The Cellar by Richard Laymon

The Cellar

Visitors flock to see the Beast House with its blood-soaked corridors and creaky doors. Armed with video camcorders, these poor souls enter the forbidden house, never to return. The deeper they go into the house, the darker their nightmares become. Don't even think about going into the cellar.

Details The Cellar

TitleThe Cellar
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreHorror, Fiction, Splatterpunk, Thriller

Reviews The Cellar

  • Edward Lorn
    I was going to wait until tomorrow to review this book, but fuck it. I need to get this over with. I read this once before but all I could remember was the creature was cool. That's likely because everything else was so bad, I blocked it from my memory.The dialogue was shit, the characters were unbelievable and inconsistent, the writing was James-Patterson lazy, the pedophile shit was far too detailed, and the regular sex stuff was sillier than t...
  • Bark
    This is about a house rumored to contain a blood-thirsty beast. It starts out with a triple murder, then more murder, and as a topper an innocent child is abused and molested in typical Laymon style. It's hard to stomach the kiddie stuff, it really is, and I don't understand the need to put it in the book (there are other way to allude to it without the graphics) but I plodded on hoping it wouldn't continue in this vein.I resisted the urge to DNF...
  • mark monday
    unnecessary descriptions of child molestation in an odd subplot that is completely inessential to the narrative... sort of makes me question the author's motives. overall, an incredibly overrated piece of crap. however, taken by itself, "giant human/rat monsters who are obsessed with sex" is sort of an amusing concept. the description of a pair of these fellows earnestly double-teaming their landlady was certainly a first for me.richard laymon in...
  • Katy
    For those who are put off by such things, this book includes child molestation, (basically) bestiality and several near-rape scenes. But ... it is Laymon - honestly, what else should you expect? Also, many of those who do these acts get what is coming to them. Like many Laymon books, this is PURE horror - which means, no happy ending. Once again, if that bothers you, perhaps you should skip this book. However, I was riveted - Laymon can put out h...
  • Will Errickson
    I've been reading horror fiction for almost 30 years and THE CELLAR is easily one of the very worst books in the genre that I've ever read. Laymon's reputation as some sort of extreme horror writer would be more understandable if he didn't write like a complete amateur with no understanding of human motivation, personality, or interaction. I've rarely if ever thought that writers who work in this field have "issues" with sex and violence and wome...
  • Addy
    Ok. After much deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that I was very glad I gave this a shot...,finally! When I first became interested in reading a little more extreme horror I was very reluctant to dip into topics that might offend me. If u read this book, you know that it does have scenes of sexual abuse of a minor or minors. Bothered me and still does, but after reading jack Ketchum's Stranglehold, I figured I could handle it. Stranglehol...
  • Gianfranco Mancini
    Pensavo che dopo aver letto anni fa "La Carne" di Richard Laymon, nessun altro romanzo splatterpunk a base di sesso ed orrore estremo mi avrebbe mai più disturbato altrettanto... invece mi sbagliavo di grosso."La casa della Bestia" (The Cellar, 1980), suo romanzo di esordio, è un turbinio di perversione, bestialità, pedofilia ed ibridi lovecraftiani uscito dal peggiore degli incubi, con personaggi e situazioni a dir poco improbabili (ma quello...
  • Mandy
    This is the second book that I've read by this author. I think I read somewhere that Stephen King likes this author's books. I'm not sure why.I have no idea why I didn't DNF this, I definitely should have done. There's some imagery in here that I'll never get out of my head now.The plot seems to consist of a house that has been the scene of a few grisly murders, a woman on the run from her abusive husband, who's just got out of jail after serving...
  • Layton
    4.5 Stars rounded up to 5. The book ended a little too abruptly so it lost half a star. This is my first book in my goal to read all of Laymon's books in order. I still need to find copies of Out Are The Lights, Night Show, and Allhallow's Eve though. :/ The rest of his bibliography I already have on my Kindle. The three books I still need to get aren't available as ebooks.
  • Rob Errera
    Some people dismiss the late Richard Laymon as a hack horror writer.Those people should go f**k themselves.An originator of the early splatterpunk movement, Richard Laymon was an unsung artist who made the job of “novelist” look easy with his literary virtuosity and prolific output.But, like Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Laymon got no respect. He never found a big American audience for his work during his lifetime. He pumped out thrillers along...
  • Printable Tire
    "Laymon uses a typewriter ribbon soaked in cold blood," praises Burt Hirschfeld on the cover of my paperback. Perhaps, but not in a good way.There are many goofy/sleazy things to like in The Cellar: the way it tries to mishmash a horror plot with an action movie; the way the hero is loath to litter; the way ridiculous anxiety is tossed upon ridiculous anxiety when a car crashes off a road; the way Beast House, a tourist-trap attraction, has seen ...
  • Alissa
    I enjoyed this book for the most part. It was very interesting, I couldn't put it down. It lost one star for feeling a bit unfinished, but I imagine it was necessary. I'll have to read the sequel to find out.
  • Rebecca McDowell
    Load of Crap - Part One
  • Quentin Wallace
    2.5 starsOk, what the hell did I just read? Where to start on this one. I've read a few books by Laymon, and it seems all of them have this underlying current of--perversion, I guess youd say. It usually has to do with some type of rape or molestation. This one, however, takes the cake. The repeated rape of a ten year old girl, monster rape, more rape, just a lotta rape. So once you get past that, you get into some dumbass characters, especially ...
  • Anthony Vacca
    Both integrity and prudence behoove a reviewer of The Cellar, Richard Laymon’s debut novel, to take it to task for its lazy plotting, its inconsistent characters with their dubious motivations and boring sex scenes, and its exploitation of pedophilia as a means of manipulating the reader to keep turning the page as the author treats these frequent and unpleasant passages of predation as a sort of slapstick. Nonetheless, this particular reviewer...
  • Brian
    Don't read this. Don't let your friends read this. I mean, unless you like scenes of child rape, adult rape, general misogyny, a one-note villain whose plot just sort of sputters out and stops rather than being resolved, and more rape. This book also has the stupidest plot twist you can imagine. Seriously, think of a stupid plot twist. Now, imagine that this is stupider than that. MUCH.I found myself reading this book out of inertia, hoping that ...
  • Bill
    1980 baby! A good year for horror and the start of Laymon’s Beast House series and Air Supply was “All Out of Love”. (Damn, don’t remind me) OK…Back in Black and Blizzard of Ozz!! That’s more like it!The Cellar reads like a classic horror novel from the 80’s. Wait! It is a classic horror novel from the 80’s and the first work by Richard Laymon who went on to become one of the true masters of horror.I really liked this one a lot. W...
  • Randolph
    This is the worst book I've ever read, seriously I wish there was a way to give it zero stars and make it stick. There are so many things bad about this book.1. The prose is written at a Jethro Bodeen sixth grade edecation level.2. Pedophilia. I'm not against pedophilia as a plot device; its unfortunately a conceivable and real part of our world and therefore acceptably part of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. After establishing that Roy is...
  • Oscar
    Donna y su hija Sandy huyen de Roy, que acaba de salir de prisión con un único objetivo: atraparlas a toda costa. Madre e hija van a parar a un pueblo de mala muerte llamado Malcasa Point. La mayor atracción de este pueblo es La Casa de la Bestia, una vieja mansión donde por unos dólares es posible visitar los lugares donde se cometieron asesinatos por parte de una extraña bestia que nadie ha visto, y que llevan sucediéndose desde hace cie...
  • November Is Nyarlathotep
    review shortly
  • Jennifer ☼
    I made it past the 50% mark which is enough for me to feel comfortable writing a review for this one.I've read a couple of Richard Laymon's later titles. In fact, the first Laymon I read was a novel that was released just after his passing. I have a lot of Laymons on my shelf, and I've been looking forward to finally making my way through them.I believe The Cellar is Laymon's first published novel, and it's pretty terrible. The writing, the dialo...
  • Stephanie
    Uh...3? I seriously have no idea wtf I just read. Poorly written and full of nonsense, but easy to fly through (minus the wtf factor), and just...I have no idea ok?I have no idea...
  • Andrew “The Weirdling”
    This was my first Richard Laymon book. I can see why, for a lot of people, he is an acquired taste. For the past two years I have read horror more than any other genre, and even I thought this book was a little bit too messed up in places.The action surrounds a “beast” that inhabits a house called the Beast House by its owners who sell tours of the property. Laymon should get a lot of credit for coming up with a original and creepy baddie. It...
  • Noel
    2.5 starsThis is my second Richard Laymon book, and I feel pretty much the same about this one as the first. Some of the book (the general idea of The Beast House), is decent, some of the book (the whole Roy story- gross and not really necessary, at least not in that much detail) is awful. The characters are boring, one dimensional, and idiotic, and the dialogue is ridiculous. The epilogue saved the book a little though. I may give one more of hi...
  • christina cooper
    Blown away!This author definitely knows his suspense, drama, gore, horrors and brings them all together with human and beast. What an ending! Going to have to move onto the next...highly recommend this to all fans of modern horror!
  • Jill Franklin
    This was a decent read, reminiscent of most 70s early 80s horror. There were extremely unrealistic relationships formed almost instantly, along with other minor annoyances, but overall the storyline made up for the negatives. Cracking open the next book in the series now :)
  • Mariana
    Parece ser que todo lo que leo de este señor puede describirse como: wtf?
  • Evans Light
    The best and worst of Laymon rolled into one? Will have to ponder this one for a bit, let it settle...
  • Jen from Quebec :0)
    A MAJOR let down. Juvenile writing. Poorly plotted. No major character development. Also, it was as if the book seemed to want to tell 3 different stories at once, couldn't decide which one to focus on, and therefore did a terrible job with ALL of them! --Jen from Quebec :0)