Solo by Kwame Alexander


Solo, a YA novel in poetic verse, tells the story of seventeen-year-old Blade Morrison, whose life is bombarded with scathing tabloids and a father struggling with just about every addiction under the sun—including a desperate desire to make a comeback. Haunted by memories of his mother and his family’s ruin, Blade’s only hope is in the forbidden love of his girlfriend. But when he discovers a deeply protected family secret, Blade sets out ...

Details Solo

Release DateJul 25th, 2017
GenreYoung Adult, Poetry, Realistic Fiction, Music, Parenting, Adoption

Reviews Solo

  • Kate Olson
    Thank you to the #kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book - all opinions are my own. SOLO is a rip-through-the-pages, can't-put-it-down poetic YA masterpiece. Told in text messages, song lyrics and conversations in verse, it tells the story of an alcoholic and addict rock star's son. Blade has been burned by his father time after time and is still actively mourning the death of his mother years before, when he receives life-changi...
  • Bridget
    Kwame Alexander has a thing, poem (or in this case lyric) packed books with particular appeal to teenage boys. That is such a wonderful thing! The boys at my school lap up his books, he writes sport so beautifully and he has such great things to say to his audience, thing like, you can be great even if you are not the greatest at this one thing, it is ok to show weakness, you don't have to be That Guy all the time - you can be you and it will be ...
  • Lorrea - WhatChaReadin'?
    Blade Morrison has reached a pivotal point in his life. He's graduating from high school, about to turn eighteen and has his whole life in front of him But with a famous father who is always in the media and a girlfriend whose parents can't stand you, it's hard to find your place. When Blade discovers something about his past, it will change his future forever. Set on two continents, inspired by rock and roll, and written in poetic verse Solo is ...
  • Sesana
    Nicely written, but. Blade is every bit as self-absorbed as his parents, and never quite seems to realize that, even though it sucks that his mother is dead and his father is an addict, he's also privileged in that he has enough money to have virtually unlimited options in life and, more importantly, a family who is as loving and supportive as they are damaged. There's also a bit of a believability problem when it comes to his family secret: his ...
  • Gerardo Delgadillo
    Phew. What a ride. I listened to the audiobook and, man, it's SO good. Highly recommended.
  • Patrick
    Loved it. Prose. Poetic. Beautiful. A son. A father. Rock and Roll. Addiction. Africa. Finding home and family...
  • Susie
    I wanted to love this, like I loved The Crossover by this same author. Unfortunately, it just didn't meet my expectations.
  • Joyce Yattoni
    If you like rock and roll this book is for you. A book in verse by one of my favorite authors, Kwame Alexander. Blade's story is one about heartache, disappointment, love. The author uses a rock and roll soundtrack to compare what Blade is going through in his life. An 18 year old who has a drunk for a father, lost his Mom then finds out he is really adopted and gets played by the "love" of his life. I enjoyed Blade's character. He is a very tale...
  • Kim Clifton
    I think what gets me in Kwame Alexander's books is how relatable the characters are, even if their lives and interests are completely different from mine. This book, however, had characters who were so outlandish I found it hard to even want to care about them. I understand that the book is about Blade's self-discovery, but does he really need to travel halfway across the world to realize he's got a good thing at home? His sister calls him out on...
  • Rita Shaffer
    Listened to the audiobook and all I can say is WOW! Beautiful story, characters I connected to and meaningful message! Kwame reading is a definitely plus and at some points I couldn't tell where a new poem started. Definitely heard some "lines that make me linger" - anxious to open the print version and look at them more closely! This one is a little more mature that some of the other works by this author ...
  • Ashley Holstrom
    Yes, yes, yes. I nearly missed my exit while I listened to this gorgeous book, read by the author. Blade Morrison is sick of living in the shadow of his rockstar dad, who has a tendency to ruin the good things in Blade's life lately. At just the right (or wrong?) time, a family secret comes out, and Blade travels across the world on a mission to find his roots. Solo is my first novel in verse, and oh me oh my, am I sold on this form.From the Best...
  • Grace
    Actual Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsI'm not that much of an experienced reader when it comes to verse, but it's an experience I challenge myself to have every once in a while. I found an advanced reader copy of this book at work and I decided to claim it. Months go by as well as it's publication date and I forgot I owned this.I just started to read it at random and I was surprised at how much I had enjoyed it. If anything, this book reminds me of my...
  • Shenwei
    I got hooked pretty quickly and it was a whirlwind of emotions. There's a lot embedded in this story about love and loss, grief and hope, longing and wonder.
  • Tara
    I just love Kwame Alexander's style. In his next novel in verse, out this summer, Blade is a teenager living in the shadow of his rock star dad and coping with the recent death of his mom. He has to learn how to get along with his dad, deal with family secrets, and find his place in the world. [Read via NetGalley]
  • Amy Leigh
    Soulful story of a 17 year old experiencing the ups and downs of life. Mature YA (16+) novel written in poetry format.
  • Beth
    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of the ebook!I really love Kwame's books. They are so easy to relate to for kids and adults, especially reluctant readers. I live in a rural community, so the kids don't check them out as much in my public library, but they are checked out a lot in the school one. His recent books have all been middle grade, but this newest is young adult for sure! I really, really hate to say this, but this boo...
  • Beth Parmer
    This YA novel-in-verse will undoubtedly go platinum. I was pulled in by the poetry and swept off my feet by the inclusion of music. To feel the mood the main character, Blade, was experiencing I played the songs referenced. The different styles capture the complexity and range of human emotions as Blade wades through the circumstances surrounding him. The poetry, the rock song references, and Blade's own songs have the ability to make this book a...
  • Megan
    (3.5 stars) Up front full disclosure -- this book will not be for everyone.  The novel is written in poetic verse and it just may not be your thing – in fact, I’m honestly not sure it would have been MY thing if I had read the print copy.  But man, oh man, listening to the author narrate this story is the way to go. Solo is a coming of age story about Blade Morrison, the teenage son of a washed up American rock and roll god.  Blade seems ...
  • Jana
    I had the opportunity to read a digital arc of this novel-in-verse from NetGalley. I'm really glad that I read it, because I'm sure it'll be hugely successful among YA/middle grade readers. Kwame Alexander’s other novels (The Crossover and Booked) have been very popular with the fourth and fifth grade students in my classroom, and while this book is more appropriate for older students, I know it will hold the attention of the most reluctant of ...
  • Lorie Barber
    My 5th grade students are HUGE Kwame Alexander fans, having DEVOURED middle-grade novels-in-verse The Crossover and Booked, and his nonfiction/poetry hybrid, The Playbook. Solo, a collaboration with Mary Rand Hess, is a YA novel-in-verse that tells the story of Blade, the son of washed up rockstar/addict Rutherford Morrison. When Blade's already crazy life takes a surprising turn, he embarks - solo - on a journey of self-discovery. I tore through...
  • Maria Losee
    When literature meets music, or the other way around. I greedily devoured this book, there was no slowing down once I was in. And I was in on page one. This book takes such an unusual form and structure, readers that love stories and rock and roll will delight and savor every page. The story is about the messiness of family, the struggles of identity, the cruelty of addiction and the ravages it causes, and more importantly about forgiveness, rede...
  • Heather Taake
    I love this book. Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess hit it out of the park with this one. This book is perfect for fans of Kwame's other works, for music fans, for lovers of lyrical novels, and for anyone who has loved and lost.
  • Jeimy
    Very different from The Crossover and Booked. Blade, this book's protagonist, seems to have it all: son of rock 'n roll royalty, money, a bright future ahead. When the book begins we see him struggling to understand his father's alcoholism, his mother's death, his sister's coping mechanisms, and his relationship with Chapel, his girlfriend and the love of his life. Blade soon realized that his life's foundation is really a house of cards and he d...
  • Sam (AMNreader)
    So 17, so lyrical.This book managed to break my heart and fill it up within pages or even lines...I plan to buy my own copy and dog-ear the hell out of it. Write in the margins. Consume it.Welcome to my favorites shelf, Solo.
  • Beth Honeycutt
    Very much enjoyed this book...can't wait to share it with students. I loved the mix of music, relationships, and Blade's struggle to "find himself".
  • Jill
    Highly recommend this verse novel by Kwame Alexander to high school on up. The audiobook is narrated by the author and he sings four songs. After the book ends, the four songs are played again. Amazing voice and gripping novel once again!
  • Janani
    That's a lot of feelings packed in this short book and I'm here for them. I also really enjoyed all the songs in the audiobook version.
  • Christina Hanson
    Loved everything about this book: characters, storyline, and music. Kwame is a poetic genius. Pre-order now; cancel all plans for August 1; and read it in one sitting. It's. That. Good. 🎶🎸🎶
  • Sarah
    A novel in verse, mostly free with reflections on music tracks woven in, this is Blade's journey from Hollywood to Ghana just after graduating high school. Named after a comic book character, this narrative is not a comic though Blade's texts with his sister Storm have some humorous-sometimes-serious sibling tensions. The big question here, that teen readers may not immediately relate to is this: what does it mean to have a rock-star father? Or t...
  • Jessica | Booked J
    As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via Edelweiss by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way. Review also found here.This was my first experience with a Kwame Alexander book. Based on the entire prose of Solo I can already tell it won't be my last. Within moments of beginning the story and seeing how it's verse was laid out for readers, I was immediately overcome with the atmosph...