correspondent job. Finally, she will become the hard hitting journalist of her dreams. But as she daydreams through her job interview, she misses that she's really taking a typist position at a stodgy women's magazine. Far from being on the front lines, she'll be producing copy of Henrietta Helps, an advice column that does not offer much in the way of advice at ...
  • Susan
    Emmeline Lake and her friend, Bunty, live in London. It is 1940 and the Germans are making rather a nuisance of themselves, but neither are downhearted. In fact, Emmy has big dreams of being a Lady War Correspondent and, when she sees an advert for part-time work at the London Evening Chronicle, she writes off with high hopes. However, before long, she realises that her Enthusiasm (there are a lot of Capital Letters in this book) has meant that s...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.com3.5 stars1940’s London during the uncertain and dangerous times of the Blitz is carefully brought to life by debut author AJ Pearce. At the heart and soul Dear Mrs Bird is Emmeline Lake, a young woman who gently reminds the reader of the daily acts of heroism, the stoicism, the friendships and the bravery of the British during the turbulent times of the Luftwaffe assault.For Emmeline (Emmy) Lake, the centra...
  • Cindy Burnett
    4.5 starsDear Mrs. Bird is a Gem of a Book. A.J. Pearce uses a clever writing style and capitalizes the protagonist Emmy Lake’s expressions that are Important or Exciting which makes for an entertaining and enjoyable read. As the book begins in 1940 London, Emmy shows up for a newspaper interview thinking the position is for a lady war correspondent when instead the position is to sort through letters written to a Dear Abby type named Mrs. Bird...
  • Rebecca Foster
    (3.5) If you loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I have just the book for you: another feel-good World War II-set novel with characters you’ll love and cheer for. London, December 1940: Twenty-two-year-old Emmeline Lake dreams of being a Lady War Correspondent, but for now she’ll start by typing up the letters submitted to Henrietta Bird’s advice column in Woman’s Friend. All too quickly, though, the job starts to fee...
  • ❀⊱Rory⊰❀
    4 Stars. This one is charming.Full review to follow on March 22, 2018, two weeks before publication.Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.
  • Cathy
    Dear Mrs. Bird opens in a jolly, lively style full of ‘chin up’ and ‘stiff upper lip’ spirit – a spirit of which the domineering (and let’s be honest, quite frightful) Mrs. Henrietta Bird would be proud. As far as Mrs. Bird is concerned, any problem can be resolved by showing the right amount of grit and by not giving in. However, beneath the spirit of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, the book demonstrates, through the letters sent to Wo...
  • Tania
    This was a very sweet story set in WWII. Initially I thought this was too sweet for my taste, but because the author did such a brilliant job with creating a sense of time and place I stuck with it. I am very glad I did, as the characters were warm and funny and in the end I understood that what I saw as sweetness was how the British nation survived the daily attacks, fear and loss. So although not my normal genre I loved learning more about this...
  • Anmiryam
    As you might expect, this was sweet, charming, more than a bit twee and I consumed the whole thing in a plane ride and a bit. I always read novels like this, which confirms my status as a less than literary reader. I bet, however, you have dirty little secrets of a less than highbrow life. Do you watch The Bachelor? Do you binge on HGTV? I'm sure not everything you read is on a par with Ali Smith (who is awesome). So there it is, you watch silly ...
  • Laura Kemp
    Dear Mrs Bird is simply gorgeous. It’s a war time romp of mishaps, comedy, fun and tragedy, spun deliciously as if it was made for a series. It’s perfect pick-you-up reading with compassion at its heart. A joy to read. I’d love to see it turned into a TV drama too.
  • Karen Whittard
    I absolutely loved this quirky, fun read. In this book we meet Emmeline who quits her job as a waitress to become a lady war correspondence. But when she applies for a job and gets it. Things are not quite what they seem. She has unwittingly taken a job to be a helper to a contacetous Mrs Bird. Who writes a self help column. But Mrs bird refuses to answer any letters relating to lots of subjects that she finds risqué. Deciding to take matters in...
  • Robin Stevens
    A delightful story set in London in the 1940s that's light and funny but never shies away from the true cost and pain of war. This is perfectly balanced and wonderful read, and Emmy reminds me a lot of Daisy Wells all grown up. I loved it!*Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first. Thank you!*
  • Ronnie Turner
    On a cold day in December 1941, Emmeline Lake is journeying home from work when she sees a job vacancy squeezed onto the page of a newspaper. The advertisement is for a part-time junior at The London Evening Chronicle; applicants must be capable, enthusiastic and hardworking. Seeing a unmissable opportunity – a chance to become a real journalist – Emmy writes in and goes for an interview but after an unfortunate misunderstanding, she finds he...
  • Helen
    It’s 1941 and Britain is at war. Emmeline Lake has always wanted to be a journalist and is thrilled when she sees an advertisement in the newspaper for a job at the London Evening Chronicle. This could be her opportunity to become a Lady War Correspondent. How exciting!To her delight, Emmy is offered the job and arrives at the Chronicle offices ready to ‘sniff out Political Intrigue, launch Difficult Questions at Governmental Representatives,...
  • MaryBeth's Bookshelf
    Emmeline Lake wants nothing more than to be useful and help with the war efforts in London 1940. She already works as a volunteer operator for the fire department when she lands a job at the London Evening Chronicle. She imagines she will be writing stories that informs the public about the war efforts, however, she quickly finds out that she will be the secretary of Mrs. Bird, the advice columnist. Mrs. Bird has a *long* list of unacceptable top...
  • Bev Walkling
    I received a free advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was drawn to read this book because I have a great interest in the era of World War 2. My father served overseas during that war and I am fortunate enough to have all of the letters he sent home. This particular book cover also drew my attention as I spent many an hour using an old typewriter with keys like that in my younger days.Emmy Lake is a delightf...
  • Nancy
    This WW2 historical novel covers a lot of familiar ground but has a fresh twist and a lighter tone because of the principal character's career challenges . Instead of accepting disappointment when a job in journalism wasn't what she expected it to be, our protagonist takes a creative approach to her clerical position and the complications (and fun) ensue.The story has lots of light moments, but any novel set in London during the Blitz is going to...
  • prettybooks
    18/20Un contexte de guerre pour nous rappeler toutes ces femmes qui devaient trouver leur place en l’absence des hommes, partis combattre. Un roman à la fois drôle et très touchant qui a su me transporter et me passionner.Ma chronique :
  • Jessica Gilmore
    A few years ago I went on a writing retreat and one of the other people there mentioned the book she was working on - a book set in WW2 based around the problem page of a magazine. How interesting thinks I and forgets all about said book until the author pops up on Twitter having sold it as her debut. And this, dear readers, is that book. Let me just make it clear that a fleeting acquaintance three years ago hasn't influenced this review a jot. T...
  • Kate Moore
    I received this book as an advanced reading copy through work, not having a clue what to expect and not being particularly drawn in by the title. What I didn’t expect, was to be moved to tears of laughter and sadness — more so than any other book I’ve read this year. This book is simply stunning.Set in 1940s London, Emmy takes a job she hopes will be a step in the direction of ‘Lady War Correspondent,’ instead typing out letters for a s...
  • Rona
    Oh this is a truly lovely book. The sort of book you want to cuddle. It made me laugh and cry and laugh again. The characters were beautifully drawn and very relateable, the story was wonderfully original and the setting was brilliantly constructed. It is set at the start of WWII and follows the fortunes of Emmy, a young woman, who starts a job as an assistant to an agony aunt in a failing magazine. Through readers letters and Emmy's own experien...
  • booksofallkinds
    I am in love with DEAR MRS BIRD by AJ Pearce. Brimming with spirit, this moving tale will burrow into your heart and make you feel every emotion possible as you become deeply invested in Emmy and Bunty's lives.Set during the war, Emmy and Bunty are two best friends who are determined to do their part in the war effort. Volunteering at the fire station, Emmy has dreams of being a journalist, a war correspondent doing important and dangerous deeds....
  • Anbolyn
    I started out not really liking this book. After reading 2 or 3 chapters, I wasn't sure if I'd continue. It seemed a bit bland and simple to me. But I kept going and I'm very glad I did. Dear Mrs. Bird turned out to be a more complex and heartwarming story than I thought it would be. It is full of goodhearted characters (for the most part) who felt like dear friends to me by the end of the novel. If you like inspiring and funny stories with an up...
  • Stacey A. Prose and Palate
    4.5 Stars. Absolutely loved it. Full review to come.
  • Claire Wilson
    Dear Mrs Bird is one of those rare finds. This book jumped out at me, despite it not being something that I would usually pick. AJ Pearce's writing skills are on point, the characters are fantastic. But what I liked most about this book was the empathy I felt towards the setting - London during world war 2. That for years, people had to live like this. Afraid for themselves and for the safety of their loved ones. A cracking read with fine element...
  • Laura
    When I was growing up, we had Dear Abby in the newspaper. There was also Anne Landers. People would write letters in, about their troubles, and the advice columnists would well, give advice. Sometimes it was cleaver, sometimes sad, sometimes funny. To this day I still read advice columnists, and try to see if their answers match mine. In the UK, they were/are known as Agony Aunts, and in this book, there is one such advisor, who is very firmly se...
  • Lucy
    I could not put this book down from the moment I started it. Set against the background of the blitz, Emmy Lake aspires to be a journalist and is beyond excitement when she gains a job at the London Evening Chronicle - however, she's mistaken and the job is actually with its sister magazine Woman's Friend. Emmy is employed as a junior typist to Mrs Bird, who writes the advice column. Gradually Emmy starts to push against boundaries, and takes it ...