Broken Little Melodies by Jennifer Ann

Broken Little Melodies

Music was his first love.Hers was the lanky boy from summer camp with a beautiful voice and starlit green eyes.Isabelle and Roman thought they’d be together until the end of time. Then fate proved an orphan from the West Coast couldn’t have a future with a wealthy New Yorker hiding the scars of an abusive home.Five years after their hearts are broken, fate strikes again when they’re reunited as a waitress headlining a bar-band, and a succes...

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TitleBroken Little Melodies
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Broken Little Melodies

  • Pamela Stallings
    By far my favorite book by the amazing Jennifer Ann!!! I have a thing for rockstar books especially ones that you can feel the music through. It's my favorite kind of music and this book just spoke to me in different ways. Our main characters are Isabelle and Roman who meet at a music camp. These characters go through so much. It was a constant emotional roller coaster ride. It was actually quite draining and I found myself saying geez I just wan...
  • Corrie
    For sure...another hit by Jennifer Ann!Jennifer Ann pieces together a fantastic tale of first and second chance love all in one...and in true fashion drops in a couple surprises that any long time fan will be sure to appreciate.Broken Little Melodies packed a powerful punch!  I adored the first part of the story when Roman and Belle were kids...growing together...finding their way.  I loved the second part where as adults they find each oth...
  • Valerie
    This story about Isabelle and Roman was so great. These characters are sweet and stayed true to themselves, even at the bleakest times. A great story about growing up, facing adversity, and second chances.
  • Tammy
    Wow I just finished this book, it was free on Amazon and I love a rock star romance.Isabelle & Roman met as kids at a music camp. She won a scholarship he was the golden boy of camp. Both can really sing. They became fast friends even coming from such different backgrounds. their friendship carried over year to year until one day it didn't.Both had rough life outside camp.5 years later they see each other again. Intense beautiful love story.
  • Jody
    Young love rises to epic proportions in this emotionally intense romance between two people from opposite sides of the tracks. As readers become more captivated by their unforgettable romance outside influences, distance, and self-perceptions all weigh on them to pull them apart in a heartbreaking and hard-fought journey to HEA. By the turn of the final page readers will be left exhausted but immensely satisfied by the journey undertaken and the ...
  • Sara Koelsch
    This is one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen! It is absolutely gorgeous! I can tell you… you can totally judge this book by its cover because it IS FANTASTIC!!! It’s got to be one of my favorite Jennifer Ann books! So if you’ve never read a Jennifer Ann book before… this one is a PERFECT start! Her words flow so effortlessly. Plus she combines two of my favorite genres… second chance and first loves… sign! I think my favo...
  • Lori ~ BF Bookies
    I love rock star romances – I’ve read a lot of them. Broken Little Melodies is yet another one I can add to my list of the ones I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Isabelle and Roman meet at summer music camp when they are young. Each summer has them coming back, making their ‘friendship’ grow a little bit stronger year after year. They have their struggles, circumstances break them apart, and hearts get broken. Five years later, they meet again. ...
  • LaDonna
    5 Electrified Guitars for Broken Little MelodiesRoman and Belle first meet at summer camp for musical prodigies, but that is about the only thing they have in common, or so it seems. The book progresses through several summers together at camp, as their friendship grows to more, until they have to face their differences. 5 years later, and neither has really gotten over the other. Can they overcome the things that broke them both Before? A very m...
  • Cary Hart
    Broken Little Melodies is a second chance romance about a couple kids, Isabelle and Roman who find each other unexpectedly at music camp and build a friendship that over the next few summers turn to something more. Something that could be everlasting.Faced with circumstances beyond their control they are torn apart and left wondering about the what if's until a chance meeting gives them another opportunity to leave the what-if's behind.Broken Lit...
  • Kathryn Linke
    Broken Little Melodies, is Isabelle and Roman's story. This is a tale of first love and second chances told in a dual point of view, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a rocker/musician romance. Isabelle and Roman are both incredibly strong, endearing characters and complex characters. Their story is raw, intense and filled with emotion and is honestly quite draining at times. The story line delves into their past as children, right up...
  • Polly Barreto
    I have to say that Jennifer Ann did not disappoint me with her second chance romance, Broken Little Melodies. This book hits all the right notes! Belle and Roman meet at a music camp when they are in their teens – and the rest they say - is music in the making. Totally love a rocker story, and this one was just WOW!
  • Christy Pastore
    I dare you not to fall in love with Belle and Roman's story. This is a challenge, you must accept it! Jennifer Ann has written a beautifully poetic, second chance love story. I adored these characters and felt every moment of their pain, their heartbreak, and their love. Every single word--every melodic word holds meaning for these two characters, and the magic that unfolds from page to page is crafted masterfully by the author. Broken Little Mel...
  • Liz
    5 stars Loved it!!!! Two young teenagers become unlikely friends, their relationship develops into something more. Many challenges will stand in their way, but doesn't love conquer all?
  • Sohinee (Poesy In Chrysalis Reviews)
    Loved the story. A second chance romance novel. Both Isabelle and Roman were great characters. But most of all, it was the narration which kept me hooked to the story. I haven't read any of Jennifer Ann's previous titles, but, I surely did love her writing style in this book.
  • Sierra Hill
    If you enjoy rock and roll, second-chance love stories with a little heartbreak sprinkled in, this book is for you! I loved this story about Belle and Roman who are destined to be together, no matter what gets in their way. Jennifer Ann's writes a story of two young loves, growing up in different worlds, but falling in love each summer at camp. The first part of the book shares their childhood story and it rips you apart when their young hearts a...
  • Keeana ~bookalicious babes blog
    Breathtaking, beautiful,sweet, heartbreaking I felt this book in my very soul Isabelle and Roman are pure perfection this book sucked me in from page 1 I couldn't put it down it was all consuming, rousing, raw, remarkable, this book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions I am now addicted to rockstars and Thier no going back this book has become my addiction!!This book is flawless brilliant beautiful, smoldering, raw Jennifer has done it ye...
  • Jennifer Hanson
    Another 5 star read by the amazingly talented Jennifer Ann! Broken Little Melodies is a second chance romance (the first by Jennifer and I certainly hope not her last). I feel like this may be her best work to date. Isabelle Martin and Roman Stone have an amazing chemistry from the first page (when they are mere kids meeting at camp for the first time) to the last page (when they are adults and run into each other by chance or is it fate?). You c...
  • Cassie C
    Review to come!See more reviews on my blog Novels and NecklacesActual rating: 4.5 starsI haven't ever read a book by Jennifer Ann prior to this, but let me tell you...I'm going to start! This book was absolutely amazing and I feel like I've been missing out on a great author all these years! I loved everything about this book (except one tiny thing that made me give this book 4.5 instead of 5 stars). I'm a sucker for rockstar romances and I've on...
  • Diana A. Hicks
    This new adult romance has both sweet romance and some pretty awesome steamy scenes. Belle and Roman are such likable characters, you'll be right there with them every step of the way.
  • Raj
    Escape into My Reads Book BlogBroken Little Melodies by Jennifer Ann left its mark on me. I enjoyed reading this book immensely and loved the Romeo and Juliet vibe it gave. From the beginning the book kept me captivated and made me feel all the emotions of young love and second chances. Roman is a rich good looking kid, he’s friendly, confident, musically gifted with amazing vocals, and his warm attitude just swarms people to him. Isabelle aka ...
  • Kathy Aronoff
    I love friends to lovers books - Broken Little Melodies is that and so much more. Roman & Belle (as only he can call her) have been each other's crutch since meeting at a Music Camp in their early teens. Isabelle is from the wrong side of the tracks and Roman was the silver spoon child, but with more in common than what's on the surface. I loved both of these characters - and rooted for them throughout the story. Roman was a dream, flawed, beauti...
  • Tracy
    Who doesn’t love a rock star? All that raw sex appeal displayed on stage with lasers and strobe lights? Hair you want to tangle your fingers in and capable hands pounding out a hard beat on a drum or teasing a love song from the strings of a guitar? The sexy voice wrapping around you and taking you far away from reality? Imagine your favorite rock star….okay, now pretend you’ve known him since he was a kid, and you love everything about him...
  • katherine
    Tumultous but TypicalROFL I think the author meant flaccid vs the used placid!!! I found this very typical and I wish authors would choose to have the "actors" in their books strand for what's wrong and illegal. In today's world we need to teach we can have what we want in life via working hard and not tolerate those around us beating people up because they have money!There is no mystery here but there are two dedicated kids growing up knowing wh...
  • Tammy
    Wow intense read. They met at summer music camp. He's the rich kid everyone loves- Roman.Isabelle got into music camp on scholarship and she is being teased but Roman stands up for her. They only have the summer together but each year their bond grows stronger even during the school year. But each are dealing with a lot of troubles at home that they do not share with each other. Lots of misunderstandings and lost time make for an emotional roller...
  • Sam Mc
    Loved this book!Really enjoyed reading this book. The trials that Belle and Roman went through on their journey together were hard. But, the love they shared made them stronger. They faced everything head on and came out on the other side happy and more in love! Recommend this book to all that love HEA'S!
  • Charlotte Lowe
    Broken Little MelodiesFrom the innocence of middle school, to the overcoming of brutality, coercion, and deceit during and after high school, Roman and Belle are tested, estranged, and finally reunited. They both fight demons before finding happiness.
  • Bev Ross
    Very goodGreat book! I loved it! Belle was a complex character lots of sadness in her life! Roman had a lot going on too even though no one could see what was happening with his dad! Very emotional!
  • Ashley
    Sweet, well developed storylineThis is a sweet, heartbreaking story. You meet the characters as middle school children and follow them through their tumultuous journey into adulthood. Enjoyable story with good character development.
  • Roberta Field
    GoodA coming of age deep love story with pain, sadness and plot twists that you don't see coming +rock characters are interesting and easy to engage with. Very much enjoyed this well written book.