僕のヒーローアカデミア 13 [Boku No Hero Academia 13] (My Hero Academia, #13) by Kohei Horikoshi

僕のヒーローアカデミア 13 [Boku No Hero Academia 13] (My Hero Academia, #13)

仮免最終試験の「救助演習」が開始! 状況判断! 迅速な対応! なにより仲間との連携が必要だと思うん…BoooM! うわっ、何!? 救護所の近くに敵!? 俺もすぐ援護に向かわないと。“Plus Ultra”!!

Details 僕のヒーローアカデミア 13 [Boku No Hero Academia 13] (My Hero Academia, #13)

Title僕のヒーローアカデミア 13 [Boku No Hero Academia 13] (My Hero Academia, #13)
Release DateApr 4th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics, Superheroes, Graphic Novels, Shonen, Fantasy

Reviews 僕のヒーローアカデミア 13 [Boku No Hero Academia 13] (My Hero Academia, #13)

  • Artemy
    The dull, dumb and useless exam storyline that started in the previous volume is mercifully over and takes up only half of this volume's length. It was still a pain to get through, and its only saving grace were the results of who passed and who didn't, though they came basically out of nowhere and Horikoshi might as well have just recited the results without bothering with the exam itself, it was so bad.Thankfully, the second half of the book re...
  • Adriana
  • Vanda
    the last three chapters ended me goodbye world
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    (This review utilizes mouse-over image sources/captions, give it a try!)I have a confession. Secretly, every time I pick up a new volume of My Hero Academia, I’m a little bit scared. Scared that it’s not going to be as good as I remembered. Scared that I’m not going to like it. It’s nothing personal towards this series, it’s just a worry I’ve developed due to being disappointed by other series in the past. *cough*A recent example bein...
  • Maiko-chan
    (view spoiler)[what a wonderful way to start off the volumeyou’re so adorable Uraraka. go get ’em!i love this manga i love this manga i love this mangai love you Uraraka i love you Uraraka i love you Urarakai love this manga i love this manga i love this mangaboth have legitimate reasons for their actions and while it’s kinda sad that Yoarashi had such a bad meeting with Todoroki, I’m sure this will be a great opportunity for him to see h...
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    The test is over! And a few characters didn’t pass! But it doesn’t really matter because those who failed can just take a remedial class and pass that off screen presumably, making the outcome seem negligible. We also have another big fight between the main two characters. It seems a little bit dumb, too, though. Still, there are a few revelations, and the fights and such are still entertaining. And I am done with the volumes I have bought so...
  • cindy
    Hasil tes yang (tidak terlalu) mengezuutkan, tp ya teuteup kaget juga, terutama buat Todoroki... *pukpuk Todo*Bintang 4 di sini kuberikan buat 3 chapter terakhir, Tartarus dan konflik Deku x Kacchan. Yup, it's loooong overdue, they should have done it long ago, and clear the sky after. Wheeeew... too much emotion involve.
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    I still don't know what to feel about Bakugo. (Happy birthday, btw -- 4/20.) My favorite thing about him, right now... after everything that is happening to and about him, is the fact that he doesn't mind Deku calling him Kacchan. XD
  • Petros
    The boring school tournament continues with a fake rescue mission, and a fake villain attack, in order to have some fake suspense. Then everyone gets their stupid point totals at the end which mean nothing because even if you fail you can still do a few more tensionless exams and pass anyways. What follows the tournament is more interesting but far from great. Many villains go on a rampage because Almight is no longer the symbol of peace. That wo...
  • Marjo
    That one is going to hurt me when it gets animated later this year.
  • Fiona M
    Actual Rating 4.5I actually gasped out loud part way through the book and the ending wad something I have been wanting for a long time so I'm hella pumped for the next volumeeeee
  • Ben Truong
    My Hero Academia, Vol. 13 continues where the previous tankobon left off and contains the next ten chapters (109–118) of the on-going manga series.The second round of the Provisional Hero Licence Examination begins and it is a rescue simulation. It seems like a natural disaster happened and there are civilians, who are professional actors, which needed to be rescued. The actors themselves mark the applicants on how they rescue them. Naturally, ...
  • Dani St-Onge (Literary Lion)
    For more reviews and bookish content: http://literarylion.caThis volume marks the end of the licensing exam and I'm actually really impressed with the direction that Horikoshi decided to take it. He doesn't let everyone succeed, and he punishes some of the more central characters for the faults they've been ignoring for most of the series. It's satisfying to see the people who always seem to succeed fail for once.I also enjoyed the second half of...
  • Paulina
    TOTALMENTE ASOMBROSO, más de 5 estrellas, claramente.No sé qué decir, pasaron tantas cosas, arcos en la historia, en los personajes, heridas reabiertas, memorias, enfrentamientos, revelaciones entre muchas situaciones más.De nuevo tendré que aplaudirle a Horikoshi por su excelente estructura al crear historias y personajes. Dos claros ejemplos son la entrega de licencias para héroes (y como los dos estudiantes más talentosos no pudieron co...
  • Rolando Marono
    Termina el arco del examen para las licencias provisionales e increíblemente el último reto es muy interesante y termina de una forma sorpresiva. Aunque sentí que la rivalidad entre el estudiante de Shiketsu y Todoroki un poco sacada de la manga, el maestro Kohei nos ha demostrado que si algo domina, son las motivaciones de sus personajes. Y aunque de momento no se me hicieron tan creíbles, el conflicto aviva bastante este arco del examen y n...
  • Will Robinson Jr.
    A Mighty volume of the series! Horikoshi is still creating one of the best shonen series around. The artwork is always fun to look at and the characters are unforgettable. In this volume of the series our heroes from Class A of UA are still competing for the chance to get their provisional heroes license. As the story moves along the second part of the exam is all about performing rescues. So where in the last volume our heroes were in competitio...
  • Citybones
    109- ¡Esto si que es novedoso e interesante! Un tipo de examen que no habíamos visto antes. ¿Por que simplemente no empezó por aquí? 3.5110-Me gusta, además aprendes como reacionar tu mismo en un tiempo de crisis. 3.5111- Todoroki y su hater cabreado porque no le hicieron caso el y su padre; situación ridícula en medio del examen, pero interesante como reaciona Shouto a ser comparado con su padre. Si esa fue la razón por la que el tío n...
  • Meghan Coffey
    4.5 starsThe only reason why it isn't a complete 5 stars is because of the villain stuff in between the disaster relief part of the exam and Kacchan and Deku's fight. I didn't really care for the random backstory of a villain who could copy himself, or the organization and growth of the League of Villains. Sure, it was necessary details, but it still didn't interest me much.But the beginning of Kacchan and Deku's fight??? HOLY CRAP chapter 118 is...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    The Provisional License Exam comes to a surprising conclusion - and then, in the aftermath, Bakugo wants to talk? That can't be right... And speaking of talking, All Might visits All For One in prison, but who's really interrogating who?I actually thought the Exam was going to end with all of Class 1-A passing, so it was a nice surprise to see that that isn't the case, and it sets up the confrontation at the end of the volume quite well too. I'm ...
  • Zahra
    Solo puedo decir que este tomo es mi favorito hasta el momento, Kacchan por fin ha dejado ver sus sentimientos, todo lo que sentía y le atormentaba y eso, es mucho más de lo que yo pensaba. El pobre llevaba una carga encima enorme, sintiéndose culpable del declive de All Might. Sí, le da rabia ver como Dekku está superándolo y avanzando a pasos de gigante, pero el dolor que le atormentaba lo deja claro en este tomo: "¡¿Porque yo me conver...
  • Connie
    3.75/5 starsNo joke, the final chapter saved this from a straight up 3 stars, it was so good. We're finally getting to see growth in Bakugou's character, and his relationship with Midoriya, explicitly, with actual on page discussions that don't just consist of them screaming at each other! The impact Kamino Ward had on him is finally being explored, and I'm taking the emotional angst like a CHAMP, because I love and support my boy!Other things: D...
  • Danielle Chambers
    I'm getting into chapters that haven't been released via anime yet so my opinions seem to be a bit stronger since everything is a surprise now! I really loved this volume. I was sad, but understood, that Todoroki and Bakugo failed the test. it was interesting to see Todoroki in a situation where did didn't remain calm and under control of himself. I am interested to see where his relationship with the other character goes. Toga's reveal of her qu...
  • Samantha Riccio
    There was so much going on in this volumeI honestly feel like they did this volume out of order in the series of events that happened. I think, if we're going with what would have made sense they should have put the villain chapter at the end, and the All Might chapter right after it's revealed that Toga has been posing as a student, and kept the last few chapters as they were. I love the students interacting I just wish we got more of them as st...
  • Ashley N.
    This volume wrapped up the provisional license exam with some surprising results. The last couple chapters were the real gem, though.Those who hate Bakugo probably won't love this volume. I personally struggle with how I feel about this character; he is a bully, and all around has been nasty to Midoriya since childhood. However, his character development is strong, and he is clearly struggling with his own identity. I'm hopeful that we're beginni...
  • Savanny Savath
    The second part of the provisional license exam was surprising and awesome. I'm glad things were shaken up for the two best students. Keeps things interesting and reflects their personality and emotional state. It would be boring if everyone got their way. There'll be no real development. That Toga surprise caught me off guard. Did not see that coming either or the reveal of her quirk. Badass. Also Twice's backstory is intense. Back to character ...
  • Dominique
    Delving DeeperAn emotional rollercoaster, just like the rest of the series. This volume pushes the characters further into their development as well as expands on the seriousness of the plots unfolding in this world. The art and world building has always been enthralling, but the character development that we start to see within this chapter alone has me on the edge to read the next volume.
  • Ray
    This volume started off a little slow but built up to an explosive end and quite conveniently left it up there on a cliffhanger.A lot of small interesting things happened in this one. Like... (view spoiler)[Uraraka finally coming to terms with her feelings for Midoriya, Bakugo opening up to Midoriya, Midoriya finally getting his provisional Hero licence. Etc. (hide spoiler)]I can't wait to read the next one and find out who wins that Bakugo VS Mi...
  • Martina Fuchs
    4.5The fact that All Might has Deku as "Midoriya my boy" warms my heart, and that smile when he looks at the photo, he's such a proud parent.Kacchan looks so hurt it broke my heart a little. Both him and Deku are growing so much. Me: OH SHOOT! (view spoiler)[Toga stole a bit of Deku's blood! (hide spoiler)] Also me, an intellectual: (view spoiler)[One for All can't be transfered unless it's user wishes it. (hide spoiler)]Not so much of an spoi...