僕のヒーローアカデミア 12 [Boku No Hero Academia 12] (My Hero Academia, #12) by Kohei Horikoshi

僕のヒーローアカデミア 12 [Boku No Hero Academia 12] (My Hero Academia, #12)

マジで必殺技とか超ワクワクしてきた! コスチュームもかっこよく改良して、ニュースタイルの俺を見せてやる! よっしゃ行くぜ「ヒーロー仮免試験」! 目指せヒヨッ子! “Plus Ultra”!!

Details 僕のヒーローアカデミア 12 [Boku No Hero Academia 12] (My Hero Academia, #12)

Title僕のヒーローアカデミア 12 [Boku No Hero Academia 12] (My Hero Academia, #12)
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Superheroes, Fantasy, Shonen

Reviews 僕のヒーローアカデミア 12 [Boku No Hero Academia 12] (My Hero Academia, #12)

  • Regina
    Ummmm I NEED MORE. This volume had my beautiful wife Hatsume Mei in it, so of course it couldn’t be less than 5 stars.Also Uraraka is soooo in love, I kept waiting for the class A girls to start singing “I won’t say I’m in love” from Hercules any second.Man this manga is just too cool for this world.
  • Artemy
    Ugh. I’m starting to feel like the series jumped the shark during the summer camp arc. It’s another championship now, and it’s a far cry from the first one — there’s no tension, no sense of danger or competition. It’s dull and boring, and nothing in this storyline feels like it matters. The plot armor has grown around the entire UA High’s Class A, and it looks like Horikoshi is too afraid to take even the smallest risk with any of t...
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    My review of My Hero Academia, Vol. 12, now also featuring a short essay on the Bakugo shipping debate: Why it's Not Wrong to Ship Katsuki Bakugo The kids are now on the hunt for their provisional hero licenses, and have once again found themselves in a big insane competition against a bunch of other people (ala the UA entrance exam, but BIGGER). It seems pretty similar to that arc, but yenno I don't even mind because it's the same regular MHA g...
  • Petros
    Another worthless volume. First we suffer through a ton of pages regarding how everyone’s room looks like, and to no one’s amazement, they are exactly how we expected them to look based on their one-trait characters. This is not character development, nor fleshing out. It’s a waste of time. Then we get a montage where everyone is training to improve their skills for the tenth time, and which of course mean nothing character or plot wise. De...
  • Elinor Master of Gifs
    Cette série continue à être géniale. Genre géniale géniale.
  • Rolando Marono
    Si bien coincido con que otro "torneo" se siente trillado en esta serie que se iba moviendo muy bien con personajes muy emocionantes aunque la trama había tomado prestado mucho de shonens tradicionales; creo que este volumen tiene lo suyo y aunque es otro torneo, nos lo presenta de una manera muy interesante y podemos ver cómo los personajes han crecido completamente en estos 10 volúmenes de diferencia.Me gustó como los personajes empiezan a ...
  • Emily Wells
    Ok, with this volume, was definitely a lot more laid back than the last one. Which was honestly probably good for my heart, which was still dying from the last one. I love how more and more characters keep getting introduced as the volumes continue on. I normally get annoyed with stories that have too many characters, because I tend to struggle to keep them all straight. But all these characters have unique personalities and awesome powers, and I...
  • Maiko-chan
    (view spoiler)[everyone Kacchan in new outfits coming up? I am down for that.lol that second panel!-from juuhachi-from nakurawariLOL if only Mineta were here. poor thing is missing out, that's an A+ angleoh hey back to getting character profile comment pages, finally one for Tokoyamihis Quirk is fucking adorable FIGHTMEHatsume is actually pretty damn adorable, I really want more of her character so I'm glad we're getting some in this volume.chara...
  • Paulina
    ¿Es posible estar tan orgullosa y querer tanto a 20 adolescentes? Al parecer, sí. Este tomo fue una pasada, comienzan los exámenes para obtener la licencia provisional de héroes, sin embargo, los alumnos de UA competirán contra otras escuelas que poseen ventaja sobre ellos: todos conocen los Quirks de la UA; además hay solo 100 plazas y más de 1500 aspirantes. ¡Increíble este arco! Tantos Quirks nuevos y lo que más me gusta (además del...
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    For me, this is still an entertaining story with creative battles and fairly likable characters. It is also a bit repetitive and the story feels a little bit hollow. We have another high stakes test now, and again it’s almost impossible for our heroes to pass the test, and spoilers... well, you probably know what happens. Suffice it to say, it’s not that satisfying when pretty much everyone passes every nearly impossible test every time first...
  • Tori
    I love the direction the story is going! The action just keeps coming and the characters are constantly developing. There is always something going on that keeps me interested. I'm really curious to see what is going to happen with All Might and Bakugo seems to be hinting at something. Hmm the plot thickens :)
  • Taylor Ramirez
    INASA!!!!!I’m just really happy to see Inasa. He’s so funny and cute. I love him and can’t wait to see more of him with Todoroki. This was a fun volume. Seeing the kids get their ultimate moves and then having to go up against rival schools is great.
  • Illy
    God this series gets better and better. I love how I used to hate on this series and now I can’t get enough. This just shows you can’t judge a book before reading it. BUT CAN EE JUST POINT OUT THAT ALL MIGHT AND ERASER NEED TO BE CO PARENTS FOR THESE KIDS???
  • Rollin
    Even more students! Even more quirks! It's a good time to love MHA.
  • cindy
    Yaaayyy... chapter 100....Jadi untuk jadi Hero harus punya ijin khusus, dan untuk dapat SIJH (surat ijin jadi hero) ini ada tesnya. Murid2 kelas 1A ceritanya lagi ngikut Tes.
  • Elias Alexander
    I can't express how much I love this series. This volume was definitely not a disappointment. Deserves all the hype.
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    KAMINARIIII!(That was more like a filler volume but one whole extra star for Denki.)
  • Alexis U
    Forever after it's safe to assume this is a 5 star series honestly. It could have been like 10 more chapters of fuckery in the (view spoiler)[dorms (hide spoiler)] and I would have loved every second. BUT WAIT, there's more. In this volume we get to see a lot more students from other schools and kind of get a peek at what their academic life must be like. It's very interesting. However, I'm still not sure on the logistics of (view spoiler)[the wh...
  • Ben Truong
    My Hero Academia, Vol. 12 continues where the previous tankobon left off and contains the next nine chapters (100–108) of the on-going manga series and a side story.The tankobon opens up with Class 1-A trying to figure out one or two of their signature moves. Izuku Midoriya is having more difficulty than the rest of his class. He did get some advice from Toshinori Yagi, formally All Might, which pushed him in the right direction – that Izuku ...
  • Kate (Looking Glass Reads)
    What an exciting week for My Hero Academia fans! Not only is the third season of the anime airing this Saturday, but there’s another volume of the manga as well! My Hero Academia Vol 12 by Kohei Horikoshi is the beginning of a new arc in the extremely popular shonen series.After the conclusion of a very intense last arc, My Hero Academia Vol 12 starts out a bit on the lighter side of things. It’s still spring break, but the students are back ...
  • Justin
    How many new characters can a series introduce, before it starts collapsing under its own weight? My Hero Academia hasn't reached that point yet, but the last several volumes have poured a steady stream of new faces into the mix, from the Pussycats, to the new villains, to various characters' parents, and now the student bodies of several different superhero schools, entirely. Granted, volume 12 only showcases a handful of them in depth, but at s...
  • Dani St-Onge (Literary Lion)
    For more reviews and bookish content: http://literarylion.caKeeping with the lighter tones of the dorm room chapters, this volume opens on ultimate moves and costume alterations. I love seeing the costumes evolve with our fledgling heroes, in fact it's one of my favourite parts of the series. I'm already getting excited to see their winter costume variations! We get to see them all developing their own combat styles and you can really see how far...
  • Citybones
    En realidad es un 2.6, que es un aprobado raspadito, pero por partes se me hizo aburrido, los personajes nuevos no me llamaron la atención y la fórmula de examen- combate es demasiado repetitiva. Simplemente lo estaba leyendo para continuar y saber que va a pasar con los villanos.100- Practicando sus "movimientos especiales" Bah un poco meh. Divertido aún así ver AllMight seguir los consejos de "Enseñar para Dummies" XD. Y vuelve Hatsume y s...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    After all the hardships that Class 1-A has faced, you'd think that there'd be time for a breather - no chance, because the Provisional Hero License Exam is right around the corner!There's a sense of sameness about this arc, since it's another tournament/training session, but seeing how far the characters have come since the first time they had to do something like this keeps things interesting. There are a lot of new characters thrown in, which I...
  • Connie
    4/5 starsThat good good wholesome Class 1a love! This volume saw the class begin developing their costumes, hero moves, and also started the Hero License Arc, something I feel I've been waiting ages for. Character development has never been more obvious than in this volume- Bakugou talked to Deku without losing it; Kaminari praised Bakugou, and the Bakusquad came out in full force; Iida was really THAT CUTE AND PURE; Aizawa praised Bakugou and Mi...
  • Miguel
    After all the action of the Summer Training Camp arc and the Rescue Bakugo arc, the plot has entered somewhat of a lull. Fortunately for us, Horikoshi is well-versed in taking tropey shounen sections and making them rich and engaging. That is what he has accomplished here in the Provisional License Exam arc. One of the minor quibbles I have with My Hero Academia is that Horikoshi introduces too many characters too quickly. But overall, he has don...
  • Marisol
    I believe this volume was important because it shows that the characters, even though they continue to grow in terms of their quirk, still have other areas they need to improve in. As sad as it was, I like that not all students from Class 1-A passed the exam. They may be an elite class from the best hero school but it shows how strict they were scored. Not only that but I was so shocked to find out that that girl Midoriya was fighting was Toga! S...
  • Kat
    3.5 out of 5 starsIt’s great to see our heroes progression in a mock battle format, but the provisional licensing arc is very similar to the sports festival arc, which was incredible. This one, so far, just seems like a bit of a rehash, so I just wasn’t as engaged with this volume as others.However, the story is still solid as always and I am interested to see where the licensing arc is going. Horikoshi always seems to have a plan, and I am v...
  • Roo Atristain
    Hablemos un momento del buen trabajo en equipo y gran compañerismo que Class-A tiene, me gusta mucho cómo han crecido como grupo y lo bien que se complementan. Me encanta ver cómo todos se ayudan para cumplir sus objetivos.Y ahora, Kacchan, how did u know that? Since when? En los volúmenes anteriores, se puede ver que Kacchan ha estado sospechando, pero no vi venir esto. All Might, Deku, u’re doing amazing sweeties.
  • Crimson
    I'm slowly catching up to the part I left off at! The nice thing about rereading this section is that I can focus on things other than the tons of new characters. Also, because I just finished reading some Haikyuu volumes, it feels like the cast for both shows might bump into each other or something, lol! It just has that vibe. It was also really nice to see some of our minor cast from 1A shining (hehe)