Say You're Sorry (Morgan Dane #1) by Melinda Leigh

Say You're Sorry (Morgan Dane #1)

In a new series from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh, former prosecutor Morgan Dane faces the most personal—and deadly—case of her lifetime.After the devastating loss of her husband in Iraq, Morgan Dane returns to Scarlet Falls, seeking the comfort of her hometown. Now, surrounded by family, she’s finally found peace and a promising career opportunity—until her babysitter is killed and her neighbor asks her to defend ...

Details Say You're Sorry (Morgan Dane #1)

TitleSay You're Sorry (Morgan Dane #1)
Release DateMay 16th, 2017
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreMystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Thriller, Suspense

Reviews Say You're Sorry (Morgan Dane #1)

  • Nazanin
    3 Slow StarsAfter two years grieving for her husband’s death, Morgan decided it’s time to get back to being her old self. She is a thirty-three-year-old assistant district attorney. Her first case after two years is the murder of her occasional baby sitter (Tessa, eighteen-year-old). For this case she uses Lance’s help. Lance was a former police officer but after a bullet on his leg, he joined to a PI firm. Morgan and Lance knew each other ...
  • Tulay
    Suspenseful story.One girl murdered and one missing. Good supporting family and some with lots of troubles. Also renewed relationship starting. Action, suspense, thrills of lawyer and two private investigators. More like 2.5 stars for me.
  • Melanie
    4.5 Stars!Say You’re Sorry was a fantastic start to the Morgan Dane series, with wonderful characters and a compelling mystery that kept me guessing right until the very end.After losing her husband in Iraq, Morgan Dane has returned to her hometown of Scarlet Falls to raise her three girls with the help of her family. Say You’re Sorry picks up two years after Morgan returned home as she plans to get back to work by starting a job at the DA’...
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    Morgan Dane is a widow with young kids living with her father and a troubled young woman she has pulled into her home. Her husband was killed in Iraq two years ago and she hasn't really been able to pull herself out of her grieve and move on with her life. She has just accepted a job with District Attorney's office and is trying to move forward. But before her job can start, she is pulled into looking for a girl, Tessa, who had babysat her young ...
  • Anita
    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.Solid mystery and the great start to a new series. The relationship between Morgan and Lance is sweet and Lance may be my new favorite Hero. I mean what woman can possibly resist a man who loves his mother with all her problems, loves her kids and plays the piano and sings to her? I'll add in blond, buff and hot, but, really isn...
  • Mo
    3.5 starsI have read a few other books by this author and quite enjoyed them. This one wasn't bad. Seemed to drag a bit. Romance is not high on the agenda here and it could have been. But maybe in the next in the series.Ok, it's an old picture, but you get my drift ...
  • MariLou Schuman
    I had the extreme privilege of reading an Advanced Release copy of this wonderful new series by one of my favorite authors - Melinda Leigh!Morgan Dane is a widowed single mom with three young children, who abandons her new job, before it starts, with the Scarlet Falls District Attorney's office, to defend a young neighbor accused of the brutal murder of his girlfriend.Joining her in her investigation is her friend, ex-cop turned private investiga...
  • Book Lover
    This is my first book by this author and I loved it! Great start to a series!Morgan Dane is a widowed mother of three girls. Her husband was killed in the line of duty and she is still mourning 2 years later. She moved back to Scarlet Falls to live with her grandfather. She hasn’t worked outside the home since her husband was killed. She finally decides it’s time to re-enter the work force. She is an attorney and has agreed to go to work for ...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    4.5This was a tough listen in some parts. But the fact that I cared about the injustices happening to fictional characters says a lot of good things about this author.The story was fluid and kept me on my toes. It's more mystery/suspense than romance. But that's fine with me. I didn't figure out who done it with absolute conviction. He (not a spoiler) was among my list of suspects, but I hadn't settled on him. This is a good thing.I look forward ...
  • Linda Strong
    Former Prosecutor Morgan Dane and her three young daughters have returned to her hometown of Scarlet Falls, following the death of her husband while serving our country in Iraq.Now that she's near family and old friends, and with the promise of working with the District Attorney, she feels she's finally ready to put her grief aside and start her life again.All goes well until her teenage babysitter is found murdered. The accused is her neighbor's...
  • Carrie
    Morgan Dane has returned home to Scarlet Falls with her three young girls after the devastating loss of her husband in the military. She's agreed to take a job as a prosecutor following in her family's footsteps of putting away the bad guys until her neighbors son is arrested for murder. When Tessa was found raped and murdered the whole town wants justice but Morgan just has a gut feeling that there is no way Nick could have committed this crime ...
  • Nancy Baker
    A young widow with 3 little girls lives with her grandfather. It's been two years since she lost her husband in Iraq and she is thinking it is time she gets back to her "pre-widow" career of attorney. With a family rich in law enforcement, Morgan has been raised with a mindset of justice for the guilty and vindication for the innocent. A brutal rape and murder of local high school girl finds a polite young neighbor of Morgan's under suspicion for...
  • Dísir
    As a huge fan of Leigh’s Scarlet Falls series, I was so thrilled to learn about this spin-off and even more excited to revisit Lance and Morgan, both of whom were said to have a brief history in Stella and Mac’s story. But Melinda Leigh is an author I can always count on for fantastic reads and ‘Say You’re Sorry’ more than lives up to this billing. But I love Leigh’s heroines and heroes for so many reasons: they use their smarts and w...
  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page
    After taking a couple of years off work to spend time with her daughters after her husband was killed in Iraq, Morgan Dane is ready to return to work as a prosecutor. Except before she even gets started in her new job, tragedy strikes in the small town of Scarlet Falls. Even worse, the crime is being pinned on someone Morgan believes is innocent and she's determined to do whatever it takes to see the right person bought to justice. Will she succe...
  • Charlotte Miller
    A young woman is brutally raped and murdered and her boyfriend stands accused in Melinda Leigh’s Say You’re Sorry. Attorney Morgan Dane steps in to defend the accused, making herself and those closest to her the targets of a community on edge and a killer determined to protect himself at any cost. Multi-layered and swift-moving, with a smart, likable, kick-ass heroine who is no one’s damsel in distress, Say You’re Sorry is the opening vol...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    Oh what a tangled web the author weaved in the art of deceiving. The murder of a girl opens a Pandora's box of a litany of secrets, lies and other nefarious happenings in Scarlett Falls. This new series is set in a location fans of Melinda Leigh's will be familiar with. It's a spin off of her Scarlet Falls trilogy series and features the sister of Stella Dane who was the heroine in the last book of that series. Morgan Dane is a widow who was le...
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    I am still relatively new to the thriller genre, I like to dip my toe in every now and then, however, in this book Melinda Leigh has tempted me to belly flop right in. Say You’re Sorry captivated me from page one as you witness the murder first hand, after that, it wasn’t a want, it was a need; I needed to keep reading and find out the full story.Morgan Dane is our main character, she’s been widowed for two years and has 3 adorable small ch...
  • Tracy *To the point Reviews*
    As I read this book, many things occurred to me.1. I remembered that i am due for a cleaning at the dentist.2. I wanted to try a strawberry shortcake recipe I saw on Create TV.3. I also need an oil change... I think.4. Baking soda. My fridge needs a new box of baking soda!Oops, I'm reading this murder mystery! Or I am supposed to be. And its just not holding my interest. It's just not interesting enough. It's like chicken with no seasoning. Or te...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    I am still relatively new to the thriller genre, I like to dip my toe in every now and then, however, in this book Melinda Leigh has tempted me to belly flop right in. Say You're Sorry captivated me from page one as you witness the murder first hand, after that, it wasn't a want, it was a need; I needed to keep reading and find out the full story.Morgan Dane is our main character, she's been widowed for two years and has 3 adorable small chil...
  • Marleen
    As a suspenseful romance, Say You’re Sorry, was a rather captivating read, especially since Melinda Leigh is new author to me. Her characterization of the main leads was compelling. I liked Morgan Dane, widowed mother of three young girls, who were particularly cute, and came across as genuine. I also liked Lance Kruger, former police detective, turned PI, who takes care of his mentally fragile mother.As Morgan is about to sign her new employme...
  • Donna
    Morgan Dane's husband died from an IED in Iraq two years ago. Since then, Morgan moved back to her home town of Scarlet Falls, NY to live with her retired cop grandfather and take care of her 3 daughters who are all under 6 years old. Her babysitter Tessa is missing, and while looking for her, Morgan and her friend private investigator Lance Kruger discover her body near the lake. Tessa has been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. Morgan's n...
  • Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
    3.0 StarsThe first two chapters of this novel were utterly gripping. The author immediately caught my attention with that suspenseful and frightening opening sequence. Needless to say, I was quite excited to read the rest of the novel. Unfortunately, by chapter three, the novel transitioned to the kind of average mystery story that I have read many, many times. The story is told through multiple perspectives. By far, the strongest perspective was...
  • *Avonna
    Check out all of my reviews at: http://www.avonnalovesgenres.comI am so excited that Melinda Leigh is writing a spin-off of her wonderful Scarlet Falls trilogy. SAY YOU”RE SORRY (Morgan Dane #1) takes me back to one of my favorite fictional cities. Morgan Dane returns home to Scarlet Falls with her three young daughters after the death of her military husband in the Middle East. Living with her grandfather and a teenager rescued in a previous S...
  • Debra Webb
    I enjoyed this book very much! Lots of twists and turns and a terrific heroine!
  • Trish R.
    Only OK for me.. Possible spoilersI have to admit I did have to skim through all the jail stuff with Nick. I just couldn’t read about his fear and on-coming depression over everything that was being done to him when he was innocent, and he was only 20 years old. And I was thinking if the author kills off Nick while he’s in jail I’ll never read anything by her again. I’ve read/listened 10 or 12 of Melinda Leigh’s books but I was a little...
  • Jenny
    Say You're Sorry is book one of Morgan Dane series by Melinda Leigh. Morgan Dan who came home to Scarlet Falls after the death of her husband and through everything was moving forward after accepting a job with the local prosecutor's office. However, that was not the case when one night Morgan Dane received a call that will change her dreams and her life forever. Morgan Dane accepts to defend her neighbour's son for the murder of his girlfriend. ...
  • Angie ☯
    I read this spin-off without first having read the connecting series, Scarlet Falls, but I had no issues with the characters or the story and how everything was connected. Leigh made this series it's own and while there may have been references and things that I would have caught if I had read the initial series, I don't think it was needed to enjoy the book - which I did!The story is all about the mystery of Tessa's death and it was intriguing a...
  • Davia
    Truly TerrificThis was a fantastic murder thriller but it does deal with dark subject matter including Rape murder sexual abuse of young women etc therefore I would say adults and college age readers only. I really love Morgan Dane. I am really excited to see what happens next. In this book she decides to take on a case as a defense attorney when ahe is usually a prosecutor because a neighbor boy has been accused of a vicious murder of his girlfr...
  • Veronica
    "Say You're Sorry" by Melinda Leigh was a pleasant surprise to me. Morgan Dane returns to her hometown with her children after her husband dies in Iraq. Unsure of where or how to start her new life, Morgan accepts a job in the District Attorney's office only to change course and take on a neighbor's request to represent his son who has been accused of a horrific murder. I loved the fast pace of this novel and the character development that I am s...
  • Vikki Vaught
    My MusingsWow, another fantastic book by Ms. Leigh. Really enjoyed this one. Great characters and amazing plot. Can't wait to read more books from this talented author.Happy ☺reading 📚!