30 Second Death (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #2) by Laura Bradford

30 Second Death (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #2)

To help an old friend, Tobi Tobias gets a third-rate thespian a part in a commercial, and learns that in the advertising business, bad acting can lead to murder . . .When Tobi Tobias opened her own advertising agency, Carter McDade was there for her every step of the way. A brilliant hairdresser, Carter has just landed his dream project: doing hair and makeup for a theatrical production of Rapunzel. But the dream turns into a nightmare when he ru...

Details 30 Second Death (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #2)

Title30 Second Death (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #2)
Release DateJul 11th, 2017
PublisherLyrical Underground
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery

Reviews 30 Second Death (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #2)

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsAll Tobi wants is to help her friend Carter, she never knew what a can of worms she was opening. Fiona was making hairdresser Carter McDade’s life miserable. She thinks she is a talented actress and he doesn’t agree and let’s her know it which gets him in hot water at the theater. Tobi decides to hire Fiona for a commercial to try and smooth the waters much to the displeasure of the person she had already promised the p...
  • Lisa Ks Book Reviews
    30 SECOND DEATH was 8 hours of unbelievable reading!Oh, I do love this series. As I mentioned in my review of book one, DEATH IN ADVERTISING I was blown away with every aspect of it. In starting 30 SECOND DEATH, I of course was hoping for more of the same, and author Laura Bradford delivered!Tobi Tobias is a fresh and fun protagonist. I love her quirky sense of humor, and that she snorts when she laughs like I do! She’s feel very real to me, me...
  • Juli
    Advertising agency owner and admitted chocoholic Tobi Tobias is back in 30 Second Death, a new cozy mystery by Laura Bradford. This is the 2nd book in the Tobi Tobias Mystery series.The basics: To help out her Bestie, Hair Stylist Carter McDade, Tobi offers a part in a commercial to a problematic local prima donna, Fiona Renoir. Fiona causes problems wherever she goes and has little talent. She refuses to allow Carter to do her hair for a local p...
  • Lisa Morin
    Writing catchy ads by day and working in the pet store as needed leaves Tobi Tobias some time for fun with new beau Andy.For those of you who read the first in this series by Laura Bradford, Andy was a client Tobi worked with.Picking up on the cliffhanger of Andy's ex entering the story, Tobi feels sad and confused and isn't sure what Andy wants.Working with two new clients has her feeling a bit better, but when her bff finds himself accused of m...
  • Dawn Frazier
    Absolutely loved this book, this is one of my very favorite series. I laughed and even cried a little through this one. I can't wait for the next!
  • Mark Baker
    When Tobi’s friend Carter goes off on an actress at the theater where he works, he’s afraid of losing his job. Tobi decides to help out by hiring the actress to be in a commercial she is about to shoot for an advertising client, but when the actress dies on set while Carter is coloring her hair, he immediately finds himself the top suspect. Now Tobi must do another favor – clear Carter of murder.I loved the first book in this series, and on...
  • Doward Wilson
    Meet Tobi Tobias as she navigates the ins and outs of owning her own advertising agency. When she does a favor for her best friend, Carter McDade, he ends up as a murder suspect and she ends up scrambling to save her business. The characters are real and the murder plot complex. The dialogue is snappy and gives you a lot laughs. I to go back and read the first book and keep up with this fun series.
  • Mary Brown
    30 Second DeathA Tobi Tobias Mystery, Book #2Laura Bradford5+ StarsSynopsis:To help an old friend, Tobi Tobias gets a third-rate thespian a part in a commercial, and learns that in the advertising business, bad acting can lead to murder . . .When Tobi Tobias opened her own advertising agency, Carter McDade was there for her every step of the way. A brilliant hairdresser, Carter has just landed his dream project: doing hair and makeup for a theatr...
  • Peggy R
    If you enjoyed the first book in this series then do yourself a favor and make sure to add this one to the TBR list. The second installment in the Tobi Tobais Mystery is another page turning read filled with great characters and what I thought was a terrific mystery. Tobi is such a great character. For only the second book in the series she is complex, multi-dimensional and layered. I find her to be an independent spirit who loves her family and ...
  • NicoleG
    Tobi Tobias seems to be having a streak of bad luck. It looks like her boyfriend has flown the coop, her friend Mary Fran's pet shop is in trouble (thanks to overly chit chatty birds!!), and her best friend Carter is accused of Murder!She might not be able to do anything about her boyfriend troubles or Mary Fran's avian woes but you can bet your last bowl of cocoa puffs that she'll clear Carter's name and find out who really killed the high strun...
  • Kelly
    **I voluntarily read this ARC**I absolutely love this series! This was another book that I have been impatiently waiting for since I finished the first book, and now I'm anxiously awaiting book three. The romantic bits were a bit predictable, but oh my gosh that mystery! I loved it! There were so many suspects and some good motives. Add in a visit from her grandpa and the plot was jam-packed from beginning to end.
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    Tobi Tobias is delightfully layered and realistically flawed. She places great stock in friendships and has an endearing narrative voice. I sort-of see her as Sandra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping” or “Miss Congeniality” – a little awkward, a lot lovable, and a good heart. She’s witty and smart, she snort-laughs, she has stand-offs with parrots, and she is a total junk food addict.In 30 Second Death, the main supporting character...
  • Katreader
    30 SECOND DEATH by Laura BradfordThe Second Tobi Tobias MysteryBusiness is booming for Tobi Tobias, unfortunately, her personal life isn't faring so well. Andy's ex has come back into his life and in trying to help her good friend, she may just have set Carter up for a murder charge! A diva at Carter's theatre company has made the mellow Carter lose his cool, so in order to save his job, Tobi rescinds the acting offer she gave the Art Director an...
  • Debbie
    I loved this book as I do all of Ms. Bradford's. I would actually give this a 4 1/2 star. When a diva that has problems with Tobi's good friend Carter, Tobi tries to help, but when she ends up dead and eyes turn to Carter, there are even bigger problems. Tobi is torn in this book between Carter being under suspicion, Grandpa Stu falling for Mrs. Rapple, her boyfriend's ex fiancé in town and Mary Fran having problems at the pet store, she is defi...
  • Sabine
    Review coming soon..... Happy New Year to y'all my goodreads friends :)
  • Jeanie
    Wow! I really enjoyed this second novel in Laura Bradford’s A Tobi Tobias Mystery series! The author has a winning combination of witty dialog between very likable characters, a mind-boggling murder mystery, and romance on the rocks. Oh, and Rudder. Without Rudder, Tobi and Mary Fran would be … truly rudderless in a world with less snorts.Tobi loves chocolate, adores her family, friends and animals. Her ad agency is successful and she is “w...
  • RO G'ma
    30 Second Death is the second book in Laura Bradford’s fabulous Tobi Tobias Mystery series. This whodunit has a great storyline, well-developed and engaging characters, lots of humor, and touches of romance. Ms. Bradford has a witty writing style and I’m looking forward to reading more of her books. There are lots of twists and turns and no shortage of suspects This steadily paced story held my attention throughout the entire book and kept me...
  • K.A. Davis
    Author Laura Bradford writes a variety of series but I was completely smitten with her Tobi Tobias Mystery series and was thrilled when 30 SECOND DEATH, the second book in the series, became available! From the opening page to the very end I was struck again and again at how creatively funny this author is! Writing humor is a gift and Laura is gifted in spades. The protagonist, Tobi Tobias, is a proud chocoholic, addicted to Cocoa Puffs, and owns...
  • Susan
    I enjoyed the first in this series and had my fingers crossed that the second would be as good. Well, it may just be even better. Tobi is back along with her circle of friends and family. Beyond her problems with a vanishing boyfriend, her Grandpa Stu making googoo eyes at Tobi's obnoxious neighbor and her BFF having bird troubles in her pet store.....her dear friend Carter, the hairdresser, has been having girlfriend trouble. Not just the usual ...
  • Patricia Romero
    Tobi is a character! I love this group of friends and family that all love and support Tobi.Tobi is determined to find out who killed the nasty Fiona. And clear her BFF at the same time. With so many suspects, Grandpa Stu comes to visit and help her out. Or did he come to hook up with Tobi's nasty neighbor? Lots of mysteries here!The characters are well developed and  this not your typical cosy mystery. Ms. Bradford has several mystery series ou...
  • Bree
    There is so much to love about this series, and I was thrilled when reading this second book in the series. Tobi is a character that you will instantly love and it isn’t hard, when the story and plot line are superbly written. This second book has laugh out moments, great wonder in the who done it and a cast of delightful characters.Full Review: https://bibliophile.reviews/book-revi...
  • Sherry
    Truly Awesome!I found this to be an irresistible page turner! Poor Tobi has suffered lots of angst in her past - loss of her job, catching her fiancé cheating, & having a dead body drop at her feet. However, her future appears to be brighter with a new hunky boyfriend & two brand new accounts - she might even be able to buy herself a car. Unfortunately, there are a few glitches. This is a fun series with engaging characters & lots of plot twists...
  • Melissa Castor
    Tobi's best friend Carter is in the hot seat after a woman he despised dies on the set of Tobi's latest commercial from some tainted hair dye. Tobi's relationship with Andy is up in the air and Mary Fran is having issues with the man living above the pet store complaining about noise. Grandpa Stu arrives to help Tobi clear Carter of the murder. Another great book from Laura Bradford!
  • Pam Guynn
    I received a free copy for an honest review and I love this series by Laura Bradford!!!! This is the 2nd book in the Tobi Tobias series and it is a great fun read. If you like cozy mysteries then you will really love this series!!
  • Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)
    Tobi’s business has picked up since her success with the Zander Closet Company despite the murder investigation from the previous book.The only thing not going so well is her relationship with Andy because his ex-girlfriend has come back into the picture and Tobi is not sure what to do. He wanted to marry her at one point but then she moved of to pursue her career and broke his heart. Every keeps telling her things will work out but she is not ...
  • Cathy Cole
    Laura Bradford has created an enjoyable cozy series that gives readers a peek inside the workings of a new and growing advertising agency. Another delight is the mystery itself. Early on I placed a bet with myself as to the identity of the killer, and nothing really made my antennae twitch enough to change my mind. I should have because I lost my bet. I love it when that happens!I really enjoy the cast of characters in this series. Tobi is intell...
  • Jeanie Jackson
    30 Second Death was even better than Death in Advertising! Laura Bradford is an outstanding author who creates multifaceted characters with depth and wonderful hearts. This time that heart has put Tobi in a terrible position. Tobi's best friend is about to lose his job after blasting his boss's niece while said boss was standing behind him. To try to get the, hum, uh, the little minx, out of his hair, Tobi hires the mediocre actress with a diva a...
  • DelAnne Frazee
    Title: 30 Second Death Tobi Tobias Mystery Book 2Author: Laura BradfordPublisher: Kensington BooksPublished: 7-11-2017Pages: 222Genre: Mystery & ThrillerSub-Genre: Police Procedurals, Cozy Mystery, Women's Fiction, Amateur Sleuths, Suspense, Women's SleuthsISBN: 781516102082ASIN: B01MDN324ZReviewed For NetGalley and Kensington BooksReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsTo help an old friend, Tobi Tobias gets a third-rate thespian a part in a commerci...
  • Rebecca Douglass
    I think this was a stronger book than the first in the series (Death in Advertising). If you look at my review of that one, you'll see that I dinged it a bit for too-perfect characters. Not Tobi, but all her friends. I still think we all can dream of having friends as good as Tobi has, but in this book they seemed a little more real. The 15-year-old Sam is still a bit unbelievable (okay, he reminds me of the 15-year-old Brian from the early draft...
  • Fred
    30-Second Death is the second book in the A Tobi Tobias Mystery series.Another enjoyable visit to the Tobi Tobias Ad Agency. Tobi comes home one evening to find her best friend, Carter McDade eating Cocoa Puffs right out of the box in her apartment. One might ask: really, yes. He is distraught, to say the least. McDade is a hairdresser at a local, community type, theater and the owner’s niece, Fiona Renoir, prima donna personified, is making li...