What She Ate by Laura Shapiro

What She Ate

A beloved culinary historian s short takes on six famous women through the lens of food and cooking what they ate and how their attitudes toward food offer surprising new insights into their lives. Everyone eats, and food touches on every aspect of our lives social and cultural, personal and political. Yet most biographers pay little attention to people s attitudes toward food, as if the great and notable never bothered to think about what was on...

Details What She Ate

TitleWhat She Ate
Release DateJul 25th, 2017
Number of pages320 pages
GenreNonfiction, History, Food and Drink, Food, Food Writing, Historical

Reviews What She Ate

  • Gina Mahalek
    Laura Shapiro’s What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and the Food that Tells Their Stories begins with an intriguing premise: “Every life has a food story, and every food story is unique.” Shapiro offers us revelatory glimpses of six vastly different women through the lens of food: Dorothy Wordsworth, Rosa Lewis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eva Braun, Barbara Pym, and Helen Gurley Brown. This reader appreciated Shapiro’s rigorous scholarship (she go...