The Weight of Words by Dave McKean

The Weight of Words

The consummate artistry of Dave McKean has permeated popular culture for more than thirty years. His images, at once bizarre, beautiful, and instantly recognizable, have graced an impressive array of books, CDs, graphic novels, and films. In The Weight of Words, ten of our finest contemporary storytellers, among them the artist himself, have created a series of varied, compelling narratives, each inspired by one of McKean’s extraordinary painti...

Details The Weight of Words

TitleThe Weight of Words
Release DateDec 31st, 2017
PublisherSubterranean Press
GenreFiction, Short Stories, Anthologies, Art, Science Fiction

Reviews The Weight of Words

  • Heather
    When I got this in the mail, it came with a little card that told me who my book was packed by and that Subterranean Press makes "Readable Works of Art."  I absolutely agree.  This book is quite beautiful in both presentation and for all the pictures (and stories) inside it.  (This isn't the first SP book I own though; I have Catherynne M. Valente's The Bread We Eat In Dreams and Speak Easy, but I had to track the first down on eBay and it cos...