Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

Sweetbriar Cottage

When Noah and Josephine Mitchell discover their divorce was never actually finalized, their lives are turned upside down. Following his divorce, Noah gave up his dream job, settling at a remote horse ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia, putting much-needed distance between himself and the former love of his life. But then Noah gets a letter from the IRS claiming he and Josephine are still married. When he confronts Josephine for...

Details Sweetbriar Cottage

TitleSweetbriar Cottage
Release DateJun 13th, 2017
PublisherThomas Nelson
Number of pages320 pages
GenreChristian Fiction, Contemporary, Fiction, Christian, Romance

Reviews Sweetbriar Cottage

  • Robin Lee Hatcher
    "In Sweetbriar Cottage, Denise Hunter has written one of the best stories about emotional healing and forgiveness that I've read in ages. Her heroine, Josephine, is deeply wounded, and everything about Josie's present actions rings true to her painful past. Noah is the hero Josie desperately needs, although neither of them seem to know it for much of the book. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to reach the resolution. Suspenseful, heartbreaki...
  • Cara Putman
    Sweetbriar Cottage is a moving romance filled with layers of a love lost, the passion to reclaim it, and the tension of fighting for your life. This story digs deep with emotions and Denise Hunter's beautiful writing. I wanted the characters to find healing even when it seemed impossible. But just likes God love, it was possible from the foundation of forgiveness. This story is one that needed to be told, and one you’ll want to read. A beautifu...
  • Hannah
    I'll be giving a real review later on...closer to publication, as per the publisher's request.Cliff notes version: I'm always eager for the next Hunter book, but I feel that this one is her most meaningful and heartfelt book to date, with a strong Christian message as well. Go ahead and order your copy, because you'll be sure to be touched by this one.Content: pg-13 for some discussion of rape and other things; nothing graphic, though
  • Madison
    Sweetbriar Cottage is a delightful contemporary romance, one that tugs on your heart and encourages you to take a chance and rediscover the healing power of love.When Noah Mitchell discovers that his divorce with Josephine was never finalised, to say he is shocked might be an understatement. After the marriage ended, he gave up his job and retreated into the mountain, away from town and reminders of what happened and what he lost. Now, though, he...
  • Melissa
    https://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-re...The subject matter here is heavier than Hunter usually deals with, but it's so well-handled and beautifully done that readers will have much to ponder throughout. Issues such as marital infidelity, divorce and sexual abuse are explored in a thoughtful, God-honoring way. And the exploration of what love should look like in marriage and in general is very deep and contemplative. This is a novel that can help ...
  • Amy
    Sweetbriar Cottage is an emotional read. Noah and Josephine find out their divorce was never finalized and the two are still married. Josephine shows up at the ranch where Noah is working to deliver the final papers needed for the divorce to actually happen. The two are stuck together when they are stranded at his cottage during a snowstorm. This forces them to talk about what went wrong during their marriage. Josephine finally tells Noah of her ...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    I have read every single one of Denise Hunter's books. I enjoyed them all and most still reside on my bookshelves. This one is very good. It is a bit reminiscent of the biblical story of Hosea and Gomer. Just a little bit. The theme is profound and at times heart-wrenching. How can a person live every day life with such hurt in their heart? But God promises unconditional love to His children. No matter what they've done. Hunter has again created ...
  • Amy
    Full review coming soon!
  • Rachael
    There's a lot of hard stuff in this story. Abuse, infidelity, divorce--all handled tactfully, but in such a way there's no mistaking what happened. It makes the heart ache, knowing that there are many girls who could claim Josie's story as their own. But on the flip side, there's so much good too--forgiveness, redemption, reconciliation, hope. And some serious discussion on unconditional love and whether it's really expected--or possible--in a ma...
  • Denise
    LOVED this book by Denise Hunter. Noah and Josie's story kept me riveted to the end. I was rooting for them the whole book and felt like I was a part of their lives in the Blue Ridge mountains. Highly recommended.
  • Amy
    A little darker than other Denise Hunter's books, this one takes me back to the style of another difficult read 'Finding Faith'. In fact all of her New Heights series stories had a similar feel. Its been a while, and felt a little different as a reader since reading something so 'raw' from Denise. Tackling the subject of childhood sexual abuse, is so hard to read, but she so expertly writes a genuine development for Josephine's character, from th...
  • Kelly Tyree
    Sweetbriar Cottage is a book about second chances. Noah and Josephine Mitchell thought they were divorced until Noah received a letter from the IRS. He finds the paperwork was never signed by the Judge and that they needed to be refiled. Both Noah and Josephine have gone on with their lives but they have not gotten over one another. Josephine decides to save Noah some time and bring the paperwork to Noah on his ranch. What she did not account for...
  • Kay Defreese
    Sweetbriar Cottage is a stand-alone book by Denise Hunter. It's the story of Noah and Josephine Mitchell, a couple who thought they were divorced but it turned out the papers had never been signed by a judge. Josephine goes to Noah's home to hand him the divorce signed divorce papers so they can be filed but while at his mountain home gets caught in a storm and is forced to stay there. At first I didn't like either of the characters. I thought Jo...
  • Debbie Kerch
    Sweetbriar Cottage is a delightful Christian romance by Denise Hunter sure to lighten your heart and leave you with a smile. Noah Hunter, a handsome local contractor in need of a haircut enters a new barber shop in Copper Creek, Georgia where he meets owner and operator, Josephine DuPree, and his life is never the same. Completely smitten and wanting to spend more time with her, Noah offers to help Josie expand her new shop in order to add stylis...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    That is a really long blurb. It pretty much sums up the whole story. I'm glad I didn't read it before I read the book because it would have taken out the anticipation of what was to come for me. This book was basically Josephine and Noah wading through the muck of their broken marriage and struggling against each other and truth, which always has a way of coming out one way or another. Josephine is a secret keeper. She has an awful, horrible past...
  • Rebekah Crain
    4.5 starsThis beautifully written romance tells a story of true love and redemption. When an unexpected notice draws Noah's attention to a fluke oversight made by his ex-wife Josie he is livid. But as Josie attempts to correct her mistake it seems instead of making things better she inadvertently proceeds to make them worse. As one after another her blunders begins to pile up, Josie starts to feel the weight of every mistake she's ever made. Bein...
  • Suzie
    Often in fiction, the story ends and readers are left to assume the happily ever after. It’s usually at high point—a declaration of love, an engagement, a wedding. But what happens after the last first kiss? After the I do’s? When real life encroaches on the high of falling in love? What happens when there are hiccups in the happily-ever-after?In her latest book, Denise Hunter explores this concept while delicately balancing on the line of ...
  • Callie
    Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter is a stand-alone novel newly released by Thomas Nelson. It is an emotional, heart-wrenching story about overcoming past hurts and learning to love again.When Noah Mitchell comes down to town from his ranch house in the mountains, he discovers an unsettling problem with his taxes. He filed as being single, having just come off a divorce. But apparently, his ex-wife never finished up the process with filing the p...
  • Barb Klein
    I’m not usually one that likes to read contemporary romance novels because the plots seem to follow certain patterns and I get bored with them. However, “Sweetbriar Cottage’ by Denise Hunter was a surprise exception. Noah Mitchell has given up his job to move to a horse ranch outside of town after a particularly painful divorce. It has been three years and he has not gotten over his ex-wife’s deception, but is still trying. Enter the IRS....
  • Nikki
    I LOVED this book. I love Denise Hunter and think her books are great but this one is a big departure from her usual writing. This is not a sweet, Christian novel with flowers and rainbows. While it's not quite dark and gritty compared to her other books this is. There is no silly mistake that can easily be glossed over or some dark past that isn't really delved into. The sin is real, the mistakes are huge and the past is fully looked at. I love ...
  • Melena Torretta
    Noah and Josephine thought they had gotten a divorce a year and a half ago, but due to a missing signature they are still married.When Josephine tries to expedite the process of refiling the papers to help Noah she gets stuck at his house when a huge snow storm rolls in. They go through a number of both frustrating and sweet moments as they try to come to terms with why their marriage ended and how they feel about each other now.While you get bot...
  • Heidi
    This is a different story premise than the author's typical novel, and I applaud her efforts for wading into the complex topic of infidelity. I love that she handled it with such grace and truth, creating two broken, wounded characters who seemed (in the beginning), like they'd never find healing. The hurt was almost palpable--brilliant characterization on Denise Hunter's part. I really loved that Noah struggled so with forgiveness, yet wanted de...
  • Christie
    Sweetbriar Cottage was too predictable of a read. The storyline felt very familiar - exes find out that they're still married, dominoes fall and they find their way back to each other. Josie had a tough childhood that shaped her adolescence and her current defense mechanisms, especially in her relationships with men. Noah is able to break through some of her walls, but she was never able to fully open up to him during their marriage. Prior insecu...
  • Chesney
    I was not expecting the emotion from this book. I have always enjoyed Denise Hunter's novels. The tension between the two characters is always my favorite. This is about a couple who find out after a period of time their divorce was not finalized. You learn how they met and why their relationship fizzled. I felt so bad for Josephine even though I had not experienced her childhood trauma. Noah and Josephine work to overcome their emotional battle ...
  • Nicole
    When I read the sypnosis for this book I thought it sounded like "Married till Monday " by the same author. But while it did have slimilarities, I thought this one stood on its own very well.A couple who is on the edge of divorce are thrust together buy circumstances beyond thier control.Denise Hunter can write tension and attraction very well. She proves in this book that she can write about the hard things in life too. I appreciate and author t...
  • JoAnn
    I received an ARC via NetGalley. This is my unbiased review. I love Denise Hunter's books and Sweetbriar Cottage was no no exception. The book is a beautifully written story of second chances at romance. The book has a good plot and I loved the North Georgia mountain setting. I highly recommend this book.
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars.
  • Cindy
    Read, unrated pre-2016
  • Kelly Hodgkins
    Denise Hunter’s style of writing encourages me to read her novels in one sitting, this one is no different. I escaped from a flare-up of my CRPS into this world of well-rounded characters and thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and it’s swift pace. I love the story starting in the midst of a marriage rather than the traditional romance beginning when the couple first interact. The only detraction is the moving back and forth in time, we begin in...
  • Sarah
    Well-written story of redemption, love, and second chances. The premise of Noah and Josephine finding out that their divorce was never finalized, and then fighting their feelings and their mistakes to try again was interesting. But Josephine's past was a little more than I expected, and not in a good way. It also seemed like she and Noah reconciled too quickly after years of discord and silence. The reconciliation was sweet, though, and a happy e...