Glass Predator (Harmony Black, #3) by Craig Schaefer

Glass Predator (Harmony Black, #3)

For Harmony Black, practicing witch and government agent, defeating criminal masterminds and eliminating supernatural threats are all in a day’s work. She’s ready to fight, as long as she can count on her partner, Jessie Temple; her team at off-the-books special FBI unit Vigilant Lock; and her magic. But her latest case threatens it all.A high-profile bank robbery reveals thieves with the same unnatural strength and turquoise eyes as Jessie, ...

Details Glass Predator (Harmony Black, #3)

TitleGlass Predator (Harmony Black, #3)
Release DateMar 28th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Supernatural

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  • ☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ❂❤❣
    Need to get my hands on the next one.Q: “I’m sorry,” Jessie told him. “When we said, ‘Open up, FBI,’ were you under the impression that doing so was optional?” (c)Q: “I might have gotten access to his bank account,” Tucker said, dipping his head.“I like how you keep confessing to new crimes,” Jessie told him. “It makes our jobs so much easier.” (c) Q: “Boys,” Jessie said, “you’re looking at your worst nightmare. ...
  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    ● Holy Fragging Mary of Anabolic Grace It Was High Time Harmony Black Showed Some Holy Fragging MC Potential Buddy Read (HFMoAGIWHTHBSSHFMCPBR™) with the BB&B Schaefer Chicks ●☢ Friendly warning: the gif is strong in this one. You're welcome.Actual rating: 3.7321 stars. More or less.Okay, the Schaefer Fangirling Fever (SFF™) seems to have subsided little, I can see mostly clearly now ♫ the rain is gone ♫ Meaning I am lowering my rat...
  • Orient
    I want to thank Gavin for introducing me to Harmony and Jessy! :) “The only person in control of your choices is you.” Woot, another crazy ride with Harmony and Jessy! Though, I must admit that this book was darker, more psychological and at the same time more heart-wrenching. It was devoted mainly to Jessy. The humor aspect was also quite strange as the first half of the book was more serious and there were not much fun there. On the other h...
  • Gavin
    This was another great instalment in the Harmony Black series. It was packed with the exact same mix of action, humour, likeable characters, and engaging plot that I've come to expect from a Craig Schaefer book.Harmony and her Vigilant Lock team were back with a new mission. This time they were sent to investigate a bank robbery in New York. Vigilant Lock were called in because the bank robbers looked a little less human than they should have! Th...
  • Choko
    *** 4.25 ***A buddy read with my friends @ BB&B! Because we love the crazy magic of Craig Schaefer! Now this is a great third book in a series! I knew I loved Special Agent Harmony Black with her meagre witch abilities and stick in the mud personality, but this time around I began to truly appreciate her partner, the 🐺y and charming Jesse, who tends to take the spotlight when on page. It so happens that the rambunctious FED has been dealing wi...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    Sale Alert 03Apr18: Amazon daily deal $1.99 3.5 A Little Bit Howly StarsOnce upon a time an OCD witch grew up and joined the FBI. She met a really nice wolf lady who sometimes goes a little bit howly, a head shrinking woman in a wheelchair and a tech nerd hacker who chose the wrong people to hack. They teamed up to get the bad guys and save the world one exorcism at a time, until they found out they might not always be the good guys because thing...
  • Alaina Meserole
    Glass Predator WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! I'm in love with these audio books because they keep me so freaking interested and definitely on the edge of my seats.I love Jesse more and more in each book. Even though she isn't the main character she is still probably my favorite person out of the whole book.. maybe the series. So in this book you basically find out that Jesse has the worst parents in the world. EVER. They love to kill... they even have cr...
  • Cathy (cathepsut)
    Book 1 was different to my usual Urban Fantasy fare, so it was interesting immediately. Book 2 was still good. But I bemoaned the lack of character development. And despite having an entertaining plot, it felt one-dimensional.Book 3, well... no character development whatsoever. Same old, same old. Jesse and Harmony do their thing, Abby and Kevin get barely mentioned. Only the third installment and it's boring already. The plot is ok, I guess, but...
  • Fiona
    Life in the clandestine services means a new challenge every day. Sometimes it's an endless stakeout, waiting hours for a suspect to make a move. Sometimes it's combing through reams of accounting ledgers, looking for a single out-of-place digit that points toward the truth. And sometimes you find yourself in a burning building, ducking behind an overturned hospital gurney while the Phantom of the Opera throws bolts of fire at you.Glass Predator ...
  • T
    Definitely one of my favorite series in a while. I'm bummed that book 4 doesn't come out until October :( This is a great crime series with supernatural heroines. Harmony and Jessie are a fun kick -ass duo. One of my favorite quotes:“Boys,” Jessie said, “you’re looking at your worst nightmare. I’m a black lesbian from the government, and I’m here to take away your guns.” She gestured at my suit and tie. “Yeah, she dresses like tha...
  • Kara
    “Glass Predator” is the third in the Harmony Black series. The first book established Harmony joining the Vigilant Lock secret government team that fights occult threats to the nation. The second book introduced subplots about other secret government teams and assorted baddies. The third book makes me wish I’d rated books one and two lower, so I could rate “Glass Predator” dramatically higher!Wow, what a ride!! The conspiracies, secret ...
  • Mihir
    Full review over at Fanatasy Book CriticOVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: Glass Predator was one of my most anticipated books for 2017 because of two reasons primarily it was written by Craig Schaefer, who has become one of my favorite authors after I read through almost all of his titles in the past year or so. Secondarily this book would give us a peek into Jessie’s past who has been a spectacular character (so far) and I was hoping that it would expand the...
  • Steve
    Not nearly as good as the first two books. I think the main problem was a complete lack of character development. I get that this is the third in an established series (and a spin-off of another very successful series), but it felt extremely flat.
  • Milda Page Runner
    4.5*Darker and less humorous than previous books but full of intense action and unexpected twists. I enjoyed Harmony’s and Jessie’s character development in this one and the suspense of engrossing and volatile mystery. Looking forward to the next one!P.S. It was interesting to see characters we know from Daniel Faust series from a different perspective.“Bitch, you got a hearing problem?” He stared Jessie down. “We don’t serve your kin...
  • Darcia Helle
    Harmony and Jessie have become one of my favorite crime fighting duos, so I was excited to read Glass Predator. Their partnership has interesting dynamics, and it has been fun to watch their friendship evolve and grow. Jessie plays a central role in this story, perhaps overshadowing Harmony at times. I don't say that as a criticism, since I truly like both characters. We delve into Jessie's dark and shadowy past, learning a bit more of her histor...
  • Slick
  • Jennifer Lanak
    I'm really enjoying this series. Harmony and Jesse are given a new assignment - a bank robbery in NYC. The robbers appear to have the same powers as Jesse, but something about the robbery just doesn't add up. When one of the safe deposit boxes reveals a familiar name, the team is put back on the trail of Cold Spectrum. They end up finding out about a different government program along the way, called Glass Predator. The handlers of Glass Predator...
  • Lukasz
    There’s nothing like a violent pulp read.Jessie and Harmony are back in this breakneck adventure that doesn’t let you stop for breath.Jessie and her troubled past play a central role in this story. We learn more about King of the Wolves and her psychotic parents. Her story and past are tied to the secret program called Glass Predator. The program should be closed years ago. But increasing body count suggests things are more complicated than t...
  • Maggie
    Previous book in the series, I'd said I planned to stop, but went ahead and picked this one up in a moment of forgetfulness. I scanned over the gory parts and it didn't go as deep into horror as had been hinted at (gory is still there). But, the line between setting up the next story and a cliff hanger ending is pretty thin here - leaning towards cliff hanger that I always take a point off for.This book - the action moved well but it just wasn't ...
  • Eric
    Excellent continuation of Harmony Black and her operation. Ties nicely into the Daniel Faust universe. A must read of Faust fans!
  • Bart
    Actual rating: 4.00
  • Minke
    This one had me on the edge of my seat especially after finding out the identities of the bank robbers and how the whole mission connects to Jessy's dark past. I mean that photo reveal at the end, I couldn't read fast enough! On to the next book!
  • NcGunner
    I've been a fan of the Daniel Faust series for some time. It's not in the same class as Sandman Slim or Harry Dresden, but its a pleasant easy read for the most part. So it pains me to say this -- the Harmony Black series is not very good and the latest installment is the worst of the lot. I had hoped that we Mr. Schaefer would get the hang of writing a paranormal procedural at some point, but it's pretty clear that's not going to happen. First, ...
  • The Drowsy Bookworm
    3 solid stars (audible version)I loved this book SO much more than the second installment of the series Red Knight Falling. This book brings us back to the magic and supernatural forces that stirred the pot in the first book, and are what I loved so much about it and the reasons why I continued the series. Red Knight Falling focused more on a conspiracy of sorts and I thought it just had too much going on.Enter Glass Predator- and yes, there is a...
  • Lady
    Secrets And LiesThis series is an offshoot of the Daniel Faust series. I recommend reading Daniel Faust first and then starting the Harmony Black series after the book she is introduced in. This series must be read in order. The first book is Harmony Black. The second book is Red Knight Falling. This is the third book. I can't wait to read Cold Spectrum (AFTER Double Or Nothing (Daniel Faust 7) Of course)!!!Harmony and Jessie have truly become pa...
  • Eric
    4 StarsCraig Schaefer does it again, delivering another exciting entry in the Harmony Black series with all the usual action and fun. The action starts off as Harmony and Jessie and the rest of Vigilant Lock are sent to investigate a bank robbery with an unusual twist. All of the robbers have the same turquoise eyes as Jessie, meaning they have all been touched by the King of Wolves just like her. The robbery is just the beginning of the plot, as...
  • Vinay Badri
    Best book of the series as the results of some good old fashioned plotting rear up their head hereA thread from book 1 is picked up and it leads to the indications of a massive conspiracy, coverup and collusion between the various governmental agencies and Hell itself. Harmony and her team have a lot of contend with including keeping their superiors in dark as they run around not knowing whom to trust.The team also has to deal with Jessie's past ...
  • Rebecca
    This is an excellent addition to the Harmony Black series. I really enjoyed it, I just wish there was less of a cliffhanger at the end. I know that there is an ongoing story with Cold Spectrum and other people, but I know that by the time the next book comes out, I'm going to have forgotten most of the characters from this book that are not the main 4 + Cody. (I barely remembered who Fontaine was and I actually like his character more than I like...
  • kartik narayanan
    Read the full review at my site“Thanks for that. I think you pissed her off.” “I hope so. It’s important to make a good first impression.”The "Harmony Black” series, written by Craig Schaefer, is an urban fantasy starring a female FBI agent who is also a sorcerer. The series consists of 3 books so far. Harmony Black made her appearance first in the Daniel Faust books. She is a tough plucky FBI agent who is part...
  • Bryan
    A long buried program designed to find anyone, anywhere, tied to a team of assassins. A teammate slowly losing control. An ambitious senator with dark ties and a powerful billionaire as an enemy. All in a days work.Another fun adventure with Harmony and company, starting off with a simple bank heist that's anything but. Drawn even deeper into long standing plots, the team have to overcome new obstacles and threats from the past.Once again, Schaef...