Things Are What You Make of Them by Adam J. Kurtz

Things Are What You Make of Them

Insights and inspiration for anyone who makes art (or anything else), from the popular author of 1 Page at a Time and Pick Me Up From the creative mind and heart of Adam J. Kurtz comes this quirky, upbeat rallying cry for creators of all stripes. Expanding on a series of popular guides he's created for Design*Sponge, this handwritten and heartfelt little book shares wisdom and empathy from one working artist to others. The advice is organized by...

Details Things Are What You Make of Them

TitleThings Are What You Make of Them
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Design, Language, Writing, Self Help, Business

Reviews Things Are What You Make of Them

  • Adam
    i wrote this book i think it is very nice i like that the author doesn't try to act like he's the expert or better than anybody else, he's just really honest about what life is like for people who try to make things.
  • Vitor Martins
    Adam J K é um dos meus artistas favoritos e eu provavelmente sempre vou amar qualquer coisa que ele fizer. Eu sou apaixonado pelas suas cores, seu traço e sua visão de ver o mundo.Esse aqui é meio que um livro de auto-ajuda para pessoas criativas, todo em forma de notas escritas a mão pelo próprio Adam. Ele toca em muitos temas relevantes para qualquer pessoa que quer começar ou já trabalha com arte no geral. Planejamento de um novo proje...
  • Dani
    I'm a fan of pretty much everything Adam does, so I'll admit that I went into this expecting I'd like it, but it was even better than I expected. As he always does, Adam provides the perfect mix of wit and inspiration. If you're a creative person (or just a person in general...), you'll wanna read this book!
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    This book is just what I needed because I realized a while ago that I was becoming a negative person overcome by all the bad things happening around me and in the world. It was hard to see the goodness day-to-day and I did not like the person I was becoming. I have been practicing re-framing and my life is looking a whole lot more positive. This book was the perfect companion to my new outlook on life. I loved it cover to cover and have reread it...
  • Marianne
    (ARC from publisher)I found the advice mostly obvious, and the voice a bit too jargon-y/commercial-art-y for my tastes. YMMV. But since what I want from self-help-y books is novel insight and/or eloquent prose, I wasn't thrilled with this one.
  • Laura
    I am not a big fan of self-help books with their rose-colored quotes and shallow advice, but I like this little book of "Life Advice for Creatives" with its stiff little pages and pops of color. It is stylish, looks simple at the surface but offers a clear-eyed view of the ups and downs, challenges and opportunities creatives all face. I know one friend that will be getting this in their Christmas stocking.
  • Alexis Johnson
    This one didn't quite resonate with me as much as Austin Kleon's similar books, but I definitely recommend it as a quick and energizing pep talk for creatives who feel stuck. It'll get the wheels moving again. :-)
  • Becky
    Good life advice for any humans doing anything!
  • Beatriz Andrea Fernandez
    I have been a fan of Adam J Kurtz's work since "1 Page at A Time" and I have been a fan of his column for a while. This book came while I was struggling with my own creative endeavors, and I purchased it in the desperate hope that it would alleviate my worries. It didn't. But it fairness to it and Mr. Kurtz, that's a lot of ask of any book. It doesn't discount the fact that the advice it contains is solid, realistic, and good. Kurtz's optimism an...
  • Diana Band
    Read this for work, but was happy to do it, for selfish reasons. As a creative professional, it's nice to get some advice geared specifically towards the challenges of the lifestyle. There's some good bits of wisdom about getting out of your own head and your own way, and a I think a fair amount of it applies to life in general--even if you don't think of yourself as a creative person. This is a super quick read--it took me maybe an hour to get t...
  • Laura
    Awesome guide book and pep talk for people trying to make a living as an artist or working on a side hustle or pursuing any kind of art. I loved the format: each section ordered in a neat list with a brief but punchy blurb on each page. Pithy but powerful. As an object, the book is pleasant to hold (so small and compact!). The binding’s a bit stiff, but for a good reason — each page is perforated so you can rip it out and hang it up for inspi...
  • Katie
    Inspiring, motivational and the kick up the bum you need to get going!I bought 2 copies, one for myself and one to give my sister, as we are both unhappy in our jobs and long to make our passion projects our full time careers!
  • Frances Thompson
    Wanted to love it but found it a bit underwhelming with nothing startling or new (as a freelance creative writer for 6+ years), but it was easy to read and will look forward to passing on to someone new to the game!
  • Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn
    A little book with some amazing advice inside for any type of creative! I loved how this book was set up in little sections with just quick anecdotes that get the point across. I will be picking up a copy of this to keep at home so I can read it when I'm feeling down about my creative life!
  • Britten Thompson
    A good book to have in your collection as a reminder and motivation aid, but there is nothing ground breaking or profound here.
  • Sara Hall
    Very right place, right time book for me. So qt and honestly helpful overall. Also shout out to that WFH chapter.👌🏼✨ 4.5!
  • Julia
    O livro é do tamanho da minha mão, com 140 páginas que podem ser destacadas para você colocar até na testa estes lembretes de vida que o Adam escreveu. As páginas são todas coloridas o que torna ainda mais amável e inspirador. Eu li no dia que chegou tranquilamente, mas pretendo sempre voltar a ler algumas partes que com toda certeza vão me ajudar a não me sentir sozinha com a minha insegurança e colocar os pensamentos negativos de lad...
  • Rachel Dawson
    Adam is one of my faves— witty and wonderful and colorful and creative with a ton of heart and just enough snark... this little book is a gem. The perforated pages are such a fun touch, too! Can’t wait to hang some up around my office for good inspo. Creatives of any kind, this is such a fun read that will encourage you and give you a swift little kick in the pants too.
  • Mugren Ohaly
    Creativity “self-help” books are the new poetry anthology, everyone is writing one and they’re almost all the same regurgitated crap.Plus, the author gave his own book a 5-star review and obviously thinks way too highly of himself.