Embroidered Garden Flowers by Kazuko Aoki

Embroidered Garden Flowers

A whimsical field guide to embroidered flowers. Working through a full growing season, from spring to autumn, the sixty-three flower varieties presented here offer a full garden of cherished blooms. From pansies and lilies-of-the-valley to poppies, zinnias, and campanulas, the flowers presented here feature buds, blooms, and roots in stunning detail and charming color combinations. As an avid gardener and seasoned embroiderer, Kazuko Aoki presen...

Details Embroidered Garden Flowers

TitleEmbroidered Garden Flowers
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherRoost Books
GenreArt, Crafts, Nonfiction

Reviews Embroidered Garden Flowers

  • Bonnie
    This popped up on my Net Galley recommendations list and the cover art looked so pretty that I immediately requested it, knowing that I don't nearly have enough time in my life to embroider these days. I received it in exchange for my honest review.This book contains a wide variety of flowers that are displayed in a naturalist fashion. Each piece is very realistic and honestly I would purchase this book for the pictures alone. The blackberries we...
  • Shelli
    Embroidered Garden Flowers: Botanical Motifs for Needle and Thread by Japanese needlework powerhouse Kazuko Aoki is an incredibly easy-to-follow guide to stitching common, completely realistic, live and growing flowers – from their roots, stems, and leaves, up through different stages of the flowers' growth, including buds, full blooms, and even color variations. A cute touch is the inclusion of all sorts of garden denizens: butterflies, cater...
  • Patricia
    Sorry I could only give this 3 stars. I loved the patterns, but as a beginner, trying to replicate the stitches gave me a headache.
  • Debbie
    I am grateful for the opportunity to preview this book in exchange for an honest review.I was drawn to this title because of the subject matter. Art and craft books are my addiction. While the embroidery was lovely, I didn't find it to be particularly special. While I enjoying seeing this volume, I don't feel compelled to buy it or recommend since there are many unique books out that dazzle.
  • Sonja
    A special thank you to Roost Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 4 Stars ****As some one who has had years of embroidery and other needlework experience, I was excited to review this. This book is gorgeous in it's detailed and naturalistic drawings. I would recommend it to advanced artisans in embroidery, and those who sketch, paint, or draw. I believe a beginner might use the book if they have access to a mentor, or ...
  • CJ
    This beautifully produced instruction manual has so many unexpected extras! I am impressed, although I feel more of a novice than before. The detailed photographs of the embroidered botanical delights included various stages of growth or life-cycle; the instructions advise how to determine the best choice of threads and needles for the projects; and, the manual even advises the best fabric to embroider upon, then additional treatments to give the...
  • Robin Willson
    Beautiful book. Great photos and detailed information about the basics of embroidery. So many flowers with excellent detail. I like the way that the patterns are given, with a picture of the flower and the type of stitch near each area. The thing I would change is to have the picture of the embroidered flower next to the pattern so that you don’t have to flip back and forth. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the ...
  • Eileen Hall
    What a lovely instruction book!The embroideries are delicate, but effective.The projects and illustrations are straight forward and informative.This would be the ideal book to use as a long term heirloom sewing exerciseVery highly recommended.I was given a digital copy of this lovely book by the publisher Roost Books via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review, which I am very happy to do.
  • Sandra Crane
    A beautiful book with beautiful photos. There is detailed info about the flowers pictured, with diagrams and material needed. I love this book just for the photos alone. It looks to me that this book would be for more advanced embroiderers but don't let it stop you from just enjoying the book. Thank you Goodreads Giveaway for a great book.
  • Ashley
    An absolutely gorgeous guide for embroidering flowers! I wish I could embroider this well - I'd embroider every stitch of clothing I own with flowers. Embroidering can be soothing, but whenever I try it, my stitches never turn out so even and consistent as Kazuko Aoki's have. Highly recommend to anyone interested in embroidery.