The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg

The Story of Arthur Truluv

A beautiful, life-affirming novel about a remarkably loving man who creates for himself and others second chances at happiness.A moving novel about three people who find their way back from loss and loneliness to a different kind of happiness. Arthur, a widow, meets Maddy, a troubled teenage girl who is avoiding school by hiding out at the cemetery, where Arthur goes every day for lunch to have imaginary conversations with his late wife, and thin...

Details The Story of Arthur Truluv

TitleThe Story of Arthur Truluv
Release DateNov 21st, 2017
PublisherRandom House
GenreFiction, Adult Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Story of Arthur Truluv

  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 It is hard not to absolutely adore Arthur, an 82 year old gentlemen. He misses his wife terribly, she passed on the year before ands everyday he goes to the cemetery, taking his lunch and lawn chair, to spend time by her grave. This is where he meets Maddy, 17, doesn't seem to fit in anywhere, not at home where it is just her and her father and certainly not at school. Lillian, is Arthur's elderly next door neighbor, she bakes the most amazin...
  • Liz
    Every now and then I need to take a break from the mysteries and find something that reminds me how sweet life can be. This book fits the bill. Arthur is an 85 year old widow who visits his wife’s cemetery plot every day for lunch. There, he meets Maddy, a 17 year old who is unpopular and doesn’t have much of a family life. Lucille is Arthur’s elderly neighbor who has never been married. Berg does a wonderful job capturing the pain of bully...
  • Angela M
    It's sweet, predictably sad yet uplifting , maybe a little sappy , and I loved reading it ! Nothing earth shattering happens except in the small world of eighty five year Arthur who has lost his wife and seventeen year old Maddy who lost her mother at birth and loses her father to his grief. They meet at the cemetery where Arthur visits his wife's grave every day toting his lawn chair and lunch and talking to his beloved Nola. Maddy goes there to...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 sweet, feel-good, “true love 💗” stars to The Story of Arthur Truluv ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I listened to the audio of this special story, which was narrated by the author, Elizabeth Berg. Her voice and inflection suited the storytelling perfectly. At first Arthur seemed a little quirky (even a little “Ove-y”), but then when he was fleshed out more, he became a true gentleman in my eyes. Arthur is a widower in his 80s who meets Maddy, a teen...
  • Karen
    There are three people who this story is about.Arthur Moses (Truluv), a sweet widower, 85 yrs old.Maddy, a 17 yr old senior in high school, lost her mother to a car accident shortly after her birth, very unpopular at school, a loner.Lucille, an elderly neighbor of Arthur's that has never been married and is quite boisterous and a great baker.Sad circumstances bring these three lonely people together and it's a beautiful story! Thank you to Random...
  • Esil
    A high 4 stars! I so enjoyed reading The Story of Arthur Truluv. It's a short snapshot of what one hopes the world can be like for lonely people who find their way to each other. Arthur is an octogenarian who has lunch at his wife's grave every day. Maddie is an almost 18 year old lost soul who seeks refuge in the cemetery on many days instead of having lunch in her school cafeteria. Lucille is Arthur's neighbour, a retired teacher, a fanatical b...
  • Debra
    "What is it that makes a family? Certainly no document does, no legal pronouncement or accident of birth. No, real families come from choices we make about who we want to be bound to, and the ties to such families lie in our hearts."This is a book about three individuals who have relatively little in common but find themselves bound together in an unconventional but loving family. Arthur Moses a.k.a. Truluv, is an 85 year old man who goes to the ...
  • abby
    This book makes overtures to the popular A Man Called Ove-- complete with childless widower, cat annoyance, bossy neighbor, and bittersweet life lessons learned all around-- but with a mere fraction of the charm.Arthur Moses visits his wife's grave every day. He doesn't have much human contact outside of his neighbor, Lucille, who is a general irritation to him even if she does bake amazing cookies. Every day at the graveyard, he is surrounded by...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    Arthur Moses misses his wife so badly that he goes to the cemetery every single day to have lunch with her. One day he spots a young girl there and the two of them become unlikely friends. Maddy is the young girl that has had a sorta bad life. Her mom died when Maddy was just a couple of weeks old and her dad is very unemotional towards Maddy. (I felt this was kinda lame..I've seen and read way more serious life problems but what do I know..not m...
  • Margitte
    A cemetry in Mason, Missouri, became the place where 85-year-old Arthur Moses and 17-year-old Maddy Harris would meet and turn their lives around. Among the gravestones, where Arthur ate lunch every day with his deceased wife Nola, and troubled Maddy found solace against the cruelties of high school and her lonely life at home, two souls collided unexpectedly. Maddy had to withstand the onslaught of the students who loved to be entertained by cru...
  • Cheri
    “We all know that something is eternal. And it ain’t houses and it ain’t names, and it ain’t earth, and it ain’t even the stars—everybody knows in their bones that something is eternal, and that something has to do with human beings.” Thorton Wilder, Our TownIt was six months ago, in November, the month when Arthur’s beloved wife Nola was buried, and he’s had a lunch date with her every day since. He heads to the cemetery on the...
  • Sherri Thacker
    Oh what a fabulous book this was!! For some reason, I am attracted to books with older characters as the main characters. There’s just something about books with 70 and 80 year olds in them LOL. I loved this book from the very first page to the last. I loved this along with these others who had older people as the main storyline: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, A Man Called Ove, The One in a Million Boy, Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk and Dr...
  • ☮Karen
    Some of my greatest reading pleasures have come from Elizabeth Berg, so I was very happy to receive an uncorrected proof on Kindle of her latest offering from NetGalley and Random House. Now that I've finished, I wish I had the actual book so I could give it a big bear hug. I've never hugged my tablet before, but I guess I could start now....No, it's just not the same but will suffice for now.There seems to be a trend, as the population ages, for...
  • JanB
    4.5 stars. It’s been a while since I was so taken and charmed by a book. Berg has created a memorable cast of characters and Arthur especially will win your heart. When life gets you down this is the book to read that will restore your faith in human goodness. Better yet, don't wait and read it now. It will leave you with a full heart, a lump in your throat, and a tear in your eye. Octogenarian Arthur Moses is lonely. The highlight of his day i...
  • Marialyce
    This was a sweet charming book about how one does not to be related by blood to be a family.Artur Trulov is a older man who visits his beloved wife's grave everyday and brings his lunch and a chair to share some time with her. Arthur tends his roses and shares his time with Gordon his cat and briefly shares time with his neighbor, Lucille. Maddie Harris finds peace wandering the graveyard where she sees and finally meets and speaks to Arthur. She...
  • Fictionophile
    Not since "A man called Ove" have I been so charmed by a book.  "The story of Arthur Truluv" is one of those novels that give you a book hangover (you don't want to start another book because you are still living in that book's world.)"He's an old man living an old man's life"Arthur Moses is an eighty-five year old widower.  He hasn't been a widower very long and his grief is still raw and fresh.  He was one of those fortunate people who marry...
  • Bam
    Ok, I'm a sucker for these kinds of feel-good books! So full of heart and love. And no, it is NOT to be compared to A Man Called Ove. Arthur Moses is an eighty-five-year-old widower and retired groundskeeper living in Mason, Missouri, who visits his beloved deceased wife every day in the cemetery and has lunch with her. Arthur often looks at what is written on a tombstone nearby and imagines the life story of whomever is buried there. He wants to...
  • Cathrine ☯️
    4 🔔 🔔 🔔 🔔sIn her acknowledgements the author writes that she hopes “readers will see beyond the simple words on the page to the more complex meanings behind them.”I believe most of us will. This goes down easy like bittersweet hot chocolate for the soul and at only 240 pages a perfect read for the times and the season upon us. It encourages you to slow down, smile, be kind, be mindful of your place in time, be a helper when you ca...
  • Zoe
    Powerful, poignant, and charming!The Story of Arthur Truluv is a touching novel that reminds us that life should be lived to the fullest and that family can be any unit created by love and not limited to those related by blood.The story is told from three different points of view; Arthur, a kind-hearted widow whose loneliness is palpable and who spends the better part of his days at the graveside of his late wife; Maddie, a troubled teenager, st...
  • Cindy Burnett
    3.5 starsThe Story of Arthur Truluv is uplifting, sweet, and a good addition to what I like to call The Man Called Ove genre. The characters are likeable, and the story is entertaining and moves along at a good pace. While I liked the book, I didn’t love it. The message is fabulous- the power of people to impact those around them. It is certainly worth reading if you are looking for a touching story; however A Man Called Ove and Eleanor Oliphan...
  • Stephanie Anze
    3.5 rounded up to 4Since Arthur lost his wife Nola six months prior, he visits her at her grave. Bringing his chair and lunch everyday, he sits and tells Nola about his day. On one of these visits he spots Maddy, a seventeen-year-old high school student. Initially, they just briefly acknowledge each other but gradually they get to know each other better. Maddy is struggling at school and at home and is taken by how much Arthur still loves his wif...
  • Judy Collins
    The 30 Best Books of 2017 Loved this book! Talented storyteller Elizabeth Berg returns following The Dream Lover and Make Someone Happy: Favorite Postings with one of her most charming books yet, THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV. Emotional and compelling, mixed with humor – three unlikely souls with their loss, find solace in one another in this heartwarming tale.Arthur Moses’ wife, Nola passed six months earlier. He has a routine. He tends to ...
  • Antoinette
    3.5 STARSThis is a sweet, lovable comfort read. It is definitely a feel good book!We meet Arthur, an 85 year old gentleman, who goes to the cemetery everyday to be with his deceased wife. He meets Maddy there- an ostracized, lonely almost 18 year old. Into this mix, we throw in Lucille, Arthur's elderly neighbor, who like the other two, is all alone and lonely. These three form a bond and connection. This book is about loneliness and the need to ...
  • Kathleen
    I enjoyed this "feel good" story about a sweet 85 year old gentleman, Arthur Moses (Truluv), 83 year old neighbour, Lucille Howard, and 17 year old Maddy Harris, who has been motherless since she was little.Arthur loves his wife dearly and makes daily visits to the cemetery to eat lunch by her graveside. Maddy visits the cemetery to escape the other kids at school. They meet at the cemetery and one rainy day Arthur invites her to his home. Moved ...
  • Patrice Hoffman
    First of all, let me pat myself on the back for flying through this novel so quickly. It appears lately no matter how much I love or hate a novel, I still read it at snail's pace. This time was different. I came, I read, I reviewed, then conquered. With that out of the way... let's get to it!The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg is the second novel I've read from her. Berg introduces us to Arthur, Maddy, and Lucille. Each going through lif...
  • Jamie
    The world could surely use more people like Arthur Moses in it!
  • Cheryl
    Mandy is a high school senior whose mother has died. She now feels estranged from her withdrawn father. Bullied and ostracized by her classmates, she often seeks refuge at the town cemetery where she takes photographs and relishes the peace she finds there.Arthur is an elderly widower whose life revolves around his daily visits to his wife’s grave at the cemetery. He finds peace and comfort in these visits.Lucille is Arthur’s elderly neighbor...
  • Gina *loves sunshine*
    This story is very sweet and heartwarming, I enjoyed it a ton! Lots of reviews on this reference A man Called Ove, which was a favorite book of mine. The similarities are there - because Arthur is an old man who treasures his routine, his wife, and his traditional ways. A wonderful generation of people who have quick wit and love to point out the obvious differences between the baby boomers and the rest of us!! Those one liners kept this book exc...
  • Karen
    When we first meet Arthur and Maddy, it is in a graveyard. Arthur is visiting his deceased wife, love of his life Nola’s grave, eating lunch with her as he does every day. He has a quirky habit of trying to get to know Nola’s ‘neighbors’, surmising who they were in life. Maddy is a bright yet troubled and lonely girl who is treated cruelly at school and skipping out the day she meets Arthur. Sitting in the cemetery is a safe haven from he...
  • Celia
    The Story of Arthur Truluv is a book by Elizabeth Berg which Random House expects to publish in July of 2017.It is the story of three people who have all lost a loved one. But the three improbably come together to support each other and learn how to live again. One is Arthur, age 82, the second is Maddy, age 18, and the third is Arthur’s nosy neighbor, Lucille, a spinster of undetermined old age.Elizabeth Berg has written a lovely story and has...