Layover by Amy Andelson


Flynn: At first we were almost strangers. But ever since I moved to New York, Amos was the one person I could count on. And together we were there for Poppy. (I mean, what kind of parents leave their kid to be raised by a nanny?) I just didn’t expect to fall for him—and I never expected him to leave us.Amos: I thought I was the only one who felt it. I told myself it was because we were spending so much time together—taking care of Poppy and...

Details Layover

Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherCrown Books for Young Readers
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Did Not Finish

Reviews Layover

  • Sophie
    An ARC has been kindly given by Random House Children via Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion4 starsWhat a super cute book! I read this story like I would drink hot cocoa on a winter day. I read it in one sitting because everything worked perfectly well together. I loved this bitter sweet story about a family with most of the time absent parents where the kids stick together and create their own home feel.It really was kids against adult....
  • alexis
    *Huge thanks to Crown Books for sending me a copy of the Layover*DNF @ 10%Normally, I don't DNF books I am sent for review, but Layover is one of the few exceptions because of its rampant "not like other girls" attitude & strangely excessive use of the word "dumb". In every POV, there were instances of it. "I've never really cared much for dancing. The way all the girls try so hard to not seem self-conscious, while desperately trying to get every...
  • Jemima
    Title: Layover Author: Amy Andelson & Emily Meyer Genre: Young Adult Publication date: February 6, 2018 Just like the book, I'll keep this review rather 'simple'. I relatively use the word 'simple' because it was a simple book to read- no unnecessary hoo-ha. It was a fun, quick book. Exactly something you'd pick on a layover :)It's 'almost' a coming of age book... maybe?It's told in the POV of three people- Flynn, Amos and Poppy.I enjoyed this bo...
  • Morris
    “Layover” is a family drama that tugs at the heartstrings and features a sweet romance. While the plot is somewhat implausible, the family dynamics are something many of us can identify with on at least some level. Recommended for the romance lovers out there looking for a story with bite.This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
  • Michelle
    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs:**Layover is a young adult contemporary novel by authors Amy Andelson & Emily Meyer. I love a great sibling story, which is exactly what I got with Layover. Layover follows three step-siblings- Amos, Flynn & Poppy. Layover felt refreshing and delightfully "not canned". I really enjoyed the emotional themes explored as well as the dynamic between the characters. There is...
  • Julie
    This one looks phenomenal! Can't wait to read it!
  • Sofii♡ (A Book. A Thought.)
    1.5 Stars The characters aren't well characterized and doesn't have a consistent plot, the trip is interesting and some scenes are entertaining but it wasn't what I expected Full Review to Come
  • Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks
    This was interesting, because I kept expecting it to go one direction and it kept going another. My overall impression is that it had all the elements of a great story, but just missed the mark.For example, the character of Poppy should be cute and endearing. And she is sweet, but there was just that little something missing that would have made me fall in love with her. I kept cringing at the decisions of Flynn, but it wasn't because I was inves...
  • Alexis Sky
    I really did want to like it but it was lacking a lot and the plot just dragged on. 3 kids in a blended family find out their parents are getting divorced so they choose to runaway to LA to avoid the awkward divorce conversation. Mishaps, a boy, Disneyland make it semi interesting but the authors described every moment their trip without giving any character development. The teen girl, Flynn, gives up her virginity to some guy she met at camp in ...
  • Samantha - WLABB
    I must admit, I was sucked in by the cover and synopsis. I am always up for a good forbidden romance type of thing, but I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a lot more to this story than I anticipated.•Pro: At its heart, this is a sibling story, and I really enjoyed watching all three of them interacting together. I especially liked seeing the older siblings dote on their little sister, because she really needed to shown she was special...
  • Ciara (Lost at Midnight)
    I....have so many thoughts about this book and they are all angry.
  • Katherine Paschal
    Come visit me at siblings Amos, Flynn and Poppy are suppose to fly to Barbados to meet their parents for a family vacation over Christmas. But when they get from New York to California for their layover, the discontent kids decide to escape from the trip and family drama and instead have a few days of freedom away from the oppression of their lives.This review will be really short because I do not li...
  • Linda Munro
    This is an Advanced Readers Copy, received via a goodreads giveaway.This story is about a family; not a traditional family but one filled with step-brother, step sister and half-siblings. Amos, is the eldest son of Louisa and step-son of Jack. Flynn is the daughter of Jack who was forced to move from California to New York when her mother died. Then came Poppy, the daughter of both Jack and Louisa, the half-sibling of Flynn & Amos and the one per...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    "Layover" is the story of step-siblings Amos and Flynn and their half-sister, Poppy. They are getting ready to go on a family vacation to Bora Bora with a layover at LAX. Poppy overheard something their parents said and tells Amos and Flynn. It upsets them so much that they decide they won't meet their parents in Bora Bora and that they will stay in their layover location, Los Angeles, instead. I had high hopes for this one but it fell sort of fl...
  • Jenn Lopez
    Pros:Use of words like contrarian, acquiesced, profiteroles, and proprietary possessiveness.The idea siblings would skip the trip to Bora Bora to be together before the blended family is broken up.Setting - SoCal - gatta love mentions of La Brea, In-and-Out Burger, Disneyland, PCH. Cons: The idea that step-siblings have the hots for each other. Ew. The adult-ish actions (alcohol and drug use, sex) with the childish voices of the characters. Poppy...
  • Marie
    I don't know what to say, I'm just... well, I'm a bit confused and disappointed. I thought that this story had potential, it sounded like a very fun story overall, but once I got into ended up lacking, in both plot and characterization. I didn't really connect with the characters and waited for a development that didn't come. I also had some issues with the main relationship between Flynn and Amos. Overall, I still think that Layover was...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    2 starsStep-siblings Flynn and Amos, as well as their little sister Poppy, learn of their parents' impending divorce. Flynn and Amos used to be great friends, but a spark between them sent them flying across the country, too scared to acknowledge what was happening between them.During their layover at LAX, Flynn, Amos, and Poppy all decide to ditch their family vacation and run away for a short while, landing them in all sorts of trouble that wil...
  • Lindsey
    Ummmm so nothing really happened in this book. It was all trite and boring. Skip it.
  • Rmsooon
    more like 2.5 there was nothibg happening on the story
  • Autumn
    Received as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Hmmm...I have mixed feelings about this one. The whole thing seemed very rushed, but yet parts of it just dragged on and on. It was likened to Clueless (movie) and Tell Me Three Things (book), but it didn't really feel like either one of those (and I loved both of those so that disappointed me). It seemed like the authors wanted to address step-siblings falling in love, but yet t...
  • Teresa
    So I picked this book up because the story sounded like something that I would enjoy, something that would be fun to read, cleanse my book palette if you will. What I got wasn't any of those things....I found that I just didn't care what happened to Amos of Flynn. I cared about Poppy simply because she was the youngest character, drawn into chaos with her older siblings because they don't want to face reality. I bet there are people out there tha...
  • Aditi ~ •A Thousand Words A Million Books
    AS SEEN ON: A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS I received a review copy from PRH International in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. THIS COVER IS GORGEOUS, and it's pretty much the first thing that struck me about this book. I've finished reading it, and it's STILL the thing I think about the most. What I expected this book to be about: A Meet Cute fluffy romance set in an airport due to a delayed layove...
  • Kathy Martin
    This is a story about three kids taking a layover in Los Angeles instead of getting on a plane to Bora Bora where there parents are going to tell them that they are divorcing. Each chapter is told by one of the kids. Flynn has recently come to live with her father Jack after the death of her mother. She had previously spent time in New York with Jack, his wife Louisa, Louisa's son Amos, and their daughter Poppy. She is sad and still coming to ter...
  • Barbara
    Amos, Flynn, and Poppy are part of a created family, cobbled together after his father and mother divorce, and his mother marries her father after her mother's death. Poppy is the child of their union, and the youngsters have close bonds that are threatened when Poppy reveals that their parents are going to inform them of their impending breakup during a holiday trip. While their parents are already in Bora Bora, the youngsters fly from New York ...
  • Viktória Tóth
    2.5 I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.The description and the cover of Layover really got me even with the first glance and I think that’s a success since that’s their job, kinda. I mean it’s a freaking amazing cover. Unfortunately the problems started to show right after I started to read. First of all based on that synopsis I expected a highly different story that I actually got, alas its mislea...
  • John Clark
    Amos, Flynn and Poppy are stepsiblings. Amos, the eldest, has no biological connection to Flynn, but once they realized his mom and her dad were likely to stay together, they had several moments. The first, on the Whisper Bench in one of NYC's parks, dissolved the invisible wall between them, creating a friendship that seems effortless and natural. Then something happens and Amos abruptly moves to a Massachusetts boarding school while Flynn is at...
  • JLP
    Noteworthy experiences while reading this book: Choices made by the characters did not seem right. It felt more like this is what an adult would think they would choose but not what they would choose for themselves. I feel that the author did not give their characters enough credit. Check out author's other books or related books? I don't think this writing style is for me. So no I do not think I would check out this author's other works. Recomme...
  • Crystal
    Fractured families and forbidden romance ~3.5 starsThough Flynn Barlow and Amos Abernathy never really bonded as stepsiblings, their relationship begins to change when Flynn’s mother dies and she relocates to New York to live permanently with her father’s family. Thought provoking discussions, music sessions, and quiet time together gradually deepens the teens’ bond. Then Amos suddenly goes away to boarding school, leaving Flynn confused an...
  • Amber (Books of Amber)
    I can’t say I was a fan of this one. I really liked the idea of the three teenagers running around Los Angeles together and seeing the sights, but unfortunately it wasn’t executed very well and I had massive issues with the romance.I didn’t mind the idea of the step-sibling romance to begin with when I first read the synopsis because I didn’t know the full story. But once I found out more about the relationship and the characters, I was a...