Ashley's War by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Ashley's War

From the author of the New York Times best seller The Dressmaker of Khair Khana comes the poignant and gripping story of a groundbreaking team of female American warriors who served alongside Special Operations soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan - including Ashley White, a beloved soldier who died serving her country's cause.In 2010 the US Army Special Operations Command created Cultural Support Teams, a pilot program to put women on the ...

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TitleAshley's War
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreNonfiction, History, War, Military Fiction, Biography

Reviews Ashley's War

  • L.A. Starks
    This is one of those "if you don't read anything else this year, read this" books. Lemmon does a superb job of writing about the first women in the Cultural Support Team (CSTs) who qualified for and then carried out the goal of getting critical intel with Rangers on their missions in Afghanistan. Because they were able to speak with women and children when male soldiers could not, they contributed to the success of the missions and saved lives.An...
  • Amy Garrett
    As a female Army Veteran I was skeptical about this book. I received a free book to review from Library Thing, so I wasn't out money if I didn't like it or could not finish it. Not that far into it, it mentioned when the Army participated in the lioness details, where females would go out into the city with the male soldiers. I was a part of that movement for a while, years ago, so i was overwhelmed with joy that it had been recognized in passing...
  • Daniel (Attack of the Books!) Burton
    At some point while reading Ashley's War, I started to read faster, flipping pages, and almost skimming. It must have been shortly after I realized that Ashley--the title character, but by no means the only female soldier documented in Gayle Tzemach Lemmon's book--was going to go to Afghanistan to serve on the front lines with special forces and wasn't going to tell her parents any more than that she would be an "enabler." They thought she was do...
  • Monica
    Gahkz!! Oh how I have struggled with this book and review. I wanted to love this so much!! I tried. There is a dearth of stories about female heroism and this was a story worth telling. Ashley White and the women who made up the Cultural Support Teams (CST) in Afghanistan are people worth knowing about. Their accomplishments are worthy of aspiration; but this book does them little justice. In light of current events, I found the jingoism and sexi...
  • Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship
    If I were rating the awesomeness of Ashley White and her comrades-in-arms, this book would get 5 stars. But what I’m rating is Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s work.This book follows a team of female soldiers who are trained to accompany the (at the time) all-male Special Forces on missions in Afghanistan as “Cultural Support Teams,” to search and question women and children, which men cannot do without offering grave insult. The name of the team m...
  • Jenny (adultishbooks)
    I'm leary of military non-fiction/memoirs due to past experiences where I have been unable to follow what was happening and/or it's written by war veterans who aren't primarily writers. This book definitely restored my faith in military non-fiction and I will be more willing to give it a chance in the future. The author does a fantastic job of portraying the information, individualizing each soldier and remaining objective, when this book could'v...
  • Laurie
    I never knew that women were trained to be special forces soldiers until I read this book. This elite group of female soldiers who were trained to accompany the Rangers and a Green a Berets on missions in Afghanistan are one of the best kept secrets of the military. The book is both inspirational and tragic as most books about war heroes are, this one maybe a little more so because we're so unaccustomed to the war heroes being heroines.
  • Fables&Wren
    WrensReads Review:This book was so enlightening. I first only wanted to read this book because the lovely Reese Witherspoon told me too via instagram (by me I mean she posted and told everyone to read it... it's the same thing. We are tight, obviously). Then I learned more about it and I itched to read it.Kathe Mazur does a marvelous job narrating this book. I usually find it hard to get through books that aren't actual stories, because my mind l...
  • Lynne Spreen
    I wanted to give this book 5 stars just out of gratitude for the women who are contained in its pages. It's an interesting look at brand-new developments in warfare, in terms of female soldiers who are badder and smarter and more awesome than anybody else on the planet, and compared to their male counterparts, they have to do it all backwards and in heels. This is the telling of their efforts to make a contribution as women warriors, at a level o...
  • Becky
    4.5 I was a little hesitant to read this book, I am not much for "war" stories especially in a non-fiction book. I heard about this book from our NYS Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, she does an on line book group for women with books about women. I missed the group read but I still wanted to read the book.It is a true story about a select group of women in 2010 who have trained to become a "cultural support team" to work along side the Green Berets ...