The Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray by E. Latimer

The Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray

A Tim Burtonesque retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray aimed at Middle Graders. The most peculiar things always happen to Bryony Gray. As if it isn’t bad enough that her uncle keeps her locked in the attic, forcing her to paint for hisrich clients, she’s becoming rather well known in the art world… since all her customers seem to go missing.When her newest painting escapes the canvas and rampages through the streets of London, Bryony dig...

Details The Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray

TitleThe Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherPenguin Random House
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Retellings

Reviews The Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray

  • Devann
    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleySo I would classify this more as a 'middle grade sequel' to the Picture of Dorian Gray [a truly hilarious sentence when you stop to think about it] rather than a retelling because it is literally set after the original novel [although also in a world where Dorian Gray was apparently a real person that Oscar Wilde knew ...] with Bryony being Dorian's daughter. Overall it's a really fun read. The wa...
  • Laura
    When I was in London, a number of years ago, I got turned around on Oxford Street. Oxford Street is a broad, straight road, in the center of London, well known for its shops. It was originally a Roman road, back when London was under Roman rule, and the Romans are well known for building straight roads, because that is the way they worked. I bring this up because, although this novel never said when it took place, exactly, it is clear that a) it ...
  • Ivonne Rovira
    Psst! The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray proves a book in which it would be much too easy to say too much. Orphaned Bryony lives with her weak Uncle Bernard and his domineering, social-climbing wife, Gertrude. Like her disgraced father (about which nothing is said, although Bryony knows Uncle Bernard and Aunt Gertrude whisper about him and his rakish life), Bryony has an incredible gift for painting. But she also has a stubborn indep...
  • B.A. Williamson
    What a fantastic and wonderful read. Bryony Gray is a spirited girl in Victorian England. Her Aunt and Uncle keep her locked in the attic, where she's forced to paint portraits for the London gentry. He rportaits are wonderful and lifelike... too much so. The portraits come to life and start terrorizing the city. With the help of two quirky children from next door, Bryony must get to the bottom of the that plagues the Gray family, a curse brought...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Copy provided by the publisherBryony Gray's mother is dead, and her father is probably as well, so she has been kept in the attic by her aunt and uncle, and forced to use her considerable artistic talent to paint portraits of the well-to-do to earn money. When the last three people who sit for her go missing, a huge scandal surrounds her work, but it also makes her more desirable as an artist. When other creepy things start happening with her pai...
  • Marzie
    This book, targeted to the Middle-Grade reader, is an imaginative spin-off from Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray. It's a clever enough idea but research issues and anachronisms kind of tanked my enjoyment of the book. Set around November 1901, (as discerned from a reference to Oscar Wilde's death being almost exactly a year ago, factually November 30th 1900), there are oddities that show a lack of research thoroughness on the part of the...
  • Chazzi
    Thirteen Bryony Gray has an exceptional talent for one her age - she can paint incredible portraits of people. Incredibly life-like!She is being raised by her aunt and uncle, who know of this talent and keep her locked up and living in the attic. She is allowed downstairs when a rich client comes to sit for their portrait. She has become quite well known and her aunt and uncle are raking in the money, but Bryony wants to be free. She also wants t...
  • Jill Jemmett
    The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favourite Victorian novels. This is a great sequel to the story.This story had great pacing. Bryony’s paintings began to come to life right at the beginning. It was so creepy! It kept me hooked through the whole story. I really couldn’t predict what was going to happen next, so I was always surprised.I think this story is actually creepier than The Picture of Dorian Gray. Though it is a sequel, it follo...
  • Valerie
    In this creepy and thoroughly enjoyable romp through London, Bryony Gray, a young artist contends with misbehaving mirrors, murderous paintings, and a wicked uncle. Along with the intriguing siblings next door, Bryony sets out to find her mysterious patron and investigate her family’s secrets. Can these young friends survive the living paintings on a rampage and the Gray family curse?Beautifully written, you can really see the author’s love o...
  • Kyra Nelson
    I've loved this book since it was just a few pages my critique partner sent me ;)
  • Engel Dreizehn
    ARC...copy deliciously dark (darker then most middle grade horrors I read actually) retelling/take on Dorian Grey (especially the themes of vanity-beauty), and imaginative in the artistic-world building of the "painted" Grey family curse. It felt especially creepy when the portraits do come to murderous life in creepy imagery right to their painted faces and killer smirks.
  • Kristin
    This was a delightfully creepy read. Beautifully written with enough twists to keep my flipping the pages.
  • Erica
    I received this ARC from penguin random houseWoohoo my first book of 2018! I greatly enjoyed this book. I loved Bryony. She was a wonderful lead character. I especially liked her friendship with Thomas and Myra. This was a very well written book with a very interesting storyline. 4 stars all day long!
  • Wensday
    What a delightful and exciting read. I had not known what to expect when I started reading, but I certainly had not anticipated how much I would enjoy this book.It’s an engaging, interesting, story line, with compelling characters. I'll want to keep an eye out for more books by this author.I received this ebook from netgalley for my honest opinion.
  • Michelle (FabBookReviews)
    When I saw the great cover and read the blurb for E. Latimer's The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray I thought it sounded terrifically spooky and added it to my reading list. A gothic historically-set middle grade novel, inspired by Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray? Count me in! More sinister and more fantastical than I imagined, Latimer's novel is a surprising treat.The novel opens with a prologue that takes us into the extrava...
  • Bran Pendergrass
    I absolutely adored this frighteningly scary new take on Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Gray; which is also one of my favorite classic tales that reread often! The creations that came alive in the story were straight from your worst nightmare. The things that you collect and use to show your stature in society come to life to murder you outright or suck your vitality dry! The way that the author describes in stark detail the portraits com...
  • A. Reviewer
    The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is a fresh take on Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Gray aimed at a middle grade audience. When I first heard of this novel, I was ecstatic and eager to read it. In London, in the late eighteen hundreds, there have been strange disappearances of prominent noblemen and ladies who have had their portraits painted by the mysterious prodigy, Bryony Gray. Bryony’s art takes London by storm, meanw...
  • Aria
    The Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray, by E. Latimer, is a story about a young girl named Bryony Gray, like the title suggests. Her parents are probably to dead, so Bryony is forced to live with her abusive aunt and uncle. As a prodigy artist, her relatives force her to paint portraits of the rich- that is, until a curse appears, and her paintings come alive! Combined with murderous mirrors and a cast of vibrant characters, It’s sure ...
  • Debra Goelz
    The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is one of the most fun and well-crafted middle grade books I've read in a long while. The story is essentially—"What if Dorian Gray, (from Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray) had a daughter who inherited his curse? The answer: Utter mayhem on the streets, in the tearooms, museums, and drawing rooms of London!At the beginning of the story, Bryony Gray is a prisoner of her evil aunt and uncle...
  • Amy
    WOW. THIS BOOK. SO GOOD!!!A new all-time favourite and easily the best of 2018 so far.Amazing characters with fabulous friendships, beautiful writing, and an enticing plot.The story follows Bryony Gray in her attempts to amend the problem she unknowingly caused. After one of her paintings tears out of its canvas, wreaking havoc in the city, Bryony escapes the attic her Aunt and Uncle kept her locked in for so long. But now she has a much bigger p...
  • Joel Singer
    The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray, by E. Latimer features a 13-year-old girl with a strange and magical talent for painting. She has spent the last several years locked in an attic by her aunt and uncle, who plan to exploit her skills both artistic and magical. Bryony dreams of the outside world and meeting her patron, or even her father, but the magical side effects of her paintings are getting harder to ignore...The novel aims at ...
  • Em
    Bryony Gray is very quickly becoming a well-known painter in London, but her life is anything but glamorous. Her wicked uncle keeps her locked in the attic, making her paint portraits for his wealthy friends. Something bizarre is happening now and her paintings are strangling coming to life. While researching her family history, Bryony uncovers some disturbing family secrets and, in the process, unlocks an old, horrifying family curse. With the h...
  • Alana H
    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway, and I am quite glad that I did! For a middle-grade novel (for a younger crowd) I found it still very enjoyable. I acquired an advanced reader's copy, so I will not comment on specifics of the plot, but give a general overview of the book in general. I found the story of Bryony Gray to be full of hope, intrigue and wit. This was an interesting spin on the tale of Dorian Gray, picking up with his daughter. A...
  • Jennifer
    Very charming middle-school novel with an immediately fun writing style. It's set in the early 1900's featuring Bryony Gray who is a lot like "the boy under the stairs"(Harry Potter). Her power comes from her painting and things begin to come to life that shouldn't be alive. It's very Night at The Museum in that way, but more so with monsters and badness. I thought it would be very enjoyable for the youth reader, and most adults would find it a v...
  • Rebecca Schaeffer
    The Picture of Dorian Gray is my all time favorite classic, hands down, so I was extremely excited for this novel, and it doesn't disappoint. Strange and Deadly Portraits is both a wonderful ode to the darkness, atmosphere, and themes of the original, while still being something wholly and uniquely its own. I loved the monsters crawling out of paintings and sucking out people's life, and I found Bryony and her friends all unique and well rounded ...
  • Heather Brown
    The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is a super creepy but super fun story. Bryony Gray stays locked up in the attic, painting portraits under the close watch of her aunt and uncle. Bryony's fame has reached far and wide, for although she's only 11, she is an amazing painter. But when her paintings come to life and attack people, Bryony must escape and discover the truth behind her paintings, her family, and especially her father - Dor...
  • Scott
    A delightfully creepy mix of horror and mystery, this book is wonderful from start to finish. Latimer does a great job of placing her characters in peril and ratcheting it up, making us wonder how they'll get out of it. I don't know how many of the target readers will be familiar with The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I don't think it will detract from their enjoyment. And it will bring a new depth to that story for those who do know it.
  • Amy Sousa
    I'm pasting my review from Amazon on here since I don't believe it shows up on here: I'm 22 years old and even I loved this! This is so original and beautifully executed. Bryony is a wonderful protagonist that experiences crazy things in a completely different time period, yet is so relatable. This is a perfect middle grade novel that can be enjoyed by any age. I couldn't put this down!
  • Shari
    Fun, intriguing, and compelling, with plenty of nods (and nudge-nudge-winks) to Oscar Wilde and his work. Loved it!