The Brazilian by Rosie Millard

The Brazilian

'...hilariously observed… a much-welcomed comedy of manners.' Jane Green, New York Times Bestselling authorPerfect for fans of Rachel Johnson and Claire Sandy, The Brazilian offers a much-needed dose of celeb scandal for fans of Love Island and other reality TV shows.Following a sensational scandal at one of London's most desired postcodes, Jane and Patrick decide to escape the gossip with a family holiday to Ibiza, their eight-year-old son Geo...

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TitleThe Brazilian
Release DateJun 14th, 2017
PublisherLegend Times Group
GenreAdult Fiction, Humor, Comedy

Reviews The Brazilian

  • Dash fan
    4☆ Fun, cheeky Summer ReadThe Brazilian is a very fun, cheeky, adventurous, humorous read.From the very first page Rosie had me laughing out loud. A Brazilian wax will never be the same lolThis is my first book by Rosie and I'm looking forward to reading more! It's jam packed full of humorous, quirky characters.All are holidaymakers in Ibiza. Except some are there for a reality tv show, some are there for a so called family holiday, 2 young pe...
  • Bookread2day
    Review by www.ireadnovels.wordpress.comI have read The Square by Rosie Millard, so when I was offered to do a blog tour for the follow up book The Brazilian I jumped at the chance. I must say I found The Brazilian more funnier and I enjoyed it much more than The Square.I loved the opening chapter. Jane is having a Brazilian wax in her paper knickers. The beautician asked Jane going on holiday are we? When Jane tell the beautician where she is goi...
  • Susan Hampson
    This is such a fun packed book to read that had me cringe and laugh in equal measures. For me Jane is definitely the star of this book but there again SHE would expect no less. Talk about standing on peoples toes to get to the top, Jane would be more likely to knock you down and trample you so you wouldn’t get back up. In her forties she knows time is running out for her to hit the big time, being famous for what is another matter. She simply w...
  • booksofallkinds
    THE BRAZILIAN by Rosie Millard is a mad-cap, crazy, holiday adventure crammed full of quirky characters, hilarious drama, and sizzling attraction. The island of Ibiza becomes the focus of this motley crew of characters who are all there for different reasons. There are Jane and Patrick who are there for a family holiday even though they have both strayed, and they have brought a young neighbour to look after their young son George because a famil...
  • Karen Mace
    I hadn't read the first of this 'series' called The Square but it didn't take long to embrace the characters and their crazy ways which made for a very entertaining read! Perfect for a sunny day!It focuses on the family of Jane who seems to be a harrassed mother who seems to detest having to spend anytime with her young son George! She doesn't even seem to like spending much time with her husband either to be fair! So they escape to Ibiza for a b...
  • Linda Hill
    A holiday in Ibiza mixed with a reality TV event is going to give all the participants more than they bargained for.Initially I didn’t think I was going to enjoy The Brazilian as I found the first character presented, Jane, totally vacuous and detestable. However, the more I read, the more I was sucked into what is a clever, witty and acerbic commentary on today’s society. As the tapestry of individuals increased I found all types were repres...
  • Butterfly2507
    This was such a fun and quick read! Loved the humor in it and also the "reality show" which is a complete mockery off actual reality shows. You know how each time a contestant has to leave and how they're supposed to do "dangerous" activities or games. It was hilarious and I can't recommend it enough :)
  • Pop Bop
    Like Slowly Driving Past An Auto AccidentAfter reading the first few chapters of this book and getting really quite as much of Jane as I needed I was tempted to quit and look elsewhere. But, there were hints here and there that other characters might be interesting, and that the reality show antics would be unpredictable and more than just shallow slapstick. Plus, for every clichéd cheap shot there were one or two other more knowing, and sly, th...
  • Samantha
    Very easy read and perfect for holiday lazing beside the pool. I had read Rosie Millard's The Square and this one is just as enjoyable. Good characterisation and another really likeable 'grown up' 8 year old for me steals the show. Loved the antics of these flawed characters and brilliant humour and irony dominates this very likeable novel. Jane and Patrick go on a 'family' holiday to Ibiza with their adorable son George, Jane enlists the help of...
  • Anissa
    This may actually have been more fun than The Square. This time the setting is Ibiza with a handful of characters known from the first book and new ones to get to know. I don't watch reality programmes but I do enjoy books that show a behind the scenes look in at them. The Brazilian hit all the hallmarks. You can't really go wrong with a bunch of people vying to upgrade from C (possibly D-list) "celebrities" on a reality television series. I didn...
  • Marianne
    If you are looking for a great holiday read, The Brazilian is going to fit the bill. Set in Ibiza, you are given sea, sun and a story centring on a whole cast of characters, each with their own particular foibles. It's funny yet at the same time, acutely observed and written with energy and pace. As Jane's family holiday seems in danger of falling flat, her middle class pretensions and self-centred behaviour is mercilessly exposed by the author. ...
  • Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder
    Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.With most of the colorful characters from “The Square” on vacation in Ibiza, Rosie Millard writes a fun little tale about a reality show in an amazing destination. While the show seems really far-fetched (they promote the winner prior to the show being on TV?) the adventures of Jane, Alan, others take center stage for ...
  • Jo-anne Atkinson
    Jane and Patrick have decided to decamp to Ibiza for a summer holiday and some precious 'family time'. However Jane has made sure that neighbour Belle is coming along as an au pair to look after young George. Belle is excited as her boyfriend Jas is going to be in Ibiza so she can spend some time clubbing with him when Jane's demands let her. Meanwhile Jas' boss, contemporary artist Phillip, will also be in Ibiza as part of a celebrity reality sh...
  • Tracey
    Thank you so much to Legend Press, NetGalley and Rosie Millard for the Arc.https://thereadingshed.wordpress.comThis had me laughing so much, the characters are great and had me chuckling at every turn of the page. Rosie writes really well, she knows how far to go and has obviously researched well. This is one of the top ten books everyone needs in their case or backpack this year, they certainly will not be disappointed. It has fun, emotion, ente...
  • Carol Pulsonetti
    This book was a vacation from the darker, more serious books I usually read. Gather a bunch of "celebrities" from different backgrounds, put them in a house in an exotic locale, and watch them battle it out for prize money. I liked the idea of the reality show, but I think the contest should have lasted longer. I would have liked to know more about the contestants, and less about Jane, the most unlikeable character in the book. I was intrigued by...
  • Loz Mallett
    2⭐'s (BLOG link in BIO)So I picked this for any easy, fun, summery, read & it, well...sort of...delivered.There is a sense of fun to the story, but it felt a bit lacklustre to me, & coupled with a lot of typos & an unlikeable main character, I'm sad to say it was like a well executed dive into it's own Ibizan pool; that turned into a painful, cringe-inducing bellyflop.But, I think it's probably great for people who are just holiday readers, or ...
  • Cheryl
    When I first saw the title, I idly wondered if it related to the bikini line or the nationality - it turns out that it's both, and if that sounds surprising, it will all make sense once you tune into the irreverent, light-hearted prose, peopled with characters who are so pompous, pretentious and narcissistic that you'll want to scream at them.full review on my blog : http://madhousefamilyreviews.blogspot...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Funny, light, and entertaining, this one combines a family trip to Ibiza with a reality show. Wow. Jane is not the most likable character (she's a bit obnoxious) but we all know someone who will do whatever it takes to get what they want so she's quite relatable. There's a bit of the madcap about the plot but if you are an aficionado of reality tv, you'll recognize the types. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Try this for a quick laugh out loud re...
  • Anita
    I enjoyed this easy Summer read. There are an assortment of characters to unravel in this tale of a reality tv show set in Ibiza. There are both some entertaining and emotionally charged episodes.I would like to thank the publisher for sending this in exchange for an honest review.
  • Melanie
    I totally enjoyed this book. It's a funny story of a family on vacation with a teenage babysitter, a Big Brother type reality show and people filled with self importance. It shows people who crave attention in a humorous way.
  • Connie
    I expected something funny and I don't think I ever laughed. The book wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It was just meh.
  • Caroline
    Great fun, thank you for the book.
  • Candice
    Jolly good show. Would have loved a slightly different ending, such a shame. It was bang-on til then. Still, Bravo!
  • Rachel Humphries
    When in the first few pages both the husband & the wife have cheated it definitely put me off reading anymore!