your name., Vol. 1 by Makoto Shinkai

your name., Vol. 1

A story of two people determined to hold on to one another.Mitsuha, a high school girl from a town deep in the mountains, dreams of an unfamiliar life in Tokyo. Taki, a high school boy from Tokyo, dreams that he is a girl living in the mountains. As the two begin swapping lives, a miraculous story is set in motion.

Details your name., Vol. 1

Titleyour name., Vol. 1
Release DateJun 20th, 2017
PublisherYen Press
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Romance, Fantasy, Comics

Reviews your name., Vol. 1

  • Raeleen Lemay
    This was so good! I definitely recommend watching the movie before picking this up (the movie was made first after all, and the plot could be confusing if you haven't seen it!) especially because the movie was BEAUTIFUL. The animation and the music were so amazing, and the plot is also very well thought out and executed flawlessly. I'll definitely be checking out more Makoto Shinkai movies in the near future! Also, can't wait for the rest of the ...
  • Aliix
    Me muero, la historia está bellisimaNecesito ya el segundo tomo<3
  • Sara Bow
    Wunderschöne Zeichnungen und tolle Story - freue mich auf Band 2!
  • CW (Read Think Ponder)
    The movie is probably my favourite movie of all time, so I had to read the manga. The narrative style and perspective is a little different to the movie. The manga is still worth reading for people who enjoyed the movie, but I'll still recommend the movie over the manga any day. The rating (3.5/5) is relative to how much I liked the movie (which is a whole lot).However, something that was in the manga but wasn't in the movie and that I liked:(vie...
  • Neil Coulter
    I love the movie Your Name, so I was interested to read the manga adaptation. This first volume is basically just what's in the movie. A few scenes are slightly extended, but there are no significant changes. Because one of the things I love most about the film is the vibrant colors, the story isn't quite as interesting to me as a black-and-white manga. I think it would be fantastic as a full-color graphic novel.I'll go ahead with the next two vo...
  • Artemy
    Your Name, or Kimi No Na Wa, is an absolutely wonderful new Japanese animated film written and directed by the talented Makoto Shinkai. If you have a chance to go see it in theaters or watch it on Bluray or any other way, I would encourage anyone to do so — it is a visually gorgeous movie with great story and characters. It's beautiful, funny, thrilling, gut-wrenching and tear-jerking in all the best ways. It's probably in my top three movies o...
  • Macarena Yannelli
    This was fun.El argumento es entretenido y las interacciones entre los personajes principales son súper dulces. El final con el súper game changer cambia todo lo previamente establecido, me encanto. Ya quiero el segundo.
  • Beauty Mango
    Hach ich liebe die Story einfach und muss direkt Band 2 lesen!
  • Maria (Big City Bookworm)
    About a year ago, during my flight to Tokyo, Japan, basically everyone on the flight was watching Your Name at one point or another. I didn't think anything of it and to be honest, I had no idea what it was so I decided to skip out on it. Fast forward many months later and I really wish I had watched it! I had heard nothing but amazing reviews and I really felt as though I had missed something special. Fast forward a few more months and I still h...
  • Bine
    Ein recht schön gezeichneter und kurzweiliger erster Band. Von der Story her ist noch nicht viel passiert. Man hat als Leser das Gefühl, noch ziemlich im Unklaren zu sein.Den Zeichenstil mochte ich sehr. Eine schöne Balance von klaren Linien und schön ausgearbeiteten Hintergründen. Da ich Körpertauschgeschichten sehr mag, hatte ich Freude an der Geschichte, auch wenn die Charaktere mir noch sehr fremd sind und ich noch keine rechte Verbindu...
  • Galena Sanz
    No tengo mucha experiencia leyendo mangas, solo me he leído un par de historias y la verdad es que me cuesta elegir.Creo que lo he hecho bien con esta historia porque si bien es sencilla me ha entretenido y divertido.Soy lectora de novelas, por lo que supongo que es normal que la historia de este primer tomo me pareciese breve, creo que lo mejor es tener los tres cerca para darle un nudo y un final, porque lo que aquí tenemos es la introducció...
  • Elisabeth
    Leider war mir hier das Tempo zu schnell und nach dem Lesen des Romans fehle es mir an Tiefe. Letzterer war einfach perfekt, da konnte der Manga nicht mithalten für mich.
    I’m totally biased but I loved this manga. It was really fun to relive one of my favorite anime films through manga, and even though I knew how things were going to go, I still really enjoyed it.
  • Flor
    Please just stay away from that comet
  • Anni K. Mars
    Hach, es ist so schön, die Geschichte noch einmal zu erleben <3 Schaut unbedingt den Film, bevor ihr den Manga oder das Buch lest!
  • Adelle
    So beautiful! The art and the writing. It ended in a cliff-hanger, though. I need answers! Where is Volume 2?? (And no, don’t tell me to just watch the movie/anime)
  • Kristina
    I am still trying to explore the vast world of manga and I am not sure this one impressed me that much. It was okay. It reminded me a lot of Freaky Friday.
  • Nieves Villalón
    J'ai lu cette manga en anglais, et je dois dire que c'est très facile, surtout si tu as déjà vu le film XD Le premier volume termine juste avant la chute de la comète.ESP: Tengo que culpar a Lucía (cómo no) de que me haya enganchado tanto a esta historia que no me baste ver repetidamente la peli, sino que he tenido que leerme el manga. Al menos el primer tomo (aunque me leeré los demás). Me lo he leído en francés porque me parece una bu...
  • Maru
    Si no hubiera visto ya la película no podría soportar la espera para leer el tomo 2. Me encantó ❤, a pesar de que la traducción deja mucho que desear (¿¿por qué usó el voseo el traductor??)
  • Arta Sallabegolli
    It was okay. But all the act like a girl stuff just did not sit well with me. Something that bothers me about manga is that they do not have a lot of depth. I do not know: the characters age, sort of confused about their names, their interests, their life, family? ... Also, why do they all look so similar? After reading saga, which is colorful and fun and full of depth, this was just a little too bland. But I still want to see where this goes. Th...
  • Forthright.
    Over the course of several weeks, a boy in the city and a girl in the country trade consciousness,(literally) walking in each others shoes. They don't know why it's happening; neither do they know which body they'll wake up in. By leaving notes for each other, they get along ... and get to know one another in a forcibly intimate way.Cute take on the body-swap trope. Fleeting nudity. Much blushing. Volume 2 is on pre-order.
  • Cristina Lotusheart
    Cosa lo dico a fare? Ho amato il romanzo, il film e anche il manga non è da meno. Fantastico!
  • Julia
    Ich liebe den Zeichnungsstil, aber die Geschichte an sich find ich etwas verwirrend. Für mich war nir ganz klar, ob die nun die Körper wieder getauscht haben oder ob sie wieder im Eigenen sind.
  • Ady Weasley
    Me encanto!!! La historia es muy onda, el final me dejo con gana de más.... No sé cómo soportaré la espera del próximo tomo
  • Tobbi Garcia
    Me encanto! La historia va sobre una chica que vive en el campo y un chico que vive en la gran ciudad(tokyo) que de un día para el otro empiezan a intercambiar cuerpos y esa es su primicia.Me gusto muchísimo, los diálogos, el dibujo y ese final!!! Ya quiero los siguientes tomos.
  • Vanessa
    Mir hat der Zeichenstil sehr gut gefallen. Das ist auch der Grund, weshalb ich überhaupt zu dem Manga gegriffen habe.Ich lese ja sehr selten Klappentexte und habe auch hier nicht gelesen, worum es geht.Die Idee finde ich super und im ersten Band toll umgesetzt. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weitergehen wird und vohin das Ganze noch führt.
  • Jananie (thisstoryaintover)
    the movie for this is EVERYTHING so I had to read the manga of course and I'm loving it so far <3
  • Kaisu
    Ein feiner Auftakt, der seine besonderen Momente hat.
  • Hailey (abookafterbook)
    Un énorme coup de cœur pour ce manga. Le tome 1 nous offre une très bonne entrée en matière, et nous découvrons les personnages. J’ai adoré ma lecture, qui fut très rapide (une bonne demi heure) tant j’ai apprécié ma lecture! C’est un des meilleurs mangas que j’ai pu lire et j’ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir lire la suite puis regarder l’animé. Je ne peux que le recommander, ce manga est magnifique autant dans les dessins que ...
  • Kara
    Good thing I watched the movie first.