All the Gallant Men by Donald Stratton

All the Gallant Men

THE FIRST MEMOIR BY A USS ARIZONA SURVIVOR: Donald Stratton, one of the battleship's five living heroes, delivers a "powerful" and "intimate"* eyewitness account of Pearl Harbor and his unforgettable return to the fight At 8:10 a.m. on December 7, 1941, Seaman First Class Donald Stratton was consumed by an inferno. A million pounds of explosives had detonated beneath his battle station aboard the USS Arizona, barely fifteen m...

Details All the Gallant Men

TitleAll the Gallant Men
Release DateNov 22nd, 2016
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreNonfiction, History, War, World War II, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Historical

Reviews All the Gallant Men

  • Rita McDowell
    Wow! This is the greatest non fiction book that I have ever read. From the beginning to the end it will grab your heart and move you to tears. I had to read awhile and put it down to dry tears and then pick it up again only to dry tears again. This sailor allows you into the most precious part of him to read what happened that December morning in Pearl harbor and brings the terror of the attack and the loss of so many gallant men into your life. ...
  • Larry Warren
    I finished this book last night, the eve the 75th anniversary. I don't know where to begin a review of this book. So I think a small quote from page 109 will say it all."Dear Lord,Lest I continueMy complacent way,Help me to remember that somewhere,Somehow out thereA man died for me today.As long as there be war,must answerAm I worth dying for?"Update 12/8/18I read in this mornings paper. Yesterday for the first time, there were no survivors prese...
  • Erika Kendron
    What an amazing man and story. When I got to the end and found out he lives in Colorado Springs I emailed my dad (who also lives in the Springs). We are going to visit in August and I would like to buy this man a meal.
  • Robert Walker
    The memories of a patriot, a war hero, and a great American. If you rate this book anything less than 5 stars you need to have your head examined. Robert Walker
  • Steve
    An excellent book who the author survived the U.S.S. Arizona explosion during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. Stratton, A seaman first class in the United States Navy suffered burns across two thirds of his body. After recovering, He reenlisted and fought in the battles of Leyte Gulf, Luzon, and Okinawa. One of the best firsthand accounts on the attack on Pearl Harbor by one of the survivors of the Arizona.
  • sharon Kay Little
    A love story. A sailor and his ship. The Arizona.Possably the best book I have ever read. Just the right length and not alot of flowery descriptions.. Just the facts and such an emotional feel to Donald Stratton. Loved it and cried thru most of it. I feel that I am well acquainted with Donald Stratton.. Absolutely loved every page.
  • Jeanette
    I wanted to give it a 4, but the writing style jumped and although the time frames were linear, it was difficult to context his life as a whole, IMHO. Not that you didn't get to know Donald and his heroic experiences. And I give him utmost credit for his honesty, credibility to facts and detail, and all his loyalties to service. It was a 3.5 star at least, but I could not round it up because I took it up and down so much. The continuity? Transiti...
  • Paul
    Never having read anything about WWII and generally disliking books on military history, I found this book honest and idealistic. It was a fascinating glimpse of the sinking of the USS Arizona and the men who either went down with it or survived. I was impressed with the sense of honor of sailors mentioned in the book.
  • Becky Moore
    Raw emotionI felt this memoir. It got to me. I could make out the scenes in my mind. The descriptions were palpable. The history rich with sorrow. So sad for the few young people that lived with the horrors of Pearl Harbor etched in their minds. I learned so much from these pages. Humbling. "Have I lived a good life?"
  • Rebecca
    What a poignant, well written book. My high rating, I know, is in part emotional. My grandfathers brother was killed in Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. He was one of the only two soldiers killed on the USS Helena. He was taking position at his battle station when he was killed instantly by shrapnel. I wish I had known him; the gallant man from my family. Reading about others and the horror they experienced makes my heart ache for what he had to en...
  • Stephanie
    Exceeds expectations. The writing was good. The voice was clear. I learned so much from it. The telling of the events of Pearl Harbor and afterwards was so matter of fact. The narrative was not colored in emotional language the way things like this often are. You only see glimpses of Stratton's emotions peeking through until the end where he opens up more. You could see how deeply buried the events of Pearl Harbor and the war were buried inside h...
  • David
    5.0 I am glad I read this book on so many levels. It may have been absolutely gutt-wrenching and unbelievably hard to read, but it is such an important book. I will never ever think of December 7th the same ever again. I felt honored to have heard Donald Stratton's story and only wish the story of so many of the young men whose lives were lost that day could also be told. I really appreciated Don Stratton's honesty, humility, love for his lost sh...
  • Donna
    He tells of the frustration and heartbreak that his family and others went through as they waited to know if their sons were returning. I empathized every moment. The audio was wonderful. I imagined the narrator (Mike Ortego) to be Don Stratton himself. He sounded so conversational, as if he was speaking directly to me. What I was not aware of was that Commander Mitsuo Fuchida - who led the attack on PH, had become a farmer in Japan and did not l...
  • Laurie
    What an incredible story. One of the few remaining survivors of WWII tells his story as one of the even fewer remaining survivors of Pearl Harbor. Stratton was aboard the USS Arizona, where nearly half of the deaths on that day came from. He tells a remarkable history of remarkable people making remarkable choices, including himself as far as any reader is concerned. I struggled to get through this short book because I had to keep setting it asid...
  • Debbie
    Finishing this book on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I wanted to LOVE it. Unfortunately, it is just okay.I was hoping for a more personal memoir, such as UNBROKEN, but found the first 85% of this work to be a history lesson. Don Stratton is finally shown in a more personal way for the last 15% of the book, but I almost didn't make it there.Mr. Stratton is a man to be admired as a hero, but this writing was highly inspirational. I blame pa...
  • Jim
    This book is a great combination of author and sailor who survived the sinking of the USS Arizona at Hawaii of December 7, 1941 driving the US into World War II. Donald Stratton was a teenager living in Nebraska on that fatal day, he was born and raised in Nebraska, his parents poor as will be described by the author. Stratton is 96 years of age now, there are but 5 members of the crew of the Arizona remaining but he has a great memory and as he ...
  • Kay Schuch
    An excellent read by a man who lived through Pearl Harbor! A 'gallant' man who felt we should hear his story! I am so glad he was brave enough to share it! Thanks for serving and now for sharing! I definitely understand the difference between brave heroes and gallant men, of which you most certainly are of the gallant variety!
  • Anna
    I have ready many books that deal with this period in history, having a first person account makes it all the more real, very touching. The author's hope for forgiveness in the kingdom to come shows such true humanity.
  • Donna Hines
    First and foremost I want to thank Donald Stratton for his service.I'd also like to say that we will never forget the sacrifices he and his fellow servicemen have made for our freedoms that we have today. **This book was donated to The Hoyt Library upon this review on Dec. 7th 2017 (Anniversary of Pearl Harbor). It was donated with the caption, " In honor of All The Gallant Men."Thank you to the authors Donald Stratton ,Ken Gire and their publish...
  • Linda Munro
    I am positive that I have mentioned this in previous reviews; but, once again; I am extremely involved in learning as much as possible about World War II, specifically the Pacific Theater. It was this area which changed a great deal of World History in regards to the United States. It was also this area that shaped the young man who would become my father; thus shaping even my own life.For the second time while giving a review, I must say that th...
  • Kimberly
    Donald Stratton is one of five living survivors (as of the writing of the book and this review) of the USS Arizona. Since no survivor has written a memoir, Stratton figured that he should tell the story of the Arizona before there was no left.The title of the book comes from the words at the WWII Valor in the Pacific Memorial:TO THE MEMORY OF THE GALLANT MENHERE ENTOMBED AND THEIR SHIPMATESWHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN ACTIONON DECEMBER 7, 1941Like man...
  • Colleen
    I've had this on my list since the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor which is when the book came out. My WWII reading has mostly been about the war in Europe so this was very enlightening. Nineteen year old Donald Stratton lived through that horrific day but was severely burned. Following a long recovery, he eventually re-enlisted and has the distinction of being the only documented soldier to be at the first (Pearl Harbor) and the last (Okinawa) ...
  • Anni Pronschinske
    If you know a good amount about Pearl Harbor and want another side of the story, this is the perfect book for you! This book gives a very insightful look at the capsizing of the USS Arizona from one of the last surviving soldiers. But for someone like me who only knows the bare minimum about Pearl Harbor, I was fairly underwhelmed. Maybe it was because my standards are Unbroken”ly” high, but I don’t feel like I got the story I was looking f...
  • Nina O'Daniels
    This non-fictional account of the attack on Pearl Harbor is no-nonsense and no frills. Donald Stratton was stationed on the USS Arizona the day of the attack and was one of the few to survive. Perfect for those looking for a quick read with some punch. The reminders of this generation's motivation, work ethic, comradery, and unity allow insight into the "Greatest Generation" and their beliefs. Stratton's harrowing story is one of many, and he's f...
  • Nathan
    First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt carried a wartime poem in her pocket as a reminder throughout her life: "Dear Lord,Lest I continueMy complacent way,Help me to remember that somewhere,Somehow out thereA man died for me today.As long as there be war,I then mustAsk and answerAm I worth dying for?"Survivor Donald Stratton was asked what message he wanted to leave in his firsthand account for future generations. He responded, "That people would remember ...
  • Niki Estes
    This was such a good book! I admit some of the technical language when it came to types of ships, weapons, and ammunition went over my head, but I still really enjoyed this book. The personal elements that only someone who was there can add really bring to life just how horrific it was at the time and how much it affected so many people for the rest of their lives.
  • George Qsar
    Excellent firsthand account of Pearl Harbor. I learned much about the events that took place before, during and after this tragedy. Much I didn't know or learned in school or movies depicting this event of history. One of our nations "Greatest Generations " records his memories for all of us to remember and hopefully not forget.
  • Greg Oaster
    Nothing tells a story better than someone who was there. Mr. Stratton's story should be a must read in every school.Perhaps his sacrifice and service will inspire certainly did for me
  • Sabrina
    Half history lesson half memoir this is a very interesting and poignant look at one of America's darkest hours. Filled with things that weren't taught in school and a personal insight into the day that will live in infamy.
  • Nancy Singel Baker
    I read this book on Memorial Day, 2017. We should never forget all the sacrifices of these gallant men and must remember their service. Thank you Donald Stratton for your service and your story.